June 07, 2007

BNP gang-rape dad in BBQ fight

A dad who brutally attacked his next-door neighbours after they asked his teenage son to leave a barbecue is today exposed as a convicted gang rapist.

Robert Bennett and his son David set upon Sarah and Gary Simister after a row over racist language. Bennett, 64, a former BNP activist, was convicted of the gang rape of two 17-year-old girls in 1976 and jailed for five years. He was in charge of dishing out leaflets for the BNP during the 2002 elections in Oldham.

His 19-year-old son had been invited to join the couple for a drink last June at their home in Staley Road, Mossley, Manchester Crown Court heard. But the neighbourly gesture backfired when the summer barbecue descended into violence.

Prosecutor Charlotte Crangle said: “An argument erupted after David began using racist language. He was asked to leave but refused and threw a punch at Mr Simister before headbutting him. Mr Simister retaliated and the pair began fighting but it was quickly broken up and David ran home.”

Seconds later he reappeared with his father, Robert. Mrs Simister was manhandled by the pair and her husband, who had gone upstairs to clean up, came racing down. They threw him on a pile of rubble in the yard and began punching and kicking him until he curled up in a ball. Mrs Simister tried to grab Robert Bennett but was punched and slapped. After a neighbour shouted she had phoned police the attack stopped and the pair fled.

Mr and Mrs Simister were treated for a broken finger and cuts and bruises.

Defending, Richard Vardon said: “Since the conviction in 1976 he has nothing of a violent nature on his record. Although it is extensive and at times troubling, one would hope the court will want to ignore that and deal with the merits of this case on its own.”

Anthony Longworth, defending David Bennett, said: “The offences were committed at a time of life he was finding difficult. He was drinking heavily after the breakdown of a relationship.”

After both men admitted affray on Tuesday, Miss Recorder Jones sentenced Robert Bennett to 150 hours unpaid work with £250 compensation. David Bennett was handed 250 hours unpaid work and told to pay £500 compensation.

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Anonymous said...

Pathetic. Both of these scumbags should get five years at least. The gang rapist should have got a kick in the bollocks to go with it.

Anonymous said...

He only got five years for gang rape. Christ, some justice.

observer said...

Ah yes, the gang rapist, who was elevated (by Searchlight) from a part-time foot soldier (with some embarrassing Labour links, which rather gave the game away) into some kind of organiser.

Spare us the moral outrage, please!

JohnC said...

Do you have ANY idea what you're on about?