March 19, 2008

BNP cllr sacked for helping Asian family

A war of words has broken out between a councillor and the British National Party. Llysfaen councillor Pat Pattison said he quit the far right party but the BNP say they sacked him.

The independent councillor who outraged electors when he switched to the BNP last September, said he washed his hands of the party after he was criticised for helping a local Asian familty. He told friends he was dumping the BNP but believes they got wind of it and got in first and sacked him.

Cllr Pattison was on a two year probation with the party who told him "he did not meet their standards."

BNP spoksman, Simon Darby, said: "He is a maverick. He's been involved in one or two other political parties and always seems to complain. He simply isn't a team player. We took him on board and helped him out with a few things. He had a court dispute, which we advised him to settle, but he wouldn't."

Mr Pattison said he resigned because the party did not approve of him helping a local Asian family resolve a dispute with the council. In a letter he accused the BNP of having several objectionable views on the issue of race. The BNP claimed the letter was merely "sour grapes" from Mr Pattison about being let go.

Mr Darby said: "The man is a liability, and when you have someone like that carrying your name you have to act."

North Wales Pioneer

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Anonymous said...

It looks like another BNP parish/town councillor has gone too. Nigel Williamson (Cumbria) has died.

Anonymous said...

This (now ex) BNP councillor has clearly said that the BNP is racist. The BNP can’t continue carping on about how it isn’t racist.

iliacus said...

"He did not meet their standards"

They have standards ???

When did that start ???

Secret Agent Nigel Williamson said...

Interesting posting on The Nation of Duncan blog about how Nigel Williamson tried and failed to infiltrate the Maryport Against Racism campaign. Here’s an extract from the posting:

”A few days later the list of candidates for the local election were announced. Surprise, surprise, guess who the [BNP] candidate for Great Broughton is? Nigel Williamson, a man who is in the running for the worst attempt at infiltration since a guy turned up at the Kremlin wrapped in an American flag asking if he could join the KGB

Not bothering with trying to take on Maryport Against Racism politically and having failed to infiltrate the campaign the BNP decided to start lying”.

Antifascist said...

'They have standards ???

When did that start ???'


It's amazing how these standards only kick in when someone's about to expose them.

Woot said...

Pattison's a bullying pig-ignorant cretin but it looks like he's got some standards of his own tucked away in there. Good for him.

Of course, he might just be thinking of the elections...

Anonymous said...

Mr Darby said: "The man is a liability, and when you have someone like that carrying your name you have to act."

And, Darby isn’t a liability? This nazi troll was stupid enough to be filmed by the BBC wearing a neo-nazi t-shirt when he addressed an American Friends of BNP meeting. Darby later claimed that it was a BNP-made t-shirt with the tree of life symbol (which has adopted by occult nazi movements) on it, although the BBC countered that no such garments had been made by the BNP.

webeatthebnp said...

Putting Mr Pattison and the BNP together was always a train crash waiting to happen !!

They really are pathetically useless at hanging on to councillors.

I've been a councillor for 25 years, my ward colleague has also put in 25; another colleague 14; another 9; another 7; even the "baby" of the Group has put in 2! The BNP seem to struggle to keep their councillors for 9 months, never mind 9+ years !!!!

Anonymous said...

"said he washed his hands of the party after he was criticised for helping a local Asian familty."

Says it all really.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please do a breakdown of how many proper councillors the BNP has? And, how many of those councillors are up for re-election this year?

Anonymous said...

This is the view of Steve Edwards (former BNP councillor and leading light in the wannabe BNP, the Freedom Party) on Simon Darby:

"Darby is just a troublemaker and is a close friend of Andy Carmichael, who was an MI5 agent in the National Democrats a few years ago."

Cumbrian Anti-Fascist said...

Nigel Williamson has definitely popped it. There's a report on the Cumbria BNP site.

John P said...

There was a post on scumfront the other day saying Tony Lecomber was very ill. Lets hope it's not a wind up

Anonymous said...

Williamson may he rest in hell.


Anonymous said...

well maybe Darby, the most lethargic of all the BNP regional organisers is a waste of space or something far more much does he earn from his alledged office furniture business?

a few quid here and there?

has anyone seen him convey any piece of his bits an pieces?

lying c4unt more like!

KY Jelly - Richard Bumbrook's Best Friend said...

Mr Darby said: "The man is a liability, and when you have someone like that carrying your name you have to act."

Sure the MI5 weasel's not speaking of Paedo- Boy Mark Collett? Or Nick Griffin hismelf???