March 21, 2009

'BNP membership' Police Officer sacked

A police constable whose name appeared on a leaked list of British National Party (BNP) members has been sacked, Merseyside Police said.

Pc Steve Bettley's name was on a document listing details of 12,000 BNP people which was published online. Merseyside Police conducted an investigation into the allegation and concluded he had "knowingly been a member of the BNP". Mr Bettley denied being a party member and will appeal against his dismissal. Officers and police staff are banned from joining or promoting the BNP.

The officer, who was briefly the driver for chief constable Bernard Hogan Howe, had been suspended from duty since the list became public last November.

A Merseyside Police spokeswoman said: "A police misconduct panel has dismissed Constable Steve Bettley after concluding he had knowingly been a member of the British National Party from March 2007 and up to March 2008."

Constable Bettley would like to place on record that he condemns racism and does not support the views of the British National Party
Merseyside Police Federation spokesman

Deputy Chief Constable Bernard Lawson added: "As soon as we were made aware that Mr Bettley had been named on a BNP membership list an investigation was instigated and he was immediately suspended. We have an overriding legal duty to promote race equality and retain public confidence."

Throughout the inquiry Merseyside Police consulted with the Black Police Association and the Independent Advisory Group.

A spokesman for the Merseyside Police Federation, which represented Pc Bettley at the misconduct hearings, said he accepted his name was on the BNP list but he denied being a member of the party. He said he was enrolled in the party by a family member without his knowledge and he planned to appeal against the dismissal.

"We are disappointed with the finding and sanction of the Misconduct Panel and do not believe that there is any evidence presented to the panel which would indicate that he was knowingly a member of the BNP. Consequently the Police Federation believe that their decision that he was a member and can no longer serve with Merseyside Constabulary is flawed," the spokesman said.

The spokesman added: "The Police Federation will be fully supporting Constable Bettley through the appeals process which includes a Chief Constables Review and Police Appeals Panel. Constable Bettley would like to place on record that he condemns racism and does not support the views of the British National Party."

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Anonymous said...


beep said...

Bloody good riddance.

Anonymous said...

He got his just desserts.

PB said...

He knew the rules and he diliberately broke them. Tough shit.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is above the law, even employment law, and that is what governs your contract as a Police Officer, it was in there plain as plain could be, PC cannot say he was not aware.


Ben Trunch said...

The BNP clearly need some help with their definition of the word "patriot" - a patriot is someone who loves their country as per the OED:

patriot /'patrt/, /'pet-/
noun a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.

Someone who purports to love only the white people in their country is NOT a patriot but a racist.

Additionally, a patriot is by implication, someone who loves their country as they find it or as it is. Not as they would like it to be, i.e. with no "foreigners" in it.

But then the members of the BNP and their gullible supporters have never shown themselves able to distinguish fact from fantasy, truth from lies and love from hate...

John P said...

How long do you think it took him to think up the excuse? It wasn't me it was somebody else.
Five months that investigation has taken