March 23, 2009

Join the BNP fund-raiser demo at Laindon

Anti-fascists wishing to greet the BNP's Battle of Britain Road fund-raising event can meet up at 6.30 pm Monday 23rd March outside Merrylands Primary School, Cumberland Drive, Laindon, Essex SS15 6QS. This is not the BNP venue but is close to their re-direction point. All people wishing to make a peaceful protest against Nick Griffin and his traveling circus are welcome to pop along.

A likely number is 01268 544231 if you would like to ring up and ask politely if British Heritage (a fake name frequently used by the BNP) is meeting there.

1 comment:

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

Its a small location isnt it, only 100 seats and a very small car park, some of them may have to park on the street and waddle there!

Mind you I suppose it does have a bar, so they could raise £1/4 million on the night for their 'fighting fund'.

do you think the community centre road got its name because a well known vacuum cleaner manufacturer was nearby?