May 25, 2011

Democracy in action, Griffin style.

Whilst having a quick glance at twitter I noticed that Griffin has announced his plans for the future BNP leadership campaigns. The tweets were published over a period of 20 mins and were jumbled up but I think I've sorted it so it makes some sort of sense.
Great spirit in meeting. Over 40 there despite all hassle. Announced we're having an EGM asap to vote on adopting two key constitutional changes: the creation of a meritocratic democratic element to choosing the Advisory Council, and changing the leadership election system that we adopted in great haste when under attack by Cehr to one that mirrors standard British elections - no signatures hurdle, a £5OO deposit returnable at 5%, a fixed 4 or 5 year term with safeguards in hands of A.C.

First election this summer with a hustings meeting for all members and candidates in each region.

Short, sharp campaign then back to work & progress.

Meeting hugely enthusiastic esp with last announcement: Among those standing for mandate for a full term, will be me.
So after a quick read through and ponder a number of questions come to mind.

Didn't Griffin spend most of last year saying he was going to step down in a couple of years?

Do any other political parties charge candidates for the privilege of standing for office?

Do any other political parties have fixed term leadership elections over the 4 or 5 year General Election cycle?

What on earth is a meritocratic democratic element?


Anonymous said...

a £500 deposit returnable at 5%

Yeah....Griffin will really return the "monkey" after the election....not!

Who would ever be dumb enough to give that guy money?

What on earth is a meritocratic democratic element?

People who brown-nose Griffin. More brown-nosing = more merit!

Anonymous said...

There was a guy on the BNP section of the British Democracy Forum called Midlander who told us a few months ago that Griffin was about to renege on his promise to go in 2013. Midlander's excuse was that porky had to hang around to see off all the "traitors", ie they only had themselves to blame.

Seems he was right on the money, Griffin is now going to "democratise" the rules of the leadership challenge but if he wins later this year (which he will through dirty tricks) then he will be around until at least 2015.

A masterstroke by one-lamp, you have to admit. Wonder how Brons, who is now being openly abused by Griffin's attack dogs, will react to that one?

Turkey Breath said...

Meri-tocratic.. getting drunk whilst running party..

Billy Bragg's Guitar said...

I thought traitor meant an act of heinous crime against one's nation state, not someone who doesn't agree with one's dictatorial chairman?

Mind you, its only to be expected if they define British as white heterosexual Protestant and voting BNP!

racmond dice said...

Grifs underpants are dirty.

irishtony said...

racmond dice said...
Grifs underpants are dirty.

When I saw that at first glance I thought it said
"Girls pants are dirty" I thought it was hilarious, but now with hindsight or specsavers sight I have read it correctly.

We need Dick Griffin as leader of the BNP, he was successfully managed to destroy any chance of fooling the public into believing that they are not racist bigots.

Dick becoming an MEP screwed the party up
Dick appearing on Question Time screwed the party up
Dick holding on to his dictatorship screwed the party up

I never thought I would hear myself saying this but as long as Dick leads the BNP "Long live Dick"

Now thats two odd things tonight
"Long Live Dick"
"Girls underpants are dirty"

feck I need a social life!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Mind you, its only to be expected if they define British as white heterosexual Protestant and voting BNP!

Well you certainly have to be white.

Anonymous said...

Off topic slightly but there is a new "group" started called Britain First - the new baby belonging to Jim Dowson (the firebrand Protestant and Catholic "minister")and Paul Golding. Getting ready to pocket hard earned cash I suppose. No-one will touch it with a bargepole.

Anonymous said...

They won't touch it with a bargepole when they know that Andy MacBride who wrecked the south-east is a senior member. He's the one who headbutted members at a meeting and took money off the lady organiser. We're safe from racist governments as long as idiots and thieves are promoted by green arrow who loves losers.

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

@anon, i wonder if its connected with something that Nutzie central website is touting as 'spam' stop it dead..... someone (dowson?) called Britannia marketing seems to be contacting nutzie members!