May 07, 2011

EDL to demo at comedy gig

Right-wing extremists have threatened to demonstrate outside the Lancashire show of comedian Russell Howard after the comic poked fun at the organisation on TV.

The funnyman screened news coverage of a recent English Defence League (EDL) demonstration in Blackburn on his show, Russell Howard’s Good News, and criticised those involved.

A Facebook group posted by people claiming to represent the EDL Chorley Division appeared, promising to demonstrate outside when the comic performs a sold out tour warm up date at Chorley Little Theatre on May 17, and urging others to join them. Set up by someone calling himself Steve-o NoSurrender Young, the info page says: “Without mention of what we actually stand against, he went into a three minute rant on how ‘thick’ we all are.

“For every action, there is a reaction. We’re going to be loud and he’s going to know we’re there. Hopefully next time he’ll think twice before opening his middle class mouth about things he knows nothing about.”

But he stressed: “Russell is not our enemy, he is our adversary. We are not going there with the intention to cause him, any of his fans or property damage. It will be a peaceful demonstration.”

Other supporters used racist terms for Muslims and made threats. However, the page was overrun by locals opposing the demo. One Chorley resident, Louie Knowles, said: “Look at you wanting to shout and rant out side the theatre while he’s performing. You’re just going to make Chorley (the town I live in) look ‘trampy’ and ‘scummy’. If you all want to go and make your home town look like it’s run by a load of thugs and fighters, go straight ahead.”

And another, Mathilde M. Reinbold, said: “You guys do realise that you’ve basically gone and proved Russell right with this page, don’t you?”

Ian Robinson, president of Chorley Little Theatre, said: “This is a big night for Chorley Little Theatre and the town itself with a show we could have sold out 100 times over. It would be a shame if a fun comedy show was ruined by a few people taking offence at one joke. It would spoil it for the audience, the hard-working theatre volunteers, and may mean Chorley never gets a show like this again. I hope the EDL stay away.”

Lancashire Evening Post

Thanks to NewsHound for the heads-up


Anonymous said...

Anti-fascists should turn out and support Russell. Hopefully this pointless stunt by the EDL will cause more people to see the show.

joe said...

The BNP has tried to pull off similar protests with Christian Voice at the release of the comedy satire Jerry Springer The Opera.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech is a one-way thing for fascists. Reminds me of when Adolf Hitler burnt books.

anarchist said...

Go to see one clown, get a whole mob of clowns at no extra cost!

Lancs ratepayer sick of paying to police the EDL said...

The (by now presumably defunct) England First Party's slogan was "Everybody hates us but we don't care". An observation which reflects a rare quality of insight on the part of the far right, and one I wish all their "kamaraden" would follow, the EDL included. Not only would it make their sad little lives easier, more importantly it would make everyone else's life easier.

Anonymous said...

At first I thought this was a joke, but it seems the Extremely Dense Losers are serious...which is even more of a joke!

Did I hear another nail bang into the coffin of their "respectability"?

Are these clowns still planning to become a political party too? They would even put the BNP's antics in the shade if they carry on in this rich vein of form!

Anonymous said...

There'll be about four fash there and they'll be shitting themselves!

B31 Antifascist said...

My comment in the News from Nowhere thread is in similar topic to what I want to post here. The EDL just like their fascist pals turn nasty when the joke's on them - and just exactly how many true blue Thatcherite Tory twats threatened to cause trouble at Ben Elton/Alexei Sayle shows in the 80s?

B31 Antifascist said...


Anonymous said...

Nazis against humour!