May 01, 2011

My Asian in-law.

A BNP Assembly candidate who rants about Asians taking over the UK hides a fascinating secret - his father-in-law is Asian.
The Sunday World can reveal Steven Moore, who refers to Asians as "ragheads", not only has an Indian father-in-law but had his wedding paid for by the well-off Indian.
Last night we spoke to Neil Singh Sandhu who confirmed he was Moore's father-in-law.
When asked about his son-in-law's far right party views on subjects like repatriation Mr Sandhu said: "He's entitled to his views."
And when we asked how he felt about paying for the wedding of a man who in now the BNP organiser for Ulster he said: "I don't want to talk about it - it's not the issue."
He did confirm he maintains a positive relationship with the BNP candidate.
Mr Sandhu used to run a newsagents shop in Dunluce Street, Larne but he sold up some years ago and he now works for the ASDA distribution centre in Larne Harbour.
Mr Sandhu - described by people who know his as a workaholic - married Moore's wife Margaret's mum over 30 years ago although Mr Sandhu is not Margaret's father.


After moving to England for several years they returned 15 years ago and live just outside Larne.
Last night Moore, in a desperate attempt to try and minimise the damage of the revelation he knew would appear in the Sunday World, announced on his BNP blog that his father-in-law is from India.
After confirming his father-in-law is an Indian Sikh he adds: "I have always had the greatest of respect for my 'Father-in-Law', he's been in the UK for some 47 years and has worked and contributed to our country all his life.
"He has been a Grandfather to my children and a good friend.
"He and people like him the British National Party do not have a problem with, in fact the party has members who are Sikh.
"However people coming into our country freeloading and bringing hatred and anti British and anti Christian extremism with them we do!"
Last night Matthew Collins, from anti-facist magazine Searchlight said: " Like most school bullies, Moore was bound to have a secret."


Moore, a former French Foreign Legionnaire, is standing in this Thursday's election and is hoping to win seats at the Assembly, representing east Antrim and also hopes to get elected to Larne Council.
The Sunday World has exposed Moore before for being a walking right cliche.
He has led a charm offensive this week telling reporters that the BNP is not racist or sectarian.
But like like most BNP members, Moore calls Muslims "ragheads" and Catholics "taigs".
Moore's close family links with an Indian man will bemuse prospective BNP supporters.
And it is particularly strange that having such a family link Moore still represents a party with such a controversial policy such as repatriation.
The BNP does not regard non-white people as being British, including those born in the UK or who are naturalised British citizens.
And leader Nick Griffin has previously stated that "non-Europeans who stay", while protected by British law "will be regarded as permanent guests".
And MEP Griffin has that the BNP is opposed to mixed-race relationships because "when whites take partners from other ethnic groups, a white family line that stretches back into deep pre-history is destroyed."

Thanks to Steven Moore at The Sunday World


Anonymous said...

my bloodline kids are mixed race(BLACK/WHITE)best of both worlds,my eldest son who i proudly adopted as my own is white,GRIFFIN & CO may as well except their never ever going to divide this DIVERSE RAINBOW COUNTRY.we are the united kingdom,we have our issues but we will overcome them with commonsense not hatred.9XZULUG

Anonymous said...

"Moore, a former French Foreign like most BNP members,...calls...Catholics

Other than by being a total numpty how could he hate catholics but join a French army?

Anonymous said...

Sadly for the BNP, you just can't stop people falling in love even if they do come from different races, can you?

Maybe they should give up sex (the evolutionary point of it: you keep mixing different things together and it's good for the species) and reproduce asexually, like other simple organisms do, to keep their stock 100% "pure".

If Griffin were to propagate lots of identical copies of himself, maybe he could hold on to power in the party against the odds? Then again, with so many Fuehrers vying for control, it would no doubt end in tears, paranoia and back-stabbing...

Anonymous said...

Will instantly put him at odds with Griffin and his juntas' views. An expulsion must surely follow.

still, if his in law was IRISH....well?

Anonymous said...

Bin Laden yesterday; Nick Griffin today?

La Di Da Gunner Graham said...

He's a character from a Mike Leigh film, deffo.