September 24, 2007

'Barmy' Barnes's Blog Backfires

Lee Barnes, the BNP’s “Legal Eagle” may be the Nutzis very own version of haemorrhoids. But we’re a little concerned he may be losing his grip. Or as one Stormfronter wrote today, "[Bagel] Barnes has gone totally bonkers"

Were he actually a member of the BNP instead of we presume, a Griffinite sycophant and hanger-on, Barnes would surely rival Mark Collet as the least liked party member; an embarrassing pain in the arse, no less.

There’s something about Barnes you see, that riles the Nutzis in the BNP (and indeed all of the other satellite shysters,) because far from being a Devils Advocate that introduces political debate for the politically dead to wrangle with, Barnes inflicts upon the far-right views that are (even) to them mostly repulsive.

Barnes is billed by his small army of followers (his mum and dad mainly) as some sort of radical free-thinking, far-right modernist. He bills his blog as "a synthesis of the best of history with the needs of the future." Get you, ducky!

His views are to say the least, controversial among the Nutzis and he’s been "at it" again on his latest entry, not by being the "free-thinker" modernist he would like himself to be seen as, but more like the egotistical sociopath we presumed that he is.

"As many people will know over the last couple of years there have been many
malcontents, scum, idiots and lunatics who have been attacking me on every
forum and website run by assorted reds, state security services and uniform
he writes in his latest entry. Doesn’t Barnes realise that is the BNP in its entirety?

And so, it may be Barnes’s normal, liberal demeanour that makes his detractors write such things about him as being "gay, Jewish and had been molested by at university by a gang of lecherous ethnic immigrant university students." Well, there couldn’t be two of them, could there?

But he doesn’t stop there. He feels he’s been accused by BNP members of among other things, "being behind their fridge doors nibbling their cheeses." Has he been to Barking, then?

Barnes is pissed off. So one must wonder, why does he persist if it is clearly vexing him so?

Fishes in ponds, comes to mind for a start. Barnes is a vain example of an attention seeking, incongruous BNP "associate." Partly, it’s his apparent "love" of Israel and admonishment of Holocaust deniers that gets up the noses of most of the "malcontents, scum, idiots and lunatics" of the BNP, but he’s also forgetting that in the Leadership Cult business, if you want to be loved in spite of your vanity, you must at least make an attempt at embodying what the serfs believe in.

Griffin’s done it; he’s been a street soldier, a hard liner, a radical etc, etc.

Barnes pretends to be at a loss as to why he is disliked, but by the same token switches from giving the impression he does not seem to care to becoming increasingly hot under the collar about the conspiracy against him!

He’s furious it seems, that his Wikipedia entry was edited. He has got the conspiracy bit alright, but that was merely edited and taken down because he was deemed not important enough to warrant a page. If he would just blame the Jews for this, then he’d be back up on there in a flash.

Lee wants to be loved, so he's started swiping at all the others at the very bottom of the movement. Why, he thinks, should he have to swim with them? For instance he asks, why does “the dimmest nationalist scum on the planet still queue up to lick the mans (sic) boots……..

"This a man who admitted he was a thief and liar who used nationalists money donated to him to pay for lapdancers and gambling in casinos." No not Nick Griffin, but the American David Duke, Griffin’s friend.

Or, why do they (BNP members) still just pay attention to a person(s) "regarded as deviant freaks known only for their perversions and not their politics."?

No, not Dicky Barnbrook, but another old mate of Griffin’s; Martin Webster.

The list of people he feels more in need of contempt than himself is endless. It includes of course an attack on "Sharon Ebanks, Britains (sic) premiere Half Black Nazi" too, but at least she has Keith “Steptoe” Axon. Poor Lee Barnes has it seems, no-one.

So then Lee names a list of his achievements, included in this is an attack on the far-right lawyer Adrian Davis who, according to Barnes took on "a libel case for Jay Lee that resulted in him having to drop his right to claim damages from the ASLEF union for unlawful expulsion ( a case which I won in the Employment Tribunal ) with the net result that the only winner was Adrian Davis who got his legal fees."

[Actually, what happened there was even better than just poor old Jay Lee losing his case: The whole episode gave Trade Unions the right to expel BNP members, by a ruling of the European courts, Mr Barnes. It over turned the unfair expulsion.]

Or Davis’s "taking on the Chris and Barry Roberts case against Searchlight which resulted in them having to pay £150,000 in costs and having to sell their houses. The only winner was Adrian davis (sic) who got his legal fees."

Really? Is professional jealousy perhaps, causing loose lips?

It’s (his blog) an interesting insight into the mind of Barnes. One that makes one think that he is fast losing grip on reality.

All perhaps is not lost for Lee, permanently. As he writes: "The issue of UFO's is not one that the establishment politicians willever (sic) address or look at in a political manner even though the issue of UFO's is of direct National Security interest.

I have seen UFO's twice so far. Once in broad daylight I was walking with my family on a local beach called Upnor in Medway in the early Eighties when I was about 14 and as I gazed up at the top of the tree line of the woods adjacent to the beach I saw a dull grey silver disc rise up and fly over the local woods. It was about six foot long and about six foot wide and rose up into the sky then disappeared back below the skyline as soon as I sighted it. The movement was deliberate and controlled."

He could be onto a winner here (if he can some how blame the Jews for this) but with the way he’s carrying on at the moment, he’ll be just another one of those many nutters that the BNP deny any responsibility/knowledge of.

Should this happen, Barnes should call David Icke for advice. If he can just throw in a few Lizards and Jews with his UFO's, at least someone somewhere will listen to him.


Anonymous said...

"Out from under the rock of the internet came many people like Sharon Ebanks, Britains premiere Half Black Nazi and people like Peter Rushton and Martin Webster."

Something tells me Lee Barnes is going to regret writing the above.



fat bugger at the bar ! said...

Barnes is a complete twat!
He's so far up his own arse, he can lick his tonsils whilst removing the shit from his ears!!
He tends to denegrate people in a very 'upitty' way, because he thinks everyone else is beneath him!
He must like the sound of his own keyboard, judging by the amount of bollocks he continues to diseminate!
Just ask him why everyone he 'banned' from the BNP forum is back on again?
Someone lend him a towel to wipe the egg off his face!
This is one clown we could all learn a thing or two from......

Rah said...

Something tells me Lee Barnes is going to regret writing the above.

I doubt if anyones holding their breath, you've cried wolf too often SE
You have nothing on any of them, If you had you would have come out with it by now

Keith Axon's Underpants said...

Ebanks either never goes to bed or she writes this blog herself!

Time she changed her record. It's stuck and nobody is running scared from her any more.

She has lost all value to everyone, but perhaps more sadly, herself most of all

Anonymous said...

Ebanks is getting old news. She has never come up with one iota of info and has still not kept one of her promises.

A discarded nazi is still a sad nazi.

Kirklees Unity said...

It is about time Ebanks put her threats into some form of action.

She has been making empty threats like this for a year now and I for one haven't seen any substance.

And she has been given plenty of opportunity.

So Sharon play ball or fade away.

Anonymous said...

All the same I'd be interested to know what she thinks of the theory (NWN) that Purging the Droid on Stormfront is Nick Griffin himself.

Anonymous said...

i gather fat bugger at the bar dont like lee barnes.

personally there is nothing i want to learn from him.

Anonymous said...

i dont know. i think ebanks is co writing on this website it seems like all the sleeze of a broken unity it right you do/dont eat pork sharon or was it you that took the tamworth 2 ? bring back my piggies

Daffy Duck's More Handsome Brother said...

i dont know. i think ebanks is co writing on this website it seems like all the sleeze of a broken unity it right you do/dont eat pork sharon or was it you that took the tamworth 2 ? bring back my piggies

Has someone just lost the plot entirely, or is English (or common sense) just not their first language?

webeatthebnp said...

I stumbled across the Lee Barnes blog by accident.

What a very strange fellow.

Anonymous said...

"he’ll be just another one of those many nutters that the BNP deny any responsibility/knowledge of."

Looks like his plug has already been pulled. The BNP site doesnt list him any more in its list of "columnists". Was the "I defeated the aliens from outer space" post on his blog even too much for the BNP?

What a very odd ball indeed but is it true he hasnt been seen on the BNP circuit for over a year? Last sighting the RWB piss-up 2006. Since then Castro has been spotted more times than the failed legal genius. David Icke must be worried sick his role as mad lonny numero uno is about to be challenged by bonkers Barnes.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if it is true that Legal Eagle Barnes is a not a member of the BNP?

How can he be a head of a department if he isnt a card paying member of the party he is supposed to represent?


Anonymous said...

If I were a superior intelligent being from another planet and saw a dishevelled hobo wandering along the mudflats of Kent amidst a purple haze of some exotic plant he was smoking I'd piss off back to Planet Superior in my space ship as well!

Anonymous said...

I can confirm Barnes is NOT a member of the BNP

Anonymous said...

"All the same I'd be interested to know what she thinks of the theory (NWN) that Purging the Droid on Stormfront is Nick Griffin himself."

I've thought this for some time, but it seemed so incredible.

"West Mids Warrior" on the VNN website is probably the same person, although he tries to hide it by posting in C.U.N.T.-speak ("I'm coming round to get you" and other such meaningless nazi bollocks).

Between them Purging My Bowels and West Mids Wanker have flown the Griffinite flag faithfully throughout his recent troubles.

I think Northwestwanker has possibly hit the nail on the head with this one. Let's face it he hasn't been back since has he?

Is Griffin capable of such sustained deceit? Plus why has Ebanks got nothing to say about this?

Old Sailor said...

Possibly as "Legal Adviser" to this branch of Nutziesm, LB is fully aware of NG's financial scams.

That might explain his non membership.

Anonymous said...

It's all to easy to sneer isn't it? Perhaps Mr Barnes knows something that we don't, considering that he has uypset the far-Right Nutzis and the far-Left commies. Perhaps his thinking and analysis goes beyond most of us, breaking the mould of old thinking and attitudes. The world turns and we must all adapt to it.

Btw, sneering at someone's experience of anomalous phenomena very easy. Thousands of normal and sane individuals have witnessed phenomenon that they have been unable to identify. Are they all cuckoo as well according to some sneers? Being honest with oneself and being prepared to accept that there are things that are currently beyond man's understanding is a brave thing in my book. Man doesn't know everything in this world. I am sure that there are many people on both Left and Right, or Centre, or None of the Above, who have seen things that cannot be readily explained.

Jay Lee said...

Barnes, you give yourself away every time.