April 30, 2011

Of poisonous ink and lies

How many people can there be who still believe the old lie that the BNP is not a racist and Nazi party? No matter how many cheap suits they slip on, the hatred remains strong beneath.

Last week we wrote about Darren Lumb, the Hemsworth organiser and Wakefield Council candidate who was part of a group of drunken BNP officials and candidates exposing their backsides while posing with toy guns during a violent St Georges Day celebration in Rotherham. ( http://www.hopenothate.org.uk/news/article/1876/gunning-for-st-george )

Of course, the BNP has made absolutely no comment about and taken no action against these people and their actions despite claiming that they would expel people “who bring the organisation into disrepute”. Lumb is of course a hardened racist, so I can only assume that does not bring the party into disrepute, either.

Lumb is another one of the BNP whose social network pages are full of vile racist comments, most too disgusting or crude to show here. One that does stand out is: “I’ve been a rebel since 1985 nothing will change me, anti-etablishment (sic) Aryanism, wish I was in London I’d give the law grief”.

And then, despite BNP press officer Simon Darby waxing lyrical on his blog-cum cooking page about the Royal wedding and all the lovely white faces on display, Lumb does not appear to share Darby’s joy. Indeed, in one posting Lumb writes: “F*** the queen (sic) and her facist regime “

But there is something even more sinister about Lumb. Tattooed on his right arm is the Nazi SS-style "tree of life" tattoo. Often called the "life rune", this was also the symbol of the SS's Lebensborn project. To white supremacists, it signifies the future of the white race. The ancient runic symbol was adopted in the 1930s by the SS's Lebensborn project, which encouraged SS troopers to have children out of wedlock with "Aryan" mothers and even kidnapped children of supposed “Aryan” appearance from the countries occupied by Nazis, to be raised as Germans. The neo-Nazi National Alliance in the United States also adopted this symbol as their logo.

Another one of the drunken “gun club” and one of Lumbs close friends is the Kirklees organiser Rachel Firth. Firth, who is a mature student at Huddersfield University and also a BNP candidate standing in the Denby Dale ward of Kirklees also flirts with extreme racism on her Facebook page. In one comment she threatens to take a poisoned cake down to her local Mosque while describing one Asian person “Like head lice in the hair of society”.

And it seems Firth has the same taste in tattoos as her friend Darren Lumb, as tattooed on the top of her back is the word “Aryan”

Of course, this will not make a blind bit of difference to the shrinking fortunes of the BNP. Their leader Nick Griffin made a tanned return to the party today helping their underfire candidates in Northern Ireland put up a few cheap and tatty election posters, something like a month later than the other parties did. And to be honest, when they were not photographing themselves doing it, they weren’t really that into it either. The people on Newtonards Road were less than impressed to see the English racist there with his bodyguard and his racist, sectarian, rape-joking, boneheaded candidate. He didn’t hang around too long either, as there are a few people in east Belfast who would like a word with Griffin about some unpaid bills. Still, it was finally nice to see their candidate Steven Moore come out of hiding after a difficult week. What his racist comrades will think of him when they pick up a copy of tomorrow’s Sunday World remains to be seen. What they’ll think of the north east regional organiser’s pro-Irish republican protestations of late, remain to be seen too.

They can lie and say that they’ve been hacked, they’ve been naive or that they’re misunderstood, but we know the truth and there is no disguising it. In most cases, the vile morons have it tattooed on their bodies.

Thanks again to Nick Lowles at HOPE not Hate/Searchlight


Anonymous said...


the mud is flying now

Anonymous said...


Let's hope they do crap on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Their leader Nick Griffin made a tanned return to the party today

Griffin's sitting pretty in Brussels on the EU gravy train.

He doesn't give a fuck about the BNP really and only cares about keeping a loyal shell of an organisation functioning in the North West in order to get him elected again at the Euro elections in 2013. That will take him nicely to retirement at age 58 and it's, "So long, suckers!"

He's played a blinder.

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

If cyclops has no national presence, he 'aint got a hope in hell of mustering enough support for re-election in 2013 for the NW. They are in total implosion at the moment and anti's everywhere had better be ready for whatever crawls out of the shit pit that was the bnp!

Anonymous said...

These people are so full of racial hatred that posting those type of vile comments on Facebook is a cathartic exercise for them. People ask, "why would they post them and bring their party into disrepute?"

The answer is, "They can't help themselves".