January 31, 2009

BNP festival could be coming to a village near you

A controversial BNP festival could be coming to the Maldon district.

The three-day Red, White and Blue Festival has previously been held in Codnor, Denby, Derbyshire, but a spokesman for the British National Party confirmed they were considering moving it to Essex and possibly an un-named site in the district in August.

The festival has attracted problems in the past, including clashes last year between riot police and anti-BNP protestor, so organisers are looking at alternative arrangements.

Simon Darby, press officer for the BNP said: “There is a site in Essex where we might be having the festival, a site in your area which we have a lot of interest in. It is looking like a very interesting region for us politically.”

Mr Darby also confirmed that party chairman Nick Griffin is a fan of the countryside in the district.

Rumours that Mr Griffin may be coming to the Maldon district on St George’s Day - April 23 - could not be confirmed. Mr Darby told the Standard that Mr Griffin currently plans to be at an event in West Bromwich for St George’s Day but that it is not impossible that he will also come to visit party supporters in the district.

Maldon Standard


Anonymous said...

No Chief Constable in the country is going to want the expense of policing this event.

Their budgets are being trimmed and very much performance related. Look at the cost to the local police of last years festival.

If the BNP try to move into Essex they will have a fight on their hands not only from the police but the residents as well.


Anonymous said...

I think Darby is trying to feed us false information, to strech our recources so we go & put effort into campaining in the wrong place, I would put money on it either being in Derbyshire at the same place as last year or back up in Lancashire at the site they used a few years ago, as its a festival of hate it should just be banned outright,


Anonymous said...

You may well be right, Gwen, however I remind people that the BNP, alias the British Nonces Party, has a reputation of disregarding the law.

To be fair to the Social Services Dept of Essex County Council could I ask if they are happy that the British Nonces Party should have an opportunity of Kiddy Fiddling in your bailwick ?

After all it will be Local children at risk !

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

One place in the area comes to mind - Danbury. It's a posh village between Maldon and Chelmsford. The Socialist Party (SPEW, not SPGB) have their camp there.


The BNP there will be of the eccentric-loon type, with lots of money - a far cry from Dagenham.