January 16, 2009

Lying Norfolk BNP cons popular Trowse pub

Ever heard of the plausible-sounding Broadland Historical Society?

Nor had we.

That's because it's a lying piece of fiction created by the BNP to con its way into a popular Trowse public house.

Earlier this evening Norfolk Unity called the pub to confirm that a booking had been made for 3.00 p.m. Sunday in the name of the Broadland Historical Society. The lady we spoke to confirmed that it had.

She was deeply shocked to learn that the phony Broadland Historical Society is the BNP. She told us that the "Broadland Historical Society" had used the pub on previous occasions, and that the proprietors never suspected they were playing host to the racist BNP.

An email inviting BNP members and friends along warns: Please be discreet when in the bar area.

The BNP had booked the pub to host a meeting with BNP "elections guru" Eddy Butler, at which the Euro and county council elections were to be discussed - which tells us that the BNP intend to stand candidates in Norfolk. DVDs, badges and other merchandise was also to be sold.

Norfolk Unity is 100% certain that the pub's proprietors knew nothing of the BNP's deceit and we're fairly certain that future bookings on the part of the BNP won't be welcomed.

In fact, as I write I've just heard that the BNP's booking has been cancelled.


Norfolk Unity


iliacus said...

They really are deceitful toerags aren't they ????

Antifascist said...

'They really are deceitful toerags aren't they ????'

They are that. It's about the only thing they do well.