January 17, 2009

How landlord was almost duped by BNP

A pub landlord has today told how he was almost duped into allowing the British National Party to use the building for a meeting - after the far-right group used a false name.

Andrew Coleman, 43, who has run The White Horse in Trowse with wife Pam, 45, for 15 years, took a call from a group called the Broadland Historical Society wanting to arrange a meeting at the pub tomorrow. But Mr Coleman only found out about the con this week when he received a call from a member of the public warning him that the Broadland Historical Society - a non-existent group - was in fact a name used by the BNP.

He said: “I had a phone call from some guy warning me what was happening and I phoned the British National Party to cancel the meeting. The meeting had been booked in good faith with the 'Broadland Historical Society' which appears to be an alias for the British National Party. It's not the type of people or group you want your pub to be associated with, so I cancelled the meeting. I was surprised that they had done this and they had booked the meeting under a false name.”

Simon Darby, press officer for the BNP, defended the decision to book the venue under a false name.

He said: “The question people should be asking is why we have to do that? In the past when we have booked a pub for a meeting under our own name, the council has maybe gone around to the establishment, warned them that their license is up for renewal, and then told them they don't want them to hold the meeting. That's why we sometimes have to book under different names. If this happened to one of the other political parties, then people would ask why, but because it's us, nothing's said.”

The meeting of the Norfolk BNP was scheduled to start at 3pm and the speaker was due to be Eddy Butler, a BNP eastern area regional organiser, whose subject would have been the European and county council elections to be held in June.

An email inviting BNP members and friends along to the meeting advises attendees the meeting was booked under the name 'Broadland Historical Society', and warns people to be “discreet” when in the pub's bar area.

Last November, as reported in The Evening News, hundreds of people from Norfolk were named as members of the BNP in a list posted on the internet. The list, which included names, addresses, phone numbers, details of the jobs and in some cases the hobbies and qualifications of about 12,000 members, included a Norwich pub landlord and 219 others from Norfolk.

Nationwide, serving and former police officers teachers and soldiers were listed as members of the BNP in the leaked document.

Last June The Evening news reported that several members of the BNP had their cars vandalised while the group held a meeting in a village near Norwich. Windscreens were smashed, paint was sprayed across vehicles and paint stripper was poured over three cars parked at the Stoke Mill Conference Centre and Restaurant in Stoke Holy Cross. Around 100 supporters and members of the BNP had gathered at the venue for a meeting.

Norwich Evening News


Denise G said...

We broke this on Norfolk Unity on Thursday night


We would sooner have waited so that we could observe who turned up THEN tell the landlord and landlady who was really in their meeting room, but we were aware that the local press had been told.

Mr and Mrs Coleman are very nice hard-working people who run a very good pub business. They were horrified when we told them who the Broadland Historical Society really were, and at one point wanted to call the police in.

They very quickly got on to the BNP and cancelled the meeting.

This really limits the opportunities available to Norfolk BNP, because very few pubs here have separate meeting rooms. We're in the process of writing to those we do know of, drawing their attention to this story and asking them to check on the bona fides of any unfamiliar-sounding organisation asking to book their premises.

Clive said...

"We broke this on Norfolk Unity on Thursday night"

LU repeated your report http://lancasteruaf.blogspot.com/2009/01/lying-norfolk-bnp-cons-popular-trowse.html

"Simon Darby, press officer for the BNP, defended the decision to book the venue under a false name.

He said: “The question people should be asking is why we have to do that?"

The question Simon Darby should be asking is why the BNP is hated so much that they have to book under fake names. Could it be that they're perceived as racist, fascist scum and that a decent pub owner wouldn't touch them with a bargepole? Perhaps if they tried booking in the name of the BNP, he might get a true idea of how much the party is loathed by most ordinary people.

rebels suck! said...

Wander what's happened to the lily-livered rebels who used to post on this blog?

Anonymous said...

"Wander what's happened to the lily-livered rebels who used to post on this blog?"

They're probably hiding from the liars, thieves, crooks and thugs who currently inhabit the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Methinks we need a cataloge of the bogus names used by the British Nonces Party so that people hiring out rooms can make an informed choice as to whom they let to, and keep children well away from a high risk of sexual molestation.

Old Sailor

iliacus said...

Simon Darby is a delusional prat :-

there are numerous pubs who decline bookings from political parties of all colours - rightly or wrongly they feel it is inappropriate to be associated with a political party. And what do other parties do? Find another venue.

and the idea that councils go round intimidating licencees is risible. Licencing officers are in my experience utterly professional and impartial, and the idea that they could close down a business because of a BNP booking is stupid.

But then, the BNP IS stupid !!

Anonymous said...

@ Iliacus

Agreed. However that said if my local authority knew the BNP was booking premises under false pretences you can bet your bippy we would let them know sharpish.