January 22, 2009

Taking the fight to the far right

Blue State Digital's strategy and production teams are supporting Searchlight's "HOPE not hate" campaign in the UK to stop the fascist British National Party winning a seat in June's European election.

BSD will be working closely with Searchlight – developing messaging, email and fundraising campaigns to help supporters organise and mobilise - and then fight back against the BNPs message of racism, intolerance and hate.

Through BSD tools HOPE not hate supporters have already invited thousands of people to join the campaign – why not join them now – HOPE not hate

Blue State Digital


Anonymous said...

Blue State Digital is the winning team that got President Obama elected. They will wipe the floor with the BNP.

This is a real morale booster. Spread the news!

Anonymous said...

And please get your wallet out, just a fiver will do a great deal.


Anonymous said...

BNPs "excellent candidate" (Wingfields words) for East Wickham bye election has mixed race grand children, oh dear he wont stay in favour with the hierarchy for long.

But how many BNPee'ers know about them???