January 26, 2009

Hain hits out at BNP bid to boost recruits

The British National Party has come under fierce attack from Neath MP Peter Hain after it set up stall in the heart of his constituency.

BNP members were in Neath town centre at the weekend, handing out copies of the party's newsletter - which heavily criticises Mr Hain and calls for him to be sacked - as part of an ongoing national recruitment drive.

Party official Brian Mahoney said: "The reaction has been very positive. We have had the occasional bigot, but most people have been very sympathetic and interested. There is dissatisfaction with Labour in particular, but also Plaid and all the old gang. Those political parties have become disgraceful in the way they have let this country down and sold us out. We are getting more and more support in South Wales, Mid Wales and North Wales, and all over the country."

Mr Hain said he was very concerned to hear the BNP had been active in Neath.

"They are a force that has to be confronted and defeated whenever they appear from beneath their stones," he told the Post. "Their poisonous influence is disastrous for any community where they gain a foothold. We have seen where it has happened elsewhere. We have seen hatred spread and in every possible way. It's terrible news for any community - especially a God-fearing, respectable place such as Neath, which has a fine tradition of community caring, of respect for people whatever their background, whatever their beliefs and whatever the colour of their skin. I will be consulting party colleagues and others to make sure they are confronted wherever they appear next."

Mr Hain dismissed a BNP assertion that it was gaining ground on Labour as a fantasy. He was also dismissive of its newsletter, which features his well-publicised failure to declare election expense donations on time. It says the requirement to apologise to the Commons is not punishment enough and calls for Mr Hain to be sacked.

"I'm treating that with the contempt it deserves," said Mr Hain. "The support I have had from the people of Neath has been absolutely magnificent."

This is South Wales

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Rayatcov said...

If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear - George Orwell.
Someone should tell Mr Hain that the novel 1984 was supposed to be a warning not a Labour party manifesto.