November 01, 2009

BNP blog condemns the contribution of Muslim servicemen

A racist website with close links to the BNP has called Islam the “Cult of the Dead Paedophile” and condemned the contribution made by British Muslim servicemen to Britain’s Armed Forces.

The Green Arrow web site, run by the BNP supporter Paul Morris, writes that “no true” servicemen would want to serve with “a bunch of moslems whose loyalty is not towards our country but to a dead pervert”.

The Green Arrow (GA) writes that front line soldiers should be concerned about serving with Muslims because they might get fragged or shot by their own side. On serving with Muslims on the front line the GA wrote: “I would be thinking fragging and friendly fire”.

And in a reference to the Muslim service personnel in the RAF, the GA wrote that they couldn’t be trusted because they come from a relgion that believes, “the primary role of a plane is to be flown into a building”.

The GA’s un-patriotic and inflammatory blog was a reaction to the news that the Armed Forces have formed a support network for Britain’s Muslim servicemen and women. The association, which aims to improve social cohesion with Britain’s Islamic communities, has been wholeheartedly supported by Britain’s top military brass.

Defence Minister Kevan Jones MP told Nothing British: “I am extremely proud of the diversity within our Armed Forces and I recognise the contribution, dedication and sacrifice of all our personnel. Muslim personnel, many of whom I have met stationed in the UK and abroad, are serving with distinction and currently hold a number of senior positions.”

General Sir David Richards, Chief of the General Staff and a former commander in Afghanistan, said: “I am a huge supporter of the creation of the Armed Forces Muslim Association. It reflects the growing numbers, importance and relevance of the Muslim soldiers, sailors and airmen serving the United Kingdom with such distinction today and, I have no doubt, in the future.”

Muslims have been fighting in Britain’s Armed Forces since 1757 when a number joined the East India Company. During World War Two many Muslims gave their lives in the fight against Nazism, including people like SOE agent Noor Inayat Khan GC MBE, one of only three women to be awarded the George Cross. Khan was tortured to death in 1944 by Gestapo agents in France.

In recent conflicts British Muslims have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. In 2006 Lance Corporal Jabron Hashmi, a 24-year-old military intelligence specialist, was killed while fighting in Afghanistan against Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

One could be forgiven for thinking that the GA is a lunatic and on the outer fringes of the BNP. However, in December last year he was invited as a “welcome guest” of Bridgend BNP. Morris’s blog is extremely popular amongst BNP internet users and has been used as a intermediary by sympathisers such as Bill Murray, former secretary of the Welsh BNP and Director of Soldiers off the Street, in their quarrels with anti-BNP campaigners over their links to the extremist party.

Liam Fox MP, Conservative Shadow Defence Secretary, has told Nothing British: All members of our Armed Forces are hugely valued regardless of their gender, race or religion. We should always celebrate the contribution they make to our national security and our national wellbeing.

Nothing British comment:
If you are prepared to give your life to help protect Britain and her national interests you are a welcome addition to our society. The Green Arrow’s crude and disrespectful remarks are un-patriotic, dangerous and divisive.

Nothing British


Barbara said...

"There's Nothing British About the BNP" has highlighted how the BNP has appropriated military symbolism, such as images of the Spitfire, Winston Churchill, Vera Lynn songs, tacky fake medals, even the 'Battle For Britain' campaign.
This is a ghastly attempt to clothe threadbare BNP policies in a military uniform of respectability.
What could be more cynical? Operation Stolen Valour has already collected over 600 signatures from real vetarans protesting against this exploitation:

akhter said...

I am a Muslim and proud to be British,my dear father who is still alive and kicking fought the japs with pride in jungles of Burma for the British army,he won many Madel s,when the Queen visited Pakistan she invited those who fought to come and help build England.I am so proud of my father for what he did for us and for the king .BNP you can try to lie,twist but we all know who you are the fascists.