September 03, 2010

English Nationalist Alliance in Brighton

The English Nationalist Alliance or ENA is a tiny right-wing organisation formed by BNP Essex member Bill Baker, to unite members of groups like the BNP, NF and EDL.

The EDL predicted 5,000 people would support their Bradford protest on 28 Aug 2010 - in fact only 700 showed-up. So, where an earlier ENA demo in April had drawn an already low turnout of just 150 supporters to Brighton, 2 days after the Bradford defeat, ENA support shrunk even lower, down to just 40 people, with ENA morons giving Hitler salutes and waving EDL flags in Brighton.

The ENA Brighton demo wasn't the 1st time Bill Baker made a fool of himself. In Aug 2009 Bill Baker cancelled an EDL demo he was trying to organise in Harrow after it turned out he'd been lying about Harrow Mosque. The Harrow protest was rescheduled by Stephen Gash's group SIOE (Stephen Gash is a former EDL spokesman who supports Serbian mass-murderer and war criminal Radovan Karadzic). SIOE staged 2 protests in Harrow - the 1st attended by less than 40 people, the 2nd attended by less than 20, and the 2nd Harrow protest was such a shambles Stephen Gash turned up 90 minutes late for his own demo. Despite this, EDL plan to humiliate themselves again in Harrow in Jan 2011.

The EDL, BNP, ENA, NF and SIOE are all the same people, separated only by the different egos that compete for leadership of their stupid movement. All of them pretend to be patriotic, but the ideology they follow is based on GERMAN nationalism.

The ENA/EDL Brighton picture is available here.

Thanks to FightbackUK for the heads-up


UK Fightback said...

Thanks for embedding this. I just corrected a mistake on the You Tube description, so if you could change "where an ENA earlier demo" to read "where an earlier ENA demo" on LU's version of the text that'd be cool

Love ya's ;)

Antifascist said...

Sorted and cheers. :-)

Anonymous said...

have you seen loopy barnseys latest news ?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Griffin's flying a kite for going back on his promise to step down in three years

dont forget about sid said...

I bet our old friend Sid W was involved in this.