September 07, 2010

What will happen to Griffin and co in court?

Griffin and co get their day in court today when they're up before the beak for not doing what the court ordered them to do following the case involving the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Porky Griffin, being someone's golden boy, seems to be Teflon-coated and thus able to avoid prosecution, despite the incredible amount of evidence of all kinds of criminality that is publicised and added to, it seems, almost weekly.

Nevertheless, we're hoping (though not holding our collective breath) for a decent result, preferably involving an astronomically huge fine to add to the outrageous costs that any court case of this kind seems to incur. Anything that bankrupts the BNP is fine by us.

There are a whole load of alternatives, the best of which is that he's banged up and we never have to see his fat face again, but even now he could escape the rope prison cell and probably will. Watch out, if you're anywhere near the Royal Courts of Justice, for him practising a sudden onset of dementia, a la another well-known dictator.

Let's see if we can predict the result. Vote on the poll (top-right) and if you can think of any better, or funnier, options, bung them in to us via the comments.

Life imprisonment with hard labour
Six months in a nick for softies
A shower of eggs every day for three months
An enormous fine which will bankrupt the BNP
A whacking great fine which the members will have to pay as usual
Martin Pervert Reynolds to crap on Griffin from a great height
A smallish fine which will be paid via a mysterious donation
A stern telling-off from a bad-tempered judge
Whatever happens, Griffin'll claim it's a victory so who cares?
It'll be adjourned because of the tube strike
Griffin will go to the wrong court
Griffin will claim he's sick
Griffin will claim he's dead

If you happen to be near the court, try to get a few pictures for our subsequent report and email them in. Just watch out for eggs - there's bound to be a few.


Anonymous said...

The BNP are already bankrupt thanks to Gri££in and Dow$on. Griffin is a man of straw with no assets.

Pissed-off BNP member said...

I wish the bastard could go down for fifty years. Not for the EHRC stuff, just because he's a crook!

Anonymous said...

Hang him!!!

Anonymous said...

Nick will be ok green sparrow is en route to save the day and give old porky b***ock chops a blowing reference,sheep ahoy.

unplugged from the matrix said...

He is hoping to go down. The massive media interest it will generate. The donations. The increase in his martyr status.Don't for one moment think that the EHRC are running this one. Griffin has took them on so he can be martyred

Anonymous said...

I think Darby & Lumby will skate because they can argue Griffin has reserved sole power to ammend the constitution to himself.

Initially I thought that The ECHR has scored & own goal by starting this litigation but I didn't count on Griffins suicidally, cack handed conduct of the case. The costs alone have caused huge damage to the party & will inevitably escalate today

His 'insight' was that he could play the martyr but no one in the general public at large really gives a shit about the BNP anymore. He may well do a stretch of porridge for nothing!!!


Anonymous said...

Griffin will want to go into Jail so he can be a politcal martyr and it will be another money making opportunity.

I can see the latest begging letter headline:
'See what happenes when you don't donate enough money? They send OUR Father who art in heaven Griffin to jail. Please donate £1000 now to get OUR beloved chairman out of jail NOW!'

anarchist said...

Griffin will be defended by Lee Barnes, and therefore found not guilty by reason of insanity.

anarchist said...

Griffin will turn out to be an illegal immigrant and deported.

Anonymous said...

Ive just seen them going into the court griffin was holding a donate banner,darby was carrying an M&S packed lunch and lumby had six bottles of gin.

Anonymous said...

Pissed-off BNP member said...
I wish the bastard could go down for fifty years.
Not for the EHRC stuff, just because he's a crook!
Exactly.My sentiments entirely.
Griffin is a liar,a thief and a fraud.BUT a very clever one.
There are members who still cannot see that he is capable of all the crimes he has committed.
God help us!

John P said...

Adjourned till the 8th/9th November

Anonymous said...

further to John P, can the court system ever see further than the end of its very long nose.

I cannot believe that when the date was set for this mornings hearing someone with half a brain in the judicial system did not recognise that to go ahead they would need 2 bloody judges.

So this mornings fiasco was what? another example of waste of tax payers money, yes we can all scream that Griffin and his bunch should pay all the court costs, but lets be honest we know they have not got a pot to p.... in so yoh ho the taxpayer forks out again.

It could all have been over and done with this morning, this just gives Griffin extra time to do what? further rehearse the twaddle he would have put forward this morning.


Anonymous said...

@ Tulip

This is a good result. Bottom line is that Griffins 27 pages of 'razor sharp' legal arguments as drafted by the batty & useless Jane Phillips are going consign him into a pool of the smelly stuff. He's just delayed the inevitable with added costs.


Anonymous said...

Why rope ? Piano Wire is cheaper !

Old Sailor

Ben Trunch said...

I agree, let's find a modern day Pierrepoint and send Nick to the gallows. Missed by none and the BNP always bang on about hanging so-called "traitors and crooks". I give you the first one to have his neck stretched, Griffin.

Good riddance to "Long Drop" Griffin!

Anonymous said...

@ Ben Trunch
You'll need to fight your way to the top of a very long queue - of BNP members champing at the bit to hang him.