September 02, 2010

The cheap and nasty party...

A couple of our readers have pointed out that the BNP is currently advertising on its website for someone to fill the role of Group Support/Training Officer. Nothing wrong with that, of course, though we would have expected the party to have invested in a new member of staff who actually knew their way around a set of accounts, or possibly someone who could get reasonably close to winning a by-election. Still, it's not for us to wonder why - just to take the piss. And we can do this by taking a closer look at the advert, which looks like it has been cobbled together by someone with too much spare time, an overwhelming sense of their own importance and the mistaken belief that plagiarising whole sections of the ad from another website would never come to light because they are a management guru. Yes, it looks like Jim Dowson has been in action again, doing whatever it is that he does for the BNP in the cheapest way possible in order to maximise his own profits.

There's actually nothing wrong with the ad itself, though it's a tad verbose. Most job descriptions tend to be padded out with all kinds of nonsense which in theory relate to the job but in practice are just buzzwords and phrases to make it sound good within a corporate environment. Like I said, there's nothing wrong with that, and most personnel officers use this kind of language as a matter of course - but it doesn't come naturally from the BNP or anyone I've ever heard from the party. So where has it been pinched from?

Well, as it happens, we know. There is a group called Businessballs which provides 'free online learning for careers, work, management, business training and education', among other things. If you ever wondered where Dowson got his expertise at business or even where Lee Barnes picks up his sometimes surprisingly lucid notes on employment law, you've found the source. And it will come as absolutely no surprise at all to be told that while the BNP is happy to plagiarise a good deal of Businessballs' text for its advert, it's a little coy about acknowledging Businessballs' copyright.

So where is the evidence that the BNP's ad-writer has plagiarised? Mostly not until the profile of the new employee is discussed in the ad. See below:

The BNP's plagiarised advert (click on image to enlarge)
It's worth comparing the two sections because the BNP has lifted most of its ad verbatim from Businessballs - particularly the Specific Job Skills, Computer Skills and the Literacy and Numeracy sections.

Businessballs' original version (click on image to enlarge)
The contents of the Businessballs page is provided free, and a bloody good resource it is, but the site owner, one Alan Chapman, clearly states that,
'The use of this webpage is free provided copyright (see below) is acknowledged and reference or link is made to the website. The webpage text may not be sold, or published in any form. Disclaimer: Reliance on information, material, advice, or other linked or recommended resources, received from Alan Chapman, shall be at your sole risk, and Alan Chapman assumes no responsibility for any errors, omissions, or damages arising. Users of this website are encouraged to confirm information received with other sources, and to seek local qualified advice if embarking on any actions that could carry personal or organisational liabilities. Managing people and relationships are sensitive activities; the material and advice available via this website do not provide all necessary safeguards and checks. Please retain this notice on all copies.

© alan chapman 2006-2009'
Elsewhere, in a more explicit statement of the copyright for the site, Alan Chapman says,
'Reproduction of Businessballs materials online (internet or intranet) for any purpose requires permission.'
Naturally, the BNP, not even granting an author his own acknowledgement, has chosen to ignore this notice and we feel that this should be brought to the author's attention. You can do this by emailing Mr Chapman on or calling him on 0116 235 5585. Let us know what response(s) you get via the comments. For reference, the BNP advert is here (the link goes via an anonymiser).


I hate the BNP said...

They haven't an original thought in their tiny little heads.

Anonymous said...

More thievery from the BNP!

Barbara said...

Hello Mr Chapman,

Just to let you know that, if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, you have secret admirers within the BNP.

As this article demonstrates, the BNP is advertising for a new staff member, using the wording that you put together.

As usual the BNP, with its rotton core priciples designed to sow hatred and division between British people, has ridden roughshod over the rights of others in reproducing your work without acknowledgement.

Best wishes,

Barbara Suzuki

(I am a Brit married to a non-Brit, and am an opponent of the BNP for fairly obvious reasons)

LUAF tell the truth said...

This is more to boost moral of "oh look the partys doing that good were now employing someone to help with the extra workload".Grffin and dowson know the party is on the ropes big time as most ex members and the members that are left are sick and tired of daily begging emails especially when they are all contradictory to the one received the day before.The party claims to have a membership of 16,000 which is tosh more like 16,000 mugs on their database.Fact is only about 2,000 people have joined or renewed membership this year !

Sit back,have a coffee and put your feet up and watch griffin and his inner circle of crooks sink down the plug hole to oblivion because i am and im thoroughly enjoying it.

ex member and anti fascist

PB said...

"Fact is only about 2,000 people have joined or renewed membership this year !"

I've heard that as well.

Anotheronebitesthedust said...

NW Durham organiser, Pete Molloy, has quit his position. One in the eye for the Walkers.

Anonymous said...

Well have read the ad, cant see a salary scale is there one please?


Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

Well have read the ad, cant see a salary scale is there one please?


That will depend upon who is employed..... one of cyclops' relatives = £180k

One of Dowsons relatives: £180k + company jet and 2 cars (leased from adlorries)

A literate(?!?) member = 47p

Anonymous said...

Well have read the ad, cant see a salary scale is there one please?


ive just read sadie graham was paid £15,000 p.a for the same position and reckoned by with being on the road and attending training meetings etc she was doing 80+ hours a week.

Anonymous said...

Nice catch. I knew there was something odd about this ad.

The BNP's official pseudo-intellectual is caught out, yet again.

The plagiarized advertisement on the BNP site was reportedly produced and posted by Arthur Kemp of the BNP's new Communications Unit. Kemp now controls every article and post on the BNP main Website.

This is not new. Kemp is accused of allegedly plagiarizing huge portions of March of the Titans from an early 20th Century racist screed. There have been complaints that Kemp allegedly printed verbatim portions of other writer's work without attribution in his various self-published books and is known to insert press photographs in his "work" without the permission of the producer.

Anonymous said...

"Well have read the ad, cant see a salary scale is there one please?"

Nah - You have to paymega bucks for the honour of working for cyclops !!

Old Sailor

irishtony said...

"Fact is only about 2,000 people have joined or renewed membership this year !"

Feckun Hell I have been saying that for years!!!

unplugged from the matrix said...

A reliable source has informed me that they only have about 6.5 thousand members. They cook the figures by making all members of the same family appear as party members even though only one person in the household is a member

Anonymous said...

dowson has supposed to of raised 1.9 million for the party in twelve months but the party has suffered major in membership and donation fatigue and now the party is over half a million in debt ? the memberhip numbers are fabricated a lot higher than they are and it doesnt take a genius to work out two words that dowson is using the bnp to launder money.We shall see once the ever late accounts are published.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha This advertisement is another Jim Dowson special, lifted off the internet just like all of his "training courses"

Anonymous said...

Talking of lifting things whatever happened to that WWII 'hero' they were plugging using a letter largely lifted from somewhere else?

Can't remember the detail - someone help me out!

And did they ever discover who he was since I think no-one from his alleged unit knew of him.

Job Descriptions said...

May be they are saying true.

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