September 21, 2010

Weekend reports - BNP chased out of Glasgow, "gutless" Griffin flees Liverpool

BNP & SDL chased out of Glasgow

Saturday 18 September saw a hugely successful day of anti-fascist direct action against the racist thugs of the BNP and the Scottish Defence League – both of whom attempted to carry out public activity in Glasgow on the day.

September 18 was originally the day the SDL were planning to hold a march from Blytheswood Square to the Cenotaph in George Square. With this route being denied by the council – who offered them a static protest instead – the SDL announced that the march was cancelled and re-applied for one in the east end of the city in November.

In light of the events of last weekend, however, when the EDL descended on Oldham in a secret ‘flash mob’ protest, local anti-fascists began to suspect that something similar could be afoot in Glasgow. This was compounded when both the main SDL forum was taken offline, and their facebook page announced that they would be holding a ’social gathering’ in a city centre pub on the day. Acting on these fears, activists from the Scottish Anti-Fascist Alliance decided to keep an eye on the city centre over the course of the day, posting scouts at different locations where it was believed the SDL might show up.

However, it soon turned out that the SDL were not the only group of far-right thugs in town that day. At 1pm, a number of BNP activists were spotted in George Square, setting up a stall and posing for photos with their ‘Support our Troops’ banner. They left soon after, but quickly set up again on Buchanan Street. Anti-fascists from across the city quickly mobilised, and by 1.30 there was a small gathering around the stall, preventing the BNP from engaging with the public. Ten minutes later, a larger group of anti-fascist arrived. Within seconds, the stall was smashed up and the BNP material was scattered and destroyed. The 5-6 BNP members were forced to stand beside the ruins of their stall waiting for the police to show up, which they did – about 15 minutes later.

After a humiliating half hour of being chanted at by a now large group of passers-by and anti-fascists, the BNP were driven away in a police van for their own safety. A total victory for anti-fascists and, judging from the response from the public, a reaffirmation that Glasgow will not stand for the bigotry and racism of the BNP. This was the first BNP activity in the city centre for almost a year, and apparently the ‘launch of their new campaign’. We don’t think they’ll be back any time soon.

But believe it or not, this was just the beginning of a day of successful direct action against fascism. At 3pm, members of the Scottish Defence League began gathering in The Goose pub on Union Street, next to Central Station. Upon being approached by anti-fascists, they informed them that they’d be going to George Square at 5.30pm, apparently with the intention of assembling at the Cenotaph. Clearly, they were after a confrontation – regardless, though, this doesn’t change the issue at hand: fascist gatherings need to be opposed.

By 5.30pm, small groups of anti-fascists and local youth were assembled around the square. When the 15 or so SDL supporters showed up, a brief confrontation ensued. The crowd of around 100 anti-racists ensured that the SDL did not reach the Cenotaph, while a few fists were thrown in both directions, although it’s understood that no anti-fascists suffered injuries. A large number of police then stepped in and pushed the SDL to one corner of the square, where they were held for a period then removed. The BBC are reporting that a 14 year old was arrested – as far as we know this was for punching an SDL member in the face. One SDL supporter was also lifted for a ‘racist breach of the peace’.

Overall, a massive victory for anti-fascists: two groups of racists thrown off the streets. We didn’t rely on the police, and we didn’t rely on the council or Home Secretary to ban them either. The numbers of anti-fascists weren’t massive, but were swelled by passers by and young people who didn’t want the SDL or the BNP on our streets either. A reassuring confirmation that Glasgow is not a safe space for fascists to engage in public activity.

Scottish Socialist Youth

Spontaneous antifascist protest sends BNP packing in Liverpool

Today (Saturday), members of the British National Party – including Nick Griffin – held a stall in Liverpool City Centre. They were, perhaps, hoping to show that they stood tall after their trouncing at the General and local elections. Instead, what it showed was the strength of antifascist sentiment in Liverpool.

Within minutes of the BNP setting up shop in town, word got out. The BNP were on Church Street and texts and phone calls went out across the city warning people and asking for them to turn out in opposition. I was walking the dog at the time, and so and hour elapsed between the time I was first told and the time I reached the crowds. And yes, I do mean crowds.

Nick Griffin had been there, but he fled with his minders the second opposition showed up. As Peter Tatchell opined when he confronted him, the BNP chairman is a gutless coward.

But the local branch of the BNP stayed behind in Griffin’s stead, offering the members of the public a “petition” (PDF) to “Bring Our Boys Home” from Afghanistan. But as Griffin admits on the BNP website, this is not a petition that will be presented to anybody, or even a serious effort to raise the issue of the war in Afghanistan.

Although they will be “under the banner of “Support Our Troops — Bring Our Boys Home”” their true purpose is “the biggest co-ordinated nationalist recruitment campaign ever run outside of an election period.” Hence who signatories “authorise the British National Party to contact” them or send “future promotional, electoral and fund-raising material.”

As I have argued before, the BNP are not an anti-war party. In fact, their 2010 election manifesto explicitly stated that they opposed the Iraq war only on the grounds that “there were no strategic or commercial interests to defend” and “the same applies to the current war in Afghanistan.”

Hence, if a BNP felt there were British strategic or commercial interests at stake (as Blair did in those two wars), then they would have no moral qualms about sending “Our Boys” to die. For the BNP, imperialism’s only bad when you’re not in the seat of command.Which is why the banner of the Stop the War Coalition could be found in the group opposing the BNP.

Unfortunately, their ruse was fooling a lot of people, the anti-war message drawing people away from the fact that this was a fascist recruitment drive, as they planned. Hence why opposition was vital.

Very quickly, a sizeable crowd had gathered, and the BNP found themselves closed off from public view by a semi-circle of very loud antifascists, some bearing banners and signs from various groups. This, in turn, drew members of the public – most notably young teenagers – into the impromptu demo.

While the police held the main demo back from the BNP, some antifascists took the opportunity to talk to people. The general public were receptive to the idea that the BNP were an anti-working class party, offering division at a time when we are facing huge attacks from those in power, and that any pretensions to the contrary (including on the war) were political opportunism.

That their (pre-recorded) chants echoed the Tory party line with calls to “Smash the TUC” certainly didn’t help the fascists’ case.

Arguing the point with the BNP themselves, for those listening in rather than with hope of converting die-hard BNPers, also went in our favour. People can tell the difference between a valid argument and rhetoric, and what Peter Tierney and his friends offered was certainly the latter.

With the rain pouring down, and some people who had arrived earlier on having to leave for other commitments, still the antifascist crowd continued to grow. The BNP struggled to pass out their leaflets or to get many people to sign their petition-cum-covert-recruitment-form. But still they tried to fight a war of attrition, making a show of themselves for a full six-and-a-half hours.

Ultimately, however, over 100 antifascists and local people watched and jeered as the fascists packed their gear into two cars and drove off, protected by a flank of police. No doubt they will try and sell it differently, but for British nationalism this was undoubtedly a failure.

Elsewhere, the BNP’s dissident faction claims that “four teams of two” were “out in Liverpool, Sefton and Knowsley, handing out BNP literature to commuters and the General public.” However, even on the basis of their own piss-poor website all they can prove is that Steve Greenhalgh appeared outside Orrell Park Station and Bootle Strand to give letters to … err, nobody!

But they, like the Griffinites, are promising to be out every Saturday for the next few weeks. On which note, the promise from Liverpool Antifascists is that we will be watching when you turn up again.

Liverpool Antifascists


ex-bnp 2009 said...

I love to hear about the disgusting coward Gri££in running out of town. Its the only thing he is good at!

What a piece of s**t, he has no backbone whatsoever.
Who are these freaks that continue to support his vile cretin?

Anonymous said...

Merseyside EDL published a photo of Trades Unionist Alec McFadden on their Facebook, describing him as a "scumbag", and their Facebook wall contains all kinds of threats against Anti-Fascists (quote) "ALEC MCFADDEN = SCUMBAG = MARKED MAN", "YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS PLANNED YOU FUCKING MUGS!" etc

Reason being of course that while Alec McFadden was campaigning against the BNP, his details were posted on Redwatch, and he answered the door to a masked man who slashed him across the face with a Stanley knife. Amid this book's catalogue of sickening violence, the autobiography of Liverpool BNP candidate Joe Owens (which you can download for free, without paying for it) contains constant references to Owens fantasising about stabbing people in the face - in a court of law this would only be circumstantial evidence but it doesn't take a genius to work out who attacked McFadden. Equally transparent is the obvious inference about the hatred for Alec McFadden that's shared by the BNP and now (surprise, surprise) the EDL!

UK Fightback said...
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Anonymous said...

Ed Stampton: Please stop relaying your bad luck stories on VNN because I don't think I can take anymore laughing.

Anonymous said...

Britian did alot worse than that to Fascists during WW2

Anonymous said...

Those young lassies have nice legs

Anonymous said...

It should be noted that the people in the second photo are anti-fascists holding a "captured" BNP banner.

Good work Scottish Anti-Fascists.

Anonymous said...

Who are these freaks that continue to support his vile cretin?

I do.
Albert Mary Jones.

Anonymous said...

Good work!

Anonymous said...

Opposition to BNP office in Stroud

Anonymous said...

As predicted on this forum just after the General Election, the BNP do a "return to street activity" once their electoral fortunes have started to wane (and under pressure from the rival EDL). The striving for respectability can now go on the back-burner and their pronoucements will be more openly racist and anti-Semitic. 'Back to the Future' as it were.

Wouldn't be surprised if they announce a plan to march next.

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

I see that Nutzie central are pinging the masses of 'bring our troops home (because there is no wealth to strip where they are)' campaign roadshows..... ie a few losers and a trestle table (in bits if you are in Glasgow - well done Glasgow antifa, you have shown us all how to do it!).

I notice that for the country durham extravaganza they seem to have the fake soldier on display again. From the photo I cant tell if its one of the (ex army) Walkers or just some scheming liar. They really are scraping the bottom of the barrel (again).

Devils Advocate said...

'Support our troops'
'Bring our boys home'

But arseholes to the girls. Leave them there, eh! Proof there is still as much mysogeny in the pig ignorant BNP as there is racism. We haven't forgotten Nick Eriksen, you know!