December 11, 2011

Booze Hound addresses Italian Fascists

Nick Griffin's European gravy train took him from his Nazi shindig in Stockholm yesterday afternoon on to Rome last night, where he addressed a meeting of the fascist Italian group Forza Nuova (New Force). Griffin would've been most relived to leave Stockholm as it appears that thousands of people turned out to protest against it.

"New Force" are actually anything but new. It's the party of Griffin's old friend Roberto Fiore, a convicted terrorist and long time inspiration to the extreme far-right fringe in this country.

Fiore helped destroy the old National Front here as his young disciples Nick Griffin and Patrick Harrington went and ended up on begging missions to Colonel Gaddafi in Tripoli and trying to play ideological footsie with Irish Republicans instead of paying enough attention to their much maligned and shrinking British membership.

One of the chief architects of Griffin's old "Poltical Soldiers" Drerek Holland, who wrote the seminal work that led to the NF's destruction 'The Political Soldier' was also on the invite list, so it would have been a real old get- together for the people who did so much fantastic damage to British fascism in the 1980's.

Fiore's party supports the ideas of Julius Evola, an Italian born in 1898 who was heavily into mysticism, deviancy and of course, Jew hating. Evola died in 1974, no doubt happy that he got to see a lot of his favourite things unleash themselves across Europe during his life.

He would probably have enjoyed how debauched his British followers became in his name too had he lived long enough to see it.

While Griffin was in Rome, he helped himself to plenty of that hospitality for which he has become notorious since taking over the BNP. As his party's membership fees increase, so it appears does Griffin's bourgeois lifestyle and tastes.

Griffin had a little too much to drink while in Rome and reports this morning that he is suffering "the worst hangover of my life". What didn't help was his luggage not joining him there. I'm pleased to report that Griffin's luggage went to Ethiopia instead.

While Old Nick was downing large amounts of "beer, grappa & absynthe" in Rome, he at least had the decency to ring his members at the party's awful beanfeast in Jarrow, where the few members who bothered to turn up to listen to his drunken rambling were bemused to find Adam Walker the BNP's "party manager", walking around in a karate outfit.

Griffin's new best friend forever Simon Darby did not get an invite to Rome. Last time he was there he was Nazi saluted by Italian admirers which was just another of the nails that went into the BNP's electoral coffin at the time.

While the BNP's very own "Rome" burns, isn't it great to see their leader has gone to the real Rome to get himself pissed and incoherent while mixing with the very sort of policies and people that helped him destroy the old NF.

Hope not Hate


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, Griffin! Democracy can rest a little easier with you as Britain's leading fascist...

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha HA Chief Pervert and child knife attacker Adam Walker Dum and Dummer comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

It was a fancy dress party. Indiana Jones and Signor Whippy were there too. Don't see a problem with the appearance of the karate kid himself.

Anonymous said...

Well Dumarse Walker walks about London in an Army uniform alias (pretend soldier)lol nought wrong in that. Well tell that to the boys fighting in Afganistan numpty

Anonymous said...

Walker lived in Japan for 6 years and speaks fluent Japanese. He's a bit of a crap racist if you ask me. He needs to get some time in.

Anonymous said...

Did Mrs Cooper take her daughter to the party or did she behave like a responsible parent? A reasonable question given the nature and predilictions of some of those present.