December 08, 2011

Turkey makes Christmas address

Old Nick Griffin looks just about ripe for Christmas plucking. He's had better years and he admits as much.

Standing in front of an EU Christmas tree in Brussels, Griffin has made a Christmas address, a "message" via the interweb, to his fans.

Never mind the bollocks as someone once said, never mind all those people on the dole at Christmas too because the BNP don't pay their bills either; this year's Christmas is going to be particularly special for Nick and his wife Jackie "the Night-nurse" Griffin.

Unto them a Grandchild has been born. And before you ask, yes, a lovely white baby it is too. Their first. "And the thought of the baby born in Bethlehem will perhaps have an extra poignancy in our house" he tells us.

Wait for it, wait for it...

Nope, he's not joking. Yes, the Griffin baby is not unlike Jesus. Obviously..

But aside from himself and the new Aryan born unto the Griffin Klan, old Nick is also going to spare a thought this Yuletide to the "extended family" that he has in the British National Party. And why not? Christmas is a time of giving and we all know how Nick likes to receive any time of year, "in good times and in bad" he tells us. He also says he feels his members "love". Of course, there is a little less love this year, so perhaps those desperate of foolish enough to still afford to be in his fan club/party could give a little more?

Nick's done his bit over the last year for the great white race too. He tells us how he led sixty "patriots" (we counted forty) to "protect the poppy" this year and it does not matter to him (not that he mentions it), that a lot of that number were paramilitary nutters who threatened to kill the Prime Minister on their way there too!

But Christmas can also be a time for reflection. So spare a thought for the kids in Sheffield who had their Christmas as good as cancelled because of the BNP's actions, or as Griffin recalls it, when his thugs "stood up for family values" and intimidated a primary school for their "wicked plan" to teach school children to say no to the sort of predators the BNP normally prefer to work with school children.

He goes on: "I can tell you with absolute certainty that 2012 is going to be a good year for the British National Party". Many in the BNP would of course, like that to be an indication that Griffin is going to stand down, but he is not. So it's actually going to be another great year for Hope Not Hate instead. Every day over the last few years that Nick Griffin has been leader of the BNP has felt like Christmas for us.

In winding up, Griffin tells those who are still watching him to "get involved" in his little party. "I'm really looking forward to meeting you, which is a certainty if you get involved". Bless my Mother, she was about to get on the blower and join up too...

Of course it is a certainty you'll get to meet Griffin if you join the BNP. He has room for three more in a phone box outside of his farmhouse in Welshpool. And if you can't make it there, he'll probably come to yours if you have not answered the endless begging phone calls, letters and emails from him throughout the year.

Hope not Hate


Anonymous said...

Beneath the "F" should read the letters "U C K E D"!

Soo said...

Please repost this Ketlan, to end once and for all the ambiguity that the EDL are any less nazi than Hitler's SS.

This is a screenshot not just of total support for the EDL terrorists, but of neo-nazi EDLers wishing Muslim citizens had been murdered in the mosque attack.

All they going to claim insanity, and are the police going to arrest these vile white supremacist EDL scum for posting such comments??????

Cheers, ketlan x

iliacus said...

"The Griffin baby is not unlike Jesus".

But presumably not Jewish.

Anonymous said...

Love that picture :D

La Di Da Gunner Graham said...

Griffo's surely had a drink or two before that blether.

Anonymous said...

How come he's suddenly got a huge bottom lip and no top one? Not very British that, eh?

I'd also like to know what drives his obsession with sex and "four and five year-olds", if he mentions that again I'm going to call the cops, I'm fucking serious; we've had a long and inglorious history of fascists abusing women and children.

Fascists don't just do damage when they're in power. Nazis like Griffo need to be stopped in their tracks, everywhere.