December 25, 2011

The Tommy Robinson beating fiasco appears to have been faked

EDL Leader Tommy Robinson on his Death BedThe English Defence League issued a statement yesterday claiming that their leader had been beaten up by a gang of Asians. Unfortunately the story has more holes in it than Hel Gower's tights with many 'patriots' refusing to buy it. In what appears to be another in a long line of crass publicity stunts, even his own football hooligan firm, the Luton Men in Gear (MIGS) don't believe it so EDL News is taking a look at the evidence (or lack of).

In a story reminiscent of the faked Kevin Karroll assassination attempt, the EDL released this statement via the Gates of Vienna blog.

He was out driving, when he saw a car similar to his wife’s, driven by a blond white girl. The other car flashed its lights so Tommy pulled over.
A group of Pakistani youths wearing knuckle dusters poured out. Tommy was knocked out pretty quickly, and they gave him a good kicking.
He looks pretty beaten up, but no bones were broken, and no eyes or teeth are missing. He had a brain scan this morning. We don’t know the results yet.
He has spoken to The Sun, who asked whether he had called the police. Tommy said there was no point, as a racial attack on a white guy was of no interest to them.
The first flaw in this story is the fact that he thought he had recognized his wife in an identical car to hers but failed to notice that there was also a gang of Asians in the car. The second being that if he had been beaten up by a gang of Asians with knuckle dusters, his injuries would have been significantly worse than the photos below suggest. He seems to have sustained heavy bruising and a bump on the head and that is about it. Third is his unwillingness to go to the police claiming they are not interested in cases of actual bodily harm which is quite clearly something he has made up as the police are obliged to investigate every case of ABH whether they are racially aggravated or not.
This lie is further outed by the fact that the East Anglia Division yesterday announced that the police are prosecuting two Asian men who allegedly attacked a female EDL Member at one of Tommy's court cases last year.
Tommy had no problem talking to the police in the summer when he got his picture in the paper for chasing a man who mugged an old lady. This whole fairytale story suggests that he was beaten by one of his own.
Even The Sun newspaper refused to run the story after they asked him if he went to the police and he said no.
These photos were issued, apparently of Tommy in his hospital bed.
The first photo appears to be taken in a hospital bed. The second photo suggests that it was taken at his home and liberal amounts of poorly applied blue eye shadow has been used to make his injuries look worse (or more silly) than those depicted in the first photo and a photoshopper seems to have gone over the top with the smudge tool and carried the bruise up towards his eyebrow.
There also appears a very precise bruise line above his left eye in the first photo. The whole thing looks fake.
Whilst quite clearly Tommy has a rather large lump on his forehead that could have quite easily have been obtained by stumbling into a wall after a heavy Stella Artois session in the Racist Parrot. (Whipperley Ring, Luton, Bedfordshire LU1 5QX)
Tommy issued a follow up statement on Gates of Vienna:
Message from Tommy: "They were shouting ‘allahu akhbar’ and ‘Merry Christmas, Tommy’”.
Also: He had a C.T. scan, and apparently has “bruising of the brain”. He got out of hospital this afternoon.
he has brusing of the brain and they let him out that very same afternoon? Really.
The North West Infidels have heard a different story on the football hooligan grapevine which heavily suggests that Tommy walking around town thinking he owns the place earned him a beating from one of his own.

MIG member, Keith Chambers muddys the waters further by claiming he took the beating three weeks ago.
Other nationalist groups are also failing to buy into the story. (click to enlarge)
The English Defence League are falling foul of the 'boy who cried wolf' syndrome and each attempt to rile their members against Muslims is getting more and more ridiculous and transparent. Tommy has obviously taken a beating but it is much more likely to be one of his own than a vivacious blonde honey trapper in a car full of Muslims he did not see.
These events, including the attempted assassination attempt on Kev, always happen three days before a significant event on the calendar, whether that is Christmas, St Georges Day or a national demo. Each one have been proven to be utterly fake and have been quickly dropped by leadership.
Tommy has courted endless bad publicity over the last twelve months and members are getting sick of him. This latest attempt seems like a last ditch effort to unite the far right back under the EDL's wing and seems to have backfired spectacularly with few on the far right believing a word he says.
Donna Mortimer from the EDL's propaganda department has now openly called for violence towards Muslims which is a criminal offence in itself.
Many of the more savvy members of the EDL are starting to see through these ridiculous publicity stunts but the dimmer ones (which seem to represent a fair proportion of the EDL) have started foaming at the mouth and vowing revenge on Muslims in general which leads a dangerous precedent.

EDL News

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Anonymous said...

Why don't the police arrest Donna Mortimer?

Anonymous said...

Please can you add the Tommy's photoshopped faces to the article to show the injuries are fake, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Are there photos missing from the article?

Square dots on this article instead of photos of XLs supposed injuries.

Anonymous said...

As a boxing fan of many years, I think I have a good understanding of what a genuine black eye looks like.

And it doesn't look anything like that.

Anonymous said...

I don't doubt the perpetrators will have been his 'own', but if you've never taken a solid kicking you might not realise this - bruising spreads. A small, dark bruise will get bigger before it gets better, as the blood cells dissipate and the swelling goes down.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there wounds from when Yaxley-Lennon head-butted a fellow EDL supporter in Blackburn?