December 31, 2011

Jeremy Clarkson accused of racism over India jibes on Top Gear Christmas special

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Jeremy Clarkson has found himself at the centre of an alleged racism row after appearing to mock Indian culture during the Top Gear Christmas special.

The outspoken TV presenter mouthed off about the country’s food, clothing, toilets, trains and history in a series of ‘Carry On’ style jibes. The 51-year-old host prompted a flood of complaints as he was shown stripping his trousers off and claiming he used a trouser press to heat naan bread. He then mocked the country’s sanitary conditions by driving around slums in a Jaguar fitted with a toilet, joking: “This is perfect for India because everyone who comes here gets the trots.”

A BBC spokeswoman confirmed that they have already received eight complaints accusing the show of racism. She reportedly said: “If viewers or religious groups want to complain, they can complain to the BBC. We won’t be responding through the media.”

The racism row set Twitter on fire as furious viewers branded Clarkson a “Nazi” and condemned the show’s “casual racism”. One viewer posted: “Just watched top gear India Special. A new low for the bbc. Sickeningly base. Borderline racist stereotyping. And just not very good.”

Another added: “Whats wrong with the BBC that they think casual racist stereotyping is acceptable on top gear?”

The BBC has also been slammed after it aired the programme on Wednesday, just two days after the murder of Indian student Anuj Bidve in Salford. Raj Dhutta, of Manchester Indian Association, reportedly said: “The Manchester community is in shock at the murder of Anuj, and this was tasteless timing. The show itself was also tasteless. These are perceptions that shouldn’t be picked up anywhere.”

The Top Gear presenters also found themselves in trouble with stunts on board Indian trains. Clarkson and co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May attached banners to the trains which read “British IT is good for your company” and “Eat English muffins”. However when the carriages split, the banners ripped to reveal rude messages.

Earlier this year Top Gear was embroiled in another racism row when Richard Hammond, 42, branded Mexicans “lazy”, “feckless” and “flatulent” when comparing the country to a Mexican sports car.



Anonymous said...

What is up with people, do they no longer have a sense of humour? The programme did a lot to promote India

Anonymous said...

Clarkson is not a racist, he's simply a shameless attention whore.

Anonymous said...

Why don't these grumpy, old reactionary men call it a day?

What was once a fairly good car show 8 years ago has turned into "Daily Mail TV".

Anonymous said...

Clarkson and co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May attached banners to the trains which read “British IT is good for your company” and “Eat English muffins”


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Anonymous said...

Things like this are best ignored. Complaining just gives ammunition to the 'it's PC gone mad' mob. Best to save your ire for those who deserve it.

Anonymous said... Nick Griffin trying to attach himself to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. Please email HFW and let him know about this.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Clarkson and co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May attached banners to the trains which were designed to split when the carriiages separated, to read “SHIT for your company” and “Eat English Muff”

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Anonymous said...

Diary Dates:

◦14/01/2012 Barking (Regional)
◦04/02/2012 Leicester (National)
◦Date TBC Luton (National)
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I just got these dates from the East Anglia Division Wordpress website (shame the so-called "freespeechers" of Wordpress cannot ban the EDL!). I cannot believe the scumbags are targetting Bristol.

I bet they want to confront the sizeable anarchist following in Bristol.

They are also in Barking in just two weeks time.

Does ANTIFA London know they are meeting there, linking-up wuth Richard Barnbrook?

Anonymous said...

Best to save your ire for those who deserve it?

OK, so if a TV presenter goes on national TV to say in front of millions of people that you should be shot dead in front of your family we'll ignore it