October 03, 2005

BNP and KKK link up for conference

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Did you ever doubt that the BNP have close ties to the most appalling and violent fascist groups in the world, despite their claims to the contrary?

Racists meet up

This week, Nick Griffin and his entourage fly out to the States, to a conference of hardline right-wingers aimed at 'bringing together European nationalists and American patriots of European descent'.

This is no conference to ruminate over multiculturalism and bring harmony to the world - far from it, in fact - it's to bring numerous racist groups together from all over the world to discuss how to fight multiculturalism and to share information on how best to spread their white-nationalist filth as far and as fast as possible.

Griffin and his gang are going over to pontificate about what they see as the progress of the BNP in the UK, despite the fact that once again they were soundly trounced in the General Election.

David Duke

The sponsor of the conference? White supremacist, David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and founder of the White Youth Alliance. Most disturbing is the fact that Duke is a regular speaker at the gatherings of the National Alliance, a group that the Anti-Defamation League has identified as the single most dangerous organized hate group in the United States today.

Nick Griffin keeps on trying to feed the British public the line that the BNP is no longer a group full of racist boot-boys, yet here he is consorting with the former leader of one of the most despicable and violent racist groups ever known. The KKK have been notorious for decades and are guilty of countless lynchings and attacks on non-whites.

By attending this conference, Griffin has made his racist credentials clear for everyone to see.

BNP wreath damage charge dropped

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A union official arrested for laying a wreath on top of a BNP one at a Holocaust memorial ceremony has walked free from court. Martin Gleeson, 44, of Chadderton, was arrested during the ceremony in Oldham, Greater Manchester on 27 January. He had placed his wreath "assertively" on top of a BNP one, as he was so annoyed at the presence of the far-right party. He was charged with criminal damage but the case was dropped on Tuesday.

'Squashed flowers'

The case is estimated to have cost taxpayers more than £10,000. The 44-year-old engineer said: "The whole thing seems farcical to me, it is a waste of public money. I was trying to make a peaceful protest that these people who were actively trying to divide the town were using the service to create publicity for themselves. At the end of the day I squashed a few flowers. Is that a crime worthy of arrest and being charged?"

'Broken stems'

Mr Gleeson attended the ceremony to lay a wreath as secretary of Oldham TUC. The BNP were not invited but members turned up. Shocked onlookers shouted "no" as a local BNP member strolled up to the cenotaph and placed a wreath bearing the party's logo. Mr Gleeson's solicitor, Katie Wheatley, said the CPS had not given any reason for dropping the case. She said: "They probably appreciated that it was not a simple matter of a few bent stems and if it got to court it would be contested and embarrassing for them." A BNP spokesman told the BBC party members attended the memorial "in good faith". "We have done nothing wrong, and whatever Mr Gleeson thinks it is not up to him to cause outrage or damage to our property. "Many of our members had relatives who fought in that war and we had every right to be there," he said.

No, you didn't. In 1996, Nick Griffin, referring to the Holocaust, wrote, "True Revisionists will not be fooled by this new twist to the sorry tale of the Hoax of the Twentieth Century," In another article he said, "I am well aware that the orthodox opinion is that 6 million Jews were gassed and cremated or turned into lampshades. Orthodox opinion also once held that the earth is flat… I have reached the conclusion that the 'extermination' tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lie, and latter-day witch-hysteria."

Nobody with those views or who supports anyone with views like those should be at or even near a Holocaust Memorial Day event.

General Election results for the BNP

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Though a single vote is one too many, it's patently obvious that the BNP's expected breakthrough into the mainstream of British politics simply didn't happen. A pitiful 4.2% of the national vote and 85 lost deposits do not by any stretch of the imagination represent a victory. We have no room for complacency though.

While the BNP's increase in votes cast nationally is largely due to fielding more candidates, the fact is, as the figures below show, that their votes per candidate are slowly increasing, albeit at nothing like the 1997/2001 jump. We cannot afford to ignore that.


Ten reasons why the BNP is clearly a nazi party

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1. Holocaust deniers

There is no greater insult to those who fought to keep Britain free than to deny the Holocaust happened. But that is what the BNP do.

BNP leader Nick Griffin says the Holocaust is a lie to make people feel sorry for Jewish people.

He also alleges that the concentration camps, such as Auschwitz, were built after the war by British and American soldiers.

The BNP has even produced a newspaper dedicated to denying the Holocaust.

2. Hitler worshippers

BNP youth leader Mark Collett told Channel Four only a few months ago that Hitler was his hero. He said he would have liked to live in Nazi Germany and found Nazi-saluting German soldiers "inspiring".

Another BNP leader, Tony Lecomber, has called Hitler "peace-loving".

Even Griffin adores the fascists. Articles praising the evil Waffen SS and Britain's very own would-be fascist leader, Oswald Mosley, have appeared in his magazine.

3. Mengele's heirs

A BNP leader has proposed a Josef Mengele-type eugenics programme for a BNP Britain. Tony Lecomber advocates a "racially purer" Britain through sterilisation of the poor, the sick and the disabled.

He even thinks that the rich are "genetically superior" to ordinary people and that poor people shouldn't be allowed to have their own children.

His programme is almost identical to that which led to the warped experiments carried out by Mengele and his sick friends under Hitler's nazi Germany.

4. Combat 18 buddies

The BNP set up the nazi terror group Combat 18 (C18).

C18 thugs regularly provided personal security for BNP leaders and their meetings. BNP members were involved in many of the worst C18 attacks around the country.

The newly elected BNP councillor in Halifax was once an organiser in Combat 18. He ran a C18 magazine and was raided by police during a nationwide operation against C18 leaders.

Even today, photos and information provided by BNP members end up on a C18 internet hitlist.

5. Jew-haters

Like all nazis, BNP leaders hate Jews.

Griffin recently wrote a pamphlet claiming that the Jewish people were actively conspiring to control the British media in order to brainwash us into accepting multiculturalism.

Griffin's "proof" that the BBC was run by a Jewish conspiracy was the naming of 19 Jewish employees. That's 19 out of over 10,000 staff!

6. Bonehead pals

The BNP is closely linked to the Nazi skinhead gang Blood and Honour, a group that takes its name from Nazi Germany. Many of the leaders of B and H are BNP organisers.

Blood and Honour bands have played at nazi festivals in Germany and America. Money from their gigs has helped fund the British National Party's election campaigns.

A skinhead band led by the loyalist terrorist Johnny Adair, called Offensive Weapon, performed at a nazi festival held on Griffin's father's farm.

7. Nazi murderers

The London nail-bomber, David Copeland, was a BNP member. Copeland murdered three people during a two-week bombing campaign in the capital in 1999.

Copeland learnt his Nazi politics as an active BNP member. He even boasted to police after his arrest that he wanted to spark off a race riot in Britain so people would go out and vote for the BNP.

8. Traitors

BNP leaders don't think Britain should have fought Hitler in the Second World War. Griffin once insulted the memory of those who died keeping this country free by marching with other nazi lunatics to the Cenotaph under the banner "No more brothers wars".

Lecomber has said that Hitler was a "peace-loving man" while Churchill was a "warmongering drunken slob".

9. Distributors of hate

Several leading BNP members have distributed hard-core Nazi material. Warwickshire organiser Mark Payne sold videos worshipping a 1980s US nazi terrorist group called The Order. Payne was so enchanted with its leader Robert Matthews that he adopted the man's surname.

Even today, the BNP bookclub still sells appaling hate-material from the world's leading Jew-haters and Holocaust deniers.

10. Nazi International Inc.

The BNP is linked to some of the world's most hardline nazi groups. Among them is the National Alliance, America's leading Nazi party. Its founder was William Pierce, a friend of Griffin and a guest speaker at a BNP London rally.

Griffin is also very close to David Duke, a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and still a hardline nazi. In 2001 Griffin spoke at a German nazi rally alongside Duke and other European fascists.

This article was first published in the Searchlight election special newspaper in spring 2003.