October 31, 2010

Tales Of The British Resistance! Another Thrilling Instalment Of Our Heroic Saga For Patriotic Lads!

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Episode Four: Agent Brons Addresses The Nation!

These were great days indeed for the Heroes of the Resistance. “Bertie” Berk – sidekick, general factotum and Chief of Technical Staff to Agent Arrow, had laboured long and hard, through many sleepless nights, to bring the hardy, but antiquated, crystal radio rig to a peak of finely-honed technological perfection.

Tonight was the night! The Resistance' Man in Brussels, Agent Brons, was to speak to the Nation. And he had chosen the humble radio set of Agents Arrow and Berk, isolated within the Nantyglo Safehouse, as the vehicle for his message of Hope and Defiance.

This was the night. Thousands of listeners – possibly millions – huddled around their radios across the Occupied Territories of Britain, ground down by years of toil beneath the merciless heel of the vile Searchlight Commissariat, would finally hear news of how the Great Struggle progressed beyond these benighted shores.

Arrow could only guess at the result of their State-Of-The-Art broadcast to the Nation.

In preparation for this momentous night, he and Berk had been laying in their supply of ammunition for the revolutionary chaos that would surely follow: The Gat Gun lay in wait with a fresh supply of .177 pellets, the catapult was newly-strung with fresh elastic, and a cache of deadly Brasso, Irn Bru and Turps Molotov Cocktails lay ready for action.

1900 Hours.

Zero Hour.

Nervously, Berk tweaked the Bakelite knob on the trusty crystal rig. A feint hissing grew louder. Deftly, as though one with the machine, Berk eased back on the tuner and lightly tapped the “Overdrive” button.

“Now!” He said to Agent Arrow, who followed the instruction to throw the switch marked “Broadcast Relay”.

This was it! Agent Brons was Live to the Nation! Circumventing the broadcast controls of the hated Gableite Regime!

“Sorry 'bout that...” mumbled Berk. “Had my finger on the “send” button all the time...”

Agent Arrow sank back into his seat. Berk tried to sound positive. “Never mind, eh?”

Arrow was unconvinced. “Next time! We'll get the buggers next time!”, continued Berk.

The radio crackled into life once again.

Berk flew to the dial and fine-tuned the delicate device as a familiar voice came through the ether.

“It's Agent Cyclops!” cried Berk; “He's through to the entire Nation!” Arrow sat up, electrified: His beloved Leader? Addressing the Nation? This was, indeed, victory snatched from the jaws of defeat!

“Turn it up, Kinsman!” he shouted; “Our Nation must hear the Leader's words!”

Berk, modulating the frequency like a great conductor controls an orchestra, reduced the crackling static to a bare minimum and allowed the Leader's lush, charismatic voice to be relayed across the airways to his starved, crushed People.

“Fellow Patriots”, he began, as Agent Arrow drew himself to a salute: “We need your donatio...”

As suddenly as it had appeared, the voice vanished.

“Bertie” Berk threw himself at the Rig, frantically checking to see what could possibly have gone wrong. “But I had it!” He exclaimed: “It was working perfectly!”

It was only then that Berk registered Agent Arrow, holding the plug in his trembling hand. There was an air of dejection around the Stalwart Resistance Fighter.

“Don't worry about it, Old Boy,” he said, pulling the rag from a Molotov Cocktail and drinking deeply from it: “It's a repeat...”

October 30, 2010

BNP to be taken to court by creditors

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The British National Party (BNP) is being taken to court by its creditors including a North- East printing firm which is owed thousands.

The far-right party’s central office owes the Newton Press, in County Durham, about £16,500 for printing its newspaper, Freedom. It is understood the firm is one of several UK firms taking the BNP to court in an action headed by an as yet unnamed solicitor. The £16,500 has been described as loose change compared to the overall figure being sought from the party, which is allegedly £500,000 in debt.

Party leader Nick Griffin is expected to meet North-East organisers in County Durham today, where he will face tough questions over the party’s finances.

As a political party the BNP is an unincorporated association which cannot technically be declared bankrupt. However, creditors could hold Mr Griffin personally liable along with party members who entered into contracts.

Freedom’s former editor, Martin Wingfield, said he enjoyed an excellent working relationship with the Newton Press for about two years until he stepped down, in July last year. But, when asked about the recent debt, he said: “I understand the case is going to court, so at present, I cannot comment further.”

The BNP’s money woes were highlighted recently when a letter purporting to be from the party’s head office offered creditors 20p for every pound of debt. It was dismissed by some members as a fake, but the BNP’s former North-East organiser, Ken Booth, said it was genuine. He said party members in the North-East were disgusted to learn of the 20p in a pound offer and he had fought for the Newton Press to be paid. In contrast to the national position, Mr Booth said the North- East office has always operated on a pay-as-you-go basis and as such had no debts.

Mr Booth, who was removed from his post by Mr Griffin when he threatened to raise the debts issue, said: “It goes against the BNP’s core principle of local jobs for local people. As far as I can see this is a decent North-East firm that has done a good job and deserves to be paid and I don’t know why it hasn’t been. Central party is £500,000 in debt but it’s on a record turnover of £2.3m. No one is accusing anyone of stealing money, it’s just mismanagement. The general consensus of the members in the North-East is that Nick Griffin should shoulder the responsibility and step down.”

The Newton Press, which publishes the community newsletter, Newton News, declined to comment.

BNP central office spokesman John Walker said: “We could not comment on matters which are internal to the party and the businesses we deal with.”

Northern Echo

Moron replaces ‘incompetent’ as BNP treasurer

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The British National Party’s top moron has added the post of national treasurer to his growing list of party portfolios. Clive Jefferson, national organiser, national elections officer, nominating officer, north west regional organiser and “campaigns coordinator” at the constituency office of Nick Griffin MEP, the BNP leader, has replaced Dave Hannam as the BNP’s fifth treasurer in the space of 18 months.

His appointment shows that the BNP has been unable to find anyone else stupid enough to stand in the firing line. It is the treasurer who may be prosecuted for the criminal offence of failing to deliver a political party’s accounts to the Electoral Commission. It is the treasurer who is responsible for correcting defective accounts. It is the treasurer who is responsible for controlling expenditure on election campaigns and for ensuring donations are permissible and properly notified to the Electoral Commission.

We wonder whether Jefferson, 42, has ever looked at Schedule 20 to the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000, which sets out 98 specific offences relating to the financial affairs of political parties and the penalties for committing them, consisting of unlimited fines or up to one year's imprisonment.

When Hannam was appointed treasurer in February this year, we recalled that he had been widely derided as incompetent at the time of the last major internal rebellion of 2007/08, when Hannam was the party’s deputy treasurer. “I don’t know what more I have to do or say to get through the point that Dave is completely incompetent,” wrote Ian Dawson in his letter of resignation from his position as the party’s head of group support. “I have proved beyond doubt that the job is clearly beyond Dave.

“Hannam has messed things up from day one, before he got ‘bogged down’ in an audit, during it, and after it. If he worked in a bank he would not last a week. Not only is he incompetent, he also lies. Again, this can be proved time and time again, yet it seems that no matter how much some people lie, and however big the lies are, they get away with it. I can’t think of one thing that Dave does well – if there is something I have not seen it. That is not an exaggeration or an unnecessary insult, it is a fact.”

On 28 July this year Hannam boasted that the BNP’s financial controls now ensured that “all legally required statement [sic] of accounts are submitted on time”. The next day it emerged that the party had failed to submit its 2009 accounts to the Electoral Commission by the deadline of 7 July, the third time the fascist party had been late. The accounts remain outstanding and hope is fading that they will ever appear.

The 2008 accounts, which were submitted nearly six months late, are still under investigation by the Electoral Commission because the auditors reported that they did not give a true and fair view and did not “comply with the requirements of the Political Parties Elections and Referendums Act 2000 as adequate records have not been made available”.

In August the BNP’s national advisory council appointed a scrutiny committee tasked with “examining the structure of the treasury department and making concrete moves to ensure that there is a clear division between those who manage the accounts and those who authorise outlays,” according to a report posted on the party’s website. Earlier this month it delivered its first interim report and, to no one’s surprise, identified no evidence of financial misconduct. Yet Hannam was already on his way out.

Jefferson, who has no qualifications for the treasurer’s post, takes over when the party is heavily in debt with creditors threatening legal proceedings, its fundraising consultant, Jim Dowson, and communications officer, Paul Golding, have left, and it has had to organise a sudden flit out of Belfast to Nuneaton, after Dowson closed down its call centre and main administration office.

His appointment gives the lie to all claims over the past two years that the BNP is trying to professionalise its treasury functions by using qualified accountants (who turned out to be close colleagues of the unpopular and criminally convicted Dowson), maintaining daily book keeping, providing quarterly financial reports to the advisory council and strictly regulating major expenditure. Jefferson wouldn’t know what a financial report was if it bit him in the backside.

According to Butler, Griffin has promoted Patrick Harrington, leader of the rival Third Way party, to the party’s “head of human resources”, a strange role for the general secretary of the BNP’s fake trade union Solidarity. Eddy Butler, who unsuccessfully challenged Griffin for the party leadership this summer, claims it was Harrington who provoked Dowson, who claimed to have raised nearly two million pounds for the party, to walk out.

“Harrington, who fancies himself as a Union boss started prattling about workers rights and unsettled the ship,” wrote Butler. “Dowson hates unions and he hates people with (let’s say) unconventional sexual proclivities. That put him at odds with Pat Harrington from the outset,” Butler continued.

Jefferson, perhaps realising which way the wind was blowing, took Harrington’s side against Dowson and, says Butler, “has been openly slagging Dowson off”. His reward: to be appointed as fall guy – and he is too dumb to realise it.

Hope not hate

October 29, 2010

War veterans' group who took money from BNP to be struck off as charity

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A war veterans' group who took money from the BNP are to be struck off the charity register.

A probe into Forward Edge of Battle Area (Feba) revealed problems with its management and finances. Feba, set up by former Queen's Own Highlander Tommy Moffat in 2006, had been backed by First Minister Alex Salmond and former defence secretary Des Browne. But it emerged last year that Moffat had taken £3000 from the BNP to pay rent on their HQ in Hamilton, Lanarkshire. The leader of the racist party, Nick Griffin, visited Moffat, claiming he wanted to show his support.

Feba were given charity status in March 2007. But now an inquiry by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) has found they don't meet the watchdogs' "public benefit" test. The probe uncovered "significant weaknesses in governance and financial controls".

The OSCR said Moffat had run up large debts he couldn't repay and was running the charity while they were apparently insolvent. He had also been the sole trustee of Feba, despite an agreement to have at least four people at the helm.

The report said: "It appears Thomas Moffat has not acted in the best interests of the charity and with the care and diligence that is reasonable to expect. The lack of accounting records made it impossible to determine the extent of any financial mismanagement."

The report said Moffat repeatedly refused to provide information and did not act on recommendations for improvement. Moffat refused to comment. Feba have until November 7 to appeal the decision.

Daily Record

A right Nazi mess at the BNP

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The BNP is on the brink of insolvency. But instead of its usual tactic of threatening blacks, Jews and Asians, it is threatening its creditors instead in a letter from its money man, Jim Dowson, to its “highly valued suppliers and creditors” with a record of “commitment to the British National Party.”

His letter tells them that it does not value them enough to pay them what it owes. A grave financial crisis was forcing the party to close offices and lay off staff, he says. It was unlikely to “pay its outstanding bills in anything like a normal timescale - if indeed at all.”

‘Good money after bad’

Dowson then tells creditors that “lawyers who have reviewed the underlying contracts to most of the outstanding invoices have advised that most are not enforceable. Many creditors who have supplied good [sic] and services and which were used in connection with the activities of the British National Party may never be paid.”

And it is no use suppliers hiring lawyers, Dowson warns. Legal action against the party would be throwing “good money after bad in the shape of futile lawyers’ costs”. Creditors must accept 20p in the pound or risk getting nothing.

Sex and Marmite: the secrets of their downfall

Dowson blames the deficit – estimated at £500,000 – on the recession and “hugely expensive politically motivated High Court actions by the Commission for Equalities [sic] and Human Rights” to force the party to change its racist constitution. He is too modest.

The party is paralysed by internal disputes. Naïve critics have been shocked to discover that its fuehrer Nick Griffin behaves like, well, a dictator. Meanwhile busty “glamour model” Shelley Rose, who stood as a candidate in Luton, has posted a video on YouTube claiming Dowson made unwanted Ugandan advances to her at a hotel near Euston. “I thought it was safe to stay with him because he was a religious and family man,” the innocent 22-year old says. Alas, this turned out not to be the case, and she says Dowson accused her of being “frigid” when she rejected him.

Dowson does not mention one preposterous reason for the BNP’s indebtedness. In the general election campaign, Griffin ripped off Marmite’s “Love it or Hate it” campaign by putting out a picture of a Marmite jar with the slogan “Love Britain, Vote BNP”. He scoffed when Unilever, Marmite’s owner, protested; but the firm’s lawyers then hit him with a breach of copyright action, which cost the party between £100,000 and £170,000.

Yeast and desist

The BNP operates behind various front companies to place orders without arousing suspicion – the most prominent being Dowson’s adlorries.com. As a limited company adlorries could be sued, which may be why Dowson is offering 20p in the pound on contracts he claims are unenforceable. As a political party, the BNP is an unincorporated association, which cannot technically be declared bankrupt. However, creditors could hold Griffin as its leader and party members who entered into the contracts personally liable for debts.

If senior BNP figures are taken to the cleaners, they will earn a unique place in the history of European fascism: the first neo-Nazi party to have been destroyed by the makers of a yeast-extract sandwich spread.

‘Ratbiter’ at Private Eye

They HAVE to be kidding...

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Thanks to the eagle-eyed reader who brought this to our attention. Please try not to die laughing... :-D

October 28, 2010

BNP quits Belfast bunker – official

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The British National Party is shutting down its Belfast office, Steven Moore, the Sunday World’s leading investigative journalist, will reveal on Sunday. Doubts over the future of the call centre had arisen after it emerged that Jim Dowson, the BNP’s fundraising and management consultant, had fallen out with the party.

The relationship between the BNP leader Nick Griffin and Dowson, a convicted criminal who had control of the bulk of the party’s assets and operations, suffered irretrievable breakdown because of Griffin’s employment of Patrick Harrington to help run the party’s administration.

Harrington, one of the leaders of the rival Third Way party and general secretary of the BNP’s fake trade union, Solidarity, has wormed himself into a position of growing influence in the party, upsetting several employees and members in the process. Many are suspicious, seeing Harrington as a cuckoo in the nest.

Serial liar Dowson, who once told the Sunday World that he never joined the BNP but says he remains “100% loyal”, claimed recently that before his departure he assaulted Harrington.

This is the second time that Griffin has had to pack up an office in Northern Ireland and skedaddle back to the mainland. Twenty years ago he and his comrades fled after loyalist paramilitaries indicated it would be unhealthy for them to stay after Harrington, then one of Griffin’s comrades in the National Front Political Soldiers, refused to condemn the Provisional IRA’s mainland bombing campaign.

In summer Griffin and Dowson jetted off to the south of France with their families for the wedding of one of Dowson’s daughters. Now Dowson is unlikely to be on the guest list for Harrington’s wedding this Friday.

Staff in the Belfast bunker, who had mostly been brought in from outside the province, had been promised job security as Griffin recognised that they would be left in a vulnerable situation if they moved back to the mainland. Like nearly everything else Griffin says, his word has proved worthless.

Sonia Gable at HOPE not hate

Don't let the maggot off the hook

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This article was submitted by one of our readers, The Gremlin. We welcome any contributions from our supporters (as long as those contributions conform to the law and are in reasonably good taste). Please send your articles to us via email.

People are now asking - What will happen to what’s left of the BNP once Griffin has finally been excreted from it? After all, something that falls has to land somewhere, doesn’t it? Another question of course should be - Who deserves the medal for helping to rid us of this saggy-arsed crook?

The last question is of course far easier to tackle. Practically 99.9% of people that have ever had the unfortunate experience of getting to know him personally, including his wife (I also speak personally), hate his guts; so you simply couldn’t make that many medals.

The percentage is probably not much lower for people that are simply aware of what he represents. I’m not talking about racism here, and all the other ‘ism’s and ‘ist’s that are part and parcel of the ammunition thrown at the Far Right; I’m going way beyond that and talking about the person he is.

He is without a doubt a sociopath, we know this; I’ve seen him in action and there is no uncertainty with this. In all his blame-casting, crowing, finger-pointing and two-dimensional speeches, he has proven incapable of exhibiting or formulating even the slightest modicum of empathy. As for the rest of the good stuff – justice (moral or otherwise), sacrifice and hard-graft? These attributes to Griffin are like a good sprinkling of salt on the preverbal slug’s tail. Once again, as I heard his wife say, he has never done a single day's work in his entire life. I believe her.

With Griffin it is about control, cash and a total belief that he is simply better and more intelligent than anyone else and therefore deserves the things he wants. He simply can’t see any wrong in what he does or how he operates. He truly thinks he has a higher calling, a quasi-Napoleonic destiny to do great things and save all us poor plebs from ourselves, however perverted the path to greatness may be.

How ever much opposition groups and parties despise Griffin, that loathing is still at a minuscule level compared with the vast majority of the active Far-Right. Much has been written about Griffin’s ‘alleged’ stealing, lying and general gangsterism within nationalist politics over the years, and now it seems it is all about to finally catch up with him culminating with the ignominious coat-turning of the almost equally vile Jim Dowson – a special second-rate Arthur Daley meets Del Boy meets ‘Penfold’ kind of swindler.

Seriously, did Griffin actually scour these Isles to find someone as bent and unscrupulous as himself? If so, was it so that no questions were likely to be asked by a fellow conman, ‘Thick as thieves’ etc? Or was it so that Griffin could pass the buck quickly onto Dowson should things really get out of hand and the membership start asking serious questions threatening police involvement? The bottom line is, that sooner or just a little later Griffin is going to become completely unstuck, an overweight Hitler in his Welshpool bunker with his unemployed daughter and gob-shite wife.

He is certainly squirreling away as much cash as possible now, in preparation for his re-election campaign into Europe; with or without the BNP. It is here that we (we as in everyone that would like to see him finished) need to concentrate our efforts. I speak for many people when I say that it is not enough that he is simply deposed of his chairmanship of what is left of the ruined BNP, he must be well and truly removed from 'potentially' viable politics for good; cut away like a carbuncle that has sucked people dry for so long.

How do we derail his re-election campaign? There are a hundred different ways, but first we need to see what will happen to him and his relationship with the BNP. It’s true to say that it exists now solely to propagate him, this is what he has inflated it into, but just like anything empty of substance and full of useless gas, it can only be short-lived.

So the pitiful and gaseous foul ramblings of a small splattering of sycophantic followers some of which with literally nothing else in their sad lives, will not be enough to hold him in place. Griffin will however, undoubtedly try to keep this small band of internet warrior-goons together in support as he plans an ‘all or nothing’ type grab at re-election. He’ll use everything and anything if he thinks it will improve his chances; he’ll even throw the kitchen sink at it and sell his mother for medical experiments if he has to.

His ‘Ace in the pack’ of course will be how he spins his first tenure as MEP. He is bound to create a series of lies, a fantasy world about how he has, for the last five years, been waving the flag and only he, and he alone, can save us all, blah, blah, blah. This is where he will expose his jugular.

Each and every one of his wild claims needs to be answered, cleanly and accurately with as much coverage as possible across his North West region, cutting him to bits, making him look a fool and a waste of space. The voters need to know that not only is he a liar, he would also sell them out in a flash. The fact that he pushed himself into being the candidate in Barking and Dagenham in the last general election, hundreds of miles away from their region, because he thought it was there for the taking, is an example of what he really thinks about the people of the North West; everyone in that region should be told about this. The fact, and what a beautiful one it is, that he got utterly annihilated in the general election 2010 and dragged the entire local BNP entity down the plug-hole with him, should also be brought to the fore.

Even if Griffin in his hour of desperation has the temerity to spout that he is no less a useless moron than the assortment of other gravy-train riding, champagne-slurping rubber-stamper’s that make up the European Union, North West voters must be reminded of one other fact. Griffin is the only politician in the EU to my knowledge, that has systematically destroyed his own political party while keeping himself at the top of that crumbling edifice in the name of greed, through intimidation, lies and illegal activity. So what possible use can such a person have when supposedly representing a region of nearly 7 million largely decent tax-paying and law abiding people?

We know that it was only proportional representation that handed him the Euro seat, and that same system can also bury him. What about Brons I hear you ask? I say what about him? He’ll soon disappear in good time with or without Griffin, like Robin without Batman. Oops did I just say Robin, or Robbing? (Allegedly eh, Nick)

Thanks to The Gremlin for the article

October 27, 2010

Who Reads The Truth About The BNP?

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An Internet, earlier today.

At the moment, I'm having a bit of a Dark Night Of The Soul about the point of all this internet malarky. Well, maybe not a “Dark Night”; more of an “Overcast Brunch”, but I was pondering a simple question: With all the evidence that's out there already of Griffin and Dowson's cheap, barely-disguised criminality, and with all of the new revelations that surface on an almost daily basis, Why Does Anyone Still Support Them?

Socially insulated by having little contact with people who, if they aren't already active Anti-Fascists, would certainly help out if we're ever short-handed, it's easy to fall into the trap of assuming that there must be Amazonian Tribes, as yet untroubled by Missionaries, who've heard of the endless Griffin begging letters and who fall around laughing at the mere mention of “Truth Truck”.

Some of the continued Supporters can easily be put in the “wilfully delusional” camp. The likes of Paul “Green Arrow” Morris and his shrinking band of “Kinsmen” have, by now, invested so much self respect (a curious concept where he's concerned, I know – but hear me out) and fervour in their shrill support of the BNP and its Leadership that they might suffer total mental collapse, and the noose beckon were they to ever finally accept the evidence of their own eyes (indeed, he was suspiciously quiet on the matter of the Dowson Creditor's Letter...).

Then there are the “Rank & File” of the BNP's support. Those people (often elderly, it must be said), who, incensed by a shocking expose they've read in the Daily Mail, outraged by something they heard at Lunch Club That-Happened-To-My-Friend-Enid's-Daughter-Or-Was-It-Her-Milkman-Well-Never-Mind-It-Happened-To-Someone-And-It's-All-True-And-It's-A-Bloody-Liberty-It-Really-Is, or impressed by seeing That Nice Young Man With The Wonky Eye on an Election Broadcast, fire off their fifteen quid to Belfast, (or Nuneaton, or Welshpool, or wherever else it is this week) and (having calmed down, had a nice cup of tea and had some sense talked into them by the Grandkids) let their membership lapse after a year.

As do almost 60% of Memberships.

According to a 2008 survey conducted by Researchers at Edinburgh University, BNP Voters have the lowest I.Q of all political parties, at an average of 98.4. This, in itself, may account for something.

But then it dawned on me (my own I.Q reaches 98.6 on a good day) just where the evidence of the corruption within the BNP appears. Blogs like this one. Any number of Right-Wing talkboards and chat rooms. Everywhere, in fact, except where Griffin's mercilessly fleeced Supporters are likely to actually look.

A few years ago, I set out on an ill-judged crusade to turn my late mother into a Silver Surfer. Safe in the knowledge that my 86-year-old Uncle was merrily tapping away and chatting with old Wartime Buddies the World over, I thought it couldn't be too difficult, could it?

Picture, if you will, the Taliban trying to launch a Space Shuttle.

After several hours, many exasperated coffee breaks, enough cigarettes to resurface the M1 and giving careful consideration to taking up Crack-smoking as a way of calming down, I had shown her the basics and she had constructed a basic list of Bookmarks.

The Guardian Online. BBC Food & Drink. Wikipedia. Derby Evening Telegraph. Derbyshire County Cricket Club. Royal Horticultural Society.

All was right with the world.

A few months later, I checked her list of Bookmarks. The Guardian Online. BBC Food & Drink. Wikipedia. Derby Evening Telegraph. Derbyshire County Cricket Club. Royal Horticultural Society. Nothing else.

At this point I gave up. I now have a nervous tic and a £200 a day Crack habit.

The thing is that, had she been a typical online BNP Supporter, her sole knowledge of the Party would extend only to their Official Website, where all is Sunny, Griffin is working tirelessly to save the Nation with His Team of Experts by his side, and Exciting New Initiatives and Political Breakthroughs are always just around the corner.

At this year's LMHR Festival in Barnsley, a handful of bedraggled BNP braved the Yorkshire weather and gleeful derision of just about everyone to set up their paste table in a shopping precinct under the watchful eye of the local Constabulary.

An enjoyable hour spent politely chatting with the (largely elderly) shoppers approaching the Stall was all it took to turn many potential supporters away, simply by telling them the truth and where they could find out more.

What my Colleagues here at LU (I'm tempted to call them “My Kinsmen” just for the wind-up value) do is invaluable: An authoritative, exhaustive, searchable online record of the goings-on of the Far Right going back more than five years. It's hardly any wonder that a substantial proportion of our Readership consists of the Enemy wanting to get the lowdown on what's going on with their own Party.

It's also true that the tiniest sidebar in a National Newspaper is going to be read and talked about by more people than the likes of us can even dream of.

Today's snippet in the Guardian (which has, predictably, sent Morris and his Idiot Disciples into a frothing tumult of astonishing (and entirely libellous) naked racism), a forthcoming piece to look out for in the next edition of a Popular Satirical Magazine and other mainstream reports currently on the horizon, will reach a huge number of people who've never given the BNP a second glance; probably even falling into the trap of thinking of them as "Just Another Political Party", if "a bit of a cranky one" (the sort of people who might think of Ebola as "Just Another Virus",if "a bit worse than a dicky tummy").

Given that the Facts are only just beginning to receive wider, mainstream coverage now that things are in the final death-spiral it can't hurt to start getting the truth out to more mainstream media outlets - they're generally always on the lookout for a good story.

And with a saga like The Last Days Of The BNP, with its embarrassment of twists, turns, outrageous revelations and mad characters that make Dickens at his most hyperactive read like Proust on Mogadon, this is certainly a cracker.

Can't hurt, can it?

October 26, 2010

EDL is Trojan Horse for Nazis

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People oppose the EDL because of what the EDL actually is, not because of what EDL apologists say they'd like it to be, and the facts are simple. When the EDL is led by an ex-BNP member it's no surprise the EDL is (whether EDL leaders wanted it that way or not) being used as a Trojan Horse by Nazis. The video shows EDL leader, ex-BNP member and violent criminal Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) photographed with BNP candidate and EDL activist Alan Spence, and shows Alan Spence photographed with BNP chairman and Holocaust denier Nick Griffin.

The video also shows EDL supporters Martin Pugh and Criss Lewis making Adolf Hitler salutes, shows a "Blood & Honour" Nazi called Baggie Totney arriving at an EDL protest in Birmingham, and shows EDL Birmingham and "Blood & Honour" Nazi Wayne Baldwin (Criss Lewis is a folk musician and music teacher from Pontarddulais in Swansea, "Baggie" is a nick-name showing this Nazi supports West Bromwich Albion, and Wayne Baldwin is pictured with Swedish Nazi Janni Hagglund and an EDL Wales supporter who takes his handle "Earl Turner" from "The Turner Diairies" - the book that inspired Nazi terrorists Timothy McVeigh and David Copeland). Other BNP activists who are high-up in the EDL include Chris Renton, Kevin Carroll and Davy Cooling, and BNP activists who support EDL protests include BNP election candidates Charlie Baillie, Grant Rowe, Max Dunbar, Karen Otty, Marlene Guest and Sion Owens, BNP bodyguards Stuart Bates, Jock Shearer and Michael Fritz, and BNP activists Dave Bradley, John Aveyard and Rob Purcell.

More info here.


October 25, 2010

Don't Panic! Everything's Fine On Planet Griffin!

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The Welshpool Bunker. Earlier today (Artist's Impression)

The BNP is on her deathbed. A few Mourners sit around in the darkened bedroom weeping silently while others, downstairs in the kitchen, discuss the state of the Old Girl's finances and who's going to get what when the estate gets divvied up.

The Priest has delivered the last rites and she's asleep now: A Doctor checks the pulse from time to time to see if She's still with us.

But wait! Something's wrong!

She's still Tweeting! And all is well! She's FINE!!

Have a look:

October 18th.

News reaches us at L.U that the Party is, in effect, insolvent. Jim Dowson's astonishing letter offering Creditors 20p in the Pound to settle up is published.

This, in itself, would be enough to finally proclaim to the World that the Jig Is Up, and the BNP have now ceased to function in any meaningful capacity.

Over on Nick Griffin's Twitter Account, however...

When I think back to the bewilderment when we started I see how far we've come in a year.”

He helpfully adds;

All votes for tomorrow worked out in good time. The team is really effective now.”

Phew! That's alright, then: The mere fact that the Party has no money and is reduced to desperately touting an insulting last-ditch offer around its own Suppliers might, dare one say, worry a lesser man. Nick, however, is made of sterner stuff, and can obviously see The Big Picture denied to we lesser mortals.

Two days later the Party make the National News, with the not-entirely-mystifying revelation that the Derbyshire Police Service would quite like to know just where they're planning on holding their 2010 Conference in December (which, displaying a keen grasp of satire I'd long thought beyond the BNP is subtitled “Moving Forward Together”. Presumably in the same way as lemmings are said to “Move Forward Together” in times of famine).

Quite understandably, Superintendent Gary Parkin would like to have a bit of notice of the Event in order to tell several hundred of his Bobbies where to go and stand; his years of Exemplary Service having given him the insight that several hundred of us will be planning on turning out to yell at the Delegates.

Nick Griffin MEP takes the matter in hand and cuts right to the heart of the Vexed Issue:

Walking round German vineyard on phone gone 1 a.m. Working out admin systems with Nat Organiser.” A couple of minutes later he adds “Actually rather surreal. A very strange life. Good night to all BNP late birds.”

There's Cool for you: This man's Upper Lip must be so rigid you could hammer nails into seasoned Oak with it.

Onto the 22nd. From out of nowhere (well, actually from out of The Guardian's Jobs website – with a few words changed) appears a job vacancy on the BNP's Site.

Specifically, it's Jim Dowson's job. Suddenly vacant.

The specification states that the successful Candidate will be charged with raising £4 Million over the next three years. Not an issue, apparently, as the current Incumbent has been (it says here) raising £1.5 Million a year anyway...

But what of Dowson? Pray tell, Nick, what of the Good Reverend?

Here, the mask slips. Unable to ignore so momentous a piece of news as his Great Industry Expert – the Clyde to his Bonnie, one might say – leaving the Party, Nick can barely keep his moby dry from the tears as he Tweets of Dowson's “sad” decision not to renew his contract;

All in all a remarkable man to whom we owe a great deal and who remains a good friend and true patriot.”

Of course, this isn't all that's occurred over the past week: The BNP have also “lost” (or mislaid?) Communications Director Paul Golding, three more Councillors, and have handed several vital Party functions over to Patrick Harrington (a Leader of rival organisation the National Liberal Party) and dim-bulb Party Enforcer Clive Jefferson.

The BNP Leadership have also been lambasted by ex-stalwart Nick Cass, embarrassed (if such a thing is possible – such a thing could easily be an alien concept within the Party) by Jim “The Bruce” Dowson's bizarre rants and infantile, scatological taunts on various Far-Right Talkboards and, only this evening, we hear that the BNP have been locked out of their own Nerve Centre – the Belfast office owned by (surprise, surprise...) one J Dowson, esq. Who's changed the locks.

All in all a remarkable man to whom we owe a great deal and who remains a good friend and true patriot.”

Griffin, on all these matters, has been silent since Friday.

Interestingly, Paul “Green Arrow” Morris has also remained quiet on his beloved BNP's Demise until now. Only tonight has he finally broken his silence - if only to attack one of the Councillors who has resigned. In the grubby, confused little mind of Morris it being, of course, a far greater crime to resign over the Party's woeful treatment of its Creditors than to continue to fleece Suppliers, Members and Anyone Else Who Happens To Be Passing At The Time And Looks Gullible Enough. Go on, Kinsman: Show 'em the Black Flag.

(One of Morris' Followers adds in the Comments - displaying a level of optimism sure to melt even the stoniest of hearts - "The BNP will continue to grow =)".)

I look forward to reading Griffin's next Tweet.

It'll probably tell me how great everything is for the BNP.

Or maybe how nice Croatia is at this time of year.

Corsham councillor quits BNP

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A longstanding British National Party activist in Corsham, Wiltshire, has quit the fascist party over its failure to pay its creditors, accusing it of committing a possibly criminal act.

Michael Simpkins, who was first elected unopposed to Corsham Town Council in 2007, is the third councillor the party has lost this month.

Announcing his resignation from the party, Simpkins, who works as a self-employed taxi driver, declared: “I am disappointed to hear that The British National Party is not paying its bills. I know from personal experience of two local printers who had to wait six months for payment and that was only after a lot of badgering to Head Office by myself and other officials to get them paid.”

Earlier this month Jim Dowson, who has himself just abandoned his role as the party’s fundraising and management consultant, wrote to the many businesses waiting for payment from the BNP, offering 20p in the pound “by way of debt compromise and in full and final payment of all your outstanding invoices relating to the supply of goods and services” to the party. If they did not accept the offer, explained Dowson, they would “inevitably … end up with nothing at all”.

An outraged Simpkins said: “These are businesses like the two mentioned before that risked all doing business with the BNP and supplied the goods or services on trust that they would be paid. More importantly they will undoubtedly be British businesses, the kind of business we claim to support and encourage.

“These businesses may well suffer financial hardship because the BNP has dried up their cash flow and their families will go without. They may even go out of business and certainly won’t do business with us again. It is not the way I do business.

“As an honourable businessman I cannot stay with any organisation that puts other businessmen out of business or their families in financial hardship. More importantly it is a breach of trust and may even be criminal if the intent to pay was never there in the first place.”

Simpkins, who remained loyal to the BNP leader Nick Griffin through the recent splits, says he will continue to serve on Corsham Town Council until the end of his current term in 2013 and reconsider his options then.

Last week it was reported that Meirion Bowen, a Llandybie community councillor, had left the party in the interests of his family, employment and personal safety. Yesterday it emerged that Paul Golding, a district councillor in Sevenoaks and the party’s communications officer, had quit after a fallout with other senior party staff.

Sonia Gable at HOPE not hate

BNP stand violent convicted criminal in Croxteth by-Election

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A freeze-frame from the CCTV footage of the incident,
as uploaded to YouTube by Liverpool BNP themselves
The British National Party’s candidate in the upcoming Croxteth council by-election has a conviction for violently assaulting a political opponent during the European elections two years ago.

The by-election is being held due to the recent death of Councillor Rose Bailey and the resignation of Councillor Phil Moffatt. The BNP’s chosen candidate is Peter Tierney, who owns the Quiggins Attique antique shop on Aigburth Road, who is considered a “super-activist” by the party.

In April 2008, Tierney used a camera tripod to whack a trade unionist and anti-fascist campaigner across the head from behind. The wound had to be glued together in hospital. He pleaded not guilty on the grounds of self-defence, but after viewing the CCTV footage, a jury unanimously found him guilty of assault and causing actual bodily harm.

Commenting on his decision to stand, a spokesperson for Liverpool Antifascists said; “Peter Tierney is just the latest in a long line of high-profile BNP candidates with criminal records for violence. That he is so highly regarded by his party in Liverpool and nationally demonstrates that, despite token efforts to clean-up their image, violence and intimidation against political opponents remains part of their strategy. His brother, Andrew, has said that those who oppose the BNP are ‘fair game. Local organiser Mike Whitby has promised that anti-fascists’ identities will end up on ‘a website far worse than Red Watch,’ the hate site which has inspired attacks on activists’ homes and families.”

“In the 2010 General Election and in every local election they have contested, the BNP have been roundly rejected by the people of Liverpool. When they recently tried to campaign in the City Centre, they were chased off the streets – twice. Liverpool Antifascists hopes that the people of Croxteth show the same good sense and give this fascist thug the boot.”

The Croxteth by-election will take place on Thursday 18th November.

Liverpool Antifascists

October 24, 2010

Departures leave BNP future in doubt

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The British National Party’s communications officer has left the party, following the abrupt departure of its fundraising and management guru Jim Dowson.

Paul Golding was the BNP’s sole district councillor in southeast England. His exit leaves the racist party with only 23 councillors compared with the 28 it had after the May elections.

The two walked out following a major fallout between them and senior party staff, in particular its moronic national organiser Clive Jefferson and Patrick Harrington, leader of the rival Third Way party, who has wormed himself into a position of growing influence in the party, upsetting several employees and members in the process.

Golding’s BNP membership had briefly been suspended in summer for writing a nasty blog attacking Eddy Butler, who unsuccessfully challenged Nick Griffin for the party leadership. The move was widely seen as an attempt by Griffin to appear “fair” between his own supporters and those of Butler. But later, when many of Butler’s suspended supporters were expelled, Golding was reinstated.

The departure of Dowson and Golding leaves the BNP with no one capable of writing the begging letters that have brought in large sums in donations during Dowson’s three years at Griffin’s side. The party will also be unable to exploit its “Bring Our Boys Home” recruitment campaign by turning the 25,000 names on petition forms into voters and members. People signed anti-war petitions at the BNP’s stalls in shopping centres around the country, not realising that they were sponsored by the BNP, but despite the party’s claims to use cutting-edge technology, Jefferson is incapable of transferring the information into a usable electronic format.

Butler reports that Dowson rang to tell him that his departure was complete and immediate. Dowson is known to have texted and phoned numerous other people.

Quite where this leaves the BNP’s Belfast call centre and administration centre is unclear. The office is run by Dowson and Griffin’s daughter Jennifer Matthys, who is also a director of Dowson’s main front company, Adlorries.com. Dowson is believed to have alternative Belfast premises for any new venture he undertakes.

Dowson was in charge of obtaining the secret four-star venue for the party’s annual conference to be held somewhere in Derbyshire over the weekend of 10-12 December. Stories are circulating that as he was about to dump the party Griffin offered him £10,000 to complete the arrangements, which he rejected. There must now be doubt over whether it will go ahead. If it is cancelled, members who have already paid the up to £299 cost of attending are likely to lose their money.

Dowson believes the party will not last beyond the end of the year, leaving those who have forked out £395 for life membership in its current special offer receiving very poor value for their money.

Searchlight / HOPE not Hate by Sonia Gable

October 23, 2010

Hitler costume council leader suspended

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The leader of Harrogate Borough Council has been suspended from the Conservative Party after being photographed dressed as Adolf Hitler.

Mike Gardner, who was pictured giving a Nazi salute at a fancy dress party, said he had done "nothing wrong". He has vowed to remain as leader of the Conservative-controlled council, serving as an independent. Conservative Party headquarters said he had been suspended pending an investigation into his conduct.

Asked why he had chosen to wear the Nazi-style uniform, Mr Gardner said: "It's one of those situations, you had to be there. There was nothing wrong, it was just good fun. I was at a fancy dress party, it was nothing more."

He said the Conservative Party's decision to suspend him had been "very improper".

The images were taken from a Facebook page, which Mr Gardner said was a "total violation of my privacy".

He said: "I am a councillor who represents the people, politics is not my thing, serving the people is my game. I am disgusted about what the Conservatives have decided to do. I serve the people of Harrogate and serve them very well actually. If I have gone wrong I will apologise now to the people of Harrogate, if I have offended them in any way."

A council spokesman confirmed that Mr Gardner was still leader but nobody from the local authority was available for further comment on Friday.


October 22, 2010

Here Come The New Lot, Same As The Old Lot

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The best thing about Anti Fascism is that it's never dull. Just as things look like they're getting boring and formulaic, something invariably turns up to jolly things along.

Attacking the BNP at the moment, for example, is getting a bit like going out to hunt kittens with a high-powered sniper rifle: The poor, bedraggled old fascists, soundly rejected by the very country they once dreamed of saving, led by the most inept bunch of criminals since the Ant Hill Mob and reduced to begging for pennies from their dwindling band of Supporters, are now the political equivalent of some drooling old wino going on at passers-by that “I'm a respected politician, you know...”

The EDL have settled into their predictable routine of delivering coachloads of hooligans to perfectly nice towns, like some horribly twisted courier service, who then charge around yelling and throwing things at anyone who isn't White before fishing out a suitably Asian spokesman to mumble something for the TV about how “we're not racist, honest.” Not only have they already had their cards marked by everyone from the Home Office to the Local Government Association, but they're about as well-loved and popular with the General Public as Heather Mills and George Osborne driving a Humvee at top speed through a busy children's playground. While playing the jingle from the “WE BUY ANY CAR DOT COM” advert at 200 decibels.

And now, along comes the British Freedom Party. The brainchild of a handful of disaffected ex-BNP stalwarts, it so far exists only as a registration form at the Electoral Commission and a shiny, bland logo above a (stock) photograph of a happy, smiling, multicultural crowd.

Giving an indication of the ineptitude and mayhem that may yet follow is the always-entertaining presence of self-styled guru of the Far-Right, dreadful novelist, worse poet, foul-mouthed blogger and “lawyer”, Lee John Barnes.

Starting a new party with Barnes as an integral part of it is a little like developing a new aircraft which incorporates Ryvita as a structural component. It probably isn't going to get very far.

Headed up by ex-BNP Organiser Peter Mullins and ex-BNP employee Michaela MacKenzie, the new outfit claims to be a “Civic Nationalist” party, who make much play of having a real accountant – John Savage (Please note: That's not the John Savage who had his legs cut off in The Deer Hunter) as their Treasurer, and a promise of ensuring greater financial probity that their last party. Although, next to the likes of Dowson and Griffin, a Pyramid Selling scheme run by Terry-Thomas would look a safe bet.

Predictably, the chatter has already begun on the Far-Right talkboards and chatrooms, with Griffin's trained apes attacking from one side (because it'll mean even fewer donors – sorry - “Supporters”), Butler's Reform Faction taking a different tack (claiming that people should still stick with the BNP because they'll run it one day, they really will) and even their own Supporters banging on about how they should never, under any circumstances, refer to the party by its acronym, because “BFP” is a bit too similar to “BNP”. This last one's a bit of a puzzler.

One might even suggest that someone could've thought that one through a bit more before it was too late.

Or maybe those in charge only noticed it when they proudly logged onto the Electoral Commission website and simultaneously clasped their hands to their foreheads and shouted “Doh!” as they saw it for the first time in black and white.

They are, of course, right; it is a bit similar. In fact, having checked this out with the Campaign for the Deacronymisation of Britain (the CDB), I can confirm that, even now, Anti-Fascists everywhere are preparing to chant “BFP! BNP! They Are All The Same To ME!” whenever they show their (strangely familiar) faces in public.

If they ever get that far.

They've already been nicknamed “Fluffy Fascists”. To judge from what has already appeared by way of “policy discussion” (courtesy of Barnes – and you won't be entirely surprised to learn that the first thing on their agenda is “Immigration”), they're just the same old Fascists the BNP ever were.

With a fluffy logo.

Inquiry after police filmed hitting anti-fascist protester

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Footage shows officer allegedly beating Alan Clough before his arrest at protest against English Defence League in Bolton

An investigation is under way after a police officer was filmed hitting an anti-fascist demonstrator in the face during a far-right rally. Alan Clough, 63, from Radcliffe, Bury, was protesting against the English Defence League (EDL) rally in Bolton in March when he was struck, fell to the ground and was subsequently arrested.

He had been due to stand trial at Bolton magistrates' court on Wednesday accused of a charge of threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour. But the Crown Prosecution Service dropped the case 24 hours before it was due to go ahead after viewing footage from the rally, filmed by Granada TV.

It shows police in high visibility jackets pushing back crowds of protesters before a skirmish breaks out, with riot police and mounted officers involved. Batons are drawn and Clough is punched by an officer in riot gear who is lashing out at demonstrators. He is then dragged away and arrested.

The campaigning group justice4bolton claims police used heavy-handed tactics on the day. They say the footage shows Clough being pushed by police officers and struck on the head with a baton before he was pushed backwards to the ground and arrested. Justice4bolton said it has received an overwhelming number of reports claiming violent behaviour on the part of police at the rally.

The CPS said: "Having viewed footage received from the defence team, we felt there was no longer a realistic prospect of securing a conviction. Given this, the correct decision was made to drop the charge against Mr Clough."

A Greater Manchester police spokeswoman said: "GMP has received a complaint in relation to footage which appears to show a man being inappropriately struck during his arrest at the EDL protest in Bolton. The footage is now being viewed by officers from Greater Manchester police's professional standards branch. An internal investigation is now under way, as a result it would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage."

Protesters gathered outside the magistrates' court on Wednesday to display footage of the incident.

Clough attended the demonstration against the EDL in Bolton in March with four men and three women, aged between 58 and 70. As police officers moved in on the demonstration, it is claimed some became aggressive. Clough was forced to lie face down on the floor and his hands were handcuffed behind his back.

A spokesperson for justice4bolton said: "The latest footage must be seen against the background of an overwhelming number of reports already received by justice4bolton describing violent and oppressive behaviour on the part of police on 20 March. The emerging body of reports already received raises serious questions, not only about the acts of individual officers, but about the broader approach taken by the police towards those seeking to stand up against racism and fascism."

Alan Clough said he was relieved with the outcome of the court case, but had mixed feelings as he "would have liked to prove my innocence in court". He described the wait for the court case as "seven long months" and expressed relief that it was now over, adding: "But I was never really worried about going to court because I knew I'd done nothing wrong and was hopeful in the end that justice would have been done."

Around 2,000 members of the EDL gathered alongside 1,500 members of Unite Against Fascism at Victoria Square in Bolton town centre. There were more than 60 arrests and several injuries reported. The EDL claims it protests against militant Islam and sharia law but the UAF says it promotes racism and fascism.

The matter could be referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission following the force's own investigation.


Thanks to NewsHound for the heads-up

October 21, 2010

Stirring Tales Of The British Resistance! Another installment of our thrilling new serial!

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Episode Three: Dark Days for the Resistance

“Here's another one!” said “Bertie” Berk, listening to the hissing static of the precious crystal radio in the Nantyglo safehouse.

The stalwart Batman and sidekick of dashing Resistance Operative Agent Arrow looked concerned.

“Looks grim, Old Chum”, he said, lowering the bakelite headphone. “Yet another report of strange goings-on at HQ”.

Agent Arrow strirred himself from his light doze. “Oh, God...” he groaned, taking another swig from his Brasso ,Turps and Night Nurse stiffener. With the new revelations of untoward goings-on at HQ coming in on an almost daily basis now, Arrow was finding it hard to remain committed to the Resistance Cause.

“Says that Agent Cyclops has been caught out again. This time it's a fiddle involving ration cards. Offering Fourpence in the Shilling to settle outstanding bills.”

Arrow didn't want to hear any more. Agent Cyclops: the most respected Resistance Leader the Nation had ever known – reduced to such tactics? It was scarcely believable. Agent Cyclops: The virile young Freedom Fighter whom Arrow had first seen on that glorious, sun-kissed day so many years earlier, absent-mindedly brushing back a lock of his tousled hair as he gently, but firmly, took hold of an elderly Supporter's pen, helpfully and forcefully guiding it as she wrote a cheque for the Resistance. “Just make it out to cash!”, the heroic Leader had playfully joshed, before merrily tearing the cheque from the Follower's hand and putting it in his wallet. How Arrow had wished they could be alone together. Just once. How he'd wished Agent Cyclops would take him in his sinewy, muscular arms...

“You alright, Old Chap? Interrupted Berk; “Went a bit flushed there, Kinsman!”

Agent Arrow lit a shredded cardboard, carpet fluff and dandelion cigarette and brought his unique, incisive grasp of the Sinister Ways Of The Searchlight-Controlled State to bear on the matter.

“You're so trusting!” he told Berk; “Can't you see it's more black propaganda and smears from Gable?”

The hated Gerry Gable – Commissar of the all-pervasive Searchlight Directorate and the true power behind the State. This was, Agent Arrow had to keep reassuring himself, nothing more than the latest in the unending series of devious ploys to distract the heroes of the Resistance from their true, holy course - nothing less than wresting their benighted Nation from the clutches of a loathed regime that had allowed coloured newsreaders to appear without dinner jackets on the BBC, a Hit Parade consisting largely of discs by young people of all ethnicities under the age of fifty, and the true, nerve-shredding horror of some vile alien muck called “Chicken Tikka” used as a pizza topping.

“Guess so.” said Berk, sounding unconvinced. “Just that we're getting these reports from our comrades in the Resistance. More and more. Every day! And still no word from HQ!”

“Steady the buffs, Kinsman!” snapped Arrow. “It could be that other Resistance Cells have been infiltrated by Searchlight – we might be the only True Believers left!”

Berk nodded, taking Arrow's sage words on board. “Just wait: We'll hear from HQ and we'll know that Cyclops is as sturdy, committed and stalwart a Leader as ever!”

As if by way of punctuation, the radio crackled into life.

“It's HQ!” Berk ejaculated.

Excitedly, Agent Arrow launched himself the length of the shed and clasped the headphone to his ear, poised with a notepad and stub of pencil to take down the vital message from Agent Cyclops.

Slowly, Berk noticed Arrow's expression change. He stopped writing. His initial, near-feverish anticipation turned, over the ensuing moments, to resigned gloom.

Arrow slowly replaced the headset and switched the crystal set off.

Silently, he passed the notepad to “Bertie” Berk as he poured himself another snifter.

“We need your donat...” it said.

Berk joined his valiant comrade in a glass of the murky liquid.

October 20, 2010

Blackburn KFC demo ‘chicken’ is attack thug

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Bernard Holmes, chicken fetishist and EDL thug
A ‘dangerous’ man who left his victim with a permanent brain injury has been released from jail early and is taking part in English Defence League protests.

Bernard Holmes, 25, formerly of Coleridge Street, Blackburn, was jailed for two years and four months, in February for causing grievous bodily harm to Shaun Baxendale. Mr Baxendale was left with ‘catastrophic’ injuries and a change in personality in the unprovoked May 2009 attack. He had to have a piece of his skull removed.

However, because Holmes spent more than seven months in custody before his trial, he is now out on licence after technically serving half his term.

Under the nickname ‘Mr B’, he has been central to the Blackburn EDL’s recent demonstrations outside the KFC in Haslingden Road, Blackburn, dressed as a yellow chicken. Pictures on his Facebook site also show him and fellow members of the right-wing group, who call themselves the ‘Knuckledraggers’, at last weekend’s heavily-policed rally in Leicester.

When Holmes was jailed, Maggie Garth, 44, Mr Baxendale’s sister criticised the sentence and spoke out in favour of the Lancashire Telegraph’s Consequences campaign, which aims to steer people away from drunken, spontaneous town centre violence.

She reacted to his release and activities with the EDL by saying: “The chicken suit is very apt for him. He’s a coward. I was physically sick when I heard he was out of prison. I don’t think the sentences handed out for these types of offences frighten the offenders. Shaun is still forgetting things and going through terrible mood swings. Yet Holmes can go out and protest over the very things that make us a free country.”

Lancashire Probation Trust confirmed Holmes was out on early release.

Lancashire Telegraph

Thanks to NewsHound for the heads-up

Tell us more, say police as BNP chooses secret venue for conference

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Police have asked for more details of a British National Party conference coming to Derbyshire so that they can plan the security operation. The party, which held its Red, White and Blue festival in Denby for three years, has announced that its annual conference will take place in South Derbyshire in December.

Anti-fascist groups are planning protests during the three-day event. Security at the Red, White and Blue festival cost police £500,000 a year but Superintendent Gary Parkin said he expected the conference bill to be lower.

He said: "We have had no confirmation of where the conference will take place or how many people are expected to attend. We are pressing the BNP for these details. We do not anticipate that the policing operation will be as large as the occasions when the Red, White and Blue Festival was held in the county."

The BNP said it would not reveal the exact location of the conference "because it is usually threatened by the left". But it confirmed that leader Nick Griffin would be the keynote speaker.

Last year's conference was held near Wigan and attracted protests from groups such as Unite Against Fascism. Protesters gathered outside the conference venue, chanting "Black and white unite and fight" and "Smash the BNP". Dozens of police were called to separate rival factions.

Graham Lewis, secretary of Derby Campaign Against Racism and Fascism, said: "We will definitely be holding a protest, although we do not expect to be facing large numbers of supporters, because of the current division in the BNP. We would aim to keep it peaceful. We have no intention of turning it into a fist fight."

He said he would be "trying everything possible" to discover where the conference was being held.

Mr Griffin has written to BNP supporters, urging them to book a place at the 2010 conference. He wrote: "We are pleased to announce the BNP's Annual Conference 2010, which will take place at a first-class venue in the South Derbyshire area on December 10 to 12. This year's conference, unlike previous events, is going to be a spectacular combination of political speeches, audio-visual displays, training, policy debates, stalls and entertainment."

It would be at a "four-star venue complete with restaurant, bar and a whole range of suitable accommodation to fit your needs", he said.

This is Derbyshire

October 19, 2010

The British Freedom Party & Fluffy Fascism

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It is hard to credit the British far right with any abilities short of frothing at the mouth at ‘immigrants’ but you have to give them their due when it comes to organising splinter factions and parties. So convinced are they of their political importance that it is hard for them to agree with each other and fall outs are frequent. The latest development is the British Freedom Party which has drawn in former BNP members. However, none of the far-right websites appear overtly impressed and the odious BNPers on VNNuk claim the BFP is “full of people with bizarre obsessions, misfits, mutants, swamp dwellers, and addicts and screaming fat ugly mongrels and sexual deviants..” Unlike the BNP with their paedophiles and hedgerow terrorists.

The BFP website, featuring what looks like a Gap advert, appears to be promoting a kind of ‘fluffy fascism’ and is registered to Simon Bennett who famously pulled the plug on the BNP website the day before the general election, much to the amusement of anti-fascists everywhere. He has since been attacked by most of the British far-right websites. The Fluffies claim to be ‘Cultural Nationalists’ but are BNP by any other name – they just don’t have the baggage of holocaust denial, violence, corruption or criminal records. Yet. The Fluffies pledge financial transparency and have laid out their immigration policy. Batty Barnes has also made up a policy about political correctness for Old Bill. No more PC for the PCs he says sternly. Jings!

Apparently, setting up a new party was Plan B for Bennett and Eddy Butler following the failure of the BNP leadership challenge and the unlikelihood of reforming the constitution. It will be no surprise that ‘The Expelled’ from the BNP will scramble onboard in the hope of regaining their sense of worth and a much coveted title. Batty Lee Barnes has been puffing it on his bilious website as well as on the British Democracy Forum. This was not unlikely seeing as he has been howling like a sick dog in the political wilderness having nothing to do. Barnes could well be tempted into the coven with the promise of a title like his former BNP Legal Adviser handle although given the BNP’s legal worries they’d better steer clear of him. Batty Barnes has been a bit depressed recently but his whining blog has not lost its rancorous savour.

At the moment the main far right organisations you can vote for if you wish are the BNP, NF and BPP and the Fluffies want a slice of the action. Let’s have a look …


The BNP has been rocked by its disastrous fortunes at the hustings and ever since then has imploded in a frenzy of expulsions, resignations and allegations of fraud. Former golden boys like Mark Collett, Batty Lee Barnes, Simon Bennett, Eddy Butler, Richard Barnbrook and many more have fallen by the wayside so it was pretty inevitable that, starved of the benefits of being a ‘somebody’ in the BNP hierarchy, a new party would emerge and be attractive to these losers. Butler and the reformists have realised that the chances of booting Fatty Griffin out of the driving seat is fucking remote and that significant changes to the BNP constitution are not going to happen. Griffin intends to stay put until 2013 when he will step down and hand over the party to a favoured mug, probably leaving very little housekeeping money in the tea caddy.

However, Nickclops is very sensitive about members and potential members being siphoned off and the thought of all that lovely cash not being paid into Griffin PLC brings a tear to his glass eye. He has a very loyal team of dissemblers at his command over on the VNNuk forum who constantly rubbish the reformists, the Butler-ites, BNP dissidents and now have the scent of The Fluffies in their nostrils. Despite the fallouts, many members and former BNP members will wait to see how it pans out in case The Fluffies turn into another ill-fated, blowhard grupuscule.

The BNP is on the ropes. It is only a matter of time until Griffin is standing like the Boy on the Burning Deck with all having deserted him. The question of the accounts is still not settled. He set up the Scrutiny Committee to monitor the BNP books and they have given it the okay. This is irrelevant because, as one Nazi poster pointed out, unless it is okayed by the Audit Commission it is of no legal consequence.


The NF suffered a coup last year when the Eddy Morrison clique outmanoeuvred the former leader Tom Holmes and took over.

Morrison is well dodgy, an alcoholic and known to have assisted shadowy state forces in the past and is seen as completely untrustworthy. The conspiracy theory is that he took over the NF and the state can therefore control and neutralise any threat by the NF as the BNP collapses and members defect. Well that’s the story, anyway … What we do know is that the NF reneged on their promise that they would not stand candidates in the same wards as the BNP thus splitting the racist vote and that they are keen on standing more candidates – although where they get the money from is unclear. They are skint. Joining costs a tenner and they haven’t got that many members. The NF have just announced that they are standing a candidate in the Thames Valley by-election soon which we will be closely monitoring. When Morrison et al took over the NF they soon got a semi-professional website going and published a regular newsletter. Holmes was a geriatric technophobe and sent out photocopied letters to the few members he had retained from the glory days of the 1970s. The NF website tells of a recent meeting were Morrison ‘launched a ferocious attack on the absurdities of political correctness’ – Yikes! They also claim ‘rapid growth’ but this must surely allude to leader Tom Linden’s beer belly.


As for the tiny British People’s Party, they are a laughable collection of alcoholics stuck in the past, claiming to be ultra-nationalists. Double Yikes! Their ‘spiritual leader’ is Colin Jordan who was once arrested for stealing ladies underwear from Tesco’s. Amongst their alumni are the aforesaid Morrison, Kevin Watmough and Pete ‘Sid’ Williamson who are either alcoholics or drug users or both. Watmough started the Redwatch website, has links to the ageing porkers of Combat 18 and has received many a pasting from anti-fascists. Williamson is also known as the Saltdean Sofa Soaker by left and right following an incontinent embarrassment on a comrades couch. Last week one of his comrades battered him senseless in Brighton. If you’re reading this Sid, let us know how you are or at least deny Darren did you over!


So what will happen with the fluffy BFP? After the initial launch they will no doubt attract a percentage of disenfranchised BNPers but many on the web forums are being cautious, hostile or sceptical. It is likely that Butler will be elevated as boss and Bennett his close second with help from Peter Mullins but the crucial thing is their membership and immigration policies and how they phrase these. They may be seen as BNP-lite minus the bad PR of Griffin’s boys. If they get to the hustings they will help split the racist vote, like the NF when they stand in the same wards as the BNP. Is there a future for fluffy fascism? We shall see …


Wilders denounces EDL demo

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A scheduled demonstration in Amsterdam by the far right English Defence League in support of anti-Islam campaiger Geert Wilders should be cancelled if there is any threat of trouble, the MP says in Monday’s Telegraaf.

The EDL has applied to hold a demonstration in the city on October 30, as have a number of anti-racist organisations. Amsterdam mayor Eberhard van der Laan and the police are currently discussing how to deal with the demonstrations because of fears they will deteriorate into violence.

‘This demonstration means nothing to me. It is nothing to do with me, nor is the EDL,’ Wilders said. ‘I only know the group from the newspapers and I have never had any contact with them.’

Dutch News

October 18, 2010

BNP leaves creditors in the lurch

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Any remaining pretence that the BNP is not on the verge of insolvency was blown away when a document headed OFFER OF DEBT COMPROMISE sent by Jim Dowson to the BNP's lengthy list of unpaid creditors surfaced over the weekend.

Dated October 6th (a Wednesday), the document gives the BNP's "preferred" creditors just a few days - until Thursday October 14th - to accept a 20p in the pound settlement, and warns: "Thereafter there is no prospect of your invoices being paid at any time in the forseeable future."

Nakedly attempting to bluff creditors tempted to use the courts to enforce payment, the heavy-handed Dowson claims: "Additionally, the lawyers who have reviewed the underlying contracts to most of the outstanding invoices have advised that most are not enforceable."

This is almost certainly untrue, but it is an admission that the BNP considers any contract entered into with itself is not worth the paper it is written on.

Dowson falsely claims that the "economic downturn" is the cause of the BNP's financial troubles in terminology indicative of how he and Nick Griffin see the party - "The biting economic downturn has made a shipwreck of the financial projections of many businesses, including, it is a regret to say, those of the British National Party."

Later there is a tale (and we suspect that is all it is) of a creditor who took advantage of Dowson's generous offer and then negotiated the same deal with his own creditor, which allegedly "made the difference between his business surviving and going to the wall".

The contents of Dowson's letter are reproduced below (our emphasis added), and a copy of the original may be seen here.
Dear Sir/Madam

Strictly private and confidential,
Not for publication.
Copyright and property title remains with sender
Without prejudice
Subject to contract

I write regarding the matter of payments due on outstanding invoices rendered by you in respect of goods and services utilised in connection with the British National Party.

As you know, today we all find ourselves in an increasingly difficult commercial climate. It is no secret that cash is not only in very short supply for all political parties including the British National Party but in short supply in the wider economy. The British National Party has had to close offices and lay off staff; this is not an easy time for the Party.

The biting economic downturn has made a shipwreck of the financial projections of many businesses, including, it is a regret to say, those of the British National Party. Combined with a massive and still ongoing wave of hugely expensive politically motivated High Court actions by the Commission for Equalities and Human Rights, this makes it simply impossible for the BNP or operations and persons associated with it to pay its outstanding bills in anything like a normal timescale - if indeed at all.

Additionally, the lawyers who have reviewed the underlying contracts to most of the outstanding invoices have advised that most are not enforceable. These two factors combined means that many creditors who have supplied good [sic] and services and which were used in connection with the activities of the British National Party may never be paid.

The situation is very grave, and it is a matter of deep regret to us, but I would rather be very open and honest with you than leave you under the illusion either that money will be forthcoming or that legal action will achieve anything other for you than to throw good money after bad in the shape of futile lawyers' costs.

As you are a highly valued supplier and a creditor with a previous track record of commitment to the British National Party, there is a desire to ensure that you are not one of the unfortunate creditors who are inevitably going to end up with nothing at all.

With this in mind I am authorised to do as much as is humanly possible to resolve the matter of your outstanding invoices.

I am in a position, for a very limited period of time, to offer you, by way of debt compromise and in full and final payment of all your outstanding invoices relating to the supply of goods and services in connection with the British National Party the sum of 20p in every pound (20%) due. The offer remains open until 14th October 2010 and is subject to a short written compromise agreement being entered into by you to formally agree and record the settlement.

I know that this is not what you want to hear, and I am very sorry indeed but this genuinely is the best that can be offered you. In the case of one of three creditors who have already concluded such a deal, the receipt of this one-off immediate payment enabled him to make a similar arrangement with a creditor in turn and actually made the difference between his business surviving and going to the wall.

As a 'preferred' supplier I have written to you first in order that you have first claim on this very limited offer. The funds available are limited and will be allocated among creditors on a first come first agreed basis.

Please feel free to call me on 020 7078 8838 or 079 3466 6831 to discuss this at your convenience. Please be reminded that this offer is for a limited time only. Thereafter there is no prospect of your invoices being paid at any time in the forseeable future.

Yours for and on behalf

[PP'd signature]

James Dowson B.T.h. M.A.
Dowson's tactless missive may well prove the prompt needed for one of the BNP's more substantial creditors to begin legal action against the party, which is clearly not a viable financial entity. The endless appeals fronted by Nick Griffin are falling on deaf ears, hundreds have already failed to renew their memberships, and it is expected that several thousand will fail to renew as the old annual cycle looms.

Despite what is for it "good news", the Eddy Butler-led reformist wing of the party is in disarray. The Reform Group itself lost momentum some time ago, Butler being criticised for his apparent inertia (and for the unwise decision to take a holiday as the crisis rumbled on). The decision of some reformers to form what will almost certainly prove a short-lived new party has served only to fragment further opposition to Nick Griffin and Jim Dowson, though Butler cannot be too unhappy at the loss of hysterics like Simon Bennett or foul-mouthed friend-losers like Lee Barnes.

Butler soldiers on for all the world as if he had never been expelled from the BNP and as if he were certain that his proposed constitutional reforms will be carried and Nick Griffin toppled.

On the surface his confidence seems misplaced, but Eddy Butler has many friends among apparent Griffin loyalists, and is clearly privy to more information sourced directly from within Griffin's inner circle than he reveals. As Butler himself likes to imply, he has a few tricks in his bag yet, and Butler watchers have a strong sense that he is waiting for something to happen.

Whether or not Butler and his allies ever do wrest control of the BNP from Nick Griffin and Jim Dowson, the party now has a reputation for being financially unsound and utterly untrustworthy, a reputation that will only grow as the Dowson document disseminates ever more widely, as it is certain to do. It is a reputation that will never be easily shaken off, and we do question why Butler - who has put forward no debt repayment plans of his own - would want to take control of a broke and shrunken BNP.

In fact, is that really Eddy's game at all?

The Reverend Jim's Business Services!

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Just had this Flyer through the door. Anyone interested? (Click for Huge...)

Glentoran fan is target for BNP

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A Glentoran fan who stood up to the BNP is now being targeted by the far-right party.

Graeme Moore — treasurer of Castlereagh Glentoran Supporters’ Club — said last week that Glentoran fans did not want to be associated with the BNP after members canvassed for support outside the Oval last weekend. Now senior members of Nick Griffin’s BNP have launched an online campaign urging their followers to contact Graeme.

The BNP’s new Northern Ireland organiser Steve Moore from Larne posted a photo of Graeme on his Facebook page. Above the picture he’s written: “This is Graeme Moore, the guy who thinks he represents the views of all Glentoran supporters about the BNP presence at the Oval. Perhaps you would like to make your views felt to him!”

Steve Moore also included a link to Graeme’s Facebook page so BNP supporters can contact him. Another BNP follower, Jim White, has posted the number of Glentoran Supporters’ Club on Steve Moore’s Facebook profile.

Last week Sunday Life revealed how Steve Moore masterminded a BNP leaflet drop in his home town of Larne.

Graeme did not want to talk about how he felt about being targeted — and would only comment: “I’m disappointed at this latest development.”

After BNP supporters turned up at the Oval last week Graeme told a reporter: “I noticed the BNP presence and I have to say that I was a little puzzled. In the run up to elections we sometimes get mainstream parties outside the ground but this was very unusual. I wasn’t interested in what they were doing so I didn't go any closer to see what exactly they were doing. They were outside the ground so there is nothing the club can do but it’s not something the supporters want to have to see.”

A small group of BNP supporters gathered outside the Glentoran versus Glenavon football game with placards demanding the withdrawal of British soldiers from the Middle East as well as handing out flyers and a petition.

East Belfast DUP MLA Robin Newton described the presence of the BNP at the football game as uninvited and unwelcome.

Belfast Telegraph

October 17, 2010

Remember The Paris Massacre Of October 17th

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Today is the 49th anniversary of the Paris Massacre of 1961. At 5pm, a rally and vigil is being held in Place Saint Michel in memory of the dozens of Algerian demonstrators murdered by the Paris police there (and in the days that followed).

The peaceful demonstration was being held by Algerians protesting in favour of independence for their country.

No-one knows how many died: Estimates range from 70 to 200. Dozens were drowned after being herded into the Seine – many after being beaten unconscious. Many more were beaten to death in the courtyard of the Headquarters of the Prefecture of Police.

Another, smaller, massacre took place the following year at the Charonne Metro Station. Nine members of the CGT Trade Union were murdered, also on the orders of Prefect of Police, Maurice Papon.

The cover up was swift and total. Papon ensured an almost complete news blackout of events. It wasn't until 1998 that the Government reluctantly conceded the events had taken place, and, even then, they only admitted to 40 deaths. Ironically, pressure had only become irresistible following the successful prosecution of Papon for War Crimes: His ordering the deportation of more than 1600 Jews from Bordeaux between 1942 and 1944.

It won't surprise anyone to learn that one of Papon's few remaining supporters at this time was Jean-Marie Le Pen, Head of the Front National and longtime political bedfellow of Nick Griffin.

The next time you're in Paris, walk over the Pont Saint-Michel to Notre Dame. It's beautiful. You'll also be walking on the site of the biggest peacetime massacre in Western Europe. There's a small, commemorative plaque on the Bridge.

It only appeared in 2001.

October 16, 2010

Conspiracy-Think And The Far-Right (an obviously State-Sanctioned article)

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It's all true. Just look at the eye...

I'm not a great believer in Conspiracy Theories, no matter how widely they may be believed. I'm perfectly content, for example, that the World Trade Centre was destroyed by murderous Islamist terrorists, and not by a secret cabal of oil producers in control of their uncomplicated puppet, George W Bush. Furthermore, I'm willing to accept that Neil Armstrong was the first person to set foot on the moon, and that he didn't just wander (very slowly) around a tv set in Area 51. I even subscribe, after a few glasses of wine, to the bizarre notion that Leonardo da Vinci was just a Very, Very Clever Bloke – but he wasn't the head of a secret society dedicated to protecting the sacred identity of Jesus' Great, Great, Great, Great (etc...) Grandchild.

And call me naïve, but I get genuinely confused by the accusations that various people on the Left or the Far-Right are “State”, or “Plants”, or “Working For The Man” or whatever.

Take Weyman Bennett. I don't know the fellow, and may well be entirely wrong, but I'm guessing that the ultra-Left Wing, Socialist Worker Party-linked UAF Joint Secretary probably isn't actually in the pay of old Etonian, ideological Tory David Cameron. No matter how many Tesco vouchers he's offered.

It's a guiding principle of BNP-Think, however, that Bennett is protected by the State, and sent out at the behest of his Masters in Whitehall to harry the poor Nazis freely, while the massed police services of the Nation turn a blind eye to his shenanigans.

Even the inconvenient fact that he's recently been arrested doesn't quell their outrage – “it's evidently just a ploy to throw us off the scent”, they'll darkly mutter.

In fact, by the tenets of Conspiracy Think, the legal System is damned if it does and damned if it doesn't: If Bennett gets acquitted, it's clear proof of his working for MI5. He's found guilty, and the brutal Stalinist state has sacrificed another one of their own.

Anyway: For what my opinion's worth (which really isn't much, as such an obvious State Agent), I'm perfectly happy to believe that Mr Bennett is neither a State Operative, in the pay of Cameron or even a potential replacement for James Bond. Even if they were looking for a particularly shouty replacement with a whiff of the pie shop about him.

State Plant or employee of Searchlight?

Oh yes. Searchlight.

To listen to the paranoid blether of the Far-Right, one would imagine that the anti fascist magazine was, at the very least, based deep within the heart of an extinct volcano in Ilford, that Publisher Gerry Gable wears Mao jackets and strokes a Persian cat in moments of stress and that Editor Nick Lowles is a seven foot tall henchman with razor-sharp steel teeth.

Then, of course, there are the ever-growing list of those who've left or (as is more common) been thrown out of the BNP over the last few months.

Richard Barnbrook: One day he's celebrated as a hardworking, valued member of the Party's higher echelons, the next he's an incompetent wastrel with an unhealthy penchant for fine wines, whose career highlight was an iffy attempt at arthouse cinema. It was a matter of hours before posts were appearing on certain talkboards whispering of dark pacts with everyone from MI5 and Searchlight to the Freemasons and (while we're at it) possibly Mossad, the Knights Templar and Slytherin House.

Michael Barnbrook: Just a few weeks ago he's a “Super Activist” and “The BNP's Sleazebuster”. Now there's open chatter of State Involvement. I may deplore the man's politics, but I'm guessing that the sum extent of his State Involvement is drawing his Police Pension.

As with the Barnbrooks, so with Butler, Collett, Bennett, Rose, etc, etc: There's a pattern here. So long as someone stays in Griffin's good books, they can do no wrong. The moment they step out of line, it's time for a terse letter from Clive Jefferson's Speak n' Spell, and the rumours begin of brown envelopes stuffed with Vouchers handed over on park benches by an elderly gentleman who possibly should have rethought his moustache in about 1976.

And then, of course, there's Griffin himself. To his shrinking band of Loyalists he's the chosen one – the One-Eyed King of the Land of the Blind. A White (sorry: “Civic”) Nationalist Moses destined to lead his people out of bondage (once they've got over the current, pesky, Forty Years In The Wilderness bit).

To the expelled, the “Reformers” and those even further to the Right, he's a Long-Term State Plant, dedicated to the destruction from within of a once-great patriotic party. There are sites devoted to conspiracies around his supposed recruitment at Cambridge (Burgess, Philby, McLean, Blunt and Griffin? No smoke without fire, etc...), his familial connections to Freemasonry (an outfit who, it must be said, have brought all their endless starring roles in conspiracy theories upon themselves. If you deliberately set out to be as mad, elitist and secretive as the Masons you're kind of begging for it...) and his past record of having buggered up the NF.

The thought that he may be just a cheap, chiselling, fraudster and conman who preys mercilessly on his gullible (and often elderly) followers and has a uniquely vile outlook on just about everything, and whose current motivation is most likely a mortal terror of having his collar felt when the real accounts are examined, thus losing a healthy EU pension and spending the rest of his days in disgrace and penury, seems, at times, to be the very last thing that occurs to the Conspiracy Crew.

Of course; by writing this, I'm merely shoring up his position as an obvious State Plant.

What clearer evidence could you possibly have that the Marxist, EUSSR-Controlled, New World Order-sanctioned, Freemason-infiltrated, Zionist, Xenu-brainwashed lackeys of Lancaster Unity are afraid of the Truth being uncovered, than to post an article so openly trying to throw people off the scent.

I'll pick up my vouchers this afternoon. Usual drill – behind the cistern in the first cubicle of the Gents, Belper Town Football Club, thanks.