October 31, 2011

Wavertree Unites Against Fascism

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Pictured are some of the protestors outside the BNP's national conference
Local residents, anti-fascists, trades unionists and councillors join protests against BNP National Conference in Wavertree.

Local residents, anti-fascists, trades unionists, local councillors, football fans and others joined protests this weekend against the BNP's National Conference, which was held at The Cricketers in Wavertree on Saturday and Sunday. The protest was called on Saturday by Unite Against Fascism who are opposing the BNP's use of the public venue - the BNP are believed to have held meetings in the same location previously.

Liverpool Council leader Joe Anderson joined protesters, to support the demonstration - during the weekend there were also representatives from local trade unions such as UNISON and the RMT in attendance at the pickets of the BNP conference. Unite Against Fascism [UAF] members reported strong support for their protests from local residents, who have voiced opposition to the BNP conference being held at the Wavertree venue.

The protests took place as North West UAF are launching their regional campaign - called "Griffin Must Go!" - to remove BNP leader Nick Griffin from his seat as Member of the European Parliament for the North West Region - which includes the Merseyside area. The UAF "Griffin Must Go!" campaign is supported by a number of North West MEP's, MP's and trades unionists, including: Alison McGovern MP for Wirral South, St Helens North MP David Watts, Billy Hayes of the Communication Workers Union, North West MEP Brian Simpson, Kate Green MP, Lisa Nandy MP, Julie Hilling MP, Jonathan Reynolds MP and former cabinet minister Peter Hain MP.

A "Kick Racism Out Of Football" banner was held aloft at the demonstration. UAF say this is significant because it is currently the national fortnight of action co-ordinated by Kick It Out - an organisation which works to get rid of racism in football. UAF supporters also reported a healthy reaction from local footballers, who voiced concern about the BNP Conference taking place in a venue which adjoined a sporting facility used by local sports players and members of the public. UAF leaflets were also distributed exposing the BNP.

Around 30 people attended the demonstration on Saturday, and approximately 40 on Sunday. On Saturday UAF protestors demonstrated for five and a half hours, and picketed Nick Griffin as he was driven out in a car at the end of the conference.

Darren Ireland, Branch Secretary of the Liverpool 5 branch of the railway workers union the RMT said:
"The fascist and racist BNP, with their discredited leader Griffin and local BNP leader Mike Whitby turned up for their small national conference at The Cricketers, Wavertree, Liverpool. The BNP seek to divide the working class, they seek to attack ethnic minorities with their vile discrimination. When you read about the battle of Cable Street some 75 years ago, the working class united to defeat the fascists. These battles are still being fought in Wavertree today. We must continue to unite as a class and fight to defeat these BNP thugs once and for all. Together we will defeat them, with the local community who were also against their presence."
Paul Jenkins, North West Regional Organiser for Unite Against Fascism said:
"The Unite Against Fascism protestors received an excellent response from local residents, as well as local football players using the adjoining venue. Both the residents and general public are outraged that a public and family venue has been hired out for use to the racist thugs of the fascist BNP. The UAF protest, and the support for it from local residents, shows once again that anti-racists are the majority and that the fascist BNP do not represent the people of Wavertree or anywhere else.

At the weekend we saw Nazi Nick Griffin off - now we want to see the BNP fuhrer off once and for all - North West Unite Against Fascism are launching our "Griffin Must Go!" campaign to remove the BNP Leader from his Seat as Member of the European Parliament for the North West Region, which includes Merseyside. UAF encourages people to attend the regional launch of this campaign next month in Manchester, and to get involved in the UAF campaign on Merseyside to show Griffin and the BNP that they are not welcome in Wavertree or anywhere else. Details about the campaign can be found at www.uaf.org.uk"

BNP ratpack hold secret Scots summit as they plan new far-right party

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Far-right fanatic Jim Dowson and other BNP ratbags slunk into Scotland yesterday to launch a new party full of hatred.

The former BNP treasurer pitched up in Perth at a secret Scots summit to launch Britain First, clutching a cardboard box crammed with far-right propaganda.

Britain First claim to offer a “new moderate approach for British nationalism”, free from the “toxic brand” of the BNP. But the small band of activists who turned up for the lunchtime talks at Perth’s Grampian Hotel all had key roles in peddling the BNP’s racist message.

Dowson, from Cumbernauld, near Glasgow, was BNP leader Nick Griffin’s right-hand man and chief fundraiser before he quit the party last year after being accused of groping a blonde activist. Previously, Dowson was the public face of the Life League, who published online details of people they believed encouraged abortions. He has convictions including breach of the peace, possession of a weapon and criminal damage.

Britain First campaign manager Paul Golding, who joined Dowson in Perth, is a former communications officer for the BNP. He won a council seat in Sevenoaks, Kent, in 2009 but quit this year after putting in just three appearances in a year. Golding had returned to the party after being expelled in 2004 – for allegedly attacking their only ethnic minority councillor.

Dowson and Golding arrived in Perth first – with Dowson unloading boxes of pamphlets and banners as well as a full Highland dress outfit from the boot of his car.

They were followed by Richard Payne, who fought the Banff and Buchan Westminster seat for the BNP at the last general election – and by black-shirted Gary Raikes, who heads Britain First’s Scottish arm. Raikes was an army cadet officer who trained teenagers. But he was drummed out in 2007 after being exposed as the leader of the BNP in Scotland. He was accused of abusing his position to peddle the BNP’s vile views.

Raikes claims Britain First is the “start of a new moderate approach for British nationalism in Scotland”. And he says party chiefs “carefully vet” all their members – “to ensure that no cranks and unsavoury types encountered in the BNP are allowed to join.”

But Gerry Gable, editor of anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, said: “There is nothing in Jim Dowson or Paul Golding’s history that shows them as being moderate. They can dress themselves up in new clothes, but in the end it comes down to the same ideology of hate. They will always find someone fresh to hate.”

Dowson quit working for the BNP last year, and claimed in a BBC Panorama documentary this month that BNP treasurer Clive Jefferson asked him to help get fabricated documents to be used against a political opponent. He also claimed Griffin raked in thousands of pounds through fund-raising drives based on lies. Jefferson denied the claim and said Dowson had no credibility within the BNP.

Daily Record

Thanks to Zaahid and others for the heads-up

October 30, 2011

Bankrupt Nasty People

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There's no money to pay the bills but Porky Griffin has a nice new suit
The British National Party is set to face allegations this week that it is a dangerous, bankrupt and fraudulent organisation.

An unfair dismissal case brought by a disgruntled ex-employee­ could put the final nail in the coffin of the crumbling party.

The far-right organisation’s head Nick Griffin is expected to give evidence at the hearing in Belfast this week which has allegations of theft and kidnapping hanging over it. Griffin is expected to be surrounded by strong security when he makes his Belfast trip.

It comes as furious creditors claim they are owed up to £700,000 by the party. A claim denied by the BNP. Former administrator Marian Thomas says she was sacked after she raised concerns over allegedly fraudulent claims made by the BNP. She alleges that she was instructed by the party’s treasurer to alter invoices and stamp an outstanding invoice as “paid”. This is denied by the treasurer.

She says the invoices were submitted to the Electoral Commission and had been altered in order for it to appear that the BNP had complied with the law on election spending. Thomas claimed on BBC’s Panorama ­earlier this month that she was held against her will by BNP “heavies” ­demanding she hand over incriminating documents.

The hearing comes as the BNP, which has been rocked by savage infighting, holds its annual ­conference in a secret venue ­believed to be in Liverpool this weekend. The party is under investigation by the European Union and the Met Police for alleged fraud and breaches of electoral law.

Simon Cressy, from the anti- fascist group Hope Not Hate, says time is ­running out for the BNP. He said: “We’ve been saying for ages the BNP is as financially ­bankrupt as it is morally.”

Last month Griffin’s Skoda was repossessed by bailiffs acting on a court order. Weeks earlier BNP manager Adam Walker was ordered to pay £25,000 to a former employee after a judge ruled senior officials could be held responsible for the party debt.

A number of small businesses in Northern Ireland, where the BNP had offices until last Christmas, say they are owed large sums of money. Belfast-based businessman and anti-abortion campaigner Jim Dowson, the BNP’s former ­financial guru, claims he is owed more than £160,000 by the party, which he has left. It has also been alleged that families of senior BNP members were visited by “Ulster heavies” looking for cash.

Nine people in Belfast and two in England were arrested on suspicion of ­blackmail but charges were later dropped.

Cressy said: “The BNP is in a desperate mess. After a disaster at the 2010 General and council elections it has turned in on itself. Membership has shrunk to below 7,000 and not even the party’s two MEPs talk to each other, preferring to fight a bitter war of words over the internet and Twitter. It is tearing the party apart.”

Griffin has refuted the kidnap allegations. He said: “Ms Thomas was made redundant by the party and has made a claim to an employment tribunal. Curiously, she has made no mention of this in her ET1 form. Nor am I aware of any complaint ever having been made to the police. She has never complained to me. If such a complaint was made, it seems bizarre that no one was ever approached about it.”

Sunday Star

Demonstrations against BNP in Liverpool

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Anti-fascist campaigners demonstrated outside the Wavertree Cricket club where the British National Party was holding its two day conference.

The far-right group's leader, Nick Griffin, was at the event, and was met with boos from protesters as he arrived. Police officers attended but it is understood the demonstrations passed off peacefully.

Wavertree ward Cllr Jake Morrison said the presence of the BNP had come as a shock and most of the community had been unaware the event, which started at around 9.300am, was being held in the city.

Cllr Morrison, who joined with protesters outside the venue, on Long Lane, said: "It's been a peaceful protest, but some of the BNP members have been hanging out of the windows sticking their fingers up at us. Local residents are deeply angry that they've chosen our neighbourhood for their annual conference. We are here to protest against them and will remain until they are gone."

Liverpool Echo

October 29, 2011

Redneck roundup

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The axe falls on another day's racism and violence
400-500 hundred EDL thugs made their way for an afternoon's racist chanting in Birmingham today. Attacking photographers, police officers and setting off thunder flashes being somehow their way of demonstrating their patriotism.

This was the smallest national demonstration that the EDL has held in over two years, but no means their least violent. Once more journalists and photographers were targeted by these moronic thugs. Their numbers are shrinking not just because of the growing internal divisions inside the group, but also because of the large number of then (them) who end up arrested.

Newcastle actually witnessed the worst of these thugs today. Yesterday a decision was made to postpone the "Rise against Islamaphobia" event in Newcastle town centre. This did not stop the EDL, the Scottish Defence League, the National Front and the Infidels descending on the town to terrorise innocent shoppers. The atmosphere between the EDL and the Infidels is always frosty, particularly as their leader "Snowy" decided to make an appearance. The Infidels decided to hide behind local NF thug Simon Biggs and his crew of thugs, while the EDL and SDL were more interested in drinking and planning trouble.

After a few hours trying to intimidate people taking part in the "Occupy Newcastle" protest, the combined gangs of alcoholics, drug dealers, thugs and football hooligans made their way to the Union Rooms pub in Central station where the SDL hooligans then decided to settle a few scores with the Infidels. First to get blooded was local Infidel leader Peter Duffy who fell on the stairs and was attacked. He only managed to stand up when "Snowy" Shaw magically appeared assuming it that it was safe for him to do so.

The fighting continued in the streets for a good twenty minutes as the fascists decided to put months and months of internal bickering behind them.

This picture shows exactly how serious the intent is now between the rival fascist groups in the North East.

Hope not hate

National Front rally breaks records!

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Click on image for full-size
Meanwhile, in Newcastle, Shane Calvert's National Front rally has attracted an astonishing EIGHT people!

Cheers to Everything EDL for the pic.

Birmingham EDL demo given two-hour time limit

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Demonstrators from the English Defence League have been slapped with a two-hour time limit on their protests in a fresh bid to prevent scenes of violence which have marred previous visits.

West Midlands Police had also told the group that their protest must take place in Centenary Square and must be over by 3pm. Conditions have also been imposed on the community event, ‘Unity and Celebration of Differences’ and any counter demonstration.

Organisers have been told that their event can last no longer than three-and-a-half hours and must be over by 4pm. They must also confine the activities to Chamberlain Square.

The EDL said they were expecting between 700 to 2,500 of its members to turn up. The last time the far-right group was in Birmingham was in 2009 and it ended in ugly scenes of violence and dozens of arrests as they clashed with members of the Unite Against Fascism (UAF).

Asst Chief Con Marcus Beale, who will lead the policing operation, said: “We have to balance the desires of those involved with the safety requirements for the event, and ultimately this has to take precedence.

“We want people to feel reassured and in response to community concerns, we will be staging a large-scale operation on the day to ensure that everyone who comes to the city centre, be it to take part in the protests, or to go about their day to day business, can do so in safety.”

Birmingham Mail

October 28, 2011

Police seek men in racist attack probe

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Do you recognise this man?
Police have released CCTV images of suspected thugs who threw bottles and bricks at an anti-racism concert crowd in Leeds.

Protestors shouting support for the far right extremists the English Defence League (EDL) stormed the Rage Against Racism event at The Well music venue in Chorley Lane near the city centre. The group, who were chanting ‘EDL’, smashed windows after going on the rampage after they were refused entry.

They hurled projectiles at the 150-strong crowd. Two people were injured, including one man who suffered serious cut to his mouth and had a tooth knocked out in the incident. It happened at about 2.30pm on Saturday, June 18.

Three men were arrested at the time on suspicion of affray and are currently on police bail pending further enquiries. Now City and Holbeck Police have released CCTV images of four men they want to identify in connection with the disturbance at the venue, formerly known as Joseph’s Well. The group also allegedly posted their plans on Facebook and afterwards boasted on the internet about what had happened.

Organisers said that the concert continued as planned until the early hours of Sunday morning. Star guests at the punk, ska and reggae event included The Mighty Oppressed, Low-Life UK and DJs Jon Firth and Jamie Headcharge.

Four windows were broken,

All money raised at the event was donated to the Unite Against Facism organisation and local projects.

Anyone who recognises the men or who has any information should contact Det Cons Neil Twitchett at Holbeck CID via 0845 6060606. Or contact Crimestoppers, anonymously and in confidence, on 0800 555 111.

Yorkshire Evening Post

October 27, 2011

New party, same old politics? - Investigation

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HOPE not hate has recently criticised the English Democrats (ED) for allowing dozens of former BNP members to get involved in the party without any public denunciation of their former political allegiances. ED leader Robin Tilbrook has insisted that all those coming over have left their former racist views behind. He even told a recent English Democrat conference: “They [the former BNP members] will help us become an electorally credible party. We need to be sure they ascribe to civic or cultural nationalism and that they will be an asset to our party, but we do not need to be too defensive”.

The most prominent of the former BNP members in the English Democrats is Chris Beverley. Here, HOPE not hate researchers cast an eye on the validity of Beverley's political conversation.

Chris Beverley, the former Yorkshire BNP organiser and councillor has detached himself from all things BNP and extremist, or at least that is what he would like you to believe. In a speech made to the English Democrats conference held last month, Beverley stated “I endorse the EDP’s opposition to extremism. I oppose all forms of extremism.”

Referring to his former membership of the BNP he continued “We all make mistakes in our lives and we all have ideas that we hold that we change over time but I believe and have come to the realisation that the English Democrats' approach to politics is the only hope that our people have."

Some people will welcome Beverley’s rejection of the BNP and extremism in general, however when the surface is scratched we reveal that the mask of respectability is paper thin.

Beverley recently wrote on his blog about a Leeds English Democrat meeting being held in his home town of Morley. He appealed for people to join the party and as the Leeds branch had recently opened a bank account, suggested prospective members send their membership fees and donations there, circumventing the party’s national office in Norwich.

The Leeds address for membership fees and donations is a familiar one. It’s the same PO Box that Beverley has operated for years. For much of the time it was the contact address for Leeds BNP. It appears to have shifted over to the English Democrats with Beverley too.

Further inspection however, shows that this is still the same PO Box that the BNP’s erstwhile MEP Andrew Brons also uses for his European work. If Beverley is so appalled by the politics of the BNP then why does he still work for one of its MEPs? If Beverley’s politics had changed so much then why has a BNP MEP allowed him to continue to work for him? If there is such a wide difference in political attitudes then why do both the English Democrats and the BNP share a PO Box?

To say the least, it is rather unusual to have two supposed rival political parties sharing the same address. But it does not end there. Along with his wife Joanna who is also an ex BNP councillor, Chris Beverley is listed with Joanna to the very same PO Box for something else, this time called “The Morley Community Trust.” The trust is an organisation set up with the intention of enabling local schools to switch to trust status. Both Chris and Joanna Beverley are listed as directors of the trust.

On his blog, Beverley sells a well known right wing book on English nationalism, instructing potential buyers to send their payments made out to “The Morley Community Trust.”

What sort of trust status the Beverley’s envisage for schools in Morley and Leeds remains a mystery. But as part of his conference speech to the English Democrats, Beverley discussed the notion of large numbers of BNP members jumping ship from the BNP to join both he and his wife in the English Democrats. He told the conference “Only a fraction of those people leaving the BNP will be interested in the English Democrats - only a fraction. The good news for us is that it is only the best people in that party that will have any interest in us. The most intelligent, rational, enlightened decent people - that's the good news for us.”

One of Beverley’s ex-BNP companions at the conference was Andrew Kershaw, an ex BNP official from Kirklees. Kershaw, the ex-secretary and treasurer of Yorkshire BNP has a conviction for racially abusing a police officer during a drunken night out several years ago.

Also photographed with Beverley, this time at a recent English Democrat meeting in Bridlington is the ex BNP organiser for the town Gary Pudsey.

Pudsey who has also previously been a National Front, Blood and Honour and Combat 18 activist was arrested along with 15 others in 1994 for their part in an attack on a bookshop in Nottingham which caused £10,000 worth of damage.

Pudsey displays a number of far right tattoos on his forearms. Pudsey has also previously been photographed with Magnus “Max” Wagegg, an unapologetic ex- Luftwaffe pilot and Nazi, who lived in the West Midlands after the war and became a beacon to far right groups including Combat 18, Blood and Honour and the tiny Aryan Resistance Movement who were active in the area.

Perhaps Kershaw and Pudsey are some of the “intelligent, rational, enlightened decent people” that Chris Beverley refers to?

We certainly wouldn’t use the term “enlightened” when we look at some of the European far right links Chris Beverley has.

Fluent in German, Beverley was a regular guest of the German far right political party the NPD. So close was Beverley to the NPD that he wrote a bi monthly column in the NPD’s newspaper “Deutsche Stimme”.

Beverley also has had ties with the European National Front, an umbrella organisation for some of Europe’s most extreme and openly fascist organisations. They include groups that deny the Holocaust, worship Adolf Hitler and other wartime fascist leaders, and have been linked to terrorism.

Beverley spoke at a European National Front meeting in Feb 2007 hosted by the NPD. The meeting, held in Reisa, Germany was organised by the German skinhead leader Jens Puhse, who ran one of Europe’s largest nazi music mail order businesses.

The ENF brings together some of the most hard line anti-Semitic organisations from Europe. They include La Falange (Spain), Noua Dreapta (Romania), Forza Nuova (Italy), Nationale Alliantie (Holland) along with the Nordiska Förbundet (Sweden).

One of Beverley’s closest German friends is Andreas Heine. Heine is a hard-core Neo Nazi originating from Hamburg and was one of leaders of the Hamburger Sturm group, a group linked to the notorious German Neo Nazi Christian Worch and his Aktionsbüro Norddeutschland.

Hamburger Sturm was banned after police suspected the group of issuing death threats against a German trade union leader in April 2000.

Beverley is also a huge admirer of the Hungarian Neo Fascist party Jobbik and has met with various dignitaries from the party including Jobbik MEP Krisztina Morvai. Jobbik has gained notoriety when it formed its own uniformed militia the “Magyar Garda” often compared to the Hungarian Arrow Cross, the National Socialist party that led Hungary for part of World War Two.

His admiration for Jobbik is to such an extent that he gives away free copies of the parties manifesto to anyone prepared to ask for one, via his personal blog. All Beverley asks is that you cover the postage, by sending in stamps to the same Leeds PO Box Beverley uses for the English Democrats.

Thanks to Nick Lowles at Hope not Hate

October 26, 2011

Claudia Dalgleish

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Just been sent this screen grab.

Claudia Dalgleish, the ever vocal girlfriend of London BNP organiser Steve Squire is never short of something to say, most of it unpleasant.

Dalgleish aka Claudia Bryan originates from South Africa and is a good friend of the BNP's resident fruit loop Claire Khaw. Khaw was the lovely lady who said such pearls of wisdom as "The first half of Hitler's career was a roaring success. Hitler was a successful revolutionary and credit should be given where it is due"

It seems Dalgleish has turned her hand this time to a spot of anti-semitism.

For those that are unaware WPWW stands for "White Power World Wide". 1488 is frequently used by neo nazis as it refers to "The Fourteen Words" slogan: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children" The slogan was first used by David Lane, a member of the white separatist organization The Order. The Order was an organization active in the USA between 1983 and 1984 and is probably best known for the 1984 murder of radio talk show host Alan Berg.

The 88 in 1488 is used among Neo-Nazis, H is the 8th letter of the alphabet, so 88 is taken to stand for HH which in turn means Heil Hitler.

Wonder what the BNP's token Jewish councillor Pat Richardson makes of this ?

HOPE not Hate

EDL car-jacker jailed after trying to slash victim's neck

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A violent car-jacker who tried to slash a man across the neck with car keys has been jailed

Aaron Muxlow was sentenced to 33 months in prison after carrying out a series of verbal and physical attacks. Muxlow, 21, appeared at Cambridge Crown Court for sentencing after previously pleading guilty to theft, criminal damage, using threatening or abusive words or behaviour and robbery.

Quentin Newcomb, prosecuting, said Nicholas Birch and Luke Banaszkiewicz were driving on Spril 12 to see friends at Arbury Court in Cambridge. Mr Banaszkiewicz got out to meet friends and Muxlow, of Cambridge Road, Stretham, Ely, approached the car, grabbed the keys from the ignition and demanded Mr Birch give him all his possessions.

When Mr Birch said he did not have anything to give him, Muxlow hit him several times before Mr Birch fled and his friend returned asking for the keys, the court was told. Muxlow then slashed at Mr Banaszkiewicz’s neck with the keys, leaving a mark, before driving off in the car.

On May 25, Muxlow verbally abused Neera Saini, co-owner of Derby Stores, Derby Street, when she challenged him over a missing bottle of wine worth £6. He returned on June 3 and intimidated her husband, Karter Singh, because Mr Singh was following him to check nothing was stolen.

Then on June 10, he attacked a cyclist’s bike, falsely claiming the owner, Jon Clarke, was a “pervert” who had taken wine from his trousers. When Mr Clarke went into the Mace store, in Green End Street, he heard “banging and scratching noises” and went outside to see his bike wheel buckled and Muxlow walking off.

Mr Clarke later returned to the scene with a police officer and they found Muxlow still there. He was arrested and placed in a police van by Pc Linas Pekarskas but started hurling racist abuse at the officer, shouting ‘EDL’ .

Mark Shelley, mitigating, said: “When he is sober he is actually quite pleasant. When he drinks and takes drugs he is aggressive and unpleasant.”

Judge Jonathan Haworth said the robbery was the “aggravating feature” and sentenced him to a total of two years and nine months in prison, reduced by the 121 days he has spent in custody.

Cambridge News

Council leader threatened after BNP meeting

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A council leader has received death threats after opposing a BNP meeting at a charity-run hall.

It comes after the far-right party compared the Labour-run administration to the ousted Gaddafi regime. The BNP accused Labour-run Hastings Borough Council of prompting a protest at St Baldslow Memorial Hall in St Leonards. The party has now vowed to keep the locations of future Sussex meetings secret.

Simon Darby, BNP spokesman, insisted St Baldslow was just one of a number of venues the party could use in Sussex and Sunday’s event had gone ahead despite protests by more than 200 people. He said: “We have just liberated Libya from a dictator and yet the people of Hastings aren’t allowed to hear views different to the Labour Party. This kind of attitude means we don’t feel comfortable revealing where our meetings could be held because we don’t want hate mail sent to people willing to host us.”

Council leader Jeremy Birch insisted he had responded to residents’ concerns that the charity-run venue might host the BNP. He said: “I have had a few emails over the weekend. One suggested I should be hanged and another compared me to excrement. Far from being a dictatorship this decision was prompted by residents and was backed by the whole council.”

The BNP also complained of resistance to a stall set up by their supporters in Worthing last week. The party claim a man spat at Bognor and Littlehampton organiser John Robinson and attacked the stall.

The Argus

October 25, 2011

Race-hate clamper threatened to rape victim's girlfriend

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Convicted: Peter Del Grosso has been told to expect a jail sentence
Notorious wheel-clamper Peter Del Grosso is facing jail after being convicted of a race-hate crime.

Del Grosso, of clamping firm Vehicle Management Limited, launched a tirade of racist abuse at a man who had gone to help a friend recover her clamped car. Del Grosso is also set to have his wheel-clamper's licence revoked after Humberside Police made an application to the Security Industry Authority.

A jury took less than 90 minutes to convict Del Grosso of racially aggravated assault after hearing how he also threatened to rape the man's partner.

Detective Constable Paul Gooder, of Hull's public protection unit, said: "Hate crime is something we take very seriously – there is no place for racist abuse. We have a conviction rate of more than 60 per cent and are determined to continue in not tolerating abuse of this nature. We've applied for Del Grosso's licence to be revoked so, hopefully, he will not be able to clamp another person in the city again."

Del Grosso hit the headlines in 2009 after readers inundated the Mail with complaints about Sector Security Ltd clamping at dozens of sites across Hull and the East Riding. Earlier this year, the Mail discovered Del Grosso – by then working with Vehicle Management Ltd – was charging motorists more to release clamped cars ahead of the clamping ban, expected by the end of the year. Grimsby Crown Court heard Del Grosso abused Mohammed Tarhan when he and his partner accompanied her sister to a back-street compound in Hull city centre on Christmas Eve in 2009.

Del Grosso, 48, threatened to rape Mr Tarhan's partner before demanding to see his passport.

Holly Barwell had her car clamped on December 23. She contacted Del Grosso and he told her to meet him in the street to hand over £310 to get her Vauxhall Corsa released. Mr Tarhan and his girlfriend, Emily Barwell, went with Holly and they were taken to the compound at R and M Motors in Dock Street. While Mr Tarhan, who is Turkish, was waiting, Del Grosso began shouting at him.

He called him a "foreigner" and said: "Where's your visa? I want to see your passport."

Mr Tarhan called police and blocked the entrance to the compound to stop Del Grosso fleeing. However, he was forced to move when Del Grosso summoned a forklift truck and threatened to crush his car.

Mr Tarhan said: "I began driving my car out of the yard and he looked at me and was saying something. I wound down my window and asked him what he was saying and he started swearing at me. He told me that he knew where we lived and he would come and give my family and kids a Christmas present. He said, 'I'm going to **** your wife.' He repeated it and I decided to call the police. He said, 'Foreigner, go back to your country.' I was just very angry."

Two months after the incident, Del Grosso tried to intimidate Emily Barwell by driving his car at her in the city centre. He was also believed to have been asking around takeaways in the city to find Mr Tarhan.

The victims were allowed to give evidence behind screens in the court during the five-day trial.

After the jury returned a unanimous guilty verdict, the case was adjourned for sentence until November 17. Judge Robert Moore told Del Grosso the pre-sentence report would have to contain "exceptional" circumstances for him to avoid a custodial sentence.

Del Grosso, who has no previous convictions apart from a technical issue relating to a gun licence, was released on bail until sentencing next month.

A spokeswoman for the Security Industry Authority said: "We are here to uphold the public safety and we issue licences to ensure only fit and proper people work in the industry. We can't have people who are a risk to the public operating."

The spokeswoman told the Mail once an application was made by the police, Del Grosso's licence would be suspended immediately pending a full review. She also said a conviction of racially aggravated assault would lead to the license being pulled.

People whose licences are revoked cannot reapply until after five years, by which point, wheel-clamping will have been outlawed.

This is Hull and East Riding

Trouble Brewing...

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Nick Griffin awarding Debbie Stafford the position of "Councillor Representative"
It seems there is a storm forming in deepest Cumbria.

Debbie Stafford the BNP's councillor representative (Not that they have too many left) has quit the party after she labelled the BNP as being run in "a disreputable manner" and as a "family business".

Stafford sent a stinging resignation email announcing her intentions yesterday, the same email has been replicated on a website run by Andrew Brons MEP.

Brons just this last weekend held a conference in Leicestershire,where it was announced that he and his followers will run a "parallel" organisation within the BNP with the intention of bypassing party leader Nick Griffin.

Stafford who was awarded the position of councillor representative last December was elected unopposed with her husband Paul onto Wigton Town Council in April this year. For your amusement we have included the resignation email in full.
From: Debbie Stafford

Subject: resignation letter

Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2011

Dear All

I have resigned both my position as Councillor representative and my membership of the British National Party.

My reasons for doing so are quite simple. Neither the party nor the chairman has any respect for Councillors and elections. The party is run as a family business with a ‘job for boys’ attitude that will never change!

I have seen firsthand how the party is run from the Wigton office. It is conducted in a disreputable manner with dirty tricks being the order of the day. I feel I can no longer support such actions.

The National Executive is supposed to consist of elected Regional Organisers, yet I am still the only elected representative sitting on it (apart from Nick Griffin). You elected me onto the executive to give you a voice, not to be a yes-man.

However they have deliberately excluded me from NE meetings. I have not been invited!

I believe the reason they did this was precisely because I am not a yes-man. That is exactly why I was not invited to the previous NE meeting.

I have only ever been invited to two previous AC meetings, on both occasions as an afterthought with just a few days notice. This time I did not even get that. I heard nothing at all about the meeting until a councillor got in touch with me to ask how it had gone! To say I was shocked would be a lie, as nothing the party does would shock me now.

I feel this behaviour shows the lack of respect Nick Griffin holds for the councillors of the party. I am only there as your representative. To not invite an NE member that you voted for is disgraceful and shows a complete lack of organisational skills. The party truly has no organisational ability at the centre.

I am aware that at a recent North West Regional Council Meeting , Clive Jefferson decided that Nick Griffin’s son-in-law is to be the next Councillor Rep on the NE, and he will arrange this with a block vote of North West councillors at the forthcoming National Conference which will be held in the North West.

I do wish Angus Matthys luck with his upcoming position. At least he will definitely be informed about everything that is happening and he is personally a nice young man. Even though he has only been a parish councillor for a few months and is totally politically inexperienced. But I am afraid they just want someone on the NE to vote they way they want them to vote.

However I can no longer stay in a party that is run in this manner.

Kind Regards

Debbie Stafford.
Hope not hate

Poll jolt for Swiss anti-immigration People's Party

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The Swiss People's Party has called for an end to mass immigration
Switzerland's right-wing People's Party has seen its share of the vote fall at parliamentary elections, defying forecasts of a historic result.

It had campaigned on a tough anti-immigration platform, and had predicted it would receive an unprecedented 30% of the vote on Sunday. But with the count nearly complete, it was set to get less than 27%.

Its calls to limit immigration strictly are now likely to be quietly ignored, a BBC correspondent says.

The party lost votes, in part, to a more moderate breakaway party, the Conservative Democrats, and a new Green Party also did well. Both these parties focussed on issues which have worried voters this year, like the strong Swiss franc and its effect on the economy, or future energy policy now that Switzerland has decided to phase out nuclear power, the BBC's Imogen Foulkes reports from Geneva.

The People's Party had been buoyed by recent successes in campaigns to ban minarets, and to automatically deport foreign criminals. But voters gave the party something of a slap in the face - fewer votes and the loss of seven parliamentary seats, our correspondent notes.

The party's single campaign theme - restricting immigration - did not seem to find favour. Switzerland's foreign population may be almost 25% but its unemployment rate is less than 3%. Voters know many Swiss businesses, and their health service, depend on foreign workers, our correspondent says.

While the People's Party remains the largest party, its chances of negotiating more power in Switzerland's coalition government are now greatly reduced, our correspondent adds.


Thanks to Zaahid for the heads-up

October 24, 2011

Dwindling friends

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As over 150 people crammed into a hall in Leicestershire to to tentatively make the first moves to setting up a rival party, Nick Griffin and fewer than 50 friends celebrated the BNP's annual fundraising dinner.

The worst turnout since the Trafalgar Club was launched reflects the dwindling support Griffin has in the party. While several hundred were entitled to attend only a handful bothered to turn up.

At least they could all get in the photo.

Hope not hate

BNP row: Venue for Nick Griffin speech changed

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A speech by British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin at a village hall in East Sussex has been moved following a row over the venue.

Mr Griffin had been due to speak at a private meeting at Baldslow Memorial Hall in St Leonards on Sunday evening. The BNP said the meeting would still go ahead, but that it would be held at an undisclosed location in Hastings.

Hastings Borough Council had threatened to cancel the hall's rate subsidy if it hosted the speech. The authority wrote to the people who run the hall telling them they would have to pay back £376 they received as a charity in rate relief, saying the meeting was "contrary to the interests of the community".

Leader of the Labour-run council, Jeremy Birch, said it was wrong for the people of Hastings to subsidise a charity "that's prepared to provide a platform to someone who is so completely opposed to the community harmony philosophy of this local authority".

He said the council had been contacted by local residents living in the area of the hall who were "very unhappy that their community centre was being used for this purpose to the extent that they offered to pay the booking fee to the charity if the BNP meeting didn't go ahead".

"I think we were acting appropriately, and it was unanimously approved by the council," Mr Birch said.

The BNP has described the move as an attack on free speech.

Speaking before the meeting on Sunday, Mr Griffin said he would be taken to the venue on arrival in Hastings by local BNP officials, but did not know where it was.

"As far as I know we were never going to use the hall... it's entirely up to our local people," he said.

The people who run Baldslow Memorial Hall have declined to comment on the issue.


October 23, 2011

Walker Nazi worshipper exposed as paedophile

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HATE filled Nazi nut Michael Cowen strutted the streets as a tattooed hardman...

But today the Sunday Sun exposes him as nothing but a vile paedophile.

A worshipper of Hitler and the far right, the hulking 43-year-old strutted around as a henchman for extreme organisations.

His North home was a sickening shrine to the Nazis with displays of Swastikas, an SS flag and even a cannister of Zyklon B - the cyanide gas used to kill millions.

But behind this swaggering macho image hid his other horribly twisted obsession - a hateful passion for the abuse of little boys and girls.

For Cowen had a horrifying picture library of tens of thousands of indecent images of youngsters stored on his computers.

The secret stash of shame was discovered after he ordered extremist CDs by racist “Blood and Honour” rock groups.

Undercover officers intercepted them on their way to Cowen’s home in Losh Terrace, Walker in Newcastle’s East End.

The disks included bands with names like Ethnic Cleansing and Hate Crime, and featured tracks such as “Freezer Full of ****** Heads”, “Multicultural Take Over” and “Make Them Die Slowly”.

Also in the stash were CD sleeves, with pictures of human remains, beaten and battered bodies, and people who appeared to have been shot, as well as swastikas.

Accepting the delivery on December 7, 2009, Cowen asked the undercover officer about sending the packages on to Germany.

Shortly afterwards, police with a warrant searched his home and seized the CDs. They also found 11,000 MP3 tracks on his computer of similar songs, and the Nazi memorabilia.

But chillingly, they also uncovered thousands of child porn images on Cowen’s computer, hard drive, USB sticks and memory card, mainly of young boys.

The 17,058 pictures and 215 videos featured boys as young as six and included images classed as level five - the most serious level.

Investigations revealed during 2009, Cowen used filesharing software and a social network sites to contact other perverts and up and download images of children, including some he made himself.

Dubbing himself “Spaceapple” or “Derek” he offered to swap pictures and videos and discussed sinister fantasies including “snuffing out” boys - killing them in a sexual way and filming it.

He uploaded a total of 626 indecent images and seven videos.

In interviews with police, Cowen - who has a tattoo of the number 88, which represents the alphabet placing of HH for Heil Hitler - said he was a National Front member and enjoyed the music of white supremacist bands.

He described himself as a “white nation soldier” and said a friend in Germany had asked him to order the CDs, which he planned to send on.

At first he denied the child porn charges - even accusing one of his victims of downloading the images.

But he was caught out by one of the pictures, where he was visible as the photographer, reflected in a mirror.

At Newcastle Crown Court, Cowen admitted possessing racially inflammatory audio recordings and written material, 13 counts of making and four counts of possessing indecent images of children between November and December 2009, and 11 counts of distributing indecent images of children in April 2009.

Defending, Mark Saunders said Cowen was “socially isolated” and had been involved in the far right movement since he was at school.

Judge Paul Sloan QC told him: “You have a long involvement with extreme right-wing and neo Nazi groups. You have admitted acting as a henchman for a group.

“The racially inflammatory CDs and written material which were delivered to your home address are of a particularly vile and offensive nature.

“The indecent images were of young children aged six years old and up, and predominantly of boys. It is clear that some of the victims were being subjected to truly awful sexual abuse. These offences are so serious that only a custodial sentence is justified.”

Cowen was jailed for 12 months for the racist material and three years for the child porn charges, to run consecutively making a total of four years behind bars.

After the hearing Det Chief Insp Dave Anderson, said: “There is no place for such extreme views which spread hatred in our communities and we'll continue to investigate and prosecute anyone involved in such activity in an effort to bring them to justice.”

And Det Sgt Chris Wilson, added: “During the execution of a search warrant at Cowen’s house computer equipment was seized and analysed which uncovered child pornography offences. He was subsequently charged with making, possessing and distributing indecent images of children after thousands of images and videos were recovered.

“Offending of this nature is taken very seriously and I’m pleased such a dangerous man as Cowen has been jailed for his crimes.”

Revulsion in the street where the ‘white supremacist’ lived

NEIGHBOURS described Cowen as a loner who tended to keep himself to himself.

But they were shocked to discover what went on behind the closed curtains of his terraced home.

Meanwhile, relatives of the 43-year-old said they have totally disowned him because of the shame he has brought on their family.

“The police were here for about three days when they came to arrest him,” said Nicola Farrier-Carr, who lives just a few doors away from where the pervert lurked.

“At first people though it was for racism - he tried to play it down, he was being targeted. But then my sister was warned by social services to keep away from him, and we realised it was something much worse. I stopped letting my kids play anywhere out of my sight.”

The 24-year-old mum, who has a two-year-old son and four-year-old daughter, added: “We very rarely saw him - you might see him going to the shop or something but that was about it. He was quiet and kept to himself.”

Now, all that remains to hint at the sinister goings-on within Cowen’s modest end-of-terrace house is a solitary St George’s flag sticker in a window.

But the emotional impact will last much longer. Much of Cowen’s family has already disowned him.

“We are totally shocked and disgusted,” said one family member, who the Sunday Sun agreed not to name. “We had no idea what he was like, he lied to us all about it, and we all feel so angry.

“He has never apologised to anyone about what he did. Prison is the best place for him.”

Sunday Sun

October 22, 2011

Old boozers and dead heroes

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You may recall how we wrote about Troy Southgate's New Right the other day. The group is a collection of odd balls, Anti-Semites and Hitler worshippers.

Their meeting in London due for November 5th could turn into a bit of a wake too after one of Southgate's political heroes died last week.

Southgate you may recall was once a strict adherent of Nick Griffin's 'Politcal Soldiers' who ran off into the woods and dediated themselves to God and Colonel Gaddafi in 1989, taking their inspirations from both the bible and Gaddafi's Green Book.

Southgate was yesterday promoting Gaddafi's seminal and bizarre masterpiece "The Green Book", describing how it made a "huge impression" on him. Indeed, Southgate still sells the book which he claims "even now it's very popular".

Should be some conference this one. Copies of Mein Kampf and the "Green Book" among all the pork scratchings and dusty beer mats.

There's really not much new in the "New Right" and certainly not much living inspiration either.

Hope not Hate

BNP row: Village hall warned over Nick Griffin speech

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A Sussex council has threatened to cancel a village hall's rate subsidy if it hosts a speech by British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin.

Mr Griffin is due to speak at a meeting at Baldslow Memorial Hall in St Leonards on Sunday. Hastings Borough Council said it was "contrary to the interests of the community" and councillors voted to withdraw the hall's rate relief. The BNP has accused the authority of blocking free speech.

Leader of the labour run council, Jeremy Birch, said: "I can't agree that Hastings people should be subsidising a charity that's prepared to provide a platform to someone who is so completely opposed to the community harmony philosophy of this local authority."

The authority has written to the people who run the hall in St Leonards telling them they will have to pay back £376 they received as a charity in rate relief if Mr Griffin's speech goes ahead. It has also written to the charity commission to check whether their guidelines allow the hall to host the meeting.

The people who run Baldslow Memorial Hall have declined to comment on the issue.

Carlos Cortiglia, of the BNP, said the council's actions were an attack on democracy. He added: "It's a natural right that we all have, whatever our ideas we all have to be heard and for other people to hear what we think. If they agree they will support us if they don't agree they will not support us."

Free speech campaigner Padraig Reidy also criticised Hastings Borough Council. He said: "This move is very clearly politically motivated and while the BNP is an organisation that has very few supporters in this country they do still have the right to free expression and the council should not be interfering with that right."


MP urges police to ban English Defence League demo in Birmingham

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Fears of more violence on the streets of Birmingham have been raised after it emerged the English Defence League was planning a second march in the city.

The organisation’s supporters are set to take to the streets on October 29, more than two years after their last visit ended in confrontations with anti-fascist groups. The Unite Against Fascism group, whose supporters clashed with EDL followers during clashes in Birmingham in 2009, has also announced plans for a counter-demonstration in Birmingham on the same day.

Selly Oak Labour MP Steve McCabe urged West Midlands Police to apply to Home Secretary Theresa May for the EDL protest to be banned as it would cost too much money to patrol. Two protests by the EDL in Dudley last year cost West Midlands Police and Dudley Council £1.1 million.

“I used to say that the EDL should be allowed to demonstrate but having seen the trouble they cause, I’ve changed my mind,” Mr McCabe said. “Birmingham people can’t afford to waste that much money on policing and repairing the damage to our retail area. These things are deliberately organised to cause maximum destruction. There’s no element of normal demonstration. This is a rag bag of extremism looking to cause trouble and I don’t think the Birmingham people deserve it.”

The exact location of the EDL’s Birmingham event was being kept secret until nearer the time but 575 supporters had confirmed their attendance online yesterday.

Unite Against Fascism confirmed it was organising an anti-EDL demonstration, to start at noon in High Street. A spokesman said: “The EDL wants to bring its vicious, anti-Muslim racist hatred to the multi-racial, multi-cultural city.”

A Birmingham City Council spokesman said they were liaising with police. A police spokesman said: “West Midlands Police is aware of a planned protest in Birmingham city centre on October 29. As on previous occasions, police have no power to ban a static protest.

“Police will be monitoring the situation to ensure maintenance of public order and officers will be deployed throughout the city centre to provide a visible reassurance to retailers, shoppers and all those visiting Birmingham. Any criminal or public order offences will be robustly dealt with.”

Birmingham Mail

October 21, 2011

Ex BNP man was part of a child porn network

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A man who stood for the BNP in the county council elections was the member of a child porn network- where he possessed and distributed child pornography of boys under the age of 13.

Leicester Crown Court heard how Gavin Leist, aged 20 from Ratcliffe Road, Loughborough, had been "grappling with his sexuality" and had arrived at indecent images of children through an interest in pornography.

'He [Gavin] pleaded guilty to three to three counts of distribution- 57 Level One, seven Level Two and Six Level Four images. He also pleaded gulity to possessing 68 Level One, 11 Level Two and eight Level Four images.

The scale is set from one to five- five being the worst category.

The court heard that he was arrested at the Ramada Hotel, in High Street, where he used to live and work as a reception team leader, following police intelligence.

He stood for the BNP at Leicestershire County Council elections in 2009 for Loughborough North West, which covers Thorpe Acre and Garendon Park. He gained 281 votes, but was knocked out by Labour [and finished last by miles].

The court heard that his computer was seized by police, but no images were found. They were eventually discovered on an email zip file left in his sent box.

James Varley, prosecuting, told the court: "He had joined an online paedophile network. He had exchanged emails and incited people to send pictures and they had done so. He also sent emails to three different users with pictures. He said he was hetrosexual and has a girlfriend and through pornography was interested in this material."

Gareth Weetman, defending told the court told the court "he was only 16 when he became involved in this online activity and had shown a level of remorse."

He said "he was a young man - just come out of his teens - who has been grappling with his sexuality. He says he is hetrosexual. He has lost his job and previous home. He is back to square one living with his mum and dad."

Mr Weetman asked the judge to serve Leist with a suspended sentence.

However, Michael Port QC felt custody was the only option.

The difficulty I have is that you crossed a significant line. You accessed material and you have distributed it. It is so serious that a significant custodial sentence is the only way to deal with it."

He handed Leist a 16 month prison sentence, of which he will have to serve half. He was also handed a Sexual Offences' Prevention Order, which means his future computer use can be monitored at any time.

Loughborough Echo

October 20, 2011

New Right

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It’s been a big few weeks for far right meetings. Just under a fortnight ago the crème de la crème of British fascists met in Preston to once more pick over the bones of their unlamented fallen Fuhrer John Tyndall, the founder of the modern BNP who died in 2005.

This weekend as many as 200 dissenters within the BNP, led by renegade MEP Andrew Brons, are meeting in the Midlands to discuss whether there is any future in the BNP. Rather like at the Tyndall meeting, these people will be more united in what they oppose (namely BNP leader Nick Griffin) than anything else. According to Griffin, this evening, this meeting will see the launch of a new nationalist party - which we are supposed to be behind!

Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Griffin’s “mainstream” BNP are also gearing up for their forthcoming meeting/conference/wake, which is likely to attract a pitifully small turnout.

Finally, a coalition of some of the finest Jew hating conspiracy theorists around are having a meeting of their own. And, in time honoured far right tradition, they are having a factional split of their own. The “New Right” is a quasi-intellectual political group formed by the former National Front activist Troy Southgate and unites various strands of far right thinking into a bi-monthly talking shop.

Having split into two warring factions, they’re aptly enough holding their next meeting in a London pub on the 5th November. The who’s who of the group makes for interesting reading. One faction is led by a professed “National Anarchist” and the other by a man who until recently boasted of working for Military Intelligence.

The New Right

The New Right is a quasi-intellectual political group formed by the former National Front activist Troy Southgate. Helping him to organise New Right is Jonathan Bowden.

The group was formed to unite various strands of far right thinking into a regular talking shop where “Intellectual” extremists from all over the world could meet and talk over their poisonous ideas.

United under the banner of The New Right, Holocaust deniers, anti Semites and racists young and old gather on a bi monthly basis to swap their ideas in one of London’s many back street public houses.

New Right organisers

Troy Southgate
A self-described “National Anarchist”, Southgate is a former Political Soldier and a prolific biographer of obscure political figures. A onetime adherent of the “radical” leadership surrounding Nick Griffin, Southgate moved out of the NF in the very early 90’s with the “Political Soldiers” before falling foul of the chief exponent of radical catholic fascism, Derek Holland.
Before discovering “National Anarchism”, Southgate led the "English Nationalist Movement" and the "National Revolutionary Faction" both of which dissolved and which he ran prior to the New Right. He is the vocalist in the band H.E.R.R and plays in numerous “Neo Folk” bands.

Jonathan Bowden
The BNP’s former "cultural" officer, Bowden is the chairman of “The New Right”. Initially a member of the Conservative party, Bowden was involved with “The Monday Club” and “The Revolutionary Conservative Caucus” two far right Conservative pressure groups in the 1990's where he made the acquainance of solicitor Adrian Davies.
He has previously been deputy chair of “The Western Goals Institute” an anti communist and anti immigrant group based on the US group of the same name.
He fancies himself as both an artist and a playwright, though few others share his passion for his own work.

Key supporters

Kieren Trent
Trent is often seen at New Right meetings. Has been involved with a host of far right groups including the National Front and British Movement and more recently, the BNP.
Trent once set up his own tiny group “The English National Resistance” whose main objective seemed to involve fly posting and graffiti. Took part in vicious assault on Asian youths with Matt Tait and ex London BNP organiser Bob Bailey during the 2010 election campaign in Barking.
Was photographed delivering English Democrat campaign material with Chris Beverley and Matt Tait earlier this year, has also attempted to ingratiate himself with dissident Irish Republican groups.

Matthew Tait
A regular face at New Right meetings, Tait is the former Maidenhead BNP organiser. Once seen as a potential “high flyer” within the BNP, Tait attended and spoke at the far-right American Renaissance conference in North Virginia in 2010, as well as a German Neo Nazi demo in Dortmund in the same year.
Another regular and failed candidate, Tait joined Kieren Trent and ex London BNP organiser Bob Bailey in the assault on a group of Asian youths during the 2010 elections in Barking & Dagenham.

Richard Edmonds
Ageing Holocaust denier and nazi, Edmonds recently switched from the BNP back to the National Front and in the process finally turned his back on the party he helped form with his mentor John Tyndall.
A convicted thug and vicious racist, Edmonds announced his intention to stand against BNP Leader Nick Griffin for the BNP's leadership earlier this year, but stood aside to allow Andrew Brons to challenge instead. He is closely linked to several German holocaust deniers and regularly attends hardline nazi gatherings across the continent.

Pete Rushton
Another Holocaust denier, Rushton has also travelled the world spreading hatred and Anti-semitism. Has been in just about every tiny and insignificant fascist grouping in this country, never staying long however. He began his political life in the British National Party, before being expelled by Nick Griffin for allegedly being a Searchlight spy. He is currently deputy editor of Mark Cotterill's magazine Heritage and Destiny and recently helped organise the John Tyndall memorial meeting in Preston. He is regularly in the company of Michele Renouf, both here and abroad.

Some of the speakers at past New Right events

Norman Lowell
Maltese Anglophile and Anti-Semite Norman Lowell is the leader of the minuscule Maltese party “Imperium Europa”. Lowell Describes Adolf Hitler as his hero and has labelled the holocaust as “The Holy Hoax” and has also praised Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
In 2008 Lowell was convicted of racial hatred and insulting the Maltese president for which he received a two year suspended sentence.

Dr Tomislav Sunic
A former Croatian diplomat and professor in the US, Sunic is a director of “The American Third Position” a far right white nationalist political party.
Sunic has shared platforms with a number of Holocaust deniers. In 2003 he spoke alongside convicted terrorist Horst Mahler who is currently serving a 12 year prison sentence in Germany for Holocaust denial, at a conference sponsored by Germany’s Neo Nazi party the NPD. Sunic is a regular speaker on the far-right scene in this country.

Adrian Davies
Former member of the Tory-right, Davies has flirted with the extreme far-right in this country since the 1980’s. In the 1990’s he joined up with some BNP rebels to form a new party after they walked out during one of that party’s earlier financial traumas. A barrister by trade, Cambridge educated Davies has registered a new political party in what would appear to be a premature move to align with Andrew Brons’s rebels.

Michele Renouf
Former model and actress, Australian born Renouf is a staunch defender of a number of well known Holocaust deniers including David Irving, Robert Faurisson, Richard Williamson, Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zündel and countryman Fredrick Töben. Efraim Zuroff, of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Jerusalem told “The Australian” newspaper: "This woman is especially dangerous... she can put a pretty face on a very ugly movement."
Renouf has previously described Judaism as a "repugnant and hate-filled religion”. She attended a “Holocaust denial” conference hosted by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad entitled “Holocaust Review: A Global Vision” in Tehran in December 2006. Others at the conference included former KKK leader David Duke.

Martin Webster
The last living link to the leadership of the National Front of the 1970’s. Webster has remained on the sidelines of the far-right in this country since being forced out of the NF back in 1983. A vicious racist and Anti-Semite, Webster gave a series of interviews in 1999 claiming that he once had an intimate relationship with a young Nick Griffin, when the future BNP leader was in the National Front.

Jeremy Bedford-Turner
One of the most interesting people to have been involved in the New Right is Jeremy Bedford-Turner, or Jez as he is known within the far right. He has boasted of being a serving soldier in the Royal Signal Corp, which, according to the Army’s website are “leaders in information technology and communications” and “provide the Army with communications throughout the world.”

Despite his self-pro-claimed intelligence links, which includes speaking Pashtun and allegedly being a translator for Military Intelligence, Jez has been a leading member of the New Right network for several years, organising meetings and speakers. He is also a leading figure in the Friends of Oswald Mosley group.

He is a member of an Army club in Pall Mall and regularly takes his fascist friends there after New Right meetings. Bedford-Turner was pushed out of New Right during the summer after Troy Southgate claimed that he was a security risk. Of course this is nonsense as Southgate had known of Jez’s army links for several years. Indeed, Bedford-Turner was questioned by police during a British People’s Party meeting in Paddington in July 2008 and later claimed that he was subsequently questioned by Military Police as a result. Rather, Southgate appears to have become jealous of Bedford-Turner’s growing prominence within the group and simply used his army links as an excuse.

Cast adrift, Bedford-Turner has now launched IONA, taking the name of a National Front affiliated group of the 1980s which was run by Richard Lawson. The first IONA meeting was held in August and was addressed by Jonathon Bowden, Dr Alexander Jacob and Prof Andrew Fraser. His next meeting was a month later was billed to be addressed by Bowden and Lady Michele Renoulf.

Bedford-Turner has also formed a close relationship with the Holocaust Denier, Bishop Richard Williamson.

After being denounced for his links with Military Intelligence Bedford-Turner recently claimed that he left the Army in August. Questions remain. If he is genuinely a right wing extremist then why did the British Army allow him to remain in post? If he was working for his employers then why did so many of Britain’s far right fascist leaders did not question his involvement earlier given that he has been boasting about his job since he first got involved?

Thanks to Nick Lowles at HOPE not Hate

Neo-Nazi group hoodwinks state into selling it mansion

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Officials in the former East Germany have been stung by revelations that they were hoodwinked into selling a listed 19th-century manor house to a neo-Nazi group which used a frontwoman posing as a practitioner of alternative medicine to complete the deal.

The disclosures in yesterday's Der Spiegel are a major embarrassment for the once communist state of Thuringia, which spends €2.6 million ($4.5 million) a year combating extremism in a region renowned for neo-Nazi politics and far-right violence. The neo-Nazi group plans to use the mansion as a centre for far-right extremists and Holocaust deniers.

Martina Renner, a spokeswoman for Thuringia's opposition Left Party, said the sale of the property was scandalous. "The state Government will have to explain how such a well-known building could be sold off to right-wing extremists without anyone realising what was going on," she said.

The manor in the small village of Guthmannshausen, 50km northeast of Weimar, is a neo-classical property containing a pillared banqueting hall, a sauna and numerous outbuildings. It was sold in May to a dubious neo-Nazi organisation called Gedachtnisstatte [Places of Remembrance], based in the western state of Lower Saxony. None of the officials involved realised that the buyer was a far-right group.

Yesterday, it emerged that Wolfram Schiedewitz, who is the president of Places of Remembrance, is an extremist with a track record of propagating pro-Nazi views and Holocaust denial which goes back two decades.

"We have finally found a new home," Schiedewitz declared in a message to his supporters. "We want to fill it with memory of our World War II civilians who were the victims of bombardment, expulsions and prison camps."

But experts said the group intended to set up a rallying point for the far right. The group's clandestine purchase fits a well-defined strategy which has enabled neo-Nazis to gradually increase their presence in the former communist East since Germany's reunification in 1990.

State security officials in Thuringia say the purchase of the house was most probably masterminded by a female neo-Nazi named only as "B". She posed as an alternative medicine practitioner and duped officials into believing she wanted to hold seminars in the building and rent it to other users.

However, the security officials, who insisted they were not consulted during the sale, said yesterday that "B" was not only a member of Places of Remembrance but also had close links to a Nazi group called the Society for Free Communication, the country's "largest far-right cultural organisation".


October 19, 2011

We expose vile racist biker as British leader of the Ku Klux Klan

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He tried to hide his identity behind the hideous hood of the Ku Klux Klan – but his tell-tale tattoos are visible for all to see.

This is Chris Hopgood, vile racist leader of a British wing of the white supremacists. In the first evidence of UK Klan activity in decades, the KKK Grand Dragon poses with other senior members of the sick organisation.

A Mirror investigation uncovered the snaps on a German extremist website, set up to lure new recruits to the infamous US-based hate group.

Hopgood, a tattooist living in Co Durham, proudly wears a Klan robe as he stands alongside another KKK Grand Dragon and the European White Knights of the Burning Cross Imperial Wizard. The same group staged a cross-burning ceremony in a field in Germany this year and posted a video of the disturbing spectacle on the internet.

Hopgood, 51, is also a supporter of Nick Griffin’s far-right British National Party and the English Defence League.

He believed he could hide under a Klan hood during secret meetings. But as our photos show, he fails to cover the word KLAN tattooed across the knuckles of his right hand. Also on view are his distinctive spider-web tattoos creeping over both his hands.

In photos we took of the bearded, heavy-set biker out walking in the old mining town of Easington Colliery, the same tattoos are clearly showing – proving he is the hooded Klan leader. The married dad, who has multiple piercings, including a bull-ring through his nose, also sports a Nazi symbol sewn into his leather biker’s vest.

The European White Knights bring together white supremacists in Europe and the US who believe in a racist and anti-Jewish creed called Christian Identity.


The group claims it is officially recognised by the original KKK in the US and is partnered with several other US groups – including the gay and black-hating Keltin Klan Kirk, whose masked leader is on YouTube preaching hatred in front of a swastika with an assault rifle.

The European White Knights claim to be ­represented in Britain, Germany, France, Greece, Austria, Switzerland and Sweden.

Butch-looking Hopgood ran a separate whiteknights-kkk.co.uk website, which was recently taken down, on which he denounced homosexuality as a “cancer that threatens our way of life”, and warned: “We are a threat for we will never lay down to the oppressors and enemies of our white race.”

He has several tattoos across his body, including his nickname “Hoppy” on the side of his shaved head, and his tag on social networking site Fubar is Hoppy Texas Wolves.

Hopgood has posted dozens of photos of himself on his bikes and posing with the Confederate flag – associated with Southern US heritage but also used by some as a symbol of slavery and racism.

Hopgood – who has spent time in Georgia, a US state with a huge KKK presence – shared a picture with friends on Fubar of a pregnant white woman and blonde child with the words “Love Your Race”.Underneath, he has written: “For our kids and grandkids”. Under Interests, he writes: “www.whiteknights-kkk.co.uk go visit worth a look.”

The Mirror has discovered the whiteknights-kkk.co.uk website was set up using Hopgood’s address in Easington Colliery.

New recruits were invited to join by filling out an application form – and confirming: “I believe in the segregation of the races.”

His Facebook profile picture is the symbol for the EDL Bikers, a section of the right-wing English Defence League.

And Hopgood, born in Aldershot, Hants, also trumpeted his support for Nick Griffin and the BNP on his personal site: “The BNP is a legally elected political party elected by the people of England and as such he has the rights of any other legal party to have his say on our behalf.”

Our investigator made contact with a Chris affiliated to the White Knights site, who claimed to be the KKK Grand Dragon of England.

In emails, he boasted he was recruiting new members and hoped to open KKK branches in Scotland and Wales.

On an online forum used by extremists, a Grand Dragon called Chris wrote: “Greetings brothers and sisters and blessings to you all. I am Chris Grand Dragon ‘European White Knights Of The Burning Cross’ England. It is such an honour to be welcomed so well... and to talk to so many great members of the KKK. It is a hard struggle to bring a united white brotherhood to England. But one that is worth it. I send respect to all brothers and sisters in all parts of the white nation.”

According to a German newspaper, the European White Knights of the Burning Cross have recently printed copies of the Klan bible, called the Klorane.German and English language versions have been distributed to members.


A video posted in February on their site shows 14 robed Klansmen burning a cross to stirring background music in Grabow, Germany.

They were all wearing gloves so it is not clear whether Hopgood took part in the ceremony.

One Klansman shouts in German: “White Power”. The group responds in chorus: “White Power.”

The arms of the men and women are then raised in a Hitler salute. An entry next to the video, written in German, signs off with: “Our life is for the cross. The cross is our life!...Become a member of our Brotherhood. Rev Imperial Wizard.”

Yesterday the Mirror paid Hopgood a visit but was told he was not home. Five minutes after we left, Hopgood called our reporter claiming he was not a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

When asked why he was dressed in a hood and the full Klan uniform, appearing in photos alongside KKK leaders from Europe, he claimed: “I do it for my personal jollies.”

Hopgood added: “I have no views on the KKK. The fact that I have my political views is known by 99.9% of my customers.

“One of the royals dressed as a Nazi stormtrooper, but that does not make him a Nazi. I am not a member of the Ku Klux Klan and I am not recruiting in England, Scotland or Wales.”

A spokesman for anti-extremist organization Hope Not Hate said he was shocked the KKK had a ­presence in the UK.

He declared: “It’s chilling to see the KKK bringing their message of hate to the heart of England.

“It shows how far the tentacles of international extremism have spread. This is why we must all remain vigilant to prevent racists getting a stranglehold on our ­communities.”

In 2009, the BNP demanded a former Klan leader be allowed into Britain.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith had put ex-KKK Grand Wizard Don Black on a blacklist of extremists but Mr Griffin urged her to let him in. He said: “The only people who can be kept out are those who inflict violence, which Don Black has not.”

But in 1981, Black had been found in possession of weapons and ammunition and was jailed for three years. And Griffin was photographed with the white supremacist in New Orleans in 2005 and Washington in 2006.

Daily Mirror

EDIT - EDL News have been having a dig around on Facebook looking for more evidence and have come up with this