July 30, 2011

Norwegian police hunt second man

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The Norwegian authorities are looking for a second man who claims to have co-owned the ‘eco-farm’ project that Anders Breivik used to collect the bomb making materials.

Searchlight can reveal that the man goes under the name Kristoffer Danielssen, is a nazi sympathiser and claims to be from Gothenburg in Sweden. His facebook page claimed that he was co-director of Geofarm Breivik and carried the same John Stuart Mills quote ("One person with belief is equal to the force of 10,000 who have only ideas.") as used by Breivik on twitter on 17 July.

He counts amongst the people who inspire him British fascist Oswald Mosley and Ferenc Szalasi, the leader of the National Socialist Arrow Cross party in Hungary during WW2, and the late Serbian paramilitary leader Arkan.

The authorities have considered that the name are just another smokescreen by Breivik himself but his facebook page was changed twice since the bombings and has subsequently been taken down. In the hours following the attack the Norwegian security police contacted their Swedish counterparts asking for help to locate Danielssen. Both are refusing to discuss this matter with the media.

On Thursday I posted that Breivik claimed that he lived in Sweden in late 2008 and was a member of a Swedish nazi internet forum in early 2009. This, along with his postings on numerous other far right and anti-Muslim websites, seem to suggest that he had more connections than previously thought. He might have carried out the bombing alone but he was clearly influenced and motivated by the far right and anti-Muslim propaganda he read.
Thanks to Nick Lowles at HOPE not HATE/Searchlight

July 29, 2011

Missing: the BNP’s 2010 accounts

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The British National Party has again failed to submit its accounts on time in contravention of electoral legislation. This is the fourth time the party faces fines for late accounts and news of it emerged just ten days after Clive Jefferson, the party treasurer, claimed in a document issued in support of Nick Griffin’s campaign to retain the party leadership that criticism of the BNP’s financial position was merely “black propaganda”.

This time, however, the BNP might face more than just the fines of £1,200 it usually pays for submitting accounts nearly six months after the deadline of 7 July. Announcing the absence of the 2010 accounts of the BNP and the Christian Party, the Electoral Commission said it was now “reviewing the circumstances of these cases” and that “late submission of accounts without reasonable excuse is a breach of party funding rules”.

It went on: “The Commission has a range of sanctions enabling it to deal with those who do not comply with the rules. These include issuing substantial fines and serving compliance notices requiring parties to take specific steps by a required date to ensure compliance with their obligations in future; where a party does not comply within the timescale set, they may face additional fines.

“When deciding what sanction is appropriate the Commission considers a range of factors including whether parties have failed to comply with their obligations in the past. Repeated non-compliance is an aggravating factor which can significantly increase the penalties issued.”

A fourth failure in five years, coupled with the fact that the 2009 and 2008 accounts when they did turn up contained material deficiencies, must surely attract the highest sanction.

Peter Wardle, Chief Executive of the Electoral Commission said: “The rules on party funding are intended to ensure that voters can see where political parties get their funding from, and how they spend it. The 2010 statements of accounts which we have published today help to provide transparency about the finances of the larger parties and their organisations, covering the period during which the campaigns for the 2010 UK general and local elections took place.

“The majority of parties and accounting units have complied with the law by submitting their accounts on time. However, despite the guidance and advice we offer to help parties comply with the law, two parties have yet again failed to provide accounts on time. This is not acceptable. We have commenced formal case reviews into the circumstances; if we are satisfied that the rules have been broken and the parties concerned do not have a reasonable excuse, we will use our new powers to impose sanctions in accordance with our published enforcement policy, to ensure future compliance with the law.”

Hypocritically, Jefferson had boasted about the party’s “financial transparency”. In an attempt to show that the BNP’s accounts were reliable, he explained that political parties with a turnover of more than £250,000 must have their accounts audited by an independent firm of chartered accountants before they are submitted to the Electoral Commission where they are “examined in minute detail … to ensure that the highest of standards and financial transparency are met”.

He added: “In previous years, the British National Party has had advice from the Electoral Commission and the Auditors, and, each time we have acted on advice, our system has become more robust and open.”

It is now very clear that the BNP’s accounting systems are far from “robust and open” and that he and the BNP are barefaced liars. Griffin had already secured election as party chairman for four years three days before the Electoral Commission’s announcement. The timing of the BNP’s leadership ballot is unlikely to have been accidental.

When Jefferson’s document and an accompanying Myth Busters leaflet, which claimed the BNP hardly had any debts, were published, we noted their silence on the 2010 accounts and concluded, correctly as it turned out, that it was business as usual for the BNP treasury department.

Jefferson ended his document by stating that the BNP intends “within the next few months” to publish its management accounts in a quarterly report to members and online. If its financial records are in such a dire state that it cannot even produce its annual accounts, Jefferson and the “retired chartered accountant” he says the BNP has employed are unlikely to be able to produce up-to-date management accounts, at least not accurate ones. That would Jefferson’s promise just another lie in support of Griffin’s campaign to stay in post despite all the disasters over which he has presided.

Thanks to Sonia Gable at HOPE not Hate/Searchlight

Mosque pork pest kept in jail

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A CHURCHGOER who left pork products outside a mosque during a hate campaign against Muslims has been put behind bars.

John White left rashers of bacon outside the religious building in South Shields and other such products outside worshippers’ homes in the town.

Newcastle Crown Court heard despite the distress caused to the members of the Jam-E-Masjid mosque, chairman Mohammed Miah has told police he bears no grudge.

Stuart Graham, defending White, said: “The chairman of the mosque has said everything has calmed down and they don’t wish him any ill. Something has triggered this, but they certainly don’t wish him any harm.”

Judge Christopher Prince said Mr Miah has shown “great humanity and sensitivity” in attitude and should be commended for taking the view he has.

But the judge said White, who lives near the mosque and has attended a church in the same street for more than 30 years, must be kept in custody until he is sentenced in September.

White, of Homestall Close, South Shields, had been caught on CCTV carrying out the hate attacks in January and confessed what he had done when he was arrested.

But when his case got to court, he falsely claimed the police had somehow forced him to wrongly confess and pleaded not guilty.

White was due to be tried by a jury yesterday, but before the hearing started he informed his lawyers he would be changing his plea, and admitted five charges of religiously aggravated harassment, alarm or distress.

Judge Prince told White: “This is very disturbing. You have committed offences that amount to a campaign that demonstrated hostility towards Muslims. Such foul discrimination is offensive to all right-minded people, regardless of their religious beliefs.”

Stuart Graham, defending, said White has sought help with his mental health for many years and psychiatric evidence may be a feature of mitigation that could result in a non-custodial sentence.

Mr Graham asked that White’s bail be renewed as there has been no further trouble since the incidents, which seem to have been sparked by a falling out against one particular individual, rather than Muslims in general.

Mr Graham said the offences were “stupid acts” and White had associated with Muslims for many years without difficulty, adding: “The risk of damage to the public is incredibly small.”

But the Judge refused and told White: “It appears to me there is a substantial risk. You are, at the moment, in a volatile and unpredictable state of mind and it seems to me, if you are suffering from a psychiatric disorder, it would be rash of me to release you back into the community when there continues a risk you might behave in this way or launch into another campaign.”

The court heard a huge police investigation was launched when the mosque, a well-established part of the South Shields community, became a target.

It had been feared the offensive acts were being committed by an organised group rather than an individual.

But prosecutor Tom Moran told the court: “Thankfully, it was nipped in the bud as police caught him quickly.It has not led to other problems.”

Shields Gazette

BNP - treading on egg shells.

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Anybody who has followed the fortunes of the BNP knows they are a dangerous beast when wounded (and full of dangerous beasts) and they should never be discounted.
With their adept leadership, political nouse and intelligent steering of the party they have ended up in a magnificent position that I am sure has left people staring in wonderment.
The sickening, deplorable and beyond comprehension events of last Friday has - rightly - overshadowed what has been an astonishing week within the BNP.
The BNP Leadership Election result that must have scared the shit out of Griffin when he found out he had won by 9 votes. The fallout is going to be spectacular whichever way it goes.

The loss of yet another councillor (Martyn Findley) which takes them down to 9 or 10 out of a possible 22500 ish. My maths is shite and I'm happy to be corrected.

Trafalgar Club bank statement.

The annual event of the accounts not going in on time

The sudden joining of Britain First by the Scottish BNP organiser Gary Raikes and many other things that would usually keep us occupied.

I think it shows the state of the BNP more clearly than anything else that even I'm getting to the point of pity. It's like pissing on a drowning kitten.
London BNP are one of the few bright sparks left for Griffin (in his head) to reignite the fire. Their new organiser stood for election yesterday in Enfield and helped unroll a new campaign that even included expelled members.
Claudia Dalgleish
Steve Squire would like to extend his warm thanks to all the members and activists to helped him in his By-election. You have made us both proud to be members of the British National Party. Your unending support and hard work has made the BNP a household name in Enfield. Thank you.

A household name to 61 voters. The quiet revolution continues.

On a more serious note LU would like to say thank you to News Hound and many other people who have sent stuff through as anon, as either info or stories. I've had a lot of spam and shite to wade through and even though it's not the most graphic, evil or utterly revolting thing LU has received this week it is the one pissed me off the most.

Anonymous said...
I was really upset when i heard he shot young innocent kids.Then i found out they were marxist youths and laughed my arse off.No remorse here as if you lot would care if it was young BNP members killed.

If I ever needed a mental kick up the arse that provided it.

Cheers John P

July 28, 2011

Swimming in the sea of hate: Breivik’s far right links

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Norwegian far-right terrorist Anders Breivik once offered his personal feelings on the state of the world during a series of postings on several far right and anti-Muslim websites, including Stormfront, Gates of Vienna, enationalist and Nordisk.

In a posting on Stormfront in 2008, Breivik described it as “ironic” that in his words, “the only three racially pure countries in the world are Japan, Korea and Taiwan”. He then went on to give a breakdown on the racial and ethnic make up of several European countries, a piece of work he says took “25 hours to create/research”.

Breivik made his postings on the British section of the forum in October of 2008, claiming that he was living in Sweden and was writing a book “about the Islamification of Europe and how to cope with these upcoming problems”.

Stormfront is the world’s most important white supremacist internet forum used by neo-Nazis from across the globe. It is run by Don Black, a hardline neo-Nazi and a former KKK Grand Wizard and member of the US Nazi Party.

Complaining that the right wing in Europe and the US was “fractured”, Breivik wrote about how he hoped the various groups “can try and reach a consensus regarding the issue” which he saw as being the “Islamification of Europe/US”. He wanted these united groups to “overthrow the governments which support multiculturalism”.

Recommending a series of groups he hopes can deal with “60 MILLION Muslims in western and Eastern Europe” he also claims that Britain or Denmark will be the first western countries to face “civil war due to Muslim immigration”.

Unsurprisingly, these views are not too dissimilar to those of BNP leader Nick Griffin who has often claimed that there will be a “civil war” in this country as a result of a conflict between Muslims and non-Muslims. Breivik then links to a series of far-right websites, mainly BNP ones that he approves of, including the blogsite of the BNP’s former deputy and current press officer Simon Darby.

Breivik also posted on the anti-Muslim Gates of Vienna blogsite, again in the autumn of 2008. In them he takes to task leading anti-Muslim bloggers, such as Fjordman, who is quoted extensively in Breivik’s manifesto and is a supporter of the EDL. Breivik agrees with their critique of Islam and its threat to Western Europe but he believes that their suggested solutions are not enough to save the West. Addressing Fjordman’s view that immigration into Europe should be halted, Breivik writes: “anti-immigration laws/closed borders will only delay a Muslim takeover at best. Even in areas with a poor living standards/weak economies (like Kosovo was) they will outbreed non-muslims. It will only take them a few more decades.”

Instead, he calls for the forced deportation of those Muslims already here and criticises leading anti-Muslim bloggers, such as Dr. Pipes, Fjordman, Bat Ye’or, as they were “scared to propagate a conservative revolution and armed resistance”.

He added: “Why haven’t you or any of the other current authors on the Eurabia related issues/Islamisation of Europe (Fjordman, Spencer, Ye`or, Bostom etc.) brought up the “D” word? I assume because it is considered a fascist method in nature, which would undermine your/their work? Why would it undermine their efforts when it is the only rational conclusion, based on the above argument? As far as I know, it’s not illegal in Europe to suggest deportation as a future method when discussing future hypothetical World Orders (correct me if im wrong though, Im not 100% sure, lol)!?”

He made a similar criticism in his 1,500 manifesto: “The reason why authors on the Eurabia related issues/Islamisation of Europe - Fjordman, Spencer, Ye’or, Bostom etc. aren’t actively discussing deportation is because the method is considered too extreme (and thus would damage their reputational shields). This would un-doubtfully undermine their work and probably disallowing them to publish any future books. However, the warning about Islam has been repeated for more than two decades and it is apparent that 40 more years of dialogue, without action, would have a devastating effect on Europe. If these authors are to scared to propagate a conservative revolution and armed resistance then other authors will have to.”

Several of the anti-Muslim bloggers referenced by Breivik in his postings and in his manifesto have supported the EDL. These include Fjordman, Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch blog), Edward S May (Gates of Vienna) and Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs). As recently as 19 July, just three days before the massacre in Norway, an article written by Fjordman appeared on the EDL website. He ended it by writing: “I see brave people, ordinary men and women, who after years of humiliation and degradation are finally sick and tired of having to watch evil groups and organizations from other parts of the world being allowed to colonize their country and destroy their freedom, with barely a peep of protest from the local authorities. From that perspective, the EDL represents the only good news to come out of the repressive and dysfunctional country known as modern Britain in years. The organization has even inspired similar groups in other parts of Western Europe.

“I don’t know what the EDL will amount to in the future, but right now it represents potential and hope. That’s why I support the efforts of the EDL, and that’s why you should do so, too.”

In 2009, Breivik also registered as a member of Nordisk (Nordic), which has more than 22,000, mainly Scandinavian, members. Discussions on the forum range from White Noise music (Nazi / skinhead music) to political strategies for obliterating democracy.

Nordisk (Nordic) was launched in 2007 and was a rapid hit with nationalists in Sweden. Members span from high-ranking members of the Sweden Democrats, a nationalist party with seats in the Swedish parliament to leading members of the nazi movement and to unhinged psychopaths. What unites the whole lot is a hatred of immigration and immigrants. Subjects are generally discussed in a racist manner and have included discussions about the book The Turner Diaries, a novel that has served as a terrorist manual, was labelled the “terrorist bible” by the FBI and served as a direct inspiration for the Oklahoma bombing of 1995 in which 168 people were slaughtered. Nordisk is described as a portal “themed with Nordic identity, culture and tradition”. The forum was established by the Nordiska Förbundet (Nordic League) organisation, founded in 2004 by members of the right-wing extremist National Democrats and the hardcore nazi Swedish Resistance Movement.

Some of its members openly incite violence. In March 2010, for example, an anonymous user wrote: “Cars parked next to large buildings with fertilizer + diesel give a nice blast. Skyscrapers go down like the World Trade Centre towers. I haven’t said anything about killing. You'll hope the buildings are empty, and if not so, too bad...I don’t understand why people don’t realise that we have to wage war. The top politicians in government, who live in nice areas a long away from the immigrant threat, have decided that “wogs” can come here and live on our soil. In our society. Take advantage of what our forefathers have built up for us. In my world, nothing you do to these monsters is immoral.”

The language of the far-right is the language of hate. In the modern internet age people are less likely to join organisations but instead flit between groups, causes and campaigns with a much looser affiliation. This is what Breivik appears to have done. It is clear he read, digested and disseminated information on a wide range of neo-nazi, nationalist and anti-Muslim forums. Breivik went down a terrorist path but he shared a common ideology and hatred with the likes of the BNP and EDL.

Thanks to Nick Lowles at HOPE not Hate/Searchlight

Norway shooting: Anders Breivik sent 'manifesto' to supporters of BNP, English Defence League and Combat 18

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Supporters of the BNP, the English Defence League and Combat 18 were among the recipients of Anders Breivik's 1,500-page manifesto which he emailed to contacts 90 minutes before he began his murderous spree.

The Daily Telegraph has learned at least 250 British-based contacts were sent Breivik's manifesto, in which he explains his extensive links to far-right groups in the UK, less than two hours before he killed 76 people in Norway's worst terrorist atrocity.

Already it has emerged that Breivik had made online contact with members of the English Defence League (EDL), chatting to members on Facebook and posting on the group's official website under an assumed name.

Now the Daily Telegraph has obtained a list of 1,003 email addresses which Breivik sent his manifesto to. The document was sent at 2.08pm Norwegian time on Friday, shortly before the bomb in Oslo was detonated at about 3.30pm.

While many of the addresses do not give away the identity of the recipient, some hint at membership or support of far-Right groups in the UK.

Three addresses include reference to the British National Party, while one is addressed to Combat 18, the neo-Nazi organisation. Individuals linked to the EDL are also included.
Daryl Hobson, the EDL supporter who claimed on Facebook that Breivik had attended an EDL demonstration in the UK in 2010, is on the list.

The document is also emailed to a C Donnellan. Clive Donnellan is an EDL supporter who has also spoken of his support for the BNP.

Many of the addresses contain clear right-wing references. Some include the number 88. Column 88 was a UK-based neo-nazi organisation.

The manifesto is also sent to a group calling itself the East Midlands National Alliance.

The list has been forwarded to the police by Tanguys Veys, a Belgian MP for the far-right, anti-Muslim Vlaams-Belang party. Mr Veys is on the list of recipients as are a numbers of his party activists.

Yesterday he said he was surprised to be on the list, adding: "I was connected with a terrorist act and I didn't want to be connected with a terrorist act."

Scotland Yard is believed to have been handed a copy of the list. It is thought that the force will examine whether any of the recipients had links with Breivik.

There is no suggestion that any of the British-based recipients knew Breivik or had any contact with him prior to receiving his manifesto unsolicited.

But in the document he claimed to have 600 EDL supporters as friends on Facebook.

Recently it emerged that he had posted on the group's official website earlier this year where he was told he would be welcome to attend a demonstration in Britain.

One EDL supporter said that Breivik, 32, had attended a demo in support of far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders in London in March 2010. Breivik's solicitor confirmed that he had visited London in the past.

Stephen Lennon, the EDL leader, said the group had no association with Breivik.

Daily Telegraph

BNP councillor in Nuneaton quits to become independent

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THE only British National Party member on Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council has defected from the party and declared himself an Independent.

Martyn Findley will no longer represent Barpool ward under the BNP banner but will continue to serve as a councillor until the next election in May 2012.

Explaining his decision, he said: “The BNP has gone backwards.

"I have been involved with the party for more than a decade but the progression has come to a halt and it is not something I could tolerate.

“The decision to quit is something I have been considering for some time.

“I feel I need to be honest, although I will not let my consituents down and will continue to work hard for them.”

Coun Findley was one of two BNP candidates to be elected onto the council three years ago.

His colleague, Darren Hayward resigned in 2009 and his seat in Camp Hill was regained by Labour in a by-election.

He said: “I have not been head-hunted or approached by any other party and will stay on as an Independent councillor for Barpool.

"I have left the BNP as a point of principle and I have not decided what to do about standing again next year.”

Coun Findley now becomes the third Independent sitting on the borough council, following the resignations from the opposition Tory party last year of John Ison and Tom Wilson.

Coventry Telegraph

July 27, 2011

BNP - the disastrous war of the roses

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A ferocious "war of the roses" over the leadership of the far-right British National Party has left it badly split and potentially mortally wounded.

Nick Griffin squeaked home by just nine votes in this week's national ballot of party members to retain the chairmanship he has held since 1999.

Griffin, who sits as Member of the European Parliament for the North West region, faced a strong challenge from the other side of the Pennines.

His only rival in the contest was the party's other MEP - Yorkshire and the Humber's Andrew Brons.

"Probably, this was the worst mandate the Chairman could win," Brons wrote to his supporters on his BNP Ideas website shortly after the result was announced.

"In effect, the party is split from head to toe and there remain grave questions of doubt over the fitness of many existing officers of the party to exercise control over its operations."

It is a far cry from the high point of the 2009 European Parliamentary elections when Griffin and Brons shocked the political establishment by mustering enough popular support to take the party's first seats in a UK national election.

Their European seats were both won by the narrowest of margins, but it raised expectations that the self-proclaimed defenders of the "British indigenous population" could be on the verge of further breakthroughs.

Griffin defiant

Instead, Griffin's disastrous appearance on the BBC's Question Time a few months later and an embarrassing result in the 2010 general election has led to vicious infighting which could yet see the BNP implode.

In his own statement issued shortly after the election Nick Griffin said: "The time for division and disruption is over; now is the time to heal. Now is the time to move on. Now is the time to get back to work.

"We have a party to build and a nation to save. Let us go forward together!"

Griffin's rallying call might be too late.

In an online video election webcast recorded at the start of the campaign, Andrew Brons said members and activists had been voting with their feet for at least and year and leaving the party.

'Civil war'

At one stage he claimed a third of the membership and two thirds of its activists had left because of what he called Griffin's "unnecessary civil war" to stifle opposition.

The BNP has always been cagey about its total membership but this election for its national leader reveals just how small it has become. The number of ballot papers returned was just 2,316.

In fact, across every council in Yorkshire, the party could muster just 50 candidates at the 2011 elections earlier this year. Not a single one mustered enough votes to become a councillor.

The nightmare is not over for Nick Griffin or the BNP.

In his latest blog "Reply to Dissatisfied Supporters" Andrew Brons issues a clear warning: "If the leadership wants peace, he can have peace and we can get on with work that will contribute towards our substantive aims.

"If on the other hand if he were to choose war, he would meet an equal and opposite force."

BBC News

Ban London march by far-Right extremists linked to killer, say MPs

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The Government was today urged to ban a far-Right demonstration by the group praised by Norwegian killer Anders Breivik.

The English Defence League is planning an anti-Islam protest in September in Tower Hamlets.

The Standard yesterday revealed links between the EDL and Breivik, who was in contact with members of the group in the days before Friday's bombing and shooting spree in which 76 people were killed. Breivik was told he would be welcome at the EDL's protests and replied: "You're a blessing to all in Europe".

EDL march organisers have released an online message to members calling on them to take "our message into the heart of militant Islam within our own country".

The message continues: "The last two years of demonstrations could arguably have been dress rehearsals for this one. We will go where we want, when we want." MPs and activists today called on the Government to investigate the EDL's links to violent extremism.

Poplar and Limehouse MP Jim Fitzpatrick said: "Any thinking person is going to be worried that someone like Breivik has been in touch with the EDL. The march will affect public order. It's better if the EDL didn't come to the East End. They should keep out."

Nick Lowles, of anti-fascist organisation Searchlight, said: "It is inconceivable after the events of the weekend and the evidence of links between Breivik and the EDL that the planned march through Tower Hamlets can proceed… We call on the Home Office to ban this provocative demonstration."

A Met spokeswoman said they were aware the EDL planned to stage a national march on 3 September and another in Waltham Forest on 30 July. She said that "appropriate and proportionate policing plans will be in place" and there were no plans to ask for the event to be banned.

A millionaire computer engineer who has admitted funding the EDL today appeared to confirm the existence of the Knights Templar group described by Breivik in the manifesto he emailed to contacts shortly before the killings. Breivik claimed to have attended a meeting of the Knights Templar in London in April 2002. In a posting on his forum Alan Lake, 45, distanced himself from Breivik but says there were "attempts" to involve him in the Knights Templar, which he resisted.
London Evening Standard


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Over the past few of days alleged EDL member Daryl Hobson's name has been mentioned in various media outlets in connection to claims that the Norwegian terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik, met members of the English Defence League and visited the UK in 2010 to take part in EDL demonstrations.

Viewers of last night's (Mondays) BBC flagship programme "Newsnight" will have seen EDL leader Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) tell the interviewer Jeremy Paxman, that he (Lennon), did not know who Daryl Hobson was and that Hobson was merely a "random" member of the EDL's Facebook group.

Lennon made a number of other claims that the BBC decided not to challenge.

Well, pictured above is a photograph of Lennon with the Hobson himself. Yes, the "random" and allegedly unknown to Lennon, Daryl Hobson.

Lennon is reported to be charging sections of the media £50 for an interview. Let's hope it is on a sale or return agreement. Based on this evidence, he is selling faulty merchandise.


Thanks to Nick Lowles at Searchlight/HOPE not Hate

July 26, 2011

Breivik online activity suggests EDL contact in 2009

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Anders Breivik made internet contact with the EDL just months before carrying out his killing spree. In other online postings, he claims to have had discussions with members as long ago as 2009.

Channel 4 News has also learned that:

• Breivik posted anti-Muslim messages on the German Defence League's website in February

• Breivik claimed Norwegian police had taken down his NDL website in the same month and placed him and others on a "danger list"

• Large sections of his manifesto were made up of comments posted on a politics website two years ago

• One of the chilling comments on the politics website reads: 'It is children... who end up as victims'

The news that Breivik was in contact with the EDL earlier this year comes as the group's leader retracted a denial that the group had ever had contact with the man behind the killing of at least 76 people in a bomb blast and a series of shootings in Norway on Friday.

Stephen Lennon said: "It could turn out that one of our members met with him but at this point we're not turning anything up."

Anti-fascist organisation Searchlight has trawled through the English Defence League's online forums and claims that Breivik used the pseudonym "Sigurd Jorsalfare", a 12th century King of Norway who led one of the Crusades, when he exchanged messages of support with members in March.

Breivik's introductory message reads: "Hello to you all good English men and women, just wanted to say that you're a blessing to all in Europe, in these dark times all of Europe are looking to you in surch (sic) of inspiration, courage and even hope that we might turn this evil trend with islamisation all across our continent. Well, just wanted to say keep up the good work it's good to see others that care about their country and heritage."

The post received positive replies from three EDL members, one of whom exchanged messages with Breivik about the perceived problems facing both countries.

The 32-year-old admitted that he had been in England in the past few years, sarcastically noting that "me and a friend walked down to the football stadium of Bradford, real 'nice' neighborhood, same thing in the suburbs of London".

Breivik then added that he was planning to travel to Britain to attend an EDL demo, saying "(it would be) nice with a Norwegian flag alongside with union jack or the English flag… it's our common struggle against the islamofacists (sic)."

And days before, Breivik was also active on the German Defence League's forum, Channel 4 News has discovered.
gdl breivik

Using the same moniker, he wrote "...For anyone who might be intrested (sic) in our common struggle but further north, our site is http://norwegiandefenceleague.wordpress.com/...keep fighting on, we cannot surrender Europe to these crazy islamists..."

The NDL has distanced itself from Breivik but had not responded to a request for a comment about the comments at the time of publication.

Perhaps the most concerning claims made in Breivik's postings on the Defence Leagues' sites is that Norwegian police shut down the NDL website and blacklisted its members.

"I was (a member) but the site has been put down now…there was to be a demo in Oslo on the 26 of February, but after the police security service put us on the 'danger-list' the internet site was sadly shut down," he wrote in a post.

It has also emerged that much of Breivik’s near-1,500-page anti-Muslim manifesto was a compilation of comments he had posted between 2009-10 on a Norwegian political website.

"It is often the children of the boundless(ly) naive and Marxist kids who end up as victims," he wrote on Document.no in 2009, asking like-minded people to contact him on his email address "year2083", the title of his manifesto.

Breivik's manifesto claim that he had discussed strategies with EDL members also appears on the site in a post left in 2009, suggesting a longer association than previously reported.

On Monday, Channel 4 News revealed the extent of the EDL's influence over the NDL. In March, Hel Gower, a leading figure in the EDL hierarchy, posted a comment on the NDL's Facebook page, saying her group had ruled on problems caused by the latter's leadership vacuum and appointed an interim head.

There are currently about 50 police officers from around Europe assigned to a specialist unit in The Hague attempting to piece together Breivik's links to far-right groups in the UK and the continent.

Channel 4 News

Anders Behring Breivik was in contact with the EDL

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Searchlight Press Release

Anders Behring Breivik was in contact with the EDL, supported their aims and was involved in the Norwegian Defence League, Searchlight can reveal.

Only months before he went on his murderous killing spree he exchanged several messages with EDL supporters using his internet pseudonym Sigurd Jorsalfare, the name of the 12th century King of Norway who led one of the Crusades.

In one message on the EDL forum, dated 9 March 2011, he wrote:

“Hello. To you all good English men and women, just wanted to say that you're a blessing to all in Europe, in these dark times all of Europe are looking to you in surch of inspiration, courage and even hope that we might turn this evil trend with islamisation all across our continent. Well, just wanted to say keep up the good work it's good to see others that care about their country and heritage. All the best to you all Sigurd”

Asked by EDL supporters if he was active in the Norwegian Defence League, Breivik replied:

“I was but, the site has been put down now. There was to be a demo in Oslo on the 26 of February but after the police security service put us on the "danger-list" the the internet site was sadly shut down.”

He went on to describe his hatred of society in Norway and specifically picked out the Norwegian Labour Party for his criticism.

“The biggest problem in norway is that there is no real free press, there is a left-wing angle on all the political topics so most people are going around like idiots. And offcourse with our norwegian labour party beeing in power for most of the last 50 years dont help. but i i think there is an awakening now atleast i hope so. Do some of you know the truth about what happened to the ndl, there was some clames that neo-nazis had hijacked the organisation, but on the ndl site i cant really say i noticed anything like that. So may guess is that there were some kind of police pressure to stop the movement. Anyone here heard anything?”

In another posting he attacked the British society and expressed his interest in joining an EDL demonstration:

“i've seen with my own eyes what has happened to england, i was in bradford some years ago, me and a friend walked down to the football stadium of bradford, real "nice" neighborhood, same thing in the suburbs of london. well thinking about taking a little trip over the sea and join you in a demo. would be nice with a norwegian flag alongside with union jack or the english flag, that is if a norwegian would be welcome offcourse?”

This message appears to confirm the rumour that Breivik once lived in the UK. His father was a diplomat and is believed to have been based in London for some time.

Breivik was told by EDL supporters that he would be most welcome, to which he replied:

“I hoped so:) it's our common struggle against the islamofacists.”

EDL supporters were keen to have his support. An EDL forum member, username ‘Concerned’, replied: ‘Bravo sigurd admire your views and courage. no surrender and welcome.”

Breivik then went quiet. A few days later he shut down his facebook site, went offline and began the final countdown to his killing spree.


Breivik was Facebook friends with dozens of EDL supporters and even some BNP members.

Norwegian Defence League

Anders Behring Breivik was a supporter of the Norwegian Defence League and was known to Ronny Alte, from Tensberg, who created a NDL Facebook group with some friends. The group gathered more than 500 members, including convicted nazis and exiled Russians belonging to the banned Slavic Union.

One of the Russians is Vjoteslav Datsik, who walked into an Oslo police station in 2010 and applied for political asylum while waving a handgun. Datsik is in custody awaiting extradition to Russia, where he is wanted by the police after absconding from a mental hospital.

The group's reputation was tarnished publically after the involvement of these nazis was revealed, but despite claiming they had been expelled Alte had difficulty explaining why his group still included Datsik, as well as the convicted nazi bank robber Werner Holm and violent nazis such as Johnny "Light" Olsen", Morten Andre Serensen and Dariusz Arnesen, all previously connected with the now defunct Norwegian 'Blood and Honour' network.

Ronny Alte, who knew Breivik under the name Sigurd Jorsalfare, remains one of the administrators of the Norwegian Defence League sites.

In his internet exchanges with the EDL, Breivik makes it clear that he did not believe that there was any nazi involvement in the NDL despite the clear evidence to the contrary.

British links to the NDL

The English Defence League has close links with the NDL. The NDL facebook site is administered by Jeff Marsh, a leading EDL organiser and football hooligan. Marsh was once given a two-year prison sentence for stabbing two Manchester United fans.

In April 2011 the NDL held a demonstration in Oslo. Speaking at the event was Tower Hamlets-based EDL activist Darren Lee Marsh. Marsh has been a steward on EDL demos and is close to the EDL youth leader Joel Titus. He also claims to be a member of UKIP. Marsh’s facebook friends include several EDL organisers, including Jack Smith (the London EDL organiser), Paul Prodromou (aka Pitt) (the Essex EDL organiser), and Guramit Singh, who was the EDL’s press officer until recently.

Shared ideology

In addition to their contact, Breivik and the EDL both share the same ideology and worldview. There are numerous references in Breivik’s 1,500 page book and internet postings to Fjordman, a Norwegian anti-Muslim blogger and writer. Fjordman is a strong supporter of the EDL and an acquaintance of Alan Lake, the Christian Fundamentalist who helped set up and funded the EDL.

Breivik is also influenced by other anti-Muslim bloggers and websites, several of which openly back the EDL. These bloggers and websites push the idea that Western Europe is under threat from Islam and that unless drastic action is taken we will be taken over by militant Islam.

EDL and violence

The EDL claim to be a peaceful organisation but its actions and views of its supporters prove otherwise. Here is a selection of comments made by leading EDL supporters in recent weeks:

Dave Davis: “Ratkoa Mladic is our friend. He killed 8,000 Muslims.”

Bill Baker: “know [sic] we need to kill or be killed and no mercy for anyone once it kicks off. Die or leave is the only choice they should have.”

Bill Baker: “If our Government won’t act against Islam and terrorism then we must arm and protect ourselves.”

North West Infidels: “East Belfast is up in flames, our loyalist brothers certainly know how to riot. Imagine [if] we could that against militant Islam.”

Roger Firth: “Something has to happen mate (and I don’t give a shit if the old bill are clocking this). For too long we have let ourselves be penned, while this scum do as they please, patriots being arrested, well today was the final straw, time to get violent.”

Many thanks to Searchlight

July 25, 2011

BNP Leadership Election Result

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It's gone to a recount.

This from their Facebook page
A re-count of votes is currently underway in the Party leadership election. More news as it happens!

From what I can gather there is less than 10 votes in it.

Nick Griffin, received 1157 votes, whilst Andrew Brons, the loser, received 1148 votes

Now that is what I call a split.

My maths is pretty crap but I get the result percentages as:-

(1157 / 2316) * 100 = 49.9568221% for Griffin

(1148 / 2316) * 100 = 49.5682211% for Brons

(11 / 2316) * 100 = 0.474956822 spoilt votes.

Apologies for crap maths, I only got a CSE.

EDL influence over Breivik-linked group revealed

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The Norwegian anti-Muslim group that terrorist Anders Behring Breivik claimed to have co-founded is connected with its English counterpart, online postings reveal.

Breivik, the man behind the killing of at least 76 people in a bomb blast in Oslo and a series of shootings at a youth camp on the nearby island of Utoya on Friday, notes that he is affiliated with the Norwegian Defence League (NDL) in his near-1,500-page manifesto posted on the internet hours before carrying out the atrocities.

The Christian fundamentalist also mentions his ties with the far-right English Defence League throughout the writings, revealing that that he had been "impressed" by the group, which campaigns against what it sees as the spread of Islam and Sharia Law in Britain.

In a manifesto titled 2083, Breivik writes: "I used to have more than 600 EDL members as Facebook friends and have spoken with tens of EDL members and leaders. In fact; I was one of the individuals who supplied them with processed ideological material (including rhetorical strategies) in the very beginning."

As far as I’m concerned I'd be happy to execute people who try to spread Sharia law. EDL financier Alan Lake

He also attended two EDL rallies in Britain last year in west London and Newcastle, according to unconfirmed reports.

An EDL member appeared to corroborate's Breivik presence at the demo when he posted the following online: "[B]ar one or two doubt the rest of us ever met him, altho he did come over for one of our demo in 2010 … but what he did was wrong."

But Breivik is not the sole link between the EDL and the NDL. It appears the latter pulls the strings of its Nordic counterpart.

In March, Hel Gower, a leading figure in the EDL heirarchy, posted a comment on the NDL's Facebook page, saying his group had ruled on problems caused by the latter's leadership vacuum and appointed an interim head.

"For the time being and up untill (sic) the planned election of new leadership on the 9th of April, Haavar Krane of SION will function as the officially recognised spokesman and leader of the Norwegian Defence League endorsed by the EDL," Mr Gower wrote.

He added that under Mr Krane's direction, the NDL should seek approval from the EDL on all leadership matters.

EDL financier spoke on Norwegian TV

That the NDL is apparently answerable to its English equivalent sheds greater light on the EDL's sphere of influence. But the group has been pushing its message outside of Britain for some time.

EDL's chief financier, Alan Lake, travelled to Malmo in Sweden in September, 2009, where he talked about how best to form anti-Islamic groups in the image of the EDL.

And in April, Mr Lake was interviewed on Norwegian TV, saying he would execute people who believed in Sharia law.

"I call them seditious. They are seeking the overthrow of the state. They're not respecting that which protects the state. As far as I'm concerned I'd be happy to execute people like that," he told TV2.

He added: "It doesn't look good for certain countries in Europe, certainly those with smaller populations. I suspect its going to take the loss of a few countries to wake other people up."

Cameron calls for terrorism review

The apparent links between Breivik and the EDL have prompted the Metropolitan Police to start an investigation, and Prime Minister David Cameron said he will review Britain's own security following the attacks.

In the aftermath of Friday's attacks in Norway, anti-extremist campaign groups and think tanks in Britain have also called on the UK Government to formally classify the EDL as a far-right organisation rather than a legitimate political entity.

The EDL had denied any link to Breivik.

A statement on the EDL website read: "We can categorically state that there has never been any official contact between him and the EDL, our Facebook page had 100,000 supporters and receives tens of thousands of comments each day.

"And there is no evidence that Brievik was ever one of those 100,000 supporters. Even so, anyone who expresses any extremist beliefs of any kind, be it white supremacist, Christian fundamentalist or Islamic extremists, they all get banned from the site."

The NDL also distanced itself from Breivik. Its statement read: "It is with disbelief and sadness that we have received news of the tragedy at the government building and on the island.

"Our goal has always been to provide information about the conflict between Western values and Islam. Violence and terror is the means…we firmly reject."

Thanks to Channel 4 News and everybody who has sent the article in

The Reality of Right-Wing Nationalism Hits Norway

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75 years ago this October, my grandfather, the son of Jewish immigrants to London's poor East End, took to the streets with thousands of others to stop the ultra-nationalist British Union of Fascists from marching through a largely Jewish area.
The event turned into a pitched battle, with Oswald Mosley's fascists and the Metropolitan Police on one side, and locals, Jews, Irish, socialists and communists on the other. The fight (which became known as the Battle of Cable Street) ended with victory for the anti-fascist side, with the fascists and police beaten off the streets.

Following the Holocaust, Fascism became a dirty word, but Nationalists have continually tried to detoxify their brand and reinstate themselves into the mainstream. Mosley returned in the 1950s, this time labelling black immigrants, rather than Jews and Irish, as the main "threat" to the "British way of life". In the late-60s, Conservative MP Enoch Powell became famous for predicting that mass immigration would lead to "rivers of blood". Through the 70s, right-wing nationalism and street-thuggery rose in the form of the National Front, but the movement was resisted on the streets, and finally dissolved in the early-80s as a new, multicultural music scene brought young black and white people together socially. By the 90s, nationalism seemed to be a thing of the past, but the 9/11 attacks gave the racist right a chance to re-brand as an anti-Islam force. Nearly ten years on, and we can see that the "Islam is a threat" message has worked its way from fascist meeting rooms into the political mainstream-right in Europe and the US.

Gradually, the anti-Islam message has morphed back into a more traditional anti-immigration message, being amplified by the right-wing tabloid press here (and Fox News in the US). The nationalist, anti-immigration message isn't easy to sell; it relies on persuading people that the past (or rather, an imaginary, idyllic past) is being replaced by a more dangerous future as immigrants join their society. Prior to 9/11 it seemed that the Western World had moved beyond irrational fear of foreigners, and that society's liberal tendencies had prevailed; but we soon learned that race hate and xenophobia weren't far beneath the surface; that US and European society had changed less since the 1940s than we'd convinced ourselves.

When the drum of fear and hate is being pounded consistently, the infection will naturally spread. For most fear-infected morons, the outlet of Twitter or a blog is enough. But it's inevitable that angry or mentally-disturbed individuals like Anders Behring Breivik will become infected too, and violence will follow, as it did last Friday in Norway. Breivik's choice of target, the mainstream, liberal Norwegian Labour Party, was a natural one for anyone understanding the history of European nationalism. He chose a multicultural youth camp, something designed to ease racial tensions in Norway, but also proof (in Breivik's confused world view) that evil forces were trying to dilute Norway's racial and cultural past into something new and alien.

Whether Breivik acted alone, it can be stated with certainty that he was influenced by master-manipulators of the nationalist movement. It's already been established from his own blog (English translation provided by @Dilmunite) that he admired the far-right English Defence League; according to many EDL Facebook posts, Breivik had many EDL Facebook friends, and attended an EDL rally in the UK in 2010. I'd recommend following @BanTheEDL and @EverythingEDL on Twitter for a collection of evidence linking group members with Breivik.

Another key Breivik influencer was someone I've often mentioned: Pamela Geller, a self-appointed "defender" of America against "creeping Islamification". Pamela spent the weekend tweeting new myths distancing herself from the terrorist, for her army of moron followers to disseminate.

In my Twitter feed, I've long watched morons large and small disseminate misinformation about Islam, Muslims and immigration. Their purpose was to spread enough hatred widely enough that sooner or later someone would take action, and set a chain of violence underway. It looks as though they found a new disciple (though not their first - right-wing terror plots have long been of concern, especially in the US), and no doubt other "white heroes" are watching and contemplating whether to follow Breivik's example (as was clearly his intention).

Western governments now need to decide whether Islamaphobic lies and smears equate to hate speech, and whether to prosecute the most virulent of these liars. The shock following the Norway attacks will quickly pass, and lack of action against armchair-nationalist morons by governments will result in more confidence in the nationalist movements, and inevitably more violence.

Many thanks to Moron Watch for this article.

EDL founder Stephen Lennon 'led fans' in fight in Luton

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The founder of the English Defence League led a group of football fans into a street fight, a court has heard.

Stephen Lennon, 28, led Luton Town supporters and chanted "EDL" as they clashed with Newport County fans in Luton, it was alleged.

Luton Magistrates' Court heard that Lennon, of Luton, was "egging on" and "upping the ante" as the two sets of fans fought on 24 August last year.

Lennon denies using threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour.

The court was told he had been at the front of the group of Luton Town fans and gesticulated "come on then" at his opponents.

The case continues.

BBC News

Searchlight statement

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There is a story running on BBC News 24 claiming that we are saying that there is no link between Breivik and the EDL. I have no idea where the BBC got this claim from but it wasn't from us. We know of some links. We've just released this statement to the media.

"The anti-fascist group Searchlight are appalled at the atrocities that occurred on Friday in Norway and have today launched an online book of condolence. Anders Behring Breivik clearly has some links with UK extremist groups and over the next days, weeks and months the details of these will emerge.

Searchlight has found some links between Breivik and the British far right and will be revealing these shortly.

The events in Oslo and Utoeya Island demonstrate how dangerous far right extremism is and that we must all continue to be vigilant in the fight between against extremism of all forms.

"Searchlight welcome the Government's renewed focus on right wing extremism and hope that they and the Police will start to take organisations like the EDL seriously. In particular we urge the authorities to classify the EDL as a far right extremist group, something which it is not doing at present."

Thanks to Nick Lowles at Searchlight/HOPE not Hate

You can sign the book of condolences here

July 24, 2011

Norway gunman claims a London connection and links to the EDL

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Breivik's 1,500-page manifesto details links with far-right groups, but EDL issues statement condemning the attacks

The 1,500-page manifesto written by Anders Behring Breivik. He claims links with far-right groups, including the English Defence League.
Anders Behring Breivik, the man behind the Norway killings that left 93 people dead, began his journey in extremist rightwing politics at a small meeting in London in 2002, according to his online manifesto, and may have attended a far right demonstration in the UK as recently as last year.

In a 1,467-page document that contains chilling details of his preparations for Friday's attacks, Breivik outlines his UK links, claiming he met eight other extremists from across Europe in London in 2002 to "re-form" the Knights Templar Europe – a group whose purpose was "to seize political and military control of western European countries and implement a cultural conservative political agenda".

The manifesto, signed "Andrew Berwick London 2011", contains repeated references to his links to the UK far right group the English Defence League. On Sunday there were unconfirmed reports from one of the organisation's supporters that the 32-year-old had attended at least one EDL demonstration in the UK in 2010.

"[B]ar one or two doubt the rest of us ever met him, altho he did come over for one of our demo in 2010 … but what he did was wrong," said an EDL member online.

In the manifesto titled 2083: A European Declaration of Independence, Breivik writes: "I used to have more than 600 EDL members as Facebook friends and have spoken with tens of EDL members and leaders. In fact; I was one of the individuals who supplied them with processed ideological material (including rhetorical strategies) in the very beginning."

The EDL – which has staged a series of street demonstrations, many of which have turned violent, since it was formed two years ago – issued a statement on Sunday condemning the attacks in Norway. It added that the league was a peaceful organisation which rejected all forms of extremism.

"There has never been any official contact between him and the EDL, our Facebook page had 100,000 supporters and receives tens of thousands of comments each day," it added. "And there is no evidence that Breivik was ever one of those 100,000 supporters."

The group pointed out that Breivik was critical of the EDL in the "manifesto", describing it as "dangerously naive".

Another UK-based organisation, Stop Islamisation of Europe , told Reuters that Breivik had tried to join their Facebook group but had been rejected over his apparent neo-Nazi links. However, they said it was possible he had attended one of its demonstrations.

Emblazoned with a red Iron Cross and published in English, the manifesto appeared online a few hours before the attacks. It appears to be a mixture of bomb-making manual, diary and political rant against a range of perceived enemies from "cultural Marxists" to Muslims, liberals and journalists.

It includes an detailed diary covering the 82 days leading up to the attacks which reveals Breivik's mood swings, his attempts to make explosives on a remote farm and even his favourite DVDs.

On the day he was to kill 93 people Breivik wrote: "The old saying; 'If you want something done, then do it yourself' is as relevant now as it was then." A few hours later he added: "I believe this will be my last entry. It is now Fri July 22nd, 12.51." Berwick signed off "AB Justiciar Knight Commander, cell 8, Knights Templar Europe."

The document details Breivik's isolated life on the farm as he carried out meticulous preparations for the attack, testing explosives and obtaining weapons.

It reveals an obsession with the Crusades and a supposed threat to Christian Europe posed by Muslim immigrants and mainstream political leaders. Breivik predicts a European civil war will take place in three stages, ending in 2083 with the execution of "cultural Marxists" and the deportation of all Muslims.

Friday's attack was being planned for at least 18 months, according to the document. Breivik expresses concern that preparations for the attack and the manifesto would alert the security services.

"I do fear sometimes that my endeavours relating to the research of the book, and acquisitions of these addresses has resulted in me being put on various watch lists," an entry dated March 2010 reads. "The question is; have they flagged me? I guess I will find out eventually."

In one section Breivik argues that is better to kill civilians than those who would offer more resistance, writing: "It is much more rational and pragmatical to focus on the easier unprotected targets instead of sacrificing good men on an impossible target … we should target unprotected category A and B traitors first and foremost."

He goes on to outline plans for a possible attack on a gathering of investigative journalists which he says is one of the "most attractive" potential targets.

"To illustrate; in Norway, there is an annual gathering … where the most notable journalists/editors from all the nations media/news companies attend (500 delegates - 98% of them are considered 'quality category B traitor targets'."

He sets out a detailed plan for a car or lorry bomb "covered with layers of projectiles for maximum damage" followed by an attack with rifles and flame throwers.

Breivik advocates attacks on traitors across Europe. "[W]e should under normal (optimal) circumstances not exceed (per 2010) aprox. 45 000 dead and 1 million wounded cultural Marxists/multiculturalists in Western Europe."

Anti-racist groups in the UK said they were not aware of the Knights Templar Europe and cautioned that Breivik may have made up some or all of the details.

The Guardian

Reclassify the EDL

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Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to learn any lessons of the appalling events in Norway to ensure that this country is "more secure against horrific outrageous like this".

He could make a start by ordering the Home Office to reclassify the English Defence League. Despite the violence and racial hatred whipped up by this street gang the authorities refuse to label the group as "far-right extremists". As a result the police do not monitor the group like they do dozens of Muslim organisations and take little interest in its activities. One police officer who has responsibility for monitoring extremists recently told us that the EDL was only an issue when it had a knock-on effect on Islamist extremist groups.

With evidence pointing to Anders Breivik's admiration for the EDL and an increasingly militant tone being taken by EDL units across Britain, surely it is time for the authorities finally to take this threat seriously.

I'll be writing more about this shortly but let's hope it doesn't take an atrocity for the authorities finally to act against the EDL.

Thanks to Nick Lowles at HOPE not Hate/Searchlight

July 23, 2011

Norway attacks: Utøya gunman boasted of links to UK far right

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Anders Brehing Breivik took part in online discussions with members of the EDL and other anti-Islamic groups
Anders Brehing Breivik, the man accused of the murder of at least 91 Norwegians in a twin bomb and gun massacre, boasted online about his discussions with the far right English Defence League and other anti-Islamic European organisations.

The Norwegian prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg, said Norwegian officials were working with foreign intelligence agencies to see if there was any international involvement in the slaughter. "We have running contact with other countries' intelligence services," he said.

Breivik was arrested on Utøya island where he shot and killed at least 84 people, mostly teenagers, at a youth summer camp for supporters of Norway's Labour Party after bombing Oslo's government district just hours before.Dressed as a policeman, he ordered the teenagers to gather round him before opening fire on them. Survivors described how dozens of people were mown down. Edvard Fornes, 16, described how the gunman told the youths, "Don't be shy," and, "Come and play with me," before executing them. "There were two kids lying, hiding, in a ditch saying, 'please, please don't shoot us,' and he shot them."

Another youth, Ida Knudsen, 16, said she had been in a group of 100 who had initially ran from the killer, but that was reduced to around 60 as the gunman pursued them. Eventually she was one of 12 who climbed into a boat and escaped.

With the entire island a crime scene, officers were still combing the shoreline on Saturday and boats were searching the water for more bodies amid fears the toll could rise further. The police were continuing to investigate whether there had been a second gunman on the island.

The disclosure of Breivik's claimed links with other far right organisations came as details emerged about the rightwing Christian fundamentalist and freemason behind Norway's worst post-war act of violence.

It was revealed that the 32-year-old former member of the country's conservative Progress Party – who had become ever more extreme in his hatred of Muslims, left wingers and the country's political establishment – had ordered six tonnes of fertiliser in May to be used in the bombing. While police continued to interrogate Breivik, who was charged with the mass killings, evidence of his increasingly far right world view emerged from an article he had posted on several Scandinavian websites, including Nordisk – a site frequented by neo-Nazis, far right radicals and Islamophobes since 2009.

The Norwegian daily VG quoted one of Breivik's friends saying that he had become a rightwing extremist in his late 20s and was now a strong opponent of multi-culturalism, expressing strong nationalistic views in online debates.

Breivik had talked admiringly about conversations he had had with unnamed English Defence League members and the organisation Stop the Islamification of Europe over the success of provocative street actions leading to violence.

"I have on some occasions had discussions with SIOE and EDL and recommended them to use certain strategies," he wrote two years ago.

"The tactics of the EDL are now to 'lure' an overreaction from the Jihad Youth/Extreme-Marxists, something they have succeeded in doing several times already." Contacted about the allegation by email by last night the EDL had not answered.

The latest disclosures came as the Norwegian prime minister Jens Stoltenberg flew by helicopter to a hotel in the town of Sundvollen – close to the island of Utøya – where many survivors were taken and where relatives converged to reunite with their loved ones or to identify their dead.

"A whole world is thinking of them," Stoltenberg said, his voice cracking with emotion. He said the twin attacks made Friday the deadliest day in peacetime Norway. "This is beyond comprehension. It's a nightmare. It's a nightmare for those who have been killed, for their mothers and fathers, family and friends," he said.

Buildings around the capital lowered their flags to half-staff. People streamed to Oslo cathedral to light candles and lay flowers; outside, mourners began building a makeshift altar from dug-up cobblestones. On Saturday the Queen wrote to Norway's King Harald to offer her condolences and express her shock and sadness.

Breivik's Facebook page was blocked, but a cached version describes a conservative Christian from Oslo. The profile veers between references to lofty political philosophers and gory popular films, television shows and video games. The account appears to have been set up on 17 July. The site lists no "friends" or social connections.
The Guardian

What Motivates Lone Wolves?

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Various media are currently reporting that a 'lone wolf' perpetrator of terrorism in Norway, who has so far killed upwards of 90 people (mainly youths), MAY be linked to far right/neo-Nazi/fundamentalist Christian groups, and hold anti-Muslim views. The attacks have left more casualties than 7/7.

I've just published an alleged list of internet posts by the shooter, Anders Behring Breivik. These reveal he was particularly concerned about the impact of immigration, multiculturalism and Muslims/Islam. They also suggest he held a high view of the anti-Islam English Defence League (EDL) and was influenced by a broader narrative across Europe that has been adopted by the far right. Rather than focus on the importance of race and ethnicity, this narrative frames opposition to minority groups such as Muslims along the lines of culture.

Seen from one perspective, the attacks by alone wolf are surprising. In recent years, the attention of security services across Europe has focused heavily on preventing al-Qaeda (or 'AQ') inspired acts of terrorism. In fact, I was told only recently by a member of the security services in Britain that the threat of violence from ultra right-wing groups is only minor when set against their AQ and Northern Irish counterparts. Perhaps for these reasons, many early commentators were quick to associate the Oslo attacks with this form of extremism.

Seen from another perspective, however, for several reasons the attacks in Oslo are not that surprising. First, both Norway and Sweden have had a relatively active neo-Nazi scene for years. Indeed, this is not the first example of right-wing violence in Oslo. Second, recent years have seen growing support across Scandinavia for right-wing movements and their ideas, most noticeably in Sweden where the anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim Sweden Democrats (SD) recently entered the national parliament. Third, this trend of rising support for the right-wing has been taking place across the continent more generally, arguably producing a more receptive climate for right-wing ideas and activists. And fourth, with much attention focusing on alternative forms of extremism, it might well be the case that increased space was created for the lesser studied and understood right-wing groups.

In fact, analysts have long predicted that members of more ultra-violent right-wing groups may resort to 'direct action' methods. In our study of extremism that was published last year, we warned of the dangers of 'cumulative extremism', namely when one form of extremism (e.g. far right) responds violently to the rise of another form of extremism (e.g. violent Islamism). An example might include an activist bombing a Mosque in response to the 'threat' posed by growing Muslim populations, and then AQ-inspired groups retaliating. In Britain, we have not seen this process since Northern Ireland.

I also only recently finished reviewing an academic study of al-Qaeda (AQ) inspired terrorism that predicted how the 'next wave' of terrorism in Europe will come not from Islamists but ultra-violent far right groups, partly as a backlash against immigration, rising ethno-cultural diversity and AQ-inspired terrorism. The attacks in Oslo have a clear political motivation, being directed toward youth representatives of the political mainstream. It may turn out to be the case that the perpetrator did not feel that the main parties were responding adequately to broader threats.

Nor is the threat from lone wolves restricted to Norway and Scandinavia. Two years ago, anti-terrorism officers in Britain warned of the growing threat from lone wolf activists. This was underscored by the case of Robert Cottage who was convicted after being found stockpiling chemical explosives. And before him the attack by David Copeland - 'the London Nailbomber' - who sought to trigger race war by targeting members of Bengali and homosexual communities. The broader threat of lone wolf terror is also underscored by the fact that, prior to 9/11, the most destructive attack on American soil was perpetrated by Timothy McVeigh, a right-wing activist, not Islamists.

What potential motives might be at work?

I spent almost four years interviewing activists on the far right, many of whom had no direct association with violence. However, within the far right there is unquestionably a culture of violence that is reflected in several core narratives: the belief that members of the in-group are embroiled in a 'survivalist struggle' and that their ethnic or religious group is facing threat of extinction because of immigration and rising diversity; the belief in the need to take urgent and radical action to defend the group from these wider threats; and a sense of moral obligation to take this action on behalf of their children and grandchildren. These motives provide followers with compelling reasons not only to join fundamentalist groups, but also to take direct action on their behalf.

Based on this research, I suspect that when Breivik's motivations become clear we will be hearing a lot about threats in Norwegian society: the threat of multiculturalism, the threat posed by the presence and growth of Muslim communities, and the need to take radical action against the inefficacious mainstream parties (particularly the Labour Party). Like the activists who I interviewed, the posts left by Breivik also reveal an obsession with demographic statistics: the growth of minority communities and differential birth rates across different groups. This is often used as a justification for taking urgent, and radical action.

Clearly, other motives might be at work, for example a conspiratorial outlook that traces changes like immigration or the emergence of Islamist terror to mysterious elite groups or 'corrupt' mainstream parties. This might lead perpetrators to target mainstream parties (or their youth wings) and international organizations like the United Nations. Foremost, however, it is a belief that the wider community (whether ethnic, religious, etc.) is under threat that leads some individuals toward the far right. The source of this perceived threat may vary: AQ terror, settled Muslim communities, immigration or supranational organizations (e.g. the EU).

Many thanks to Matthew Goodwin for permission to republish this article

Luton mosque attacked by vandals

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A LUTON mosque had its windows smashed and graffiti sprayed on its walls by vandals in the early hours of this morning.

Police were called to a mosque in Oak Road, Bury Park, shortly before 5am following a report of criminal damage.

Scenes of Crime Officers have attended the building and house to house enquiries have been undertaken.

Police are continuing to investigate who was responsible for the criminal damage and why.

Anyone with information about this incident should contact officers, in confidence, on 01234 841212, send a text to 07786 200011 or telephone Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Luton Today

EDIT - Socialist Worker have published an article about this which you can read here
Thanks to Newshound and others for the heads up.

Police: Oslo bomb, camp shootings domestic terror

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A home-grown terrorist set off an explosion that ripped open buildings in the heart of Norway's government Friday, then went to a summer camp dressed as a police officer and gunned down youths as they ran and even swam for their lives, police said Friday.

The attacks killed at least 16 people in this peaceful nation's worst violence since World War II.

A police official said the 32-year-old ethnic Norwegian suspect arrested at the camp on Utoya island appears to have acted alone in both attacks, and that "it seems like that this is not linked to any international terrorist organizations at all." The official spoke on condition of anonymity because that information had not been officially released by Norway's police.

"It seems it's not Islamic-terror related," the official said. "This seems like a madman's work."

The official said the attack "is probably more Norway's Oklahoma City than it is Norway's World Trade Center." Domestic terrorists carried out the 1995 attack on a federal building in Oklahoma City, while foreign terrorists were responsible for the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

The official added, however, "it's still just hours since the incident happened. And the investigation is going on with all available resources."

At the youth camp, where the prime minister had been scheduled to speak Saturday, a 15-year-old camper named Elise said she heard gunshots, but then saw a police officer and thought she was safe. Then he started shooting people right before her eyes.

"I saw many dead people," said Elise, whose father, Vidar Myhre, didn't want her to disclose her last name. "He first shot people on the island. Afterward he started shooting people in the water."

Elise said she hid behind the same rock that the killer was standing on. "I could hear his breathing from the top of the rock," she said.

She said it was impossible to say how many minutes passed while she was waiting for him to stop.

The shootings occurred after the bombing in Oslo, Norway's capital and the city where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded. The police official who spoke on condition of anonymity said there was at least one unexploded device at the youth camp, and that a police bomb disposal team was working on disarming it with support from military experts.

The Oslo blast left a square covered in twisted metal, shattered glass and documents expelled from surrounding buildings in a dust-fogged scene that reminded one visitor from New York of Sept. 11.

Ian Dutton, who was in a nearby hotel, said people "just covered in rubble" were walking through "a fog of debris."

"It wasn't any sort of a panic," he said, "It was really just people in disbelief and shock, especially in a such as safe and open country as Norway. You don't even think something like that is possible."

Police said seven people died in the Oslo blast, and another 9 or 10 people were killed at the camp, which was organized by the youth wing of the ruling Labor Party. Rescuers were to search to blast wreckage through the night for more victims, and Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said police fear there could be more victims at the camp as well.

Elise, the young camper, said she believes she saw more than 10 people killed.

Acting national Police Chief Sveinung Sponheim said a man was arrested in the shooting, and the suspect had been observed in Oslo before the explosion there. Police did not immediately say how much time elapsed between the bombing and the attack at Utoya, about 20 miles (35 kilometers) northwest, but reports of the shooting began appearing on Twitter about two and a half hours after the bombing.

Sponheim said the camp shooter "wore a sweater with a police sign on it. I can confirm that he wasn't a police employee and never has been."

Aerial images broadcast by Norway's TV2 showed members of a SWAT team dressed in black arriving at the island in boats and running up the dock. Behind them, people who stripped down to their underwear swam away from the island toward shore, some using flotation devices.

Sponheim said police were still trying to get an overview of the camp shooting and could not say whether there was more than one shooter. He said several people were injured but he could not comment on their conditions.

In Oslo, most of the windows in the 20-floor high-rise where Stoltenberg and his administration work were shattered. Other buildings damaged house government offices and the headquarters of some of Norway's leading newspapers.

Oslo University Hospital said 12 people were admitted for treatment following the Utoya shooting, and 11 people were taken there from the explosion in Oslo. The hospital asked people to donate blood.

Stoltenberg, who was home when the blast occurred and was not harmed, visited injured people at the hospital late Friday. Earlier he decried what he called "a cowardly attack on young innocent civilians."

"I have message to those who attacked us," he said. "It's a message from all of Norway: You will not destroy our democracy and our commitment to a better world."

Sponheim would not give any details about the identity or nationality of the suspect, who was being interrogated by police.

Stoltenberg said "we don't want to speculate" on whether a terror group is responsible, and said some groups may take responsibility "to appear to be more important than they are."

The attacks formed the deadliest day of terror in Western Europe since the 2005 London bombings, which killed 52 people.

Police said the Oslo explosion occurred at 3:30 p.m. (1330 GMT) and was caused by "one or more" bombs.

Public broadcaster NRK showed video of a blackened car lying on its side amid the debris. An AP reporter who was in the office of Norwegian news agency NTB said the building shook from the blast and all employees were evacuated. Down in the street, he saw one person with a bleeding leg being led away from the area.

An AP reporter headed to Utoya was turned away by police before reaching the lake that surrounds the island, as eight ambulances with sirens blaring entered the area. Police blocked off roads leading to the lake.

Emilie Bersaas, identified by Sky News television as one of the youths on the island, said she ran inside a school building and hid under a bed when the shooting started.

"At one point the shooting was very, very close (to) the building, I think actually it actually hit the building one time, and the people in the next room screamed very loud," she said.

"I laid under the bed for two hours and then the police smashed a window and came in," Bersaas said. "It seems kind of unreal, especially in Norway. This is not something that could happen here."

One of the youths at the camp, Niclas Tokerud, stayed in touch with his sister through the attack through text messages.

"He sent me a text saying 'there's been gunshots. I am scared (expletive). But I am hiding and safe. I love you,'" said Nadia Tokerud, a 25-year-old graphic designer in Hokksund, Norway.

As he boarded a boat from the island after the danger had passed he sent one more text: "I'm safe."

The United States, European Union, NATO and the U.K., all quickly condemned the bombing, which Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague called "horrific" and NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen deemed a "heinous act."

"It's a reminder that the entire international community has a stake in preventing this kind of terror from occurring," President Barack Obama said.

Obama extended his condolences to Norway's people and offered U.S. assistance with the investigation. He said he remembered how warmly Norwegians treated him in Oslo when he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.

Nobel Peace Prize Chairman Thorbjorn Jagland said it appeared the camp attack "was intended to hurt young citizens who actively engage in our democratic and political society. But we must not be intimidated. We need to work for freedom and democracy every day."

Norway has been grappling with a homegrown terror plot linked to al-Qaida. Two suspects are in jail awaiting charges.

Last week, a Norwegian prosecutor filed terror charges against an Iraqi-born cleric for threatening Norwegian politicians with death if he is deported from the Scandinavian country. The indictment centered on statements that Mullah Krekar — the founder of the Kurdish Islamist group Ansar al-Islam — made to various news media, including American network NBC.

Terrorism has also been a concern in neighboring Denmark since an uproar over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad six years ago. Danish authorities say they have foiled several terror plots linked to the 2005 newspaper cartoons that triggered protests in Muslim countries. Last month, a Danish appeals court on Wednesday sentenced a Somali man to 10 years in prison for breaking into the home of the cartoonist.

Many intelligence analysts said they had never heard of Helpers of Global Jihad, which took initial credit. Ansar al-Islam also took credit on some jihadist web sites.

The Guardian

July 21, 2011

Facebook - It's Nothing But Trouble - Part One

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So said the ex Sheffield BNP organiser Jordan Pont a few hours ago on Facebook in reply to a comment by Fess Traynor.
has jordan pont resigned his position and membership he deleted the thread. and in boxed me saying it may be a good time to do both. however didn't confirm any of this. I'm baffled. I better check on the LU website they will know all about Jordans intentions

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Well Fess, you are really going to be surprised about what we know about Jordan's intentions.
These quotes are from the screengrab

Jordan Pont Oh hi there, heard some things was being said bout me while I had been off so thought would come back on to sort some things out. Firstly what I do has nothing to do with anyone, wether I defect to another party or not. Secondly I happend to believe in the 14 words but the question is do you? Cause it looks like the BNP no longer do. Thirdly and final, if you have any problems regarding me then I suggest you contact D Cooke or A Walker.

Jordan Pont I know it don't but the BNP is doing nothing in Sheffield, infact Sheffield has rejected the BNP basicly. NF are on the rise again you know that and everyone else should know that, also wont be long untill they are active in Sheffield!!! But I have to come off facebook as it's nothing but trouble.

So Pont is off to join the NF.
It's not really a surprise to anybody who has checked out his Facebook profile since he was suspended from his job, he added National Socialism and the NF in his likes and we always knew he was a Nazi. The suspension and eventual sacking allowed his more Nazi beliefs to be able to come out.
One thing I'm sure Pont is not aware of is the fact that he has been having long and very detailed sex chats with a friend of mine who openly admitted to him that she was mixed race.

Jordan Pont
i know i'm a young lad but a big man ;);) lo

haha i take your word for it

Jordan Pont
haha so how old are you while were on the subject

never ask a lady that question
hey ho...good job i am no lady
i am 37

Jordan Pont
i know how it works
but making convo
and 37 you dont look a day over 30 from your pics

no i seemed to have aged well? my dad is really young looking
but dark
must be the mixed race in me lol

Jordan Pont
lol nothing wrong we that

i got a little worried seeing your BNP pictures hehe

Jordan Pont
haha hey i'm just fighting to stop muslim extremeists thats all

Now this happened just a couple of days before Pont decided that the populace of Sheffield and South Yorkshire his needed to hear his ill informed, racist and laughable rant on the Toby Foster Radio Show on Radio Sheffield.
Luckily when his world started falling apart he had a "sexy new friend" he could chat to.

you must have some things you like? come on i should get some sleep soon...give me something to look forward to

Jordan Pont
hmm like to be whipped
haha bit of bondage

good job i kept my horse crop x

Jordan Pont
oooh hope you got a saddle x

Well, a BNP member who likes to be whipped and a bit of bondage. Not that unusual within the BNP I suppose. Let's move on a couple of days.
Noit finished yet....start again at 2 am. I need some of your dirty talk to keep me going! xxxx

Jordan Pont
haha what kind of dirty talk, fancy a golden shower

always, would that be before or after ass to mouth

Jordan Pont
oooh will have to be after unless you want it before aswell

if i let you do that....what do i get in return handsome?

Jordan Pont
anything you want, i am your sex slave
well in that case i would like to push my tongue inside you if thats ok...and you would not freak out at that
it would like to show you what your body is able to do with the correct touch

Jordan Pont
nope anything you want

so how about we start with my vibrator in me and i let you watch that?
but you would have to play with yourself so i keep stimulated

Jordan Pont
hmmm i was thinking you bite my balls first lol

tell me what else you like
things you may not have ever done but always wanted

Jordan Pont
golden shower is on me list

tell me more
you on me or me on you?

Jordan Pont
i like both, i like to be on top but also like you on top

have you ever been really dirty?
and if so how far can i go?
without scaring you lol
your taking your time here jordon....you playing with yourself? starting without me is not allowed!

Oh dear, a BNP organiser of a major city, a person who Searchlight themselves labeled as a rising star within the BNP offering himself as a sex slave to a mixed race woman whom he has never met.
The NF are going to love that.

This is part one,

I have full permission from the person who conducted the chat with Pont over the last few weeks to publish it.
I have edited chunks out but I have permission to publish the entire PDF or Jpegs with "Friend"s name blocked out and it can all be backed up with screengrabs taken over the last few weeks.


I see that Pont has put up a statement on the British Democracy Forum with his reponse to this article.
A while ago I was added by someone on Facebook, a girl local to me, didn't think much of it at the time to be honest.

We got chatting, as you do, but something just wasn't quite right, the chat quickly started to turn sexual which instantly started ringing alarm bells, as did the regular references to the BNP.

An article appeared on Searchlight about me, which was round about the same time the chatting started, then a screenshot of a Facebook status appeared on Lancs Unity about me being sacked from my job and things sort of started coming together. A plan was hatched.

I knew that it was this girl, I just didn't know how to prove it. So I decided to do something, that in hindsight was a bit stupid, but ultimately meant I got my proof.

That is where this conversation came from, I knew that if she was setting me up, this would be too juicy for her to let go. She didn't actually tell me about the half caste thing until about a week after when the chats died right down, that's probably why this has come out now.

I do admit it was stupid, but I found out what I needed to about who was passing on this stuff and that makes it worth it to me.

Unsurprisingly Pont is lying as usual.

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I will add the other 12 pages when I get chance. These are the final 4 messages from the chat log from today and Tuesday.