September 30, 2011

Car Trouble?

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Nick Griffin doesn't have a lot of luck when it comes to motor cars does he?

We reported recently of his beloved Skoda being seized by High Court enforcement officers who were attempting to collect some of the large amounts of cash the BNP owes its creditors and former employees.

We also remember his ill fated second hand car business "Affordable Cars" a BNP funded company advertised in the BNP newspaper "Voice of Freedom" where Griffin sold rusting Japanese jalopies to the unsuspecting public and pocketed the profits despite promising BNP members a share of the loot.The Griffin get rich quick scheme was quickly dumped following complaints from very unhappy BNP officials.

And now it seems his car jinx has continued as he has allegedly had a serious car accident in France.

It appears that Griffins car was hit by a lorry,smashing the car into the central reservation and caused the car to spin and roll over and narrowly missed a large concrete block.

Only minor injuries have been reported.

Hope not hate

UKIP: the BNP in suits?

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This article was submitted by one of our readers, Roddy Newman. We welcome any contributions from our supporters (as long as those contributions conform to the law and are in reasonably good taste). Please send your articles to us via email.

Many BNP voters are now turning to UKIP, because they do not like what they have heard about the BNP's fascism, and because they are unaware that leading UKIP figures themselveshave fascist links, which were discussed by then Labour MEP Richard Corbett in this article (PDF download) about UKIP. The fascist links include an unofficial pact between the BNP and UKIP which the BNP has now admitted to the existence of.

Richard Corbett's article also pointed out that the UKIP leadership refused to condemn a letter bomb campaign against MEP's from other parties, and said they could understand the reasons for the campaign.

Furthermore, since Corbett's 2004 article, UKIP MEP Geoffrey Bloom, who is a climate change denier, has praised the French Secret Service's 1985 terrorist bombing of the Greenpeace "Rainbow Warrior" ship, as this BBC News article reveals:

As leading UKIP figures have fascist links, and think terrorism is OK, it is clear that UKIP is not a normal democratic political party. In other Western European countries it would be viewed in the same light as their far-right parties in fact, as the BNP are so extreme by the standards of other Western European nations, that their far-right politicians refused to form a formal group with the BNP in the European Parliament, because they said they would be badly damaged in the eyes of their countries' voters if they did. For example, Belgium's Flemish Appeal was badly damaged after their then deputy leader questioned the size of the Holocaust.

By contrast, as Britain has, overall, by far the lowest quality newspapers in Western Europe, because so many British people prefer reading celebrity gossip to reading about news, Nick Griffin's past Holocaust denial has not been as big a political issue, and many BNP voters have as a result taken until recently to find out that the BNP is a fascist party which pretends not to be.

So, as many BNP voters are now turning to UKIP, anti-fascist activists ought to be aware that the fascism linked, pro-terrorism UKIP could become the main party of British fascism in the future, and that the far more fascism-linked, and far more pro-terrorism BNP could become a much smaller fringe party like today's NF.

I showed in this 2009 article, "The BNP and terrorism", that the BNP have more terrorist links than possibly any other fascist party on the planet, and showed in another 2009 article, that the BNP leader was an admirer of a now dead American fascist party leader who openly advocated killing all of the world's billions of non-white people and Jews, and machine-gunning feminists and anti-racists. Not even UKIP can compete with the BNP in the terrorism and fascism stakes.

EDL to Counter Protest 'Rising Against Islamophobia'

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The English Defence League's Newcastle Division are set to protest at an event which aims to bring awareness to increasing Islamophobia.

Ever disillusioned EDL supporters appear to be tying up with the BNP in Newcastle upon Tyne. In a meeting hosted by Nick Griffin at High Lane Social Club in Hebburn last week, more than 50% of the attendees were EDL according to Hope not Hate.

The event on the 29th October is being supported by Unison, Northern Public Services Alliance, Coalition of Resistance, Stop the War Coalition, Show Racism the Red Card, Enough Coalition Against Islamophobia, Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC), writer and broadcaster Yvonne Ridley, councillor Dipu Ahad and more.

The EDL's event page stated:
'As we will not be having speakers, or require a designated area to hold our counter protest I can confirm there will be no police liason and nor will there be a need for EDL stewards.

Muster points will be released at a later date or contact your division for more details.'
This delightful exchange between Darren Lewis and North East regional co-ordinator, Alan Spence was spotted on the EDL's Facebook event wall.

EDL News

Liverpool BBC Question Time focus of rival BNP and SWP demos

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Anti-BNP protestors at Liverpool yesterday
Right wing extremists from the British National Party staged a noisy demo and exchanged insults with counter-demonstrators in protest by the Socialist Worker's Party.

The scenes came outside an arts and leisure centre in Liverpool where an edition of BBC Question Time was recorded. Demonstrators were kept apart by ranks of police and contained in separate areas outside an art and leisure centre in the city.

Tory housing minister Grant Shapps joined the debate with fellow panelists Labour's former Europe minister Caroline Flint MP, Janet Street-Porter, Lib Dem Tim Farron and newspaper columnist Peter Oborne. The debate was held at the Contemporary Urban Centre, in Greenland Street, on the last day of the five-day Labour Party Conference in Liverpool.

The BNP, who were mainly from Walkden and County Durham, staged the demo in protest at the decision not to invite its leader and North West MEP Nick Griffin to join the debate. Organiser Adam Walker, 42, from County Durham, used a loud speaker to make his feelings about the BBC known. He said: "A Freedom of Information request revealed to us the BBC is full of child rapists, paedophiles and murderers".

When challenged about who exactly he meant, he said "Leslie Dennis". It is thought Mr Walker meant former EastEnders actor Leslie Grantham who served 10 years in prison for killing a German taxi-driver.

Some BNP protesters were hostile to the press, swearing at journalists until they moved away to the other side of the anti-protesting side of the police barricade. During the slanging match between the two sides, one right-wing extremist told a black protester: "Africa is that way".

Children skating and riding their BMX's on the newly paved New Bird urban skate park looked on. One 14 year-old from Toxteth said: "It's disgusting what they're doing. They're racist."

Merseyside Police also became the target for one protester during the heated exchanges, who refused to give his name. He shouted: "Scum of the streets; racist just like the police," before being moved away from the demo which passed-off without any arrests.

Thomas Jenkins, 55, from Liverpool said: "I think the BNP are a spent force. Nick Griffin is trying to bolster his image in Liverpool but I don't know why. We certainly don't want them on the streets of Liverpool."

Click Liverpool

September 29, 2011

EDL leader Stephen Lennon convicted of assault

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The leader of the English Defence League (EDL) has been convicted of assault after headbutting a member of his group during a rally in Blackburn.

Stephen Lennon, 28, goaded his followers during a rally attended by 2,000 EDL members in April, Preston Magistrates' Court heard.

He verbally abused Alan McKee, 33, before attacking him.

Lennon who denied common assault, was found guilty of the charge. Sentencing was adjourned to 3 November.

The bench heard Mr Lennon launched a tirade against Mr McKee, calling him a "degenerate mug", before trouble broke out.

Mr McKnee was pulled from the crowd for his safety. But he later confronted Mr Lennon about his speech, the court was told.

Lennon, who was surrounded by his own security guards and EDL stewards, then stepped forward and headbutted Mr McKee.
Probation report

The EDL leader, of Luton, denied assault and said he had not targeted Mr McKee during his speech.

Lennon said the man he targeted was another man who he said was part of an EDL splinter group, the North East Infidels, intent on causing trouble.

The court heard from two police officers who told the court they were on hand when the incident happened and they clearly saw Lennon headbutt Mr McKee.

After a day-long trial, District Judge Peter Ward said that he believed the police officers and convicted Lennon of common assault.

The judge said he wanted a probation report on Lennon before passing sentence.

He said: "I don't think one can rule out a custodial sentence, but at the same time I'm keeping it open in light of the report and what is said to the court next time."

Sentencing was adjourned until 3 November when police will apply for a criminal (anti-social behaviour order) to prevent Lennon attending EDL rallies.

BBC News

EDL leader 'headbutted supporter' at Blackburn protest

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The leader the English Defence League (EDL) verbally abused a member of the group before head-butting him, a court has heard.

Stephen Lennon, 28, goaded followers during a rally in Blackburn on 2 April, magistrates heard. His victim, Alan McKee, 33, was accused of putting messages online about informers and "grasses". EDL founder Lennon, of Luton, denies common assault, at Preston magistrates' court.

The bench heard Mr Lennon launched a tirade against Mr McKee, calling him a "degenerate mug", before trouble broke out. He was pulled from the crowd for his safety. But he later confronted Mr Lennon about his speech, the court was told. Mr Lennon is accused of stepping forward and head-butting him.

Don Green, prosecuting, showed the court the speech given by Lennon on a DVD, recorded by police. Mr Green said the two men then squared up to each other. After an altercation, "the defendant lunged forward and head-butted Mr McKee once in the face, causing a cut across the bridge of his nose," Mr Green said.

Mr McKee, who was drunk, was arrested and taken away. The court heard he did not want to make a formal complaint and would not be giving evidence in court.

The trial continues.

BBC News

HATE - Book Review

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I took the district line across London, squeezed into my little suit, with all of the other suits of Bengalis and Pakistanis. Sounds funny but racists never seem to notice other white people.”

Admittedly, I was a little sceptical about this book. Be it that Hate is an autobiography by ex-National-Front-administrator-turned-anti-fascist Matthew Collins, I had inkling that there was going to be an overly-apologetic and guilt-ridden feel to the writing, in an attempt to emphasise the author’s change of heart and alliance with the Searchlight organisation.

Although, expectedly, in odd areas there seems to be a swaying bias (“I’d fumbled and skirted around the issue when Searchlight asked me but now, having to think clearly, it’s obvious he was dangerous,” (pg.225)), thankfully, Collins refuses to dress up his involvement with the despicable NF throughout his younger years.

For the most part, his story intertwines his new-found beliefs with his old ones for some intriguing reading. His running commentary of violent confrontations with “Pakis” and blacks, and his developing hatred for minorities influenced by the thugs around him, is particularly shocking and brutally honest; as is his descriptions of the fascists preying upon the apathy of broken-down, working-class neighbourhoods that seemingly have no way forward.

Although most antifas are already aware that fascists are vicious psychopaths looking for someone to blame for their troubles, what’s perhaps most notable here is the differences between The BNP and NF, and the conflict between the two, which Collins touches upon with considerable insight. Though both organisations are equally as bad as one another, the author notes how The BNP disguise(d) its racism with pseudo-intellectual ideas on nationalism; while The NF was openly concerned with racism and anti-Semitism, and virtually disbanded as a result.

Whether The NF or BNP, Collins views the fascist organisation as an ensemble of violent, loudmouth, cocaine-snorting drunks, who are more concerned with instilling fear and anxiety within local communities than actual politics. His decisions to denounce The NF with cold, hard facts in the aftermath of the confrontations is convincing (“The National Front was only formed in 1967, how could it break into the political system that had only served two parties for hundreds of years?” (pg.38)) and serves as the main theme that fascism brings hope to no one.

Hearing that members meet with police and court disciplinary on a regular basis, and that their “masculine” actions are somehow democratic (“We were free to smoke and fart at will,” (pg.63)), may not come as a surprise or prove comfortable to all readers, but Hate is still a very commendable confession of one man who now seeks to make a positive difference within society.

(C) Andy Carrington 2011.

September 28, 2011

Redbridge mosque attackers jailed by judge

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Four thugs who smashed up a Redbridge mosque before hurling a brick at the imam have been jailed for a total of 12-and-a-half years today.

The gang shattered the windows of Redbridge Islamic Centre, Eastern Avenue, before trying to storm their way inside while taunting worshippers with sickening chants.

Rocky Beale, 19, of Purleigh Avenue, Woodford Green and Eliot Jones, 19, of Keswick Gardens, Redbridge, pelted the centre with bricks, along with 18-year-old Matthew Stephenson, of Burrow Road, Hainault.

Harry Deluca, 16, whose name can now be revealed after an order was lifted by the judge, also pelted the centre and repeatedly screamed “EDL” throughout the assault on March 24.

All four denied violent disorder but were convicted by a jury last month after just 90 minutes of deliberation.

Judge Timothy King sentenced Beale, Jones and Stephenson to three-and-a-half years each in a young offenders’ institution during yesterday’s (Wednesday’s) hearing at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

Deluca, of Manford Way, Hainault was given a two-year detention and training order.

The judge told them: “It is difficult, it seems to me, to imagine a case of violent disorder more serious than this one.”

Cllr Shoaib Patel, cabinet member for community safety on Redbridge Council, told the Recorder: “I am delighted with the result and it is great news for all the people that suffered because of the attack.

“It shows that Redbridge will not tolerate racial abuse after the community has worked hard to promote strong cohesion.”

Ilford Recorder

Cable Street memories: The day that every horse went down

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Sir Oswald Mosley reviews his ‘troops’ before the
Cable Street stand-off, at which the fascists were defeated
For Cable Street veteran, Michael Sherbourne, the famous battle against the fascists in Whitechapel, 75 years ago next Tuesday, was a foregone conclusion.

"It was a deliberate provocation. We knew we were going to stop them."

The 94-year-old, who fought in Israel in 1948 and campaigned for Soviet Jews, doesn't consider his story of that October day to be unusual. "Every young Jew in London was there. I was 19 - to say that I was there is nothing special."

Few veterans of the Battle of Cable Street are still alive to recall the day when Jews, trade unionists, and Communists barricaded Whitechapel against the police-protected march of Sir Oswald Mosley's "blackshirts", forcing them out of the East End. This Sunday, members of Jewish, Socialist and Bengali groups will march from Aldgate to a rally in Cable Street to mark the anniversary. Speakers include members of the TUC, anti-racism group Searchlight, Labour councillors and original Cable Street participants.

Writer David Rosenberg, of the Jewish Socialists' Group, is one of the organisers and author of a book on Jewish responses to fascism in the 1930s. "I've been involved in anti-fascist activities for 25 years and demonstrated against the National Front as a teenager," he said. "I keep hearing new things all the time about what happened. But there are very few still able to remember it personally, which is why it is still important. The issues haven't gone away; there's still the BNP and the EDL."

One of the speakers at the rally will be Max Levitas, 96, a Jewish East Ender and former Communist councillor in Tower Hamlets. He was arrested in 1934 for daubing anti-fascist slogans on Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square, against a Mosley-organised rally in Hyde Park.

He said: "What was happening in Germany made us determined that fascism should not take control in this country. On the day in 1936 when we heard they intended to come up Cable Street, we started to build barricades with rubbish and furniture. I was a runner, passing messages to the leadership. It went on for hours, until we heard the march was banned by the Home Secretary. You should have been there to hear the cry, and see people jumping and shouting in joy. People who had never drunk beer in their lives, drank a glass of beer. We had won."

But he added: "We had asked the Board of Deputies to represent us to the government, asking them to ban the march. And they wouldn't. They said all the Jewish people should stay at home. We disagreed entirely. The more you stay at home, the stronger they get."

Mr Sherbourne and his brother were caught up in different parts of the protest. "We were given brown paper bags, with about 100 glass marbles in each. We waited, and saw the police get on horseback, preparing to charge. As they did, we threw the marbles along the ground. And every horse went down."

His brother Cyril, now 88, watched the struggle unfold. "We heard choruses of 'they shall not pass' all day. If they had got through, it would have been a massacre. It was a great turning point."

Mr Levitas felt that today's East End has learnt from the Battle of Cable Street about standing up to racism, most recently opposing the English Defence League march through Tower Hamlets.

"The majority of people in this country are against racism. But you have to educate them to speak out, and in a united fashion."

Jewish Chronicle

Tommy Robinson breaches bail (again)

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Tut-tut, Tommy - another pitiful 24 hour hunger strike coming up?
Stephen 'Tommy Robinson' Lennon continues to break his bail conditions. Here he is at the Bedfordshire EDL meeting last night.

Cheers to Everything EDL for the pic

Telford EDL march cost £350,000 to police

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EDL members gather in Church Street, Wellington, for their protest
The cost of policing the English Defence League (EDL) protest in Wellington was almost £350,000, it was revealed this afternoon.

The figures, detailed in a report to go before West Mercia Police Authority tonight, show £300,000 was spent on additional resources from other forces.

Police chiefs say Operation Crown on August 13 was a success despite the major disruption it caused.

Shropshire Star

The EDL: Britain’s “New Far Right” Social Movement

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Forward to 'The EDL: Britain’s “New Far Right” Social Movement'

The University of Northampton is at the forefront of the important academic research into the far-right, an area of increasing importance nationally and internationally. As Member of Parliament for Northampton North, I am very pleased to have been asked to write this Foreword because I applaud the fact that the University in the town where I have lived and worked my whole life, and which I now have the honour to represent in the House of Commons, is leading the way in this key area.

The view of the ‘new far right’ is that we should cut ourselves off from Islam and other religions and cultures. They believe we should do this, as the Prime Minister David Cameron put it earlier this year, ‘through forced repatriation, favoured by some fascists, or the banning of new mosques, as is suggested in some parts of Europe.’

This ideology, or for example the practice of burning the Koran – as promoted by Pastor Terry Jones, who has been excluded from the UK – is utterly abhorrent and must be robustly rejected.

Extremism of any kind is a threat to our country and to our way of life. In the Prime Minister’s speech to the Munich Security Conference on how best to tackle this threat David Cameron made the point that groups on the far-right, such as the English Defence League, fuel Islamophobia with their poisonous and deeply erroneous stance that Islam and the West do not mix.

No one can doubt the importance and relevance of the subject at hand. One must only look at the terrible atrocity this summer in Norway at the hands of a murderous terrorist – in the name of a crazed war against Islam – to see the relevance and currency of the subject matter in this report.

The potential for this kind of extremism to lead directly to ‘lone‐wolf’ terrorism is also dealt with in this report. These developments show the danger of allowing extremist views on any side to fester.

What began in reaction to the deeply offensive abuse of returning British soldiers – our courageous servicemen and women that have made such sacrifices over the years to fight extremism in other parts of the world – has manifested itself, through the development of the EDL, into violence on our streets and a terrifying subculture of casual racism. This report presents a very useful documentation of the EDL’s development, their use of online and social media, their links to football hooliganism, as well as the development of splinter groups.

The advance of copy‐cat organisations like the Norwegian Defence League and others, as documented by the authors, shows not only the urgency for action as a society but also shows the potency of the repugnant values represented by the EDL.

The British National Party, and other far-right parties, may try to attract voters with talk of local politics, of bin collections and council housing shortages to win them votes. But as a fascist organisation that does little to couch its views, it is my opinion that it will always struggle to garner the support of the vast majority of the British public who rejected fascism in the 1930’s, and who continue to do so today.

The EDL, however, by not asking for votes and by arguing that they do really only oppose violent Islamism – though the hypocrisies pointed out by this report are worthy of note – could potentially spearhead a movement that would have damaging consequences and divide communities.

At the same time as we confront this new far‐right politics, we must also do the same for other forms of extremism – for too long, Government policy has encouraged communities to merely co‐exist rather than co‐operate with each other. As a member of the Home Affairs Select Committee of the House of Commons, I am particularly conscious of this issue and very supportive of the Government’s response to extremism, namely the Prevent strategy, which for the first time explicitly tackles far‐right extremism.

In addition to the recent Prevent policy, this Government is keenly aware of the importance of fostering a stronger sense of belonging and citizenship, co‐ordinated by the Department for Communities and Local Government. By empowering communities and integrating them into society, those communities become much more resilient to terrorist ideology and propaganda.

The Prevent strategy of the previous Government failed to confront extremist ideology and therefore failed to adequately tackle the threat we face. If we wish to combat the rise of the ‘new far‐right’ and the potential for ‘lone‐wolf’ terrorism inspired by such thinking, we must vigorously pursue all forms of radicalisation. I
have every confidence that, through Prevent, the current Government will do this.

This Government is committed to do more than any previous administration has to promote integration. The Prime Minister’s speech in Munich made it clear that the new Prevent strategy will be an unyielding fight against extremism. This report is an important contribution to the study of the threats that this country and Europe are embroiled in today. Rooting out extremism from all quarters must be, and is, a real priority for the Coalition Government. Twenty‐ First Century Britain is about integration and cohesion between all of our different communities.

That both Islamist extremists and the ‘new far-right’ extremists reject this belief is telling. As Baroness Sayeeda Warsi has said, ‘any phobia is by definition the opposite of a philosophy. A phobia is an irrational fear. It takes on a life of its own and no longer needs to be justified.’ It is this that makes the development of the EDL and their ilk of concern. I hope this report plays a part in our greater understanding of this problem, and in developing societal solutions to it.

Forward by Michael Ellis, MP Member of Parliament for Northampton North, Member of the Home Affairs Select Committee September 2011

The full report can be downloaded (as a 2mb PDF file) here.

The EDL: Britain’s “New Far Right” Social Movement

September 27, 2011

The Simon Darby Show

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Cheers to Turkey Breath for the image

Silverdale Tours coach trashed for carrying English Defence League

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Silverdale Tours has been revealed to be the latest company companies prepared to profit from transporting the English Defence League (EDL).

The EDL had planned a march through Tower Hamlets to the East London Mosque on 3rd September 2011. The planned demonstration was in the vein of loyalist Orange marches in Northern Ireland.

A heavy police presence kept groups separate throughout the day but, at around 6pm, a group of EDL supporters, travelling in a vehicle hired from Silverdale coaches, drove past the East London mosque hurling insults. The coach was pursued and set upon by a crowd who broke windows and hurled street furniture. As the news spread around Whitechapel, hundreds of local people poured onto the streets and confronted police who had moved in to protect the EDL.

In 2010, Ausden Clark, the official coach company for Leicester City football club, confirmed that it would no longer provide services to the EDL after Corporate Watch revealed they had transported EDL supporters to a rally in Bradford (see here).

In February 2011 Andrews of Tideswell, another company used by the EDL in Bradford, made a statement that it would not carry the EDL (or other protesters) again after several of its coaches had their tyres slashed by anti-fascists prior to the EDL's Luton demo.

Johnsons Coaches have contacted Corporate Watch and informed us that on the occasions that they have provided services to the EDL they have done so at the request of West Midlands police. The company did not, however, pledge not to provide services to the EDL in the future.

Silverdale Tours are based in Nottingham at Little Tennis Street South, Nottingham,NG2 4EU.Tel: 0115 912 1000(0115) 912 1000, Fax: (0115) 912 1558, Email:

Companies that have provided services to the EDL in the past and have not pledged not to do it again include:

Confidence Bus & Coach Hire Ltd
30 Spalding Street
Leicester LE5 4PH
Tel: (0116) 2762171, (0116) 2762171

Ribble Valley Coaches
Slaters Farm
Whittingham Lane
Preston, PR3 2JJ
Tel: (01772) 865575, (01772) 865575
Fax: (01772) 865242

Marshalls Coaches
Firbank Way
Leighton Buzzard
Bedfordshire, LU7 4YP
Tel: (01525) 376077 and (01525) 376077

The Old Foundry, Tat Bank Road
Oldbury, West Midlands B69 4NB
Airshuttle is a member of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)

21 Market Street, Hemsworth
Pontefract, West Yorkshire WF9 4JY
1 Station Lane, Featherstone,
West Yorkshire, WF7 5BE
68 Highfield Road, Hemsworth, Pontefract
West Yorkshire WF9 4EA

Johnsons Coaches, Liveridge House
Liveridge Hill, Henley in Arden
Warwickshire, West Mids, B95 5QS

Corporate Watch

September 26, 2011

Who do you think you're kidding?

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I seem to recall a beaten and dejected Nick Griffin leaving an election count in London last year telling crowds of jubilant anti-fascists that the great city of London was "lost", beyond hope etc, etc. With him and his own electoral ambitions went out the door a dozen of the BNP's beaten former councillors with their tails between their legs.

London has always been difficult for Griffin and as he left that election count, Eddy Butler the BNP's (failed) election specialist and Richard Barnbrook the (often absent) London Assembly member were already plotting together against their leader in a side room.

Of course, Griffin is on record describing people that live in cities like London as being "degenerate" people who unlike him, don't live in rural seclusion.

Now though, with Butler and Barnbrook gone (Butler more than likely now to run the campaign of the rival English Democrats) Griffin has had to focus on London once more. Preparations are now underway for the GLA elections in London for 2012. London currently has more ex-BNP members than it does paid up members. It's fair to say that London is in fact the centre of the anti-Griffinites.

The early stages of the campaign have not got off to a good start either. Claire Khaw, a Chinese BNP supporter was initially mooted to be the BNP's "shock/surprise" choice for their candidate. But Khaw had too much of a habit of publicly promoting the policy of murdering disabled people. So extreme was Khaw that some BNP members even threatened to murder her!

So instead it would appear London will be getting "charismatic" Carlos Cortiglia a Uruguayan who once volunteered to fight for Argentina against Britain during the Falklands war. Last Sunday the BNP begun the first in a series of proposed fundraisers in the capital that they hope will fund their London campaign. Only 29 people made it to Liverpool Street in east London, and that includes his small army of thugs and pornographers that make up his security detail. The scene was so desolate and desperate, Khaw herself managed to get herself an invite under the auspices of being a photographer!

Last night I got another one of Griffin's begging emails. "Savour the idea of 25 fully equipped, ultra-professional stalls out all over London on the same day"
it instructed me in bold lettering. How that is going to happen based on the turn out for their London social is beyond savouring, is actually beyond belief! The BNP has so few active members in London that they must be planning on only having one person on a stall at a time. I walked past the BNP in Dagenham earlier this year when they were manning one of their stalls. Based on that experience, the email should have read "imagine 25 stalls with BNP members swearing at the public and making racist comments at the general public". That, I can imagine.

They even have a special leaflet to go with their campaign: "And what a campaign it's going to be!" (Their bold emphasis again), "We've just taken delivery of the first 100,000 of these leaflets". Before I could query the sense in that, one former BNP member beat me to it. "Surely nobody in the printing world would touch the BNP with a bargepole" wrote Charlotte Lewis a former Croydon BNP candidate with an equally nasty viewpoint on just about everything and everyone. "If I did a job for them, I'd want cash up front".

It's not often I agree with the equally nasty Charlotte, but experience would suggest that the BNP does not really have 100,000 of any of these leaflets. Giving-as they say they plan to do- 25 pop up posters and banners "to our local activist teams all over London" they'd still struggle to shift fifty of the mysterious leaflets, let alone pay for them!

Still, we'll make sure that for every house that gets a BNP leaflet, there will be at least one from Hope Not Hate telling people the truth about the BNP.

Thanks to Nick Lowles at HOPE not Hate

English Democrats could become 'electorally credible' as BNP decline

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Party has already claimed some defectors, but leader Robin Tilbrook warns new members must be 'genuine converts'

The red and white of the cross of St George was omnipresent, merchandise for sale included t-shirts emblazoned with the demand: 'Justice for the 50 million' and the prizes at an evening raffle included a box set of films by Shane Meadows. It could only be this year's annual conference of the English Democrats — a party whose handful of councillors and one elected mayor count as its achievements to date in its 10-year campaign for an English parliament.

Yet, as around 60 overwhelmingly white male delegates gathered at a hotel function room just outside Leicester at the weekend, a party long used to propping up the lower reaches of election ballots is suddenly being looked at in a new light by many beyond its self-professed membership of 3,500.

Thanks to a combination of factors, the most important of which being the implosion of the British National Party, serious political commentators now suggest the door is open for the EDs to exploit the supposedly significant gap in the electoral market for an anti-immigration, radical right party.

A trickle of disillusioned BNP activists have already defected to the party, which despite its motto of "Not Left, Not Right – Just English" is significantly more hardline on immigration than any at Westminster. They also want to pull out of the EU, ensure that the "public culture" of England should be that of the "indigenous English" and condemn "political correctness" as an "evil ideology".

Indeed, as party leader Robin Tilbrook said on Saturday, a new opportunity for the English Democrats was that "some of the people who wanted to do their honest best for our country but made the mistake of joining the BNP are now joining us and will help us become that electorally credible party. We need to be sure that such people are genuine converts to a more civic or cultural nationalism and that they will be an asset to our party, but we do not need to be too defensive."

The conference was addressed by one such convert, former BNP councilor Chris Beverley, who sought to address concerns that the English Democrats would be "deluged" by ex-BNP members, insisting instead that the importance of those coming over was that they tended to be "quality" activists who could make a difference.

"To me, the English Democrats are the real exciting new hope for us and there is huge potential for the party to do well," the Guardian was told by Beverley, who spoke glowingly of his new political home after spending 14 years – "my entire adult life" – in the BNP, which he likened to a cult. Even so, observers note that Beverley remains the constituency officer of Andrew Brons, one of the BNP's two MEPs, who recently challenged Nick Griffin for the leadership of that party.

In addition, another key figure who is awaiting a decision on his application to join the English Democrats is Eddy Butler, the BNP's former national organiser, an architect of past local election successes and a major rival to Griffin's leadership within the divided party.

"People like Butler and Beverley, who is important because he can run and win elections, have been flirting with the English Democrats as an alternative vehicle because in their minds, and in the minds of political commentators, there is significant potential in British politics for a radical rightwing party," according to Matthew Goodwin, author of New British Fascism: Rise of the BNP.

While Goodwin doesn't count English nationalism by itself as a vote winner, he suggests that a new radical right force could grow by tapping into public anxiety over immigration, law and order and hostility towards established parties.

"The test for the English Democrats will come if more people shift over. There might be awkward questions in the party among those who want it to remain BNP-free and those who would want to open up the door to all of these renegades on the right, much like what the NF was in the late 1960s. If it really starts to suck in BNP members and organisers, then you have something that is potentially very interesting - because there is unquestionably still a great deal of potential for a radical anti-establishment rightwing party."


September 25, 2011

Cable Street 75

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On 4 October 1936 London’s East End took to the streets to stop Oswald Mosley’s fascist Blackshirts from marching through its then largely Jewish districts. Communists, socialists and trade unionists led one of the largest – and most successful – mobilisations of Britain’s working class ever to have taken place. The fascists came to the area to divide Jews and non-Jews but were faced with a community that united against the threat.

Come and join the march and rally to remember that historic victory and to send a powerful message of unity against the forces of fascism, racism and antisemitism today!

11.30am Aldgate East (junction of Braham Street and Leman Street)

1.00pm St Georges in the East Park (Cable Street)


We are pleased to announce our first list of speakers for the event:
Max Levitas Battle of Cable Street Veteran
Frances O'Grady Deputy General Secretary TUC
Matthew Collins Searchlight
Robert Griffiths General Secretary Communist Party
Bob Crow General Secretary RMT
Kosru Uddin Labour Councillor
Julie Begum Swadhinata Trust
David Rosenberg Jewish Socialists' Group
Gail Cartmail Assistant General Secretary UNITE
Diana Holland Assistant General Secretary UNITE
Akik Rahman Altab Ali Memorial Foundation

For a full list of speakers and supporting organisations visit

September 24, 2011

Muslim peace conference condemns terrorism

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Thousands of Muslims have attended a peace conference in London which has condemned terrorism.

About 12,000 Muslims gathered at Wembley Arena for Islamic group Minhaj-ul-Quran's Peace for Humanity Conference. The conference launched a campaign to get one million people to sign an online declaration of peace by 2012.

Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri said the conference would send a message that 10 years of extremist activity should end. Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri is the founder of Minhaj-ul-Quran and gave the keynote speech at the event, despite having received death threats after issuing a fatwa - or religious ruling - against terrorism last year. The cleric was repeatedly applauded during his address in which he said the "terrible" 9/11 attacks in the US had distorted perceptions of Islam over the past decade.

He told the audience: "In spite of statements and memorandum and condemnation of the terror, the voices of the 99% true, peace-loving Muslims have not been heard, they have been drowned out by the clamour and the noise of extremists. Islam has nothing to do with any act of terrorism. We reject every act of extremism and terrorism unconditionally."

The event, which took one year to organise, was attended by people from across the UK, many of whom arrived in coaches. Those who attended heard a series of lengthy and impassioned speeches, some in Arabic, from Islamic scholars denouncing terrorism and extremism.

Ghazala Hassan al-Qadri, president of the MQI Women's League, told attendees: "Islam teaches love, it teaches compassion, it teaches tolerance, it teaches mercy."

Another speaker - Egypt-based Islamic scholar Shaykh Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri - told the conference: "Islam is a religion of justice, not a religion of a religion of manners and co-operation, not a religion of extremism and a religion of forgiveness and pardon, not a religion of brutality and revenge."

The audience heard pre-recorded messages of support from, amongst others, Prime Minister David Cameron, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, opposition leader Ed Miliband, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams. And there were prayers for peace from representatives from a number of different religions including the Bishop of Barking, the Rt Rev David Hawkins, Jewish rabbis and representatives from the Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh faiths.

The declaration of peace included a call for democracy and good governance in the Muslim world, respect for human rights, and alleviation of poverty throughout the world.


Man who nailed bacon to mosque door walks free

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SPARED JAIL ... John White nailed bacon to the door of a mosque
A churchgoer who stuck bacon to the door of a mosque in South Tyneside as part of a religious hate campaign was branded “un-Christian” by a judge.

But John White, 63, walked free from court after the chairman of the mosque wrote a letter to court, begging for leniency.

White was caught on CCTV carrying out the attacks in South Shields in January, Newcastle Crown Court heard. On January 2, the bacon was placed outside the Jam-E-Masjid mosque, in Baring Street, South Shields, which has about 200 regular worshippers. Throughout the month, meat was repeatedly left outside the mosque and a member’s home in Coston Drive, South Shields, was also targeted, with bacon even being stuck to the front door of the mosque.

Tom Moran, prosecuting, said: “Muslims are not allowed to eat or touch pork, and this was absolutely intended to be offensive.”

The bacon was found by the mosque’s treasurer, who covered it with a cardboard box to prevent other members from being offended, then called the police. In a victim impact statement, the family whose home was targeted said they feared that the action was the work of an extremist group.

Mr Moran said: “South Shields has a substantial Bangladeshi and Muslim community, and, by and large, they are well integrated. These offences coincided with a time when in other parts of the world, right-wing extremists were threatening to burn the Quran (the central religious text of the Muslim religion).”

Concerned that the attacks could be sinister threats from a right-wing group, police trawled through CCTV footage before arresting White. He admitted five charges of religiously aggravated harassment, but claimed that his motivations were personal, targeting a particular Muslim family, over a 20-year grudge.

The court heard that White, a Christian, has attended a church on the same street as the mosque for 20 years. White, of Homestall Close in South Shields, who suffers from asthma and a compulsive disorder, has worked in the town for 30 years, doing building work. He is said to have friends within the Muslim community, and claims to have worked on some of their houses for free.

He has been held in custody since he entered his guilty plea in July.

Simon Graham, defending, said: “He is thoroughly ashamed for what he has done. He was praying this morning. This is a man who has not been in trouble for 30 years. He is not in good health and has had a terrible time in prison.”

White submitted a letter to the court, apologising to the community for what he had done.

Despite the fear he caused to the Muslim and Bangladeshi community, chairman of the Jam-E-Masjid mosque, Mohammed Miah, asked the judge to show leniency. In a letter read out in court, Mr Miah described how he had known White since 1982 and said he was known and liked in the community.

He said: “We wish the courts to be lenient with John. Although we were upset initially, we do not wish for any serious consequences to happen to John.”

Judge Michael Cartlidge commended the forgiving attitude of the Muslim community and condemned White’s actions as “un-Christian” and “stupid”. White was given a six-month jail sentence, suspended for 12 months. He is also now banned for 12 months from going within 100 metres of the mosque or the family home he targeted.

Passing sentence, Judge Cartlidge said: “This is probably the most un-Christian way to settle a grudge. You will have to be very careful now, you have upset the community.”

The Shields Gazette

Thanks to Zaahid for the heads-up

London BNP Meeting - Sunday 25th September

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London BNP are having a secret meeting tomorrow with Nick Griffin speaking to raise much needed funds. The meeting time/place is the Hamilton Hall pub @ Liverpool Street station, 2pm.

From there they will be moving across the road to the "Shooting Star" pub, which has a cellar bar. The pub is normally closed on weekends.

The EDL - good taste personified

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Click to see image full-size
Cheers to Everything EDL for the pic

September 23, 2011

The BNP's Kay Pollitt - gun-toting pisshead

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The BNP's Kay Pollitt - a great ad for the evils of drink
The BNP candidate in the upcoming Eccles by-election (following the death of the incumbent, Labour's John Cullen) seems to be an interesting character. Kay Pollitt, for it is she, has a pretty special way with a phrase. Take this, for instance:
'...we can not bow down to the traitor in power, if they get their way unchallenged they will delete the British people out of our country, and we will become the minority.'
There's so much wrong with that sentence, I can't even be bothered to dissect it. Feel free to do so in the comments.

Ms Pollitt's partner and father to her impending sprog, the BNP's Salford organiser Gary Tumulty, is almost as coherent:
'...every time we have visited Eccles Precinct, there has been scores of support directed to us, we have a first time candidate, and a first time ward times are exciting and changing.'
Times are certainly exciting for Tumulty - he is known to be one of the main contributors to Redwatch, a site set up to supply the violent far-right with names, details and photographs of anyone who opposes the BNP, the EDL or any of the nazi or racist groups that are dotted around all over the damn place.

We should include an image of Tumulty here but he looks like a bulldog chewing a wasp so here's a pic of his arse instead. Believe me, it's a lot better-looking. His is the one in the middle - and the picture was taken at a recent BNP piss-up (or family event, as they describe it). Wouldn't you love to be confronted with that sight while walking around with your family?

Of course, a rather worse sight to see while out with the kids, is a bunch of drunken fuckwits messing around with guns - so you can pretty much guarantee then, that at a BNP family event, that's precisely what you'll bump into. This is a picture of Pollitt and Tumulty playing with guns at the same event as the synchronised arse display (actually a St George's Day event, though what the connection is between St George, rifles and arses is beyond me, thank God). No doubt a council candidate needs to be able to take the odd pot shot from time to time, to stop the campaign from getting boring.

Thinking of voting for Kay Pollitt? You'll get a drunken idiot who likes guns and lives with a guy who encourages violence against those who oppose the far-right. What a star.

Images courtesy of Hope not hate and Manchester AFA

Thanks to Mr Smith for the heads-up

UDA Superfan

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Snowy: Replaced his pipe for a flute
This is the far right English extremist who’s aligning his gang of thugs to the UDA.

Self-styled anti-Muslim fanatic John ‘Snowy’ Shaw is seen here posing for snaps in Derry during a recent Orange march. The former English Defence League leader – who has formed a breakaway group called ‘The Infidels’ is also seen posing in front of a UDA mural in north Antrim.

“Shaw went to Northern Ireland to try and get his photo taken with as many UDA and UVF men as possible to try and big-up his loyalist credentials,” says a loyalist source. “He went to the Apprentice Boys Parade in Londonderry, telling friends in England that he had the backing of the terror-groups in his bid to take over the EDL. He even plays the flute in an English loyalist ‘kick-the-pope’ flute band.”

Shaw is desperate to recruit Ulster based loyalists into his rag-tag bunch of football hooligans. But we can reveal the 40-year-old fascist has a bizarre background – he’s a former crack addict who runs a llama farm in Yorkshire.

The pathetic hate campaigner split from the notorious EDL after a fall out with leader Tommy Robinson.

Shaw was once charged along with Ulster’s run-away EDL leader Leon McCreery for a bizarre anti-Muslim rooftop protest in Dudley, West Midlands but the charges were later dropped.

The Sunday World can reveal that Shaw is desperately trying to get loyalist paramilitary groups involved in his violent anti-immigration campaign. And Shaw showed his true colours in a letter to far-right followers when he described EDL leader Robinson as a “little Fenian bastard” a “ginger fenian c***” and a “leprechaun ****”.

The EDL has recently been linked to the Norwegian extremist Anders Breivik, the man who murdered 76 people in Oslo in a campaign against Muslims in July. Breivik cited the EDL in his “manifesto”, describing the English group as an “inspiration”.

The EDL is an anti-Islam group that has courted controversy for its provocative and violent protests in England. It was formed after a counter protest by Muslim extremists, “Jihadists”, against a homecoming parade by British soldiers returning from Afghanistan in Luton in 2009 gained headlines around the world.

The EDL’s controversial leader Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon), is a recently convicted football hooligan with a previous conviction for assaulting an off duty police officer.

Robinson formed the EDL to protest against what he saw as a growing Muslim influence in England and the group quickly snowballed into a pressure group that could put thousands of “counter Jihadists”, mainly ageing football hooligans, onto English streets to whip up tensions against Muslims.

In desperation, former crack addict Shaw, who patrols his desolate farm in rural North Yorkshire dressed in combat fatigues while brandishing an air gun, has turned to Loyalism and sectarianism to drive a wedge among the predominately football hooligan membership.

Interviewed in 2010 before he left the EDL, Shaw told how he had wanted to previously come to Northern Ireland as a member of the British army as a teenager, but the “hard man’s” mother had stopped him joining the army as she was scared he would be hurt if he came to Northern Ireland.

Not long after the interview, Shaw was ejected from the group after a minor power struggle and reinvented himself as a self-style paramilitary “anti-Jihadist” and rival to the EDL’s leadership. Since then Shaw has been playing on the fact that the EDL leader has Irish roots to plant sectarian tensions in the bully boy outfit.

Shaw has even started playing the drums in the Yorkshire based “Leeds Crown Defenders” loyalist flute band and now rubs shoulders with English UDA chief Frank Portinari. Portanari has even taken to counselling the former crack addict as his 50- strong gang of fascists gain a more and more notorious reputation for violence not just against Muslims, but also against EDL members.

Not surprisingly, the EDL has already allegedly rebuffed the advances of Johnny Adair and his close friend, the German neo-Nazi bomber Nick Greiger who also wanted to take over the group.

EDL leader Robinson at the time cited his Irish ancestry as a reason why he wanted nothing to do with the disgraced former Loyalist leader.

A spokesman for the antifascist organisation Hope Not Hate that monitors the far-right described Shaw’s sudden conversion from anti-Jihadist to hard-line Loyalism as “part of a longstanding pattern” that sees English extremists turn up in Belfast “looking for kudos, a pint of beer and a new tattoo”.

Sunday World via Hope not hate

Thanks to NewsHound for the heads-up

September 22, 2011

Oh the irony!

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Oh dear Adam...
Troubled BNP party manager Adam Walker attended a protest outside Shrewsbury Crown Court on Tuesday to call for the retrial of nine Telford men accused of being involved in sexual exploitation and child prostitution after their initial trail collapsed due to legal issues.

In their own report, the BNP claimed that 40 BNP activists gathered in the pouring rain to mount their protest. A quick look at their finances makes it abundantly clear that the BNP aren’t too hot when it comes to maths but there is a big difference between their figure of forty and the real and actual figure of 18 activists who did actually show up outside court.

No protest would be complete without the obligatory placards.Most of the BNP rabble had one on the day including Adam Walker, but he failed to realise the irony of the message painted on his. On it was painted the legend “Leave our kids alone” a message no right minded person could argue with. In fact, it reminds one of the famous Pink Floyd song, which actually begins with “Hey teacher”.

The difficulty for Walker is that he appeared at Newton Aycliffe Magistrates court in August after allegedly driving his car at a group of youngsters before brandishing a knife and threatening a child. The court heard Walker, a former school teacher, allegedly chased the children who were riding bicycles over a village green in his Land Rover car having asked them to leave a St George’s Day celebration.

Alison Nunn, prosecuting, told the court that in police interview, the children aged 11 and 12, described being “terrified” during the alleged incident and that “One of the children is clear in his police interview that Adam Walker put that knife to his face and made a threat.”

Walker was charged with affray, driving a motor vehicle dangerously and criminal damage and will reappear back in court in October.

In the BNP footage of the event we couldn’t see if Mark Walker, brother of Adam was present in Shrewsbury. Mark Walker, a former teacher was the subject of an enquiry by the NSPCC in 2008 that uncovered a large number of emails indicating a sexual relationship with a former pupil.

The report, produced by the children’s welfare charity says: “Mr Walker was suspended… following allegations that he and a colleague had accessed adult pornography during the school day, using school equipment.”

It continued “A substantial amount of emails indicating a sexual relationship between himself and a 17-year-old former Sunnydale student have been recovered from Mr Walker’s school laptop and the school server”

The report concluded “The NSPCC believes that there is sufficient evidence from the emails and from previous matters concerning his professional conduct to conclude that Mr Walker’s behaviour has resulted in his conduct being less than one would expect of a teacher placed in a position of trust.”

We wonder what his placard might have said?

Hope not hate

Oxymoron of the month

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Click on image for full-size
Enough said.

Cheers to Everything EDL for the pic

Fish supper and a dry sherry?

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Trent: Not waving - saluting!
Invites have gone out for this year's BNP AGM. I'm pleased to inform one and all that I have my invite here in front of me, but it does cause such a dilemma.

I used to go to the BNP's Red, White & Blue festivals and report back on the drunken fights, threats and Nazi songs around the camp fire. Heavens, one year I even had to report how one of the BNP's councillors attacked another member with a broken glass.

It was never quite the highlight of my social calendar, but it got me out of the house and it caused no end of upset to the BNP knowing that I had been there. One year they even stopped proceedings to demand I stand up and reveal myself. I declined, obviously.

So this year, the question is whether I should risk it all by having one last sneaky look into the party's near defunct machinery. But there is another problem, too: I'm allowed to bring a guest with me!!

Normally on boring functions I take Matthew Collins with me. He tends to liven the event, sometimes I even just send him in my place. But to a BNP AGM I don't think that would get past even the BNP's radar. Plus, Matty has been to a few of his own. His book talks about them all Nazi saluting and brawling in the bar at York Hall in London in the early nineties so I don't see him as being much use in sitting quietly at the back munching on his meal deal from Boots the chemist-no matter how much he does like the sandwich combo.

No, for this year it has to be someone quite special. if I'm going to make a weekend of it at £50 per head including a buffet lunch and a gala dinner it will need to be someone who can sit quietly and not ask any questions during the advertised Q&A session. The BNP describe it as an opportunity to "hone your political skills" but everyone knows that asking questions is a sure fire way to get yourself thrown out of the party. And we wouldn't want that. Here's what normally happens when people ask difficult questions at BNP meetings.

I'll be interested particularly in the presentation by "Operation Fightback" currently led by Adam Walker, the BNP officer who is probably more likely to be presenting "giving my car back" given his latest legal difficulties. "Operation Fightback" is, according to the BNP a "counter-attack measures against the enemies of our country, our heritage and our people".

This presentation should be good as we also have the opportunity to meet "charismatic Carlos" the BNP's London candidate for the GLA. Carlos Cortiglia, who is Uruguayan (don't ask me!) spoke out in favour of Argentina during the Falklands war. Translated from an interview given in Spanish, Carlos once said "I am Argentine East, in other words, Uruguayan by birth, and I feel very emotionally linked to Argentina. In 1982 I volunteered to go to the Falkland Islands”. Should be fun...

Then there is the update from the BNP's "number one" MEP (i.e. the only one that still talks to them). That MEP, Nick Griffin, will give an update on the "fight to take Britain out of the EU". Maybe I should take a bookmaker with me? I'll be quids in if I bet that Griffin is out of the European Parliament long before this country is. Of course, I can't take the BNP's very own bookmaker Martin Wingfield, he seems to have also fallen from favour with the party too. Bad Martin, no Argentine corned beef for you!

The real treat will be for me and many others I'm sure, the presentation by "Resistance" the BNP's "militant youth wing" who seem to have a logo very similar to that of the EDL. What with Carlos being "charismatic", I'm sure Kieren Trent will be going all out to beat Carlos with his own presentation skills. Usually these involve Nazi saluting and long winded speeches against homosexuals. I know there will be some at the AGM wanting to have a word in his ear about his other "talents", particularly after his recent attempted foray into the world of Irish republicanism from where he was apparently given short shrift.

So there you have it. Dress down for the occasion and whatever you do, do not ask difficult questions. It's not the great "British" affair of yesterday as the BNP would like to have it, but that says more (thankfully) about Britain than it does about the BNP. This year's AGM is going to be less about talk (well it would be, wouldn't it), and more about "action".

The chances are it will be court action.

Hope not hate

September 21, 2011

Griffin at Hebburn tomorrow...

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A short time ago, the BNP advertised a meeting that was due to take place in the near future - a 'special' meeting, to be held tomorrow on Thursday September 22nd at the Highlane Social Club in Hebburn.

And what makes it special? Nick Griffin is going to be there, that's what! Yes, the crooked liar and thief that runs the British National Party is going to be at the Highlane Social Club NE31 1SW at 7.30pm tomorrow. Do Highlane know about this? I doubt it. Though if you phone up and object, they certainly will. The number is 0191 4240044.

The meeting begins at 7.30pm. If you want to know more about the meeting, I'm sure Chris Thornton, the North East Regional Organiser, will appreciate a call directly on 07779 728743.

Remember, be polite and calm but insistent. I'm sure Highlane will be interested to know that they are about to host the crooked bastard Nick Griffin in their club, despite the fact that they haven't been told. What a political party, eh? Afraid to say who they are inviting because he's a confirmed nazi and Holocaust-denier. Sad or what?

Thanks to Mr Smith for the heads-up

BNP talk up links with Ireland ahead of Griffin visit

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Simon Darby, the BNP’s media spokesman, spoke to The University Times about his party’s connections with Ireland ahead of Nick Griffin MEP’s visit to the College in October.

Mr. Darby highlighted the “great deal of concern” he felt existed in Ireland at the moment over the issue of immigration. The number of recent radio interviews Nick Griffin had done with Irish broadcasters, he said, evidenced “the interest the Irish people have in the issue”.

He was also keen to point out the “considerable amount of people of Irish extraction” who had voted for Nick Griffin in the recent European elections. Mr. Griffin MEP represents the North-West England constituency, which includes Manchester and Liverpool, two towns with long-standing connections to Ireland. Mr. Griffin finished fifth in 2009’s election, behind Britain’s three largest parties and a UKIP candidate, polling 8% of the vote.

The BNP have traditionally included the Irish among their classification of the “indigenous British”. In an interview with the BBC in May of 2010 Mr. Griffin said, “We are certainly not going to shut the doors to the Irish, because the Irish, as far as we are concerned, are part of Britain and fully entitled to come here.”

This drew a rebuke from Jennie McShannon, chief executive of the Federation of Irish Societies in Britain. “We do not recognise the portrait of ‘White Britain’ painted by the British National Party,” she said. “When the Irish arrived in Britain in the 1950s alongside immigrants from the West Indies, we were met by boarding house signs reading ‘No Irish, No Blacks, No dogs’. The racism stirred up by Nick Griffin’s predecessors created a climate of fear with lasting damage to the physical and mental health of both communities. In today’s Britain, we recognise the contribution of generations of migrants to the diversity of our shared culture. As Irish people we wish to be included and our Irishness celebrated, and so, too, we extend this support to other communities.”

Mr. Darby was keen to clarify the BNP’s position on the ethnicity of the Irish, saying that they “did not regard them as British as such.” He also sought to tackle the “quasi-imperialist” impression he felt had been given by the reporting of the BNP’s suggestion that Ireland be re-incorporated into a union with Britain.

“We don’t want British rule in Ireland. What we mean is a loose federation, a loose collection. It would be rather like an emasculated version of the European Union, but just for the British Isles.”

Speaking about the possibility of the BNP hosting a rally in Ireland or seeking to make contact with similarly minded Irish political groups Mr. Darby said that this was “another matter” that was best “not confused” with the debate.

“We are aware of the existence of a number of groups. But there simply isn’t anything tangible there at the moment. There is nothing I would like to see more than an Irish National Party representing the interests of the Irish people.”

The University Times

September 20, 2011

We won’t hold our breath

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Paul Prodromou aka Pitt
It seems the EDL may owe us a few words of gratitude, but we won’t hold our breath

Last week we pointed out that the Essex EDL organiser Paul Prodromou aka Paul Pitt had found a new bosom buddy, well known neo Nazi Eddie Stamton.Eddie has become a regular at EDL events and is particularly close to Prodromou and other leading members of the EDL.

Stamton, who has also gone by the names of Stampton and Stanton during a long and positively criminal lifetime, has been involved with far-right politics since he was a teenager. As well as the hard line, Hitler worshipping British Movement and Combat 18, Eddie was also once the National Activities Organiser and London organiser with the miniscule British People’s Party (BPP) which turned out a plethora of paedophiles and wannabe terrorists when they were not updating their “Redwatch” website.

Well thanks to our article it seems the EDL have actually taken some notice and declared Stamton persona non grata.

In a long and tedious posting on the EDL website they explained “On September 11th, a group of EDL supporters went to pay their respects outside the US Embassy, and demonstrate against the presence of a group of Muslim extremists who, within earshot of victims’ families, were mocking those who died in the attack on the World Trade Center. Unfortunately, we have learned that amongst the group was an individual named Eddie Stamton, a relatively well-known neo-Nazi, tied to organisations which, amongst other things, have called for homosexuality to made illegal and have made a point of denying the Holocaust.”

They continued “We do not usually like to name individuals,but given Stamton’s known association with the Redwatch website, we believe that this time it is justified. Eddie Stamton, and any other neo-Nazis, are not welcome at EDL demonstrations, and will be ejected whenever they are identified.”

The EDL have a track record however of not carrying out their threats when it comes to the banning of their own members. The organisation is overflowing with a menagerie of neo Nazis, pub racists and rank and file bigots so it is doubtful that this sentiment which is little more than window dressing will stick.

There are already rumblings within Essex EDL that Stamton is a trusted and loyal friend and that he will be allowed to attend EDL events despite what the EDL leadership say.

The only way is Essex apparently.

Hope not hate

Racist taunts spark knife chase in Gillingham

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Two English Defence League protesters "bit off more than they could chew" when they caused a racist scene in a kebab shop.

Turkish staff armed themselves with long knives used to carve meat and chased brothers Wayne and Darren Edwards out into the street. Wayne Edwards came off the worst and needed five stitches in a wound to his head. The 36-year-old former soldier and his brother, 34, were each jailed for 14 months after a judge told them such racist aggression would not be tolerated.

An Orange Order march in Gillingham on the day of a match at Gillingham FC had passed peacefully when the brothers and other EDL supporters went into Town Kebab House in the High Street.

Judge Philip Statman was shown CCTV film showing the drunk brothers banging on the counter and chanting "EDL". Trouble then erupted with some of the staff vaulting over the counter and others emerging with knives and steels used for preparing food.

Prosecutor Anne Phillips told Maidstone Crown Court the troublemakers were chased out but they returned with others. Darren Edwards got hold of a steel and smashed a display fridge. He also smashed a window as he fled.

Staff in the shop at the time included owner Ianer Timustekin, his brothers Orhan and Murat, father Abdulbaki and cousin Habib Taycur.

Darren Edwards, of Alpha Road, Woking, Surrey, and Wayne Edwards, of Holly Gardens, West Drayton, west London, admitted affray. Darren Edwards also admitted destroying property.

Kent Online

Thanks to Zaahid for the heads-up

September 19, 2011

Debate invite to BNP chief prompts major row at TCD society

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A planned debate at Trinity College’s Philosophical Society has divided its committee and been thrown into disarray following a decision to invite British National Party MEP Nick Griffin to take part.

The debate, on the motion that This House Believes Immigration Has Gone Too Far , is scheduled for October 20th next. Mr Griffin has agreed to speak in favour of the motion. Another speaker who had agreed to oppose the motion withdrew at the weekend on discovering that Nick Griffin was to take part.

John Palmer, who is on the governing board of the European Policy Centre and deputy chairman of its Political Europe programme, told The Irish Times last night he found it “totally unacceptable” that Mr Griffin should take part in such a debate, and had told the organisers he would not take part if Mr Griffin’s invitation was not withdrawn.

Former European correspondent at the Guardian , Mr Palmer said: “The BNP’s roots are in Nazism, and it is very clear those roots remain strongly Nazi.” He had “no problem taking part in debates with people who had racist or reactionary views on immigration”, but he would not do so “with a party rooted in support for the Holocaust and all that represents”. The BNP also had “extreme anti-Muslim policies”, he said.

TCD’s Socialist Party Society has also opposed the invitation to Mr Griffin, as has the Union of Jewish Students in Britain. They called on the Philosophical Society to withdraw its invitation to Mr Griffin, pointing out that “as was witnessed at Durham and Oxford universities, publicity stunts such as these tear apart student communities and contribute to a hostile environment for Jewish students on campus”.

In a brief statement last night, the Philosophical Society said: “The Phil is a neutral forum for discussion. We do not endorse the views of any of our speakers. Nick Griffin has been invited to speak solely on immigration. He is a prominent speaker on this issue. The debate will be balanced, with two guest speakers on each side of the motion.”

When asked who those guest speakers would be, society president Eoin Ó Liatháin said he did not wish to comment further.

According to Trinity News, the story about Nick Griffin’s participation in the debate first leaked on the blog of the BNP’s press officer, Simon Darby.

Mr Palmer said last night he had been first contacted by the Trinity society about taking part in a debate “some months ago, and had agreed in principle”. He was presented with the motion “a couple of weeks ago, but no further information”.

He believes he was sent another message in the middle of last week indicating Mr Griffin would be taking part, but as he was abroad at the time he did not receive it until Saturday evening last. He then contacted the society to say that “unless the invitation to Nick Griffin was withdrawn I would not participate”.

He also believed the debate had divided the Phil committee, some of whom had told him they “strongly opposed” the Griffin invitation.

Irish Times

September 18, 2011

Is The Party Over

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This video has has been doing the rounds on Facebook and I thought I would share it here on LU. It's a very entertaining and informative rant about the current situation within the EDl and the BNP by Dick Coughlan. It is a bit sweary in places but very funny

September 17, 2011

Call for public inquiry into policing of English Defence League rally

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A group of antifascist protesters are calling for a public inquiry into the policing of last year’s English Defence League rally in Bolton.

Justice4bolton claim Unite Against Fascist members, who were protesting against the EDL in Victoria Square last March, were “mistreated” by police. The group is now calling for a public inquiry into the policing of the event, with particular focus on the arrest of protestor Alan Clough.

Alan Clough, of Ainsworth Road, Radcliffe, was due to stand trial at Bolton Magistrates’ Court accused of threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour at the rally, but the Crown Prosecution Service decided not to proceed after viewing video footage of the rally. Justice4bolton alleges that the footage shows Mr Clough being pushed by police officers and hit on the head with a baton before being pushed to the ground and arrested.

An independent investigation into the day’s events, which is being led by the Independent Police Complaints Commission, is already underway, including the circumstances of Mr Clough’s arrest.

Justice4bolton also wants the government to create “enforceable procedures” on how to police protests and is asking the trade unions to fund their list of demands, or action plan.

A spokesman for the group said: “In light of all of these incidents, and the treatment of many others who have chosen not to pursue their treatment through legal means but have expressed very serious concerns to Justice4bolton, it is plain the policing of the demonstration was blighted not only by the misconduct of individual rogue officers but by organisational failings on the part of Greater Manchester Police.

“Such failings must be addressed at an organisational level and the lessons learned from this — and other — protests so the police change the way they police protests.”

The group held a meeting in the Houses of Parliament last week in which they agreed their list of demands. Bolton MPs David Crausby and Julie Hilling have backed the group’s action plan, and said it was proper for the day’s events to be investigated.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said it would be inappropriate to comment until the IPCC investigation had concluded.

Bolton News


Was Kelis right about British racism?

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Things are not "disgusting" in Britain, as the American singer Kelis
pronounced this week, but we do seem to be moving towards a new normal
Racism in Britain is not 'disgusting' as the singer Kelis proclaimed this week, but for the first time in a decade it is on the rise

Let's start with the good stuff. Britain is one of the most liberal, most tolerant countries in the world. Given the challenges it faces from diverse, ever-changing communities in the major conurbations, it manages its affairs with a remarkable degree of harmony. We live, indigenous and non-indigenous, in relative proximity. Generally speaking, we don't much like extremism or extremists. For less good examples, look to bits of Europe that don't cope so well: look at France, look at Germany; look at Italy. No, don't look at Italy – well, not directly. The soul can only take so much horror.

But for all that, something is happening, and it isn't good. We're drifting back. Hard to gauge these things exactly, but look at the web postings, listen to the radio phone-ins, read the newspapers, cup an ear outside a playground. Talk to young black men or Muslims about their recent experiences with the police; go to Dale Farm and talk to the Travellers facing eviction; witness how sexual attention towards women frequently escalates into aggression and obscenities when young men are rebuffed.

Things are not "disgusting", as the American singer Kelis pronounced this week, but we do seem to be moving towards a new normal. Britain feels that bit harsher, a little bit meaner, less considerate; indeed, the opposite of everything the prime minister promises in his "big society". The inevitable consequence, you say, of a society facing unemployment, contraction, scarcity and recession. Perhaps. But I don't think we are here by accident. This is a course that was set.

A remarkable thing happened in 1999 in the aftermath of the death of the black teenager Stephen Lawrence. Pretty much against the advice of Tony Blair, Jack Straw set up the Macpherson inquiry. It was a judicial investigation that prodded and probed the workings of the Metropolitan police; but more importantly it also had a hard look at our institutions.

As it pulled away at the many layers, we saw we had become accustomed to levels of discriminatory behaviour that did us no credit. The police, as always, took the first hit, but their failings were merely the failings of our society in microcosm: the racism, the sexism; the distaste for, and often hostility to, difference; the arrogance that characterised encounters between those in the majority endowed with authority, and those of a different race and gender and social background who had none.

Macpherson made us look again at it all. And we were the better for it. But we didn't all feel better. Sections of the police hated Macpherson because they lost the ability to offend who they pleased, to stop who they wanted, and had to talk to the minorities they felt they should have been policing. By the time the ripples spread to the NHS, the civil service and private firms terrified of being exposed for being out of step in terms of equalities, Macpherson gained more enemies. Those who have power don't surrender it easily.

The "ludicrous Macpherson report of 1999", wrote Peter Hitchens in one of his many assaults. A "sub-marxist analysis of the institutions of contemporary Britain", railed the Express's Leo McKinstry. It's all a "McCarthyite witch hunt spawned by Stephen's death", said the Mail's Richard Littlejohn. Yes, it spawned "a kind of McCarthyism," added his colleague Melanie Phillips. We're too politically correct, says the much-quoted Campaign Against Political Correctness. We're wasting money, says the TaxPayers' Alliance. They articulate the backlash.

Over time, the kickback has worked. When it emerges that once again some school pupils, no doubt echoing their parents, throw words such as Jew and gay and Paki and Chink around like so much plasticine, the reaction from the Mail and the Express is to criticise the teachers who make a note of it. When the Dale Farm Travellers say they are being unfairly treated and refuse to move, the Sun suggests the council should "let the locals loose on the site". When community advisers exercise their policing function in Tottenham, as envisaged by Macpherson, and warn tensions are high after the shooting of Mark Duggan, those warnings go unheeded, for once again they are no longer seen as people worth listening to. Next stop, riot shields.

There is no longer political pressure for equality or even civility. This week, the home secretary, Theresa May, who has been ripping up equality regulations as fast as she can find them, trumpeted her decision to walk away from plans to help women rise in industry.

There was a healthier mindset for a decade after Macpherson, but there was never buy-in from the establishment – the politicians, the mandarins and the media moguls – and so those changes were never woven into the fabric. The right huffed and puffed and lobbied about political correctness gone mad. And they got what they wanted. This is the post-Macpherson world they wanted, and it's meaner and harsher and less equitable and more divisive. This is a creature of their design; they may as well celebrate it. And if just occasionally they have to suffer its ill-effects, they really shouldn't complain.

Hugh Muir at Comment is free

Thanks to NewsHound for the heads-up