March 31, 2011

Sheffield BNP meeting tonight

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Sheffield BNP will be holding a meeting tonight at
The Malthouse Public House
71 Monteney Crescent,
South Yorkshire
S5 9DP

The BNP's National Organiser Adam Walker will be the main speaker.
Why not telephone the pub on 0114 246 7231 & politely lodge your complaint.
Alternatively you can email @

:- the meeting was cancelled at about 4.30. Thanks to everyone who phoned or emailed.

March 30, 2011

AV ‘will bring in fascism’

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In memory ... plaque in Cable Street
Tory chairman Baroness Warsi today urges Britain to say No to a change in our voting system to keep fascists out of Parliament.

She warns in The Sun that if voters opt for the dangerous Alternative Vote system in the May 5 referendum they could let the racist BNP in by the back door. Baroness Warsi says candidates will feel the need to pander to racist groups - leading to "more policies which appeal to extremists".

She adds: "Generations have been served well by the British system because fascists and extremists have consistently been excluded from Parliament."

Today the Baroness makes a public speech against AV near East London's Cable Street - where in 1936 thousands of anti-fascist demonstrators fought a pitched street battle to stop a march by Oswald Mosley's Hitler-loving Blackshirts.

Sayeeda Warsi, 39, a daughter of Pakistani immigrants, is the first Muslim woman to serve in the Cabinet. Her fierce denunciation will deepen growing coalition tensions over AV, which lets voters list candidates in order of preference rather than choosing one.The system is backed by the Lib Dem coalition members but opposed by the Tories. Lib Dem Cabinet minister Chris Huhne has already asked Baroness Warsi to explain Tory claims that a new voting system would cost the UK £250million.

Pro-AV campaigners have asked Deputy PM Nick Clegg not to get involved in their bid, fearing he may LOSE them votes.


March 29, 2011

Griffin’s agent made false election return

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The British National Party’s election agent for Barking in last year’s general election could face prosecution for falsely stating a printing bill for election leaflets had been paid after he accepted a brazen lie from the party’s treasurer.

Richard Barnbrook, who at the time was the BNP’s London Assembly member, included bills from Newton Press in the return of election expenses that he submitted to the Barking returning officer on behalf of Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, and marked them as paid. Election law requires all a candidates’ expenses to be paid within 28 days.

Not only had the bill not been paid within 28 days, but Newton Press, a small printer in County Durham, is still waiting for its money. According to Eddy Butler, a former BNP officer who is campaigning for Griffin’s removal as leader, the BNP has refused to pay the firm around £15,000 that it owes for various printing services, including issues of the party’s paper Voice of Freedom.

Newton Press did not take the BNP’s no for an answer and established that around £6,000 of the bill was for newspapers delivered in Barking and that Barnbrook had accepted responsibility as Griffin’s agent. Making a false election expenses declaration can carry a prison sentence of up to one year or an unlimited fine or both unless the High Court accepts there was “reasonable cause” for the failure.

Barnbrook, who resigned the BNP whip last summer and now sits on the London Assembly as an independent, duly applied to the High Court. Yesterday Mr Justice Tugendhat rejected Barnbrook’s plea that the false return was not his fault because Dave Hannam, the party treasurer, had provided him with invoices falsely stamped “paid”. The agent is expected to be in real and genuine control of election expenditure, Mr Justice Tugendhat ruled, and Barnbrook should have made certain that the invoices had in fact been paid before signing off the return.

Mr Justice Tugendhat, who four years ago threw out a BNP candidate’s vexatious libel claim against Searchlight, has referred the matter to the Director of Public Prosecutions, as election law requires, which means Barnbrook is likely to end up with a criminal conviction. According to Butler, Barnbrook, who “demeaned himself by touting himself around to various parties” in an attempt to get onto a London Assembly list that will secure his re-election in 2012, is now trying to return to the BNP.

The DPP could also proceed against Griffin as the candidate and agent are jointly responsible for the accuracy of the expenses return.

The BNP’s problems are unlikely to stop with Newton Press. The party has debts of over £500,000 including to several other printers money. Romac Press, the Belfast firm that printed the party’s main general election leaflets is owed £45,000, which means that election expenses returns in several constituencies were probably false.

After the European election in 2009, it emerged that most of the party’s election bills had been paid by Ltd, a company owned by Jim Dowson, the party’s fundraising consultant who ended up controlling most of the BNP’s assets. Griffin’s party had to repay the “loan” over several months.

The BNP’s continuing inability to pay its debts and readiness to lie means that any candidate or election agent will be personally at risk if they use election leaflets supplied by the party. Butler has called on BNP members not to stand as a candidate or act as an agent while Griffin is chairman.

Hannam, who was widely derided in the BNP as incompetent, is no longer BNP treasurer, replaced after less than eight months in the job by the moronic Clive Jefferson on his rapid rise through the party. Lying seemed to come naturally to Hannam. Last summer he boasted that the BNP’s financial controls now ensured that “all legally required statement [sic] of accounts are submitted on time”. The next day it emerged that the party had failed to submit its 2009 accounts to the Electoral Commission by the deadline of 7 July, the third time it had been late.

In 2007, when Hannam was deputy treasurer, Ian Dawson wrote in his letter of resignation from his position as the party’s head of group support: “Hannam has messed things up from day one, before he got ‘bogged down’ in an audit, during it, and after it. If he worked in a bank he would not last a week. Not only is he incompetent, he also lies. Again, this can be proved time and time again, yet it seems that no matter how much some people lie, and however big the lies are, they get away with it. I can’t think of one thing that Dave does well – if there is something I have not seen it. That is not an exaggeration or an unnecessary insult, it is a fact.”

Griffin seems unconcerned about the latest blow to his party. In the week when nominations are due for the local elections in May and many party members are already refusing to stand in protest at his leadership, he is sunning himself on holiday in Cyprus. Rumour has it that Griffin, who may be held personally liable for the BNP’s debts, is looking for a bolthole in Northern Cyprus, which has no extradition treaty with the UK.

Hope not hate

BNP Barking election expenses examined by High Court judge

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Two unpaid stationery invoices from last year’s Barking election could mean British National Party chairman, Nick Griffin, has to explain himself before the High Court.

A top judge has ordered papers to be sent to the director of public prosecutions after hearing of an infraction of strict rules relating to election expenses, where Mr Griffin suffered a crushing defeat in the general election last May.

Mr Justice Tugendhat acted after hearing of a bitter falling out between Mr Griffin and former BNP stalwart and Greater London Authority (GLA) member, Richard Barnbrook, who acted as his boss’s election agent in Barking but has since been expelled from the BNP. However, he adjourned the case, saying that Mr Griffin, as the election candidate, may also have to come to court to seek relief against potential prosecution.

The case centres around two printing firm invoices - totalling almost £10,000 - for leaflet publishing before the poll. They were declared as having been paid in full on the election expenses return, but the court heard they have in fact still not been settled. That inaccuracy amounts to an offence under the Representation of the People Act - which contains Draconian penalties for breaches of election rules - and Mr Barnbrook is now asking the High Court to lift the threat of prosecution from over his head.

Under the rules, election expenses must be paid within 28 days of the poll result, and the judge added that the printing bills cannot now be paid without permission from the court.

Barking and Dagenham Post

Fears move to poll reform 'will give BNP voters more say at ballot box'

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More than 90 per cent of Labour and Conservative
voters would have been unlikely to get a second vote

Election candidates will have to pander to the views of supporters of the far-Right BNP and other minority parties if Britain agrees to scrap the traditional first-past-the-post electoral system, campaigners warned last night.

Research suggests that a shift to the continental-style alternative vote would mean an end to the principle of ‘one person, one vote’. Those voting for the BNP and other small parties will see their votes counted over and over again, with their second, third and subsequent preferences influencing the result.

Under AV, which was backed today by Labour leader Ed Miliband, voters have to rank candidates at Westminster elections in order of preference rather than simply voting for the one candidate they want to win.

Any candidate who secures 50 per cent of the first-choice votes is elected immediately. But if they fall short of a majority, the candidate with the fewest first-choice votes is eliminated, and those who voted for him then have their second choice votes counted instead. The process continues round by round until one candidate gets 50 per cent of the vote.

The system means that the second and subsequent preferences of voters who back minority parties knocked out in the early stages are far more likely to be counted than those who back one of the three major parties.

The Prime Minister agreed to a referendum on AV as part of Nick Clegg’s price for entering coalition, and a poll is due to take place on May 5. Now research by the NO to AV campaign reveals that if the 2010 general election had been run under AV, in seven out of ten seats not a single Labour, Conservative or Lib Dem voter would have been likely to get a second vote. More than 90 per cent of Labour and Conservative voters would have been unlikely to get a second vote.

By contrast, in some constituencies, supporters of the BNP would have had their preferences counted six times before a winner was declared. In all, BNP voters would have had two or more votes counted in 193 constituencies.

Matthew Elliott, campaign director for the NO to AV campaign, said: ‘A Yes vote to the unfair and expensive alternative vote on May 5 is a Yes to unequal votes and a Yes to giving BNP supporters more power at the ballot box. Candidates would have to worry about the unpleasant views of people voting BNP in order to try to pick up their second preferences. One person, one vote isn’t just the bedrock of the British voting system, it is a principle which has become a beacon to the rest of the world. The alternative vote threatens that principle.’

Yes campaigners dismiss the concerns as unfounded, pointing out that the BNP is opposing reform. They say the far-Right party would be even less likely to gain Commons seats under AV than it is today, since winning candidates would have to command broad support. But No campaigners say candidates from major parties would have to pander to the views of BNP and UKIP voters, since their second preference votes would become all-important. Foreign Secretary William Hague and three of his predecessors today insist the principle of one person one vote is ingrained in British democracy.

Mr Hague’s fellow signatories of a letter to the Times warning against AV include Labour’s Margaret Beckett, and Tories Sir Malcolm Rifkind and Lord Hurd.

Growing tension over the referendum is threatening the harmony of the Coalition, with one Lib Dem Cabinet minister accusing a Conservative colleague of backing the ‘politics of the gutter’.

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne has written to Tory Party chairman Baroness Warsi asking her to disown the ‘scaremongering and misleading’ publicity of the NO to AV campaign. The campaign, of which she is a patron, claims the referendum and a shift to AV would cost £250million, a figure denied by Yes campaigners.

Mr Miliband today urged people not to make the referendum a vote on the Deputy PM. Making his first appearance on the 'yes' platform, the Labour leader said AV would enable 'progressive' parties to come together to beat the Tories. He appeared alongside former Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy and Lib Dem president Tim Farron as well as Green Party leader Caroline Lucas.

Mr Miliband has refused to appear alongside Mr Clegg, arguing that the Lib Dem leader is so unpopular he would be a liability for the campaign. In his speech however, he said it was important that supporters of AV should set aside their party differences in the referendum.

'I urge people to look beyond particular individuals, and vote in the national interest,' he said.

Mr Kennedy said it was vital that the supporters of electoral reform took the opportunity presented by the referendum on May 5

'This represents the force of political reform,' he said. 'This is a chance that has got to be seized.'

Daily Mail

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EDL rally police help for colleagues

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Lancashire authorities are taking advice from awardwinning police in Bolton ahead of this weekend’s planned English Defence League rally in Blackburn.

Up to 4,500 people are expected to turn up to the demonstration on Saturday which would make it even bigger than Bolton’s rally in March last year. The Victoria Square demonstration was one of the biggest EDL rallies in the country and Bolton police are now seen as experts in dealing with the challenges that such events present.

A team of Bolton police won the Karen Mulligan Award for Diversity in Action at the Greater Manchester Police excellence awards this year for their work ahead of the rally. Now Lancashire police have been taking advice from Bolton police to ensure that the demonstration passes peacefully. Representatives from Blackburn with Darwen Council have also been speaking to Bolton Council chiefs.

Sgt Steve Baldam, who played a key role in preparations ahead of Bolton’s protests, said: “The fact that the systems and protocols we were able to produce were such that they can now be taken on by the rest of the North West certainly makes us feel very proud.”

Blackburn police expect about 2,500 EDL protesters and about 2,000 counter protesters from Unite Against Fascism and the Muslim Defence League to show up on Saturday afternoon. Bolton EDL supporters are planning to travel to Blackburn by train for the demonstration.

Lancashire police Ch Supt Bob Eastwood said: “Our role is to facilitate peaceful protest. If anyone commits a criminal offence they will be dealt with fairly but firmly. The police will not tolerate damage to the town or acts of violence and I would urge anyone thinking of coming to Blackburn to attend either demonstration to bear this in mind.”

Bolton News

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March 28, 2011

CCTV images will help find man who attacked police officer

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Detectives hope new CCTV images will help them find a man who attacked a police officer at Chester railway station. An initial appeal to find the suspect failed, but British Transport Police hope the release of a new image will encourage further witnesses to step forward.

The incident took place at about 4.40pm on Thursday, November 11, last year following a demonstration by the English Defence League in Chester. After the demonstration a large number of EDL members arrived at the city’s station to catch trains. BTP officers attended and sought to control a swelling crowd, but as the number of people grew officers became involved in an altercation with several protesters. During the fight PC Graham Funnell was assaulted twice and was kicked to the groin by one of the demonstrators.

DC Jaime Brannagan said: “PC Funnell was carrying out a civic duty to maintain order and protect members of the public when he was assaulted by the EDL member. BTP simply will not tolerate violence or aggression on the railway and will do everything in its power to bring those who behave inappropriately to justice.”

He added: “We were unsuccessful with our initial appeal to trace the man responsible, but I now hope, with the release of a CCTV image of a man we would like to speak to in connection with the incident, we will be able to jog someone’s memory and bring the offender to justice. It’s possible the offender is from Shropshire as several others in the group bought tickets to Shrewsbury, but it is also possible he is local to Cheshire or Merseyside.”

If you recognise the man from the CCTV, or have any information in relation to the incident, please contact BTP on 0800 40 50 40 or call Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111. In all calls please quote reference 389 of 11/11/10.

Chester First

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Another EDL star in the making...

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The symbol this bozo is ranting about seems to be a stylized version of Press TV's own logo. Or maybe it's just something drummed up by a creative somewhere to make the microphone look more dynamic or exciting. Or something. It's also similar, though not identical, to the symbol used by Oldham Council - which might explain why he's spotted it all over Oldham.

Either way, we at Lancaster Unity heartily support his mate's plea to have more mosques built in Mecca. That'll teach 'em.
No, hang on a minute...

Thanks to
NewsHound and a couple of Anons for the heads-up :-)

March 27, 2011

Gants Hill: Racist attack on mosque

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Racist abuse was shouted at worshippers at a busy mosque.

Police were called to Eastern Avenue in Gants Hill after reports of a group of men causing damage to parked vehicles in the road. Six men were seen heading in the direction Redbridge roundabout towards Redbridge Islamic Centre, also in Eastern Avenue. As they reached the mosque they shouted racial abuse and threw bricks at the building, which broke glass in the front doors.

The incident occurred at around 7.45pm on Thursday (March 24), near the start of evening prayers. A number of worshippers had already entered the mosque but there were still some people outside the building when the attack occurred. One man suffered a minor head injury but did not need any medical treatment.

Six men were arrested by police and remain in custody at Ilford Police Station.

Chief Inspector Stan Greatrick, of Redbridge police, said: “We would appeal for anyone who was in the Eastern Avenue area and saw the group of males to contact us. We have spoken to a number of people in the area and continue to liaise closely with members of the Redbridge Mosque.

“We have already secured additional patrols for Eastern Avenue and we would like to reassure the local community, and those who worship at the Redbridge Mosque, that we are treating this case extremely seriously.”

Anyone with information should contact Redbridge CID on 020 8345 2632.

Waltham Forest Guardian

March 26, 2011

Statement calls for communities to unite against EDL

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Some of Blackburn's most prominent people and organisations have signed a joint statement highlighting community cohesion in the town.

The statement has been released in the run-up to the EDL protest in the town on Saturday April 2. The statement reads: "Islamophobia is as unacceptable as any other form of racism. It divides and weakens our society by making scapegoats of one section of the community. Since their inception, wherever the EDL have marched, their supporters have attempted verbal and physical abuse on Asian people, their friends and their property. This has no place in a civilised society and it has no place in Blackburn.

"In difficult economic times, when jobs are being lost, services cut and communities as a whole suffering, racism only serves to undermine the basic solidarity we all need to have with one another.

"There is also the cost of this march to the local council tax payer to be considered, both in terms of the massive police operation needed because the EDL have a well-earned reputation for thuggish behaviour, on similar marches in other parts of the country, and, the potential loss of trade for town centre businesses. The cost to the town will be in the hundreds of thousands of pounds and Blackburn simply cannot afford this expense.

"Our response therefore to the English Defence League presence in our town is to affirm our community values - based on mutual respect, tolerance and unity. We do not wish to see our town become the venue for the latest display of EDL intimidation and violence, which is the hallmark of all of their public activity."

On Saturday April 2nd at 1:00pm on Sudell Cross Blackburn, people will to come together under the banner of Blackburn and Darwen United Against Racism. Please come along and join in our Celebration. There is far more that unites us than divides us.

This statement is supported by • The Bishop of Blackburn – Mr Nicholas Blackburn • Sir Bill Taylor • Michael Hindley former MEP Lancashire East; Leader of Hyndburn Council; Lancashire County Councillor • Kate Hollern Leader of Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council • Councillor Mohammed Khan • Councillor Tony Humphrys • Councillor Pat McFall • Councillor Dave Harling • Councillor Jim Shorrock • Peter Billington Lancashire TUC • Shaukat Hussain Labour Party Local Government Committee Chairman • Karen Narramore Secretary UNISON East Lancs Branch • Peter Dales UNISON East Lancashire Health Branch Chairman • Simon Jones Secretary Blackburn with Darwen National Union of Teachers • Paul Hogan Assistant Secretary Blackburn with Darwen National Union of Teachers • Liz Beaumont Natiuonal Union of Teachers • Cath Ford Independent local artist • Maurice Ffelan • Tom Howard • Anne Davies Hospital Volunteer • Anjum Anwar Director of Womens Voice • Phil Riley Secretary Blackburn Labour Party • Adil Babar UNISON • Dave Fleming • Tricia Gleave University & College Union Blackburn College Safety Rep • Colin Crabtree University & College Union Union Blackburn College Rep • Craig Hammond University & College Union Blackburn Branch Chairman • Ashley Whalley University & College Union Blackburn Branch Secretary • Alan McShane University & College Union Blackburn College Senior Safety Rep • John Murphy University & College Union Blackburn College Vice-Chairman • Councillor Salim Sidat • Councillor Andy Kay • Councillor Faryad Hussain • Councillor Abdul Samad Patel • Councillor Maureen Bateson • Councillor Eileen Entwistle • Councillor Naushad Surve • Councillor Mike Johnson • Hansa Canon UNISON Black Members Officer • Pat Maudsley Blackburn Labour Party • Frances Bradley Senior UNISON Steward • Dave Bradley UNISON Steward • Ian Gallagher Blackburn & District TUC • Gareth Roscoe BwDBC Local Government Branch Secretary • Dee Shuttleworth Unison Branch Administrator/Steward • Arim Rafique Equality Officer Blackburn College • Marin McAreavey University & College Union Rep • Frank Davis UNITE Senior Union Rep at Crown Paints • Bob Wellham UNITE Senior Union Rep at Crown Paints • Doug Kelly University & College Union Safety Rep at Blackburn College • Lancashire Council of Mosques (LCM)

Asian Image

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March 25, 2011

Former soldier fined for 'brutal and excessive' force against anti-BNP protester

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Steven Thomson, 42, repeatedly punched a man he saw vandalising a campaign poster in Aberdeen.

A former soldier who assaulted a protester for vandalising a British National Party campaign poster has been fined £300. Steven Thomson, 42, claimed he had been making a citizen's arrest when he saw Stefan Knust defacing the poster in Great Northern Road, Aberdeen, on March 25 last year, in the run-up to the General Election. But Aberdeen Sheriff Court heard he chased Mr Knust up the road and used "brutal and excessive force", punching his victim several times on the head and body.

Sheriff Malcolm Garden ruled that Thomson, of Gibblestone House, Scalloway, Shetland, "went too far" in his treatment of Mr Knust, although he had substantial grounds to make a citizen's arrest.

Thomson, a former BNP member, claimed he had used "minimum force" and merely "grabbed" his 21-year-old victim, but the court heard that this was inconsistent with Mr Knust's injuries. Thomson claimed he and his son had been "guarding" the £1,600 poster after it was repeatedly targeted by vandals.

Mr Knust, 21, told the court the pair got out of a car and chased him along the Great Northern Road before assaulting him.

Thomson, who denied the charge of assault, said he was "shocked" and "disgusted" with the verdict and was considering rejoining the BNP. He added he planned to appeal against the sheriff's verdict. His son Gregor Thomson, 21, of Summerfield Terrace, Aberdeen, went on trial beside his father, but the case against him was not proven.


BNP protest attack in Aberdeen: former member fined

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A former British National Party member has been fined for repeatedly punching a protester who vandalised a party poster in Aberdeen.

Steven Thomson, 42, was found guilty of assaulting Stefan Knust in March 2010.

Thomson, of Shetland, claimed he had been putting his victim under a citizen's arrest in Aberdeen.

Sheriff Malcolm Garden, at Aberdeen Sheriff Court, fined him £300 for what he said was a citizen's arrest that went too far.

Mr Knust, 21, said he was attacked on Great Northern Road.

Fiscal depute Victoria White argued Thomson had used "brutal and excessive force".

Appeal conviction

But defence solicitor Gail Goodfellow said the victim's account of the attack did not match up with his injuries.

Thomson said he would appeal as he was "disgusted" by the conviction.

The case against Thomson's son, Gregor, 21, of Aberdeen, was found not proven.

The father and son had denied the offence and claimed they had been guarding the poster after it was repeatedly targeted by vandals.

BBC News

Has the Daily Star turned its back on the English Defence League?

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The red-top pledges to oppose "extremism and fanaticism no matter what quarter it comes from".

The Daily Star's flirtation with extremist right-wing, if not right-wing, politics appears to be over. Last month Richard Desmond's flagship red-top raised concerns it was preparing to formally endorse the English Defence League after publishing an editorial entitled "Don't Dare Ignore The EDL" with accompanying splash "English Defence League To Become A Political Party".

Fortunately it now appears Star editor Dawn Neesom, described in her Wikipedia biography as a staunch West Ham fan and avid kick boxer, has experienced a conversion on the road to Luton, and will be adopting a more circumspect approach to the group who have been bringing booze fuelled chaos to Britain's multi-ethnic communities. A letter from Daily Star publishers Northern and Shell, to Nick Lowles, editor of anti-extremist magazine Searchlight, pledges, "Our stand has always been and always will be that of strongly opposing extremism and fanaticism no matter what quarter it comes from, whether it be burning Poppies or copies of the Koran". It goes on, ""We assure Searchlight that the Daily Star will continue to endeavour to be a fair and accurate newspaper serving a true United Kingdom and all its people".

An editorial response from Lowles, who has been campaigning for the Star to distance itself from the EDL, expresses his belief that "the newspaper will not be backing the street gang or any other extremist organization". He adds, "We welcome this statement and what we understand to be a change in direction. We will remain vigilant to keep the newspaper to its word".

Despite a perception the Daily Star was morphing into the house magazine of the far right, the truth is the Star stable has adopted a more ambiguous stance to both the EDL and their floundering forerunners in the BNP. The Sunday edition of the paper has run a number of hard hitting exposes of both organizations, and was highly critical of the Prime Minister's recent Munich speech on multiculturalism. Under the headline "David Cameron Boards the EDL Bandwagon" the paper charged "Bungling David Cameron was last night accused of "stoking the fires" of race hate just hours before a thuggish far right march".

There have also been indications Richard Desmond has himself been concerned about his Daily's courting of the EDL. Guardian media commentator Roy Greenslade, who was heavily critical of the Star's favourable editorial, quoted a spokesman for Desmond insisting the proprietor had no prior knowledge of the paper's stance. The Independent also agreed to change its online headline "Has Richard Desmond decided to back the English Defence League?", to, "Has the Daily Star decided to back the English Defence league?" following a request for a correction from Desmond

The Star's decision to break from its balaclava clad suitors comes at a time when the paper has been facing internal as well as external scrutiny over its reporting of ethnic minorities, especially the Muslim community. Whistle blower/disgruntled former employee Richard Peppiatt claimed in a resignation letter to Daily Star management Islamaphobia had become a key weapon in the paper's fight for circulation; "Muslims are branded "beardies" or "fanatics", and black-on-black killings ("Bob-slayings", as I've cringingly heard them called in your newsroom) can be resigned to a handful of words, shoehorned beneath a garish advert". In response, the Daily Star issued a statement which claimed, "Regarding the allegations over the paper's coverage of Islam, he, [Peppiatt], was only ever involved in a very minor way with such articles, and never voiced either privately or officially any disquiet over the tone of the coverage. For the record, the Daily Star editorial policy does not hold any negativity towards Islam and the paper has never, and does not endorse, the EDL."

Whatever the truth of the Peppiatt allegations, the withdrawal, or non-extension, of the Daily Star's support will be a seen as a blow to the EDL at a time when the organization is struggling to manage internal tensions over its future direction. Alan Lake, the EDL's shadowy millionaire financier, is keen to channel his progeny towards the political mainstream, and has been attempting to build connections with the European and international right, including fringe elements of the US Tea Party movement. In contrast Tommy Robinson, the EDL's self-styled 'General' is said to want to remain true to the movement's 'grass roots' strategy of street level demonstrations and confrontation, even though effective policing and community organization are reducing the opportunities for disorder so beloved by many of its members.

The 'tit's, bums, QPR and roll your own fags' agenda pursued by the Daily Star's inaugural editor Derek Jameson is not to everyone's taste. But the capture of a national newspaper endorsement, form whatever source, would have been an important feather in the hoodies of the EDL. Dawn Neesom and Richard Desmond's change of heart, however belated, is to be welcomed.

Say oooh, ah, Daily Star...

New Statesman

‘EDL protest will cripple us’ fear of Blackburn traders

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Town centre businesses have reacted with anger at restrictions which they claim will ‘cripple’ trade when the EDL come to Blackburn.

Final details of road closures should be confirmed in the next 24 hours, but shops close to Mincing Lane and Northgate are already preparing to lose customers.

Blackburn with Darwen Council’s director of policy and communications Tom Stannard has met with 50 to 60 business representatives. He said that although they were not all happy, they were ‘confident’ in the police and council operation. He said the authority would be working to get Blackburn town centre ‘back to normality’ as soon as possible after the protest on Saturday, April 2.

The council said no businesses were being forced to close, but Fleming Square hairdresser Jeff Stone said he has been told that an 8ft barrier would be placed at either end of his street. He said: “I’m fully booked that morning. The advice is people won’t be able to get past the barriers, but I’ll be demanding my right to be here. I’m absolutely seething. We cannot possibly give in and let this protest close us down. How exactly is this protecting my freedom as the EDL claim? What the heck have we got to protest about in this free country of ours?”

Alexandra Sagar, assistant manager of Eastham’s Florists, on Cathedral View, said she was ‘very concerned’ at the restrictions, but staff would be working as normal ahead of Mothering Sunday, April 3. She said: “We’ve not been asked to close, but there will be restricted access to the shop, only on foot via Church Street. We anticipate having 450 deliveries over three days, with 200 on Saturday. Our priority at the moment is to work with the council to find alternative premises to store our deliveries for the Saturday. But we are concerned that very few people will want to come to Blackburn to shop that weekend. It is vital that our customers know we will be open as usual and will take phone and internet orders for delivery and that we guarantee to get our deliveries out.”

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Carlisle man pleads guilty to theft and burning of Koran

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A Carlisle man has today pleaded guilty to the theft and intentional burning of a holy Koran at Carlisle Magistrates court.

Andrew Leslie Ryan, 32, of Summerhill, Carlisle, pleaded guilty to the theft of the Koran from the Lanes Library and to setting fire to the book as he stood at Carlisle Cross outside the Old Town Hall in Carlisle City Centre, shortly after midday on Wednesday 19th January 2011.

After witnesses saw Ryan set fire to the book, police arrested him shortly afterwards and he was subsequently charged. He is set to appear in Carlisle Magistrates Court for sentencing on 14 April 2011.

The investigation was led by Temporary Detective Inspector Helen Harkins of Carlisle CID. She said: “Cumbria police will not tolerate any form of hate crime and any reports that we receive are investigated thoroughly so that the appropriate action can be taken. It is rare to see an incident like this on the streets of Cumbria and I hope that the positive action from police in this case reassures communities that we will tackle unacceptable behaviour.“

Cumbria Constabulary

March 24, 2011

Party’s over as BNP disappear

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Porky Griffin - getting chunky on all that EU gravy
Far-right political party the BNP will not field a single candidate in South Tyneside in May.

A spokesman for the party said the move was a political decision in a bid to persuade national leader Nick Griffin to stand down. Martin Vaughan, fundholder for the party in South Tyneside, said the party was “finished” under Mr Griffin’s leadership. The move comes despite the BNP standing candidates in all borough electoral wards up for grabs at last year’s local elections.

Rival parties in South Tyneside today expressed their delight at the announcement. Coun Jane Branley, Independent Alliance representative for Westoe, said she believes the real reason is “disillusionment that they can’t get a toehold in what they thought were winnable seats in South Tyneside”.She added: “I am delighted that the BNP are not fielding any candidate as I abhor everything they stand for.”

Coun Iain Malcolm, the Labour leader of South Tyneside Council, also welcomed the party’s non-participation, adding: “I look forward to the day that the BNP as a political party is disbanded.”

But Coun George Elsom, Real Independent for Cleadon Park, described the withdrawal as a “big surprise”. He added: “I abhor the BNP and what they stand for, but I defend anyone’s democratic right to stand for election. Their candidate polled well in Cleadon Park last time round, so some people obviously agree with their policies.”

Mr Vaughan said: “Mr Griffin has attracted a lot of bad publicity and the party is in debt. There is a lot of disillusionment with him, and the party in South Tyneside want him to stand down. Under his leadership, the BNP is finished and we need him to go before we can rebuild. Previously loyal BNP members are being sacked throughout the country for speaking out against him. I don’t expect to remain in my role for much longer.”

Mr Griffin had been invited to meet his critics at a gathering at the High Lane Social Club in Hebburn at the weekend, but did not attend.

Mr Vaughan added: “He wasn’t even willing to answer his critics.”

Mr Griffin was unavailable for comment.

The Shields Gazette

Man broke window in EDL demo

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A man who smashed a window during the English Defence League protest in Leicester has admitted causing criminal damage worth £1,500.

Gareth Mooney (29) of Sandown Court, Wallsend, Tyne and Wear, broke the shop window of Big John's Takeaway, in Humberstone Road on October 9 last year.

Liz Dodds, prosecuting, told Leicester magistrates that Mooney was one of about 200 protesters who broke through a police cordon in Queens Street at about 4pm to challenge a group of Asian youths. The trouble then spilled into Humberstone Road, where up to 20 members of the public had sought refuge in the takeaway.

She said: "Mr Mooney was caught on CCTV giving a forceful kick to the window, causing it to shatter in a spider effect. His behaviour instigated the subsequent attack on the building which caused a total of £5,000 damage."

Mooney said: "I'm very sorry for the trouble I've caused. It was down to stupidity."

He was bailed to appear at North Tyneside Magistrates Court on April 12.

This is Leicestershire

March 23, 2011

Muslamic Ray Guns - The EDL Anthem

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At the risk of making this thick EDL bastard even more famous than he already is, I felt I had to post this classic conversion from a twat being interviewed to a piece of decent music. Listen - you'll love it. And major congrats to whoever translated this into a decent tune.

alexvegas at YouTube

Loyalists target BNP boss’s girl over £40K debt

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The BNP has fallen foul of a gang of loyalist heavies over a £40,000 debt, we can reveal.

Last week a handful of the gang – who come from east Belfast – travelled to England and Wales where they called at a number of addresses connected to BNP leader Nick Griffin. One of those visited was Nick Griffin’s daughter Jenny, who was running the BNP fundraising/membership office in Dundonald until it closed recently.

The Sunday World understands the debt is connected to a printer's firm based in the loyalist heartland. The BNP used the firm to print election leaflets and other promotional stuff in the run-up to the disastrous 2010 General Election. But soon after the BNP went into financial meltdown and today have debts estimated of at least £500,000.

We understand the BNP have been trying to come up with a financial plan which would see their creditors getting a fraction of what they are owed. They have offered a string of Ulster businesses as well as landlords and other people owed money just 5p in every pound.

Staff made redundant when the Belfast office closed are owed thousands in unpaid wages as well. On Tuesday lawyers acting for some ex-BNP staff served papers on the party demanding they be paid in full. And the printer's company is demanding the cash is paid in full as well and we understand they may have sold the debt on.

Last week the gang made an unannounced call at the home of Griffin’s daughter Jenny Matthys. But when she wasn’t in they called at the home of his father in Wales and delivered the message.

“These guys meant business,” said the source. “The printing company wants their money. They are run by a man who has plenty of friends in the loyalist paramilitaries. There were four men. They called at Jenny’s house but she wasn’t there so they went to Nick Griffin’s dad’s house in Welshpool, Powys,Wales. Griffin’s dad has money and bailed his son out before. The message from this gang was very simple - ‘Pay what’s owed or we’ll be back’. The BNP have left a lot of Ulster business’s in the sh*t. They owe hundreds of thousands of pounds but they have no way of paying up because they are practically bankrupt.”

The deal with the printers was secured by Scottish firebrand and convicted criminal Jim Dowson. At the time Dowson was in charge of the BNP nerve centre which was based in an enterprise park in Dundonald. Indeed Dowson had convinced the BNP hierarchy to base their major fundraising in Belfast promising they would be able to operate in peace. But the move was a complete disaster with rising costs not being met by donations and membership dues.

Dowson and the Belfast office were blamed by members in England for the election fiasco which saw the BNP fail to win a single Westminster seat and lose all their council seats in east London. The Belfast office went on a charm offensive in an attempt to persuade BNP members in the UK that things were OK.

This included an excruciating video tour of the Belfast operation, lead by Jenny and her BNP husband Angus, and showed us, amongst other things, how the membership card embossing machine works! But a few short months later and the Belfast operation (sadly including the embossing machine) was shut down.

Dowson sealed his own fate when he landed the BNP in a costly legal mess after they hijacked Marmite for an election campaign advert. Marmite producers Unilever threatened court action and eventually the BNP settled out of court at great expense.

During their short stay in Ulster the BNP was being run by Griffin’s daughter Jenny, who moved into a small flat in Comber, Co. Down. But she has returned to the mainland to work for the trouble-hit far right party.

Last year her father sent an embarrassing begging letter to all BNP members stating, in stark terms, that the party was doomed if they didn’t cough up some extra cash.

Hope not hate

Far-right groups confront each other in Dagenham

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Far-right activists turned against one another as they protested against a mosque in Dagenham on Saturday.

Protesters believed to back the English Defence League (EDL) confronted the English Nationalist Alliance (ENA), which staged its latest protest against the Muslim place and worship and community centre in Green Lane.

Both groups say they want to fund a judicial review in the High Court to try to overturn a council decision which gave the centre the go-ahead despite more than 1,300 objections in January.

Protesters were segregated on either side of Green Lane as police supervised the demonstrations.

The ENA said it had cancelled a meeting about the judicial review, due to take place tonight, because of Saturday’s confrontation.

An EDL spokesman said the counter demonstration was not organised centrally, adding the organisation did not oppose the ENA but merely did not want to be associated with its members.

Barking and Dagenham Post

Muslamic Ray Guns - Weapons Of Mass Distraction!!!

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On the 2nd of April, the drunken nobodies of the EDL will be marching up and down the streets of Blackburn chanting racist abuse willy-nilly at any passing Asian man, woman and child. The best way to beat these pissed-up fascist losers is to take the bloody piss.

While the moronic EDL thugs beat up the police trying to break through their lines to assault the anti-racist protestors, we suggest that anti-fascist protestors follow our fine heroic science-fiction example, and dress up as characters from B-movie sci-fi space invasion movies, sporting the most outlandish of legal weapons, "Muslamic Ray Guns".

Turn up in Blackburn wearing your most colourful items of fancy dress, ready to impose "Iraqi Infadel Law" upon the EDL's "Space Invaders", blasting the racist losers back to infinity and beyond (or the nearest solar system that has a run-down Wetherspoons).

Suitable sci-fi music played from loudspeakers with a space-style launch countdown before the rayguns are fired, would be most fitting.

Tell your friends!!!

Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers & Buzz Lightyear at Indymedia

Thanks to NewsHound for the heads-up

March 22, 2011

Police warning ahead of EDL protest in Blackburn

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Police have said they will not tolerate acts of violence or damage when up to 4,500 people descend on Blackburn town centre for protests next month.

Members of the English Defence League (EDL), Muslim Defence League and Unite Against Facism (UAF) are all expected to stage demonstrations on 2 April. Police said they were working to minimise the impact on the community and would facilitate peaceful protests.

Blackburn with Darwen Council said the town would be open for business. The EDL is being allowed to demonstrate outside King George's Hall for one hour while a counter demonstration will take place at Sudell Cross. Some roads will be affected, including temporary closures, but officials said they were working hard to make sure that people could "go about their daily business as usual".

Ch Supt Bob Eastwood said: "We will police the demonstration as we would any public event and we will facilitate a peaceful protest. Day-to-day policing in Lancashire will carry on as normal and we have detailed plans in place to deal with any issues on the day. We will have specially-trained officers policing the demonstration.

"Our role is to facilitate peaceful protest. If anyone commits a criminal offence they will be dealt with fairly but firmly. The police will not tolerate damage to the town or acts of violence and I would urge anyone thinking of coming to Blackburn to attend either demonstration to bear this in mind."

Tom Stannard, of Blackburn with Darwen Council, said: "The bulk of the town centre will remain open for business. This borough has a strong track record of good community relations and will continue to support all our community groups and representatives should they have any concerns about this demonstration."


Tory couple from Dudley quit party in row over 'racist' doll

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These are the photos that caused two prospective Tory councillors to resign from the party

Bill and Star Etheridge are seen posing with a controversial golly doll. 41-year-old Mr Etheridge was due to stand for the Tories in the Dudley Council elections in May along with his wife Star, aged 39. But a Conservative Party disciplinary committee suspended the pair after a complaint from party volunteers. The couple have now resigned from the party and Mr Etheridge said he was joining UKIP instead.

Mr Etheridge said he posted the pictures on Facebook to promote a “healthy debate” about the toy after the couple bought one on a market stall. He and Star organise their local branch of The Campaign Against Political Correctness.

“We thought we’d post pictures of it as an interesting talking-point and to provoke a healthy debate,” said the dad-of-three. “We never said ‘bring back gollies’. I’m aware some people may be offended, but they’re offended on behalf of someone else – they’re do-gooders.”

Conservative disciplinary committee secretary Stephen Phillips wrote to the pair about their 30-day suspension on Friday. He said: “The committee is satisfied that the complaint raises serious issues that might bring the party into disrepute and/or that you may be guilty of conduct not compatible with membership of the Conservative Party.”

A Conservative Party spokesman said: “Following a complaint by members of the voluntary party in the area, two Conservative members have resigned from the party.”

Mr Etheridge added: “We do not intend to be silenced and will increase our campaigning against political correctness.”

And UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass said he would be welcomed into their party. He said: “Bill’s decision to join UKIP is yet another boost for the party and an endorsement of all the good work we have done here.”

Birmingham Mail

Funding blow for Stoke-on-Trent community project

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A community project aimed at uniting people from different backgrounds across Stoke-on-Trent could be axed because of a lack of funding.

The One World Project educates young people against the prejudices associated with asylum seekers and refugees. It was set up by Stoke-on-Trent’s Citizens’ Advice Bureau (CAB) following racist incidents in schools. But the Migration Impact Fund which covers its costs has now been scrapped, leaving the future of the initiative in doubt.

Charlotte Laws, Children’s Cohesion Worker at Stoke-on-Trent Citizens’ Advice Bureau (CAB), said: “With the BNP on our local councils and even boards of school governors and the EDL gaining momentum throughout the area, the loss of this project can only lead to a return to a culture of fear of and antagonism towards these groups of people.”

Chou-Chou, a refugee from Africa, visited Silverdale Community Primary School in Newcastle-under-Lyme this month and shared his story with the children.

Deputy headteacher of Silverdale Community Primary School, Mrs Blaney told Staffslive: “It was really useful because it enabled our children to meet someone who had suffered from war and fled their country to escape persecution. After hearing his story the children can form their own opinions instead of listening to the news or reading newspapers.”

The One World Project was given an Award for Bridging Cultures (ABC) from the Institute of Community Cohesion.

Ms Laws said: “We create a way in which young people can encounter asylum seekers and refugees and hear their experiences in the hope that the stereotype associated with them can be changed. Telling others their stories is more valued than what people read or hear in the media.”

Now it’s in jeopardy after the Conservatives scrapped the Migration Impact Fund which provided the scheme’s funding. They are set to visit five more local schools by the end of the month thanks to temporary funding from Newcastle Partnership.

Ms Laws is hoping to restart the project at the beginning of next year as a standalone not for profit venture.

Staffs Live

Thanks to NewsHound for the heads-up

March 21, 2011

The final countdown...

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Nick step down now!
A tired and rather bloated Nick Griffin has looked better; as a fresh-faced fascist in the 1980s he projected a suave, revolutionary image as he and other middle class and university educated young men took control and strangled the life out of the moribund and predominantly working class National Front.

The years of ideological neglect which saw the once mighty NF falter into little more than a spent Hitler-admiring political sect, were swept away with the ascent of the Cambridge graduate. He used long words and waved strange flags, he excited and enthused as much as he shocked and confused his followers. In his own words, you were viewed as old if you were in your thirties. He then lost control of the NF, dumped it and walked away, not long afterwards being declared a bankrupt. An incident with a shotgun robbed him of his eye.

Nearly twenty years on from the death of his “Political Soldier” NF, Griffin must be experiencing déjà vu. For the second time in his unillustrious career, Griffin is watching another party he led turn in on itself and more disturbingly for Griffin, against him again.

The British National Party and Griffin in particular are now in serious trouble. The party has gone from extreme and bullish to bellicose, lazy and confused in just over a year. The rot had set in well before last year’s electoral humiliations.

The problems had been evident since the moment Griffin took over the leadership in 1999. Each time there was discourse or a popular uprising, political conditions were such for Griffin and the BNP that he could simply paper over the cracks as the party’s members clung onto their wild political dreams.

The party under Griffin has had no fewer than four serious splits – splits that each time dented the party. Even Eddy Butler, Griffin’s most formidable and experienced opponent to date, admits that despite his fears and doubts about Griffin’s behaviour it “seemed stupid” for him to take a stand on principle “when the BNP seemed politically to be taking the correct course”. Even if, as Butler claims further, when the BNP made its first electoral gains in 2002 “Nick Griffin copied word for word my discourse”.

Of course, Griffin has never been alone when it has come to driving his political ambitions into the wilderness. His trip up the revolutionary and religious garden path in the 1980s was inspired and facilitated by Italian fascists wanted for questioning over terrorist acts, who turned his Conservative head towards dead Eastern European demigods, Colonel Gaddafi, stupidity and a temporary political suicide.

It’s either a lack of confidence in spite of his arrogance or perhaps extremely poor judgement in others that has ensured Griffin has never sunk alone. The younger and impressionable Patrick Harrington acted as Griffin’s “wingman” during their NF days, even obligingly photographing Griffin standing in front of a portrait of their political hero Colonel Gaddafi while on a begging mission to Tripoli. Harrington then took the picture to the London magazine Time Out, exposing the NF’s leadership to an uncomfortable scrutiny that has followed them everywhere since then. Since the pair ran the NF into the ground, Harrington has borne the brunt of the venom directed at the two by former members and observers, while Griffin has made a thousand public apologies and self-criticisms for his few years of revolutionary weakness, even backing a violent street approach when joining the BNP in the mid nineties, to stave off the party’s modernisers at the time.

Harrington appears to have developed no such weakness for popularity contests, and since joining Griffin on the BNP’s European payroll and as leader of the BNP’s trade union front Solidarity, has seemingly continued a destructive and controversial course that Griffin so warmed to. Others have fallen by the wayside; Dr Mark Deavin, formerly of the UK Independence Party and a close friend of David Irving, jumped ship when exposed as Griffin’s right-hand man by the Cook Report in an exposé screened in 1997 exposing Griffin’s plan to take over the party. The NF’s Wayne Ashcroft also deserted Griffin after he too was exposed. His job was supposed to be the delivery of the rump of what was left of the NF, a party that remained ferociously anti-Griffin.

While the old guard put up a formidable fight to stop Griffin sweeping to power in the BNP’s first ever leadership contest in 1999, they were crushed by a campaign orchestrated to humiliate them and destroy their own political careers and aspirations by ridicule, populism and modernisation.

Griffin’s eventual running mate for wresting control of the BNP was the convicted bomber Tony Lecomber, a man who had also reinvented himself after a period of terrorism, street thuggery and imprisonment. Lecomber had used the second chance given to him by the party to get himself close enough to John Tyndall, who was then the BNP leader, to be in a prime position when the time came to deliver the fatal and personal blows to Tyndall’s leadership.

A steady growth and the capture of several council seats around the country from 2002 onwards allowed Griffin the sort of leeway Butler speaks of. Scandals involving extensions to his family home and the sale of second hand cars in the party’s publications caused large rifts, large enough even to see off some deputy leaders, but Griffin’s real weakness has been to surround himself during his 12-year tenure with people of either dubious morals or personality defects.

Lecomber later fell by the wayside after Griffin’s former bodyguard exposed what is alleged to have been a plot orchestrated by Lecomber to hire him for politically motivated murders. The bodyguard, an alleged gangland hitman, fell by the wayside himself and suffered too from the party’s desire to purge not people of questionable values and lifestyle, but those expressing dissent in what they felt was the defence of the party over Griffin’s personal interests.

The closer people get to Griffin, the more obvious it seems that it is their own judgement call over whether they protect the interests of the party or adhere to the cult of Griffin’s personality. By keeping and promoting people with behavioural, political or lifestyle skeletons in their cupboards, Griffin is able to keep a lid on dissenters and the competition firmly at bay. But the past 12 months has seen this all collapse like a house of cards.

The Belfast operation, a call centre staffed by the family of both Griffin and its owner Jim Dowson, drew national and international attention to the way that Griffin’s BNP did business. Dowson, an evangelical anti-abortionist with an ego almost as big as Griffin’s, had a record for screwing money out of people by any means necessary and an arrogance that demanded he was obeyed and was always right. Initially Griffin promoted Dowson to run almost every operation in the party, from funding to staffing and even some aspects of campaigning. When Dowson spoke, party members and employees had to dance to his tune. The large sums of cash funnelled into the party were far more important than the constant noise of disquiet emanating from within the party over the business practices, which often bordered on plain harassment.

Griffin’s election to the European Parliament in 2009, his tenth year as leader, quelled an internal revolt. Dowson took a huge amount of the credit, the success of Griffin and Andrew Brons in getting elected to Europe was due to the large amount of money Dowson had raised and the professional looking operation he ran for the party. The dissent in the party immediately quietened down, but it was perhaps to be the last great political celebration of Griffin’s leadership. Dowson paid the piper and now the man described as Griffin’s consigliere, a term for a Mafia adviser, was calling the tune and being referred to as the party’s owner.

Searchlight threw a large amount of resources into investigating the call centre and Dowson in particular. Over painstaking hours investigating Dowson’s financial dealings, we uncovered a paper trail that began with the exposé of the truth behind who actually owned the BNP’s “Truth Truck”, a long wheelbase vehicle the party never actually owned, despite claiming they had bought it. We also exposed – at great pain to the BNP’s cautious membership – that call centre workers were in fact not dedicated ideological fanatics like themselves but were in fact hired help from a Belfast employment agency.

Working out of Belfast we began to turn the screw on the BNP as far away as in Brussels. We uncovered a series of plush properties that the BNP were leasing, as well as funding and property scams and, most surprising of all, that at the peak of the BNP’s activity there, no fewer than four staff members were passing or had passed information about the BNP’s internal affairs to various newspapers.

As Dowson grew increasingly unpopular with the BNP’s members, Griffin more and more relied upon him. Dowson had heated clashes with staff members who eventually sued, costing the party large sums of money. The party ran up huge debts and legal bills, as Dowson also gave disastrously damaging legal advice over the Marmite election broadcast.

As the BNP prepared for the 2010 elections, the lack of money began to kick in. Membership renewals began to tail off and there was a recruitment freeze to contend with, resulting from the legal action by the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Internally, the BNP was saying that it could take not only the Barking parliamentary seat but bizarrely another two seats, as well as full control of Barking and Dagenham council. To ensure this, Griffin believed that he had to spearhead the campaign personally, choosing for himself the plum Barking seat and putting out of joint the nose of the party’s London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook.

In the absence of either dissent or reason, senior party sycophants believed that all this was actually possible. Large debts were run up in preparation for an enormous campaign and, as creditors closed on the party, new credit accounts were opened. Belfast, on Dowson’s own doorstep, appeared to have a number of businesses grateful for the BNP’s trade.

The first high profile person to break ranks was Mark Collett, the party’s director of publicity and former Griffin protégé. For a while he had been lined up as Griffin’s possible successor and had even dated Griffin’s daughter, Jennifer. Collett, another one with shadows hanging over him, became the victim of a bizarre invented story that he had attempted to have Griffin and Dowson murdered.

On 8 May 2010, Griffin was telling the media that “London is finished” and that he was only there (at the election count in Barking and Dagenham) to “pick up the bodies”. While Griffin faced the hostile and jubilant media Butler and Barnbrook found a small room in the same building as the count and began to plot. The splits began almost immediately.

2010 ended for Griffin with his daughter fleeing Belfast and the BNP shut out of their office by Dowson. Their former staff there are currently part of a class action, together with other former employees and creditors, to obtain monies owed to them. The current coterie surrounding Griffin is a collection of people with dubious personal characteristics and political baggage as is always the way. It consists of disgraced former school teachers, alleged drug dealers, pornographers and swingers. At their head is the returned Patrick Harrington, as unpopular as ever and not even a party member. Harrington is alleged by BNP rebels to be an IRA supporting sadomasochism fan.

Griffin and Harrington have responded to the resignations and turmoil with legal letters, expulsions and a further purging of members who refuse to toe the Griffin line. Dowson credits Harrington with driving him out of the party. Harrington responds to most criticisms by issuing legal letters.

Griffin is facing a further election meltdown this May. Defending 11 council seats, he finds himself with more BNP stalwarts without membership than with. The dissenters are advising people not to stand for the party and are now calling on those who left the party as far back as in the 1990s to join them in reconciliation.

The mood in the party is black. Stalinesque summonses to appear before disciplinary committees arrive randomly and unrelentingly in party organisers’ post. Members are banned even from reading anti-Griffin websites or being in the same room as rebels. Two large meetings in the past month in Yorkshire and the North East have ended with paid-up members publicly calling for Griffin to stand down. In response, those individuals receive summonses to attend further disciplinary meetings. Former high flyers such as Nick Cass and Chris Beverley are the latest to have been suspended; others follow daily.

Last week, the first manifestation of the long list of Griffin and BNP debts turned up on the Griffin family’s door. Four large men from Belfast arrived demanding monies from Griffin’s parents. Some people will not be so easily brushed away.

Hope not Hate

What has been the point of KFC protest?

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What has been the point of the EDL's KFC protest?
For twenty-eight days members of the English Defence League [have been] protesting outside a KFC. The protest is against the serving of Halal meat at the Blackburn store based on Haslingdon Road. This is among other branches the group have protested against. Now, no-one says they should not be allowed to protest.

Their Facebook page keeps members updated on what has been going on in the past few weeks. Things began with the predictable gusto on February 20. But trying to link the serving of halal food to ‘Islamification' was never going to be easy. In what way does halal food mean that a country is being Islamified?

Why not also demonstrate against the serving of Kosher meat? Was halal food really impacting how people eat? And why only pick on KFC? Meat being served at other restaurants and takeaways across the region is halal. Should it really matter?

A specific reason given by the group is that it is inhumane to kill an animal the halal way. But these particular chickens are stunned before they are killed. KFC adheres to it’s strict laws and regulations as it did before the food became halal.

Some would claim the slaughter of KFC chickens is done in a more humane way that the meat sold in your average supermarket!

Within days the Facebook page was asking for more demonstrators. By February 28 things had become a little desperate. A message read, “Tonight the turn out at the KFC was pathetic! All the so-called members of the Blackburn division and we have six stood up there! We need to sort this out!’ KFC meanwhile have handled the situation as diplomatically as possible.

The company already came under fire from the Halal monitoring Committee (HMC) for it’s use of stunning, so to have a daily protest on it’s doorstep because you are too halal must be annoying to say the least.

Asian Image

Thanks to NewsHound for the heads-up

March 20, 2011

March 19, 2011

EDL protest in Reading

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Around 200 members of the English Defence League came from across the country to demonstrate in Reading today (Saturday)

Members of the controversial group, which claims to oppose Muslim extremism, chanted and waved flags as they marched from the Three Guineas by Reading Station to Market Place, flanked by a heavy police presence. They were greeted outside the Town Hall by around 50 demonstrators, who said the EDL were divisive, dangerous and not welcome in a multi-cultural, tolerant and united Reading. Edward Willis, 25, from Oxford Road, added: "We don't tolerate or want them in our town, they are Nazis and fascists."

Some EDL members said they were protesting against the building of the Oxford Road mosque and proposed east Reading mosque but others pointed to wider reasons, such as the building of mosques elsewhere in Britain, and called for more to be done to tackle Muslim extremism.

Among the EDL supporters was founder Tommy Robinson, from Luton, and a 38-year-old builder, from Oxford Road, who did not want to give his name but said he helped organise the protest. He described the Oxford Road mosque as an "absolute eyesore" and added: "We don't want another one being built in east Reading."

Reading police commander, Supt Stuart Greenfield, confirmed no arrests were made and said he was pleased with how the police operation had gone, with more than 80 officers on duty. He said most EDL supporters had dispersed by around 3pm but stressed officers would remain in the town centre throughout the afternoon.

Reading Borough Council has released a statement condemning the "racist demonstration". Council leader, Andrew Cumpsty, said: "We in Reading have excellent relations between our varied and vibrant communities.

"Hatred and division have no place in civilised political debate and I condemn the activities of this small minority. In Reading we celebrate all the varied parts of our town, as all together we are stronger and richer because of our diversity."

Reading Chronicle

BNP point finger at Labour MP as manifesto launch is cancelled in Falkirk

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No show: Nick Griffin was due to speak at the Macdonald Inchyra Hotel
A hotel cancels the British National Party's press conference to launch its election manifesto after receiving complaints

The British National Party has accused Labour MP Eric Joyce of scare tactics after its election manifesto launch was called off. The party had been due to hold a press conference at the Macdonald Inchyra Hotel near Falkirk on Saturday, including a speech from Nick Griffin, but the hotel cancelled the booking at the last minute.

The BNP said Mr Joyce, the MP for Falkirk, had "caused the hotel to fear for their safety". But the hotel insisted it had acted because management had not been made aware of the "true nature" of the event. Ninety tickets had been sold for the venue, which has a capacity of 100.

After urging people to convey their concern to the hotel's management via Twitter, Mr Joyce posted an entry on his blog in respose to the cancellation stating: "Tweeters Just Kicked The British National Party's A***."

A BNP spokesman said: "Eric Joyce and his actions have caused the hotel to fear for their safety and cancel today`s event, all because of him instructing people to phone up and give staff at the hotel grief. We had a contract with the hotel drawn up and had paid the deposit, and everything was fine until they phoned at 5.15pm last night to cancel."

He said that they hope to rearrange the event and hold the conference before the election on May 5.


York man guilty of racist abuse

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A father who taunted his Turkish neighbour with a shout of “BNP” over the garden fence has been punished by a crown court judge.

Lee Andrew Knaggs, 40, admitted his comment was racist and pleaded guilty to a charge of racist abuse towards Memet Koyapinar. Knaggs’s barrister Katherine Robinson, quoting police logs, said it was the latest in a long series of problems between the two families that had seen both call out officers to complain about the other.

The Recorder of York, Judge Stephen Ashurst, said whatever the rights or wrongs, it appeared that Mr Koyapinar had since changed addresses, and Knaggs was needed to help care for his autistic daughter. He gave Knaggs, currently living in Beckfield Lane, Acomb, a community order of 100 hours’ unpaid work.

Prosecuting at Teesside Crown Court, Andrew Haslam said the Koyapinar family were having a barbecue in their garden on April 17 when Knaggs shouted “BNP” at them from his property. There had been a series of incidents between him and Mr Koyapinar earlier in the day and when he was arrested, Knaggs claimed he had been goaded.

On March 25, Knaggs had received a written police warning about harassment towards Mr Koyapinar. Miss Robinson said the period on bail during the court case had been difficult for the Knaggs family because Knaggs had had to live at a different address from his autistic daughter, who insisted on him bathing her. It meant she had to be taken to his flat every time she wanted a bath.

The Press

March 18, 2011

Granny pornstar defiles the Cenotaph

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"Granny pornstar" Linda Kitchen
Among the handful of BNP activists who turned up to support Nick Griffin as he handed in his “Bring Our Boys Home” petition at 10 Downing Street was one individual who at first glance was unrecognisable. This was probably because she had her clothes on. Standing shoulder to shoulder with the BNP leader was none other than “granny pornstar” Linda Kitchen, the wife of Ian Kitchen who was, until the groundswell of opposition from disgusted BNP members forced his removal, the Yorkshire BNP organiser.

Mrs Kitchen is a hardcore porn actress who has the word “slave” tattooed across her abdomen. She is the star attraction on a number of websites that stream and sell films that cater to those aroused by mature and genitally pierced “grannies”. The availability of her films – which include one titled Freddie’s British Granny F*** 15 – is an open secret in the BNP. According to Eddy Butler, who was expelled from the party after his unsuccessful challenge for the party leadership last summer, her film career is endorsed by her husband who “gives out DVDs of his wife engaging in hard core pornographic acts with strangers”.

Also present was Simon Goodricke, who was Kitchen’s assistant organiser. Goodricke is the bent former police officer who served 18 months in prison for tipping off fraudsters. Both he and the Kitchens have been the cause of serious splits in the BNP. That these two were among the 50 or so BNP activists who turned up to support Griffin says much about his base in the party these days now that other activists are quitting the party in droves.

Hope not hate

BNP Scotland Fundraiser tomorrow 19/3/2011

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Apparently Scottish BNP are holding a fund raiser and conference tomorrow at a family owned hotel in Falkirk. The BNP chairman Nick Griffin will be attending.

The details for the BNP Scotland fundraiser tomorrow are:

Macdonald Inchyra hotel,
Tel 0844 879 9044.

Ring and politely lodge your complaints.

Man sentenced to 12 weeks imprisonment for his part in disturbance during protest

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A man has been sentenced to 12 weeks imprisonment for his part in the disturbance which occurred during the English Defence League and Unite Against Fascism protests in the city centre.

Ryan Herbert (06/04/87) of Bland Road, New Parks, pleaded guilty at Leicester Magistrates Court last month to criminal damage to property and to a Section 4 public order offence. He was sentenced last week.

The incident happened on October 9, 2010, in Humberstone Gate East when damage was caused to windows at Fabrika Bar at the Arts Centre.

Leicestershire Constabulary

March 17, 2011

Griffin Lies? (Now there's a shocker...)

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Yesterday, Nick “First With The News” Griffin Tweeted the following disturbing story and posted it to his Facebook page:

''Shocking news from the streets of Liverpool: A Huyton senior school went to Oldham yesterday for a footy match and won 5-3. At the end 70 Muslims were waitin for them and battered the lads. One was attacked by 15 and is in a bad way. The Muslims were all in their 20s the Huyton lads were 13 to 15.''

The reaction from his Online Faithful was swift.

“Holly Anne” speaks for many: “Disgraceful and cowardly behaviour but not uncommon. I wonder if they will be charged with racially motivated violence, I won't hold my breathe on that one.”

Over on the British Democracy Forum the outrage was palpable: “Another Pak attack on our young...What next is this School going do, send their girls hockey team to all be drugged up by them, then raped and then put out to prostitution?”, said “Franken”, while “Tarka” painted an even more apocalyptic vision; “In 50 years time when due to the high birth rate of immigrants and our low one, the last of us will be murdered by them.”

My God. It's finally happening. They were right all along. There's probably a bit about it in the Book of Revelations if you care to look.

In my frenzy of apprehension I turned to the only news source to be trusted in times like this: The Mail Online.

Normally, of course, that fine Journal of Record would splash such a story across the front page. Maybe they'd even have an enormous picture (if anyone involved in the melee had cellulite).

But there was nothing.

Nothing in the Liverpool Echo, either.

Even among Griffin's Faithful, questions were being asked: “Is there a link to this story as I would like to share it.” said one.

But there wasn't a link.

Because it never happened.

I heard a story, as a kid, that many of you will have heard variations on:

A woman is out walking her small dog and it begins to rain heavily. Wet through, she seeks shelter in an Indian takeaway (as you would). None of the Staff speak English (which you'd imagine would be a bit of a handicap in the fast food business), but she uses gestures to ask that they allow her dog to dry out next to the oven. The helpful staff (blithely disregarding all hygiene regulations) take the dog through to the kitchen. A few minutes later, they return the pet to its Owner... As a Curry!!” (Cue shock, horror, outrage and the sworn pledge that “It really happened”...)

A few years ago, a Folklorist at Nottingham University attempted to trace the origins of this nasty little myth. She found variations on it the world over – involving Asians, Chinese, Africans, Irish, etc, etc : Always told as a cautionary tale of the subhuman beastliness of “Others”.

(The earliest version she came across, out of interest, was from 15th Century Prague, involving a noblewoman, a Jewish bakery and her baby.)

Indulge me for a moment while I stick my neck out.

Maybe - just maybe - Griffin lied. Maybe he posted an entirely ficticious story knowing full well that it would stir things up among the Members.

Or maybe he hadn't lied, but made an honest mistake. If that were the case, we could reasonably expect him to immediately remove the Post and publish a profuse and extensive apology in its place.

Any half-way decent man would.

East End Gay Pride cancelled over EDL claims

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A gay pride march in east London has been cancelled following allegations that one of its organisers had links with the English Defence League (EDL)

The march was planned for 2 April but cancelled after organiser Raymond Berry was alleged to have links to the EDL. Mr Berry was unavailable for comment but it has been reported he no longer has links to the far-right group.

The march was organised in response to homophobic stickers that had been put up in the Tower Hamlets area. Stickers warning "arise and warn. Gay free zone. Verily Allah is severe in punishment" appeared near to Tower Hamlets gay pubs and outside a school in Whitechapel, in east London last month.

The Metropolitan Police said it was working with Tower Hamlets council and the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender community to investigate who was behind the stickers.

Organisers said the gay pride event had been cancelled because of a "personal vendetta" by local gay campaigners. David Byatt, one of the events organisers, said: "It is with deep regret that the East End Gay Pride team have collectively decided to cancel the march. The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender community of east London should be working together to combat hatred of any nature."

He said he found it "shocking" that other gay organisations had "continuously set out to divide the community".

Gay campaigner and co-founder of OutRage Peter Tatchell said he feared the march would "be exploited and hijacked by the far right to create divisions and stir up intolerance against Muslim people".

Rainbow Hamlets' spokesman Jack Gilbert said: "The cancellation is great news. We're sure there will be a Pride event in London this year that will be inclusive of all communities."


Brewery moves to ban EDL meetings

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A leading brewery has banned a right wing group from holding meetings at a Stafford pub, following an investigation by the Post.

We have learned the English Defence League (EDL), which has founded a local division, has met at least once this year at the Princess Royal on Sandon Road. And last week its 90-strong Facebook page, ‘English Defence League Stafford Division’, was calling for ‘the people of Stafford’ to meet there again. But after the Post informed Marston’s, the owners of the pub, of the EDL’s plans they told us there would be ‘no further meetings of this kind’ there.

Last week, we reported how the EDL, which opposes what it sees as the spread of Islamism, Sharia law and Islamic ‘extremism’ in England and is infamous for its protest marches, had been infiltrating the borough. In January last year 17 protestors were arrested following an EDL march through Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.

As well as holding meetings in Stafford, local school pupils had signed up to a separate Facebook group supporting the EDL’s cause. Local heads voiced their concern over the on-line group and it has now been shut down.

This week, a spokesperson for Marston’s told the Post the group had once again been ‘shut down’ in the town: “Marston’s has no political affiliations, nor do we condone the actions of their parties. However, we have over 1,700 pubs in our tenanted estate and cannot regulate all meetings that take place within them. In this instance we can confirm that there will be no further meetings of this kind at the Princess Royal.”

Ward borough councillor for the area, Bill Simpson, welcomed the move: “It was rather a surprise to hear they were having meetings there but I am very pleased that the brewery have taken positive action to remove them from the premises.”

A recent posting on the ‘English Defence League Stafford Division’ reads: “Stafford division had a meeting the other day and it went well...we can only grow in strength and support. EDL [is] a way of life, no surrender.”

The pub is currently begin run by an agency appointed by Marston’s while a new tenant is sought.


March 16, 2011

Gay Pride march splits East End community over EDL link

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The man who set up next month’s Gay Pride march through the East End has quit the project over his links with the English Defence League

Raymond Berry has stepped down from East End Gay Pride which was set up to organise the march on April 2, over his dealings with the Far Right group. It comes at the end of a day of controversy which has split the East End’s gay community.

An open letter was sent to police and Tower Hamlets council from Out East, part of the Rainbow Hamlets umbrella organisation representing LGBT groups—lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans—calling on the march to be scrapped. It is boycotting the event, claiming other EDL members are still using it to attack Muslims. Berry has accused them of jealousy and “shameful” behaviour.

“The sad reality is that the opposition against us has been from within the LGBT community,” he said. “They have made a simple gay pride event something difficult and unpleasant through sour grapes and jealousy. I find that utterly shameful on their part.”

The march is in response to a wave of ‘hate’ stickers on walls and lamp-posts declaring a ‘gay free’ zone under Allah.

Organisers are going ahead with it—despite the boycott—after accepting Berry’s resignation. East End Gay Pride said in a statement: “Raymond had dealings with the EDL, but has assured us he is no longer has any part of it. He attended marches by the EDL and Unite Against Fascism, but found both too extreme for his beliefs. None of this was previously disclosed to the rest of the team, until it came to light late yesterday evening.”

But Out East remained adamant tonight that the boycott continues. It’s co-ordinator Terry Stewart told the East London Advertiser: “There are still four more EDL members with the organisers—we want them out. The march is now tainted. EDL is using the march as a smoke-screen to attack the Bangladeshi community.”

Organisers expect 1,000 supporters on April 2 for the march setting off from Shadwell along the Commercial Road to Poplar for a rally with speakers including MP Jim Fitzpatrick.

East London Advertiser