January 22, 2008

The BNP Wives documentary now online

For those who missed it, the BNP Wives documentary (46 minutes long), shown a few days ago on Sky TV, is now online. Watch it and weep that such ghastly people exist in our country. The two reviews of the programme that we were able to find are here.


John P said...

That was very entertaining.
I'm not sure which bit I enjoyed more. But Nick Cass was the star. Cass hiding his chest for some reason but leaving his National Alliance tattoo on show. Cass with the binliners full of the votes for the leadership election. Cass explaining why him losing his job would mean the party would be 3 times more efficient. His wife, poor love. You can see that she wishes her life had turned out so differently and now Nick isn't the BNP manager or paid by them her status has gone and that is going to hurt.
That is before we get to the other people featured. The first few seconds scared the living daylights out of me and it's good to see that Mrs Guest has a cock or two to entertain her at home.

Kirklees Unity said...

Don't feel too sorry for Suzy Cass nee Suzy Bastow

She has stood as a candidate for the BNP in Kirklees and Wakefield on a number of occasions.

She also helped organise some of the past RWBs and I believe even held a minor position in the party.

She is every bit as bad as her idiotic husband.

Joe Chapman said...

What I found amusing was the way that the local kids shouted "weirdos" at Marlene Guest in her car and Lynn Mozar sounds like a posh bird with several screws lose. Hardly the kind of image Mr Griffin would want to be seen of the BNP, or maybe he would?

Marlene Guest is a joke, she talks about stuff as if she believes in what she's saying but then it is clear she doens't actually know what she's talking about.

It's shame this incomplete comment from Suzy Cass regarding races and forced birth control was missed previously, even though it is incomplete it is still obvious what her views are:

"There should be a birth limit, in my opinion, I think we need to increase our own birth rate [the white population] and reduce the.." - Suzy Cass

Here are some more:

"I want these houses back to being my white brothers and sisters." - Suzy Cass talking about houses now occupied by non-whites.

This is blatent racism, the only reasons given are to do with race, skin colour.

How about this one from the scene where the BNP activists are campaigning against a mosque in the street:

BNP activist (talking to a woman in the street and pointing at a sign with a mosque on it): "You wouldn't like one of these around here would ya?"

Person in the street: "It doesn't bother me"

BNP activist (muttering): "It will do if one of them bleedin' rapes your daughter"

It is worth also noting the usual BNP tactics where they try to claim that another woman in the street who disagrees with them is a "left wing operative" sent down to argue with them. Yet it is clear that the BNP know nothing about this woman.

Anonymous said...

You almost felt sad for the Yorkshire one - reading her poetry about her bastard husband to no-one in particular.
You almost felt sad for Mrs Cass, the "normal" one who was bullied into asking for a white midwife by her nazi hubby and secretly just wanted him to divorce the BNP. But then she came out with something about dogs and breeding and you realised she'd swallowed the racist purity shite.
You almost felt sad for the BNP when you met the posh southern one - feck, she was a nightmare. She'd be the one tearing mothers from kids as they were herded into the gas chambers.
And these were obviously the three most able women the BNP could find for the doc - presumably they kept the knuckle-dragging nazis well hidden.
The BNP website is claiming this as some kind of propaganda success - more please!

Joe Chapman said...

"The BNP website is claiming this as some kind of propaganda success"

BNP rule #32:
Claim everything as a success, never admit failure, not even in the most ludicrous circumstances.

"Hey well I've just had both my arms and legs blown off but I succesfully managed to bite the ankles of an old Lady who was probably sent by the reds anyway."

Raymond said...

Don't feel sorry for Mrs Cass who appears sweet and probably is a good wife and mother. It doesn't mean she isn't capable of evil or supporting evil. Nazi Gaurds probably had the same sort of wife to come back to after "work". In fact its this sort of person that is more dangerous. The fact that she wants to see houses with Asians replaced with white people says she supports a policy of ethnic cleansing! She would not get away with that sort of comment publicly.

Anonymous said...


Some of my favourite moments:

"The poem" and her comment that "people aren't interested in poetry these days".

Griffin's obvious desire to escape from "the poet".

The "mosque demo" where they expected hundreds but got a couple of dozen.

The competition that Nick Cass organised at RWB so that he could win something (matched by his wife's "pride" in him - sad pair)

The "fat slag" comment which seemed to sum up BNPers' intellectual critique of the opposition.

But it was left up to some young people to sum up the BNP (albeit somewhat charitably): WEIRDOS!

PS - the "BNP is my baby" stuff is just too weird to deal with here.

Joe Chapman said...

"the "BNP is my baby" stuff is just too weird to deal with here."

Oh I don't know, if someone were to overdub that bit of the documentary with the voice of Golem from Lord Of The Rings it could be quite amusing.

"My precious... mine.. all mine."

Anonymous said...

"we,ve always got people coming up from behind and thats the way we like it" Lynne

when she said that on camera was she referring to the closet gay activities of some of the senior members ?

Anybody??? anybobody

Allou said...

Marlene "I'll read anything" Guest - what an intellectual!

She's been reading a book that questions "the numbers" killed. Well 6 million is rather a lot huh? Her premise (or should I say "the book's") that it may be lower is that if a gas chamber in one camp was operated 24/7 for a vast number of years, it wouldn't have killed that many. Erm, Mrs Guest, there was more than one camp you know!

She also wondered if Jews were killed or died in other ways in the holocaust but concluded no "they were all cremated weren't they?".

May I suggest Mrs Guest that you read a few more books instead of spending your time writing your "poetry" and talking to parrots!

Anonymous said...

I actually felt sorry for Suzy Cass at the end there. I think she has been dragged along in the wake of her husband in the role of dutiful wife and it simply hasn't paid dividends in any way shape or form. She seems an intelligent woman who is simply spouting the dross her husband believes but probably couldn't care less about herself.

kitty said...

this was hilarious, i felt that lynne was so uncomfortable to watch. she came across as a has been and totally demented!!! she couldnt answer any questions. she couldnt justify her views and made ludicrous remarks regarding muslims and rape... she came across un educated and a tota, waste of space.. bnp has a following of eiether elder middle class people who have grown up in a old fashioned world or chavs who are young council housed tramps who dont know any better and get manipulated by those such as lynee and especially one who had awfull teeth .... she had had no opinon and she tended not to of thought about anything including ww2... very stupid of somebody trying to represent a county!!! typical bnp...lack of education, tunnel vision and utter disregard for reality..

Dave S said...

To be fair, the documentary showed the real reason why these guys think the way they do - paranoia. I didn't see much evidence of really nasty far right little Hitlers (like I was expecting) just people who are looking for easy answers, and find comfort with the BNP. It was the sheer paranoia that intrigued me; anyone who stopped them on the street and disagreed with them was an organised activist, the logic that a new mosque equated to a spate of rapings, etc.

irkutsk said...

Very entertailnig. I was expecting something more neanderthal but found the wives warm and sincere, in spite of the contiuous wind-up from the narrator. If that's the real face of the BNP then I'll be surprised if they don't score better tha 25% on average in their chosen constituencies at the next election.

Rezko said...


I thought the program showed that the BNP couldn't care less about British issues (jobs, identity, culture) like they claim. The women at the stall in Fareham were only interested in opposing a Mosque and spreading anti-Muslim lies. How many times in the program did any of the BNP people actually try to talk about the issues, immigration for example. There was nothing resembling a discussion, or positive ideas, or even a factual analysis of these topics. When left alone, the women basically just went on an anti-Muslim crusade. That seemed to be the true face of the people in the show.

Annie_M said...

But I thought the BNP weren't bothered about rape?

"Rape is simply sex. Women enjoy sex, so rape cannot be such a terrible physical ordeal... [it] is like suggesting force-feeding a woman chocolate cake is a heinous offence." - Nick Eriksen

Anonymous said...

ARGH this programme has reall nipped my head i am married to a Turkish man and the comment about we should bring back national service so people would not come over here to escape from doing it in there countries is a bloddy joke. really wish people would know what they are talking about before they open their narrow minded traps as if they knew what the F*** they where talking about they would know that NO matter where they are in the world when it is time to do their service they have to go back to their country to do it. The BNP party are pathetic and really need to have a good look at themselfs as a ladie approched them and on of the wives called her a fat slag what a joke as she was not exactly miss skinny herself toffe nose twats that don't have a clue what goes on in the real world thats what the BNP party are. my advice get a bloody grip

Jimmy C from West Yorks said...

Saw this again last night on Sky. I don't think the BNP need any help from anyone else, as they seem to do a great job of digging their own graves don't they? What a bunch of odd people, do they actually believe what they're saying? I bet Griffin cringes every time it is on TV! The best advert for the BNP I've ever seen! It should be required viewing in every classroom till the Bigoted Nazi Prats are outlawed once and for all.

Does that mean I'm a left wing operative then?

Anonymous said...

Suzy Cass is well fit though.

jonvoyzey said...

You might think susy cass is well fit-she is extremely niaive...and had absolutely no substance to back up her points of view....everything ended with 'i don't really know' or 'i've never really thought about it' and then giggling nervously...she is the most dangerous type...butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Plus there's a scene where she cant tell a toy drill from a toy saw. Her lack of knowledge about actual issues globally and within the uk concerns me greatly.

Lynne...well she strikes me as a slapper. The language from her mouth was unacceptable for a devout christian...i say that cause i noticed the palm in the boot of her car...the whole ethos of christianity is to be non-judgemental and all embracing. I am a devout catholic and also gay. With regards to the The comment 'It will bother you when one of them rapes your daughter' or words to that effect...i think there is as much chance of being raped by a white person as an asian person.

Marlene: did you see the state of her house. I would be ashamed to call her my mum. She is a nasty bitter twisted and deluded excuse for a woman. Sorry not a woman...a monster. She is another one who had no evidence to back up her statements and tactlessly would change to subject when a point she was uncomfortable with arose. It is no wonder that waking up with that next to her every morning it's no wonder her husband left her! Have you SEEN those teeth of hers????

jonvoyzey said...

It was well worth watching though....it makes me laugh how people with such ignorance publicly make themselves look idiots.....get yr facts right in future!!!

Anonymous said...

I watched this last night after watching Question Time with Nick Griffin, and I just cringed. I forget the femails name (blond with pony tail around 65+) but she was hideous. Plain nasty in her manner, rude, unprofessional, and thinks her manner is comical. If this Pary is serious about its politics, why have a yo-yo like that in your party. This woman and her attitude has put me off listenting to any view this party has to offer.

i hate bnp(racist cows) said...

these bnp people are stupid,because it will come back to them one day and they will regret it.who would want to vote bnp who doest have an open heart.belive me only 9% ofpeople vote bnp and 91% dont. most people hate bnp they are tupid,they dont have brains!by the way i am only 12yrs old and i am in yr7,and i am already angry because i am against it.they are idiots!!!!!!!

Ali Clist said...

HA! Lynne Mozar is my constituency BNP candidate now. she has no chance, dopey mare, I think she needs to grow up.

Anonymous said...

Funniest part? Skip to 39:40. Dumb bitch has the flag hung backwards :-)

Anonymous said...

I think it is sad that a political party do not have more eloquent and professional people to support their cause (albeit a poor one) than Lynne. The fact that she did not have the patience or intelligence to engage with the lady questioning her thoughts on diversity shows the arrogance and ignorance that she is. I would like to ask all of these people:
- if it came to war to defend our country (our being all that live in it) would they deny the right to ethnic groups or mixed heritage people to fight for our country and protect us?
-how would they feel if a doctor of another ethnic origin saved their life - would it not challenge all of their beliefs
It makes me wonder if any of these people have the luxury of travelling abroad, and if so i wonder if they are welcomed by the country they visit, or if any of them own property in foreign countries and if so i wonder why they have the audacity to treat those very same people like dirt for being in Britain.

I think that they have the right to fight for British traditions to be continued, but nobody ever claimed that racism is one of them.

Apologies for the rant, but last of all their actions and verbalisations can easily influence others to escalate hate crimes by supporting these views...if they were children and this were in school, they would be reprimanded, however because they are adults (and evidently breeding these views in to their children) they think it is ok.

Anonymous said...

As a BNP, member,sadly their will all ways be the stupid, if you interveiwed some stupid conser, lab, lib, would that mean that all of them are fools, his speaks, more about the MSM, than any thing else. If they, have this veiw of the BNP, eg, bloody nasty people, then why not have the same veiw ,in regards to a young girl ,that has been killed,and release, tex messages,. the MSM operateds on the bases of the lowest common denominator, moral emotive wankerism.This is what sales papers.