January 02, 2008

The Mark Collett/Dave Hannam underage girls saga gets murkier as story unfolds

A poster to the BNP-dissident blog Enough is Enough has recounted the story of the alleged visit of the two underage girls to the New Kimberley Hotel in Blackpool at the BNP's 2006 'conference'.

This story, whose repercussions are only just beginning to develop, has taken its time emerging but now starts to take on more credibility as the animosity between the rebels and the Griffinite BNP membership forces the disclosure of information that was hitherto kept quiet 'for the sake of the party'.

The latest disclosure was a response to a post by Chris Hill, Lancaster's very own dissident BNP member (who you'll recall announced his support for the rebels, promptly backed down when told off then got his courage back and supported them again) who stated;

'I believe [Collett's] story that he chatted up a girl in a disco who looked 18, and then took her back to his hotel room. His offence was to bring a guest back to the conference hotel room, nothing else! He was quite rightly given a final warning for that, which meant the next incident should have been automatic expulsion. But that’s just one of many problems with this whole Collett thing, it seems the rules don’t apply to him, he’s untouchable. Mark Collett is a nasty megalomaniac, but he’s not a sex offender.'

The response, posted by someone calling themselves 'i was there', was clear.

'With all due respect Chris you were not in the hotel bar when Collett and Hannam came in with the 14 and 15 year old girls and I was and so was Kenny Smith and several others. We all could tell they were underage as soon as they walked through led by Collett and many of us said as much to each other including the barman.

When the girls came back down complaining about the demands for sex it was even more obvious they were children and it was Kenny Smith who persuaded them not to go to the press with the mobile phone footage and promised them that Collett and Hannam would be disciplined by the party.

One of the girls bluetoothed the footage to Kenny and I believe he gave it to security (pos. Martin Reynolds) the next morning.

If Kenny hadn't persuaded them and their mother - who arrived later with a security guy - out of going to the press Collett and Hannam would have had to be expelled, but such a media furore would also have been very damaging for the party.'

There are so many questions that arise from this brief statement that it might be better to tabulate them properly.
  • Why didn't Kenny Smith and the other witnesses report this alleged crime when it happened?
  • If Smith and co 'could tell they were underage as soon as they walked through led by Collett', why weren't they stopped immediately?
  • If the barman at Blackpool's New Kimberley Hotel could tell that the two girls were underage, why didn't he report these activities to the police?
  • Matt Single, formerly one of the BNP's security team, has admitted that he knew about this incident when it happened. Why didn't he report it?
  • Why did Kenny Smith persuade the girls and a parent of one of them not to go to the police with the mobile phone footage of the alleged incident?
  • If Kenny Smith sent the mobile phone footage to Martin Reynolds, the BNP's pervert Head of Security, who was it who then sent it both to us and the Blackpool Gazette?
  • What kind of political party would rather hide alleged child abuse than cause any harm to itself?
There are a lot of questions still to be answered about this incident and there will probably never be a definitive answer that will satisfy everybody but there is just one more question that we feel should get a reasonable response, even if nothing else comes to light.
  • Why has Mark Collett never even been questioned by the police about these allegations?
We are assured by our correspondents, who know the nazi-loving Mark Collett rather better than we do, that Collett has never been approached by the police; nor does he expect to be. If that's truly the case, we wonder why?


Anonymous said...

You might not like the answer but it seems obvious that Kenny Smith and the others, security and hotel staff were protecting the Party, protecting Griffin and even Collett from the glare of the media.

Not that Griffin remembers how his former friends and colleagues were ready to protect him when it mattered most, the ungrateful b45tard.

Anonymous said...

This single story is proof that a number of members of the BNP colluded to cover-up a potential crime that would have any parent raging.

Mr Angry said...

Fucking perverts.

A. Non said...

What kind of political party would rather hide alleged child abuse than cause any harm to itself?

I don't know why your so surprised. The BNP has covered up all kinds of shit in the past that has only ever emerged when people have left and spilled the beans.

Anonymous said...

If you had the footage why havent you used it? Come on Ketlan stop telling porkies.

Caspar Jarrot said...

These people really are scum. All of them.

Antifascist said...

'If you had the footage why havent you used it?'

Because that would be illegal. We sent it on to Blackpool police though - feel free to phone them and ask for confirmation. Tell them you have our permission.

Anonymous said...

"If you had the footage why havent you used it?"

Idiot. LUAF would have been done if you had used it.The girls were underage.

Dave Brock said...

"We sent it on to Blackpool police though - feel free to phone them and ask for confirmation."

I assume you viewed it, so what is your response to the confusion, re: Chris Hills belief that they probably looked 18, and the opposing view that they were obviously under 16.

In your opinion what age did these girls look?

Anonymous said...

What did the Blackpool gazette do with their copy by the way?

Anonymous said...

Forgive my ignorance but how would you showing this be illegal?

If Blackpool police have it why havent they acted on it?

What the hell is going on?
Doesnt child protection matter any more?

A concerned parent.

Anonymous said...

May I ask why the police have done nothing? All evidence must be given to the police.

Antifascist said...

'In your opinion what age did these girls look?'

Sorry Dave, I can't answer that. If this ever comes to court, I don't want to be hauled up as someone who offered an opinion either way.

'What did the Blackpool gazette do with their copy by the way?'

The Assistant Editor told me that they had sent their copy straight off to the Blackpool police.

'Forgive my ignorance but how would you showing this be illegal?'

Because the girls were possibly underage and we didn't have permission to show the film. Three separate advisors told me it would be illegal to show it. I didn't ask for details.

'If Blackpool police have it why havent they acted on it?'

That's a question for Blackpool police.

'What the hell is going on? Doesnt child protection matter any more?'

You're not the only one wondering that.

Antifascist said...

Please note: Any libellous comments will be deleted.

Anonymous said...

Is it a criminal offence for anybody who has knowledge of a sex crime but, doesn't report it? If so, then loads of nazi BNP scum are in a lot of trouble.

Anonymous said...

Ketlan is 100% correct under today Child Protection Laws if he were to use the photos of the young people without their parents permission he would be standing in the same dock if and when the police take Collett to court.

And there is always the possibility that the police/cps have decided that it is not in the public interest to prosecute Collett and Hannam, but IF Ketlan were to publish the photos now i would bet money he would be standing in the dock on his own.

Anonymous said...

This alleged incident seems to raise some questions for the New Kimberley Hotel management - not just for the barman who happened to be on duty.

Anonymous said...

Time to watch out for disinfo from both sides.

Nark Kotticks said...

If Collett escapes a full and proper inevstigation as would be expected under english war, the conspiracy theorists will have a field day.

Think of this as you will.

Jim T said...

"If Collett escapes a full and proper inevstigation as would be expected under english war, the conspiracy theorists will have a field day.

Think of this as you will."

Conspiracy theory it might be but I can understand some of the claims that Mark Collett is state-controlled particulaly if he gets away with this.

Pete said...

This has just appeared on the Enough Is Enough blog
"and the incident in Blackpool It did happen I was awoken in the early hrs to deal with it and told the security lads to remove the girls and contact the mother.

Jock Shearer,
Ex Security Dep,
BNP forum moderator
Oldham BNP always."

Anonymous said...

Has EiE removed the article and comments?

Anonymous said...

don't get your hopes just yet,l know who posted that and quite honestly sean is a complete cunt,who is just trying to mix things since he doesn't like collet.imho not everything you read on eie is complete truth ,he's trying to rap you up in libel and smear mark collet in the process,by posting this,l guess job done for him,he wasn't at the conference since he didn't fit the the grade ie he only joined in late october and you had to of been a member for 2 years to go

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Dave Hannam's role in all this. He's a married man. And the BNP is always going on about morality!!!!

Mark Collett looks a prat. said...

The age of consent in this country is 16 not 18, so the question should be: did they look under 16?

Given they were in an over 18's nightclub the answer is almost certainly that they did look over 16. I can’t see the police doing anything as no sexual act took place, and the girl’s mother could herself be charged for taking underage girls to a night club.

Mark Collett does indeed look like a right prat though, do you have a photo of the other guy involved, so we could see what he looks like.

Anonymous said...

No its the fitst post with the title "Griffin lies about dodgy mailings"

Antifascist said...

There's a picture of Dave Hannam here (on the left): http://kirkunity.blogspot.com/2007/12/statement-from-cllr-nina-brown.html

'he's trying to rap you up in libel and smear mark collet in the process,by posting this,l guess job done for him'

Even if the post quoted in our article is illegitimate, Shearer (who was definitely there) and other posters on EiE and elsewhere have confirmed the events numerous times.

Collett is a twat said...

"And the BNP is always going on about morality!!!!"

I nearly died laughing then.

anti-paedo said...

The fact that no sexual intercourse took place doesn't mean no crime was committed. Any sexual activity by someone over 18 with someone under 16 is a crime under the Sexual Offences Act 2003:

Child sex offences

9 Sexual activity with a child (1) A person aged 18 or over (A) commits an offence if—
(a) he intentionally touches another person (B),
(b) the touching is sexual, and
(c) either—
(i) B is under 16 and A does not reasonably believe that B is 16 or over, or
(ii) B is under 13.

Anonymous said...

checked out kirkunity, hes no bloody oil painting is he.....

Anonymous said...

looks like Darby has left the building and turned the lights out.

Anonymous said...

what a scary place Eie is becoming a troll with half a brain managed to put a lengthy post on once again filling minds with MI5 and Spooks.

They really do live on another planet??????as if MI5 or any other government security department has got the time to waste over a bunch of brawling nazis, when Pakistan and Kenya are teetering on civil war, Osama Bin Laden is still at liberty.

I truly think the state security has better things on its mind.

The Browned Pants One said...

Trolls are active on this post to discredit the truth. Me is guessing one of the trolls is non-other than Collett himself; -

The post about Collett at Blackpool is still there on the EiE blog: - No-one's taken it down, as the lying numpty troll claimed.

Click on the following link to read it (the post by "I Was There"! posted at 02 January 2008 11:16).

Me thinks Collett is shitting himself big-time at the prospect of life on the Sex Offenders Register.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the spooks post, Mark. I think you're bullshitting to change the subject.

Anonymous said...

"looks like Darby has left the building and turned the lights out."

Sorry, all flights to Zagreb are fully booked.

From BNP site for info said...

New Year Appointments – BNP Style
By News Team ⋅ January 2, 2008 ⋅ Email this post Email this post ⋅ Print this post Print this post ⋅ Post a comment

flag_british_1.jpg No, not the all-too familiar list of New Labour toadies, over-hyped pop-stars and tax-dodging multi-millionaires. No ‘bread and circuses’ for us!The appointments we’re pleased to announce are several new Regional Organisers. ROs - as we call them for short - are the key officials responsible for co-ordinating regional campaigns, fund-raising for the 2009 European Elections, and helping local branches to establish new active groups on fresh areas. Each RO is expected to delegate much of this work and to establish a team to help - typically this means a Secretary, Press Officer, Elections Officer and Fund-Raiser.

As has already been announced, we are also committed to regionalising an effective and readily expandable Education & Training operation, with a dedicated E&T officer in each region rolling out centrally produced material on a monthly basis. Also up for regionalisation as quickly and as far as possible is the treasury work needed for local branches, with our central ‘Regional’ Treasury operation replaced by a responsible treasury official in each region. A little further down the line, each of our more active regions should be looking to appoint and have trained an officer responsible for pushing in-depth and long-term community level organisation - “creating the water in which our political fish swim”.

All such officials meet together with the organisers of each local Branch and Group at a regional council meeting, typically once every two months. The Regional Organiser is responsible for calling and chairing these vital meetings.

We are therefore pleased to announce the following new RO appointments: Geoff Dickens, Adrian Marsden, Andy McBride and Gary Raikes (Acting). Additionally, Nick Griffin is taking on the job in the North West in an acting capacity during the run up to the European Elections, in order to co-ordinate the long campaign with him at the head of our party list in that region. The full nationwide list is as follows:

Scotland - Gary Raikes (Acting)

Ulster - Kieran Dinsmore

Wales - Brian Mahoney

North East - Ken Booth

North West - Nick Griffin (Acting)

Yorkshire - Adrian Marsden

West Midlands - Simon Darby

East Midlands - Geoff Dickens

Eastern - Eddy Butler

London - Nick Erickson

South East - Andy McBride

Mid-West - Mike Howson

South West - Peter Mullins

Good luck to all concerned, and thanks to all the local organisers, fund-holders and other officials whose hard work in their own areas is the building block of every effective BNP region.

Jimbowen said...

I bet Nick Griffin doesn't dare show his cowardly face in places like Burnley, where most bnp people chuck darts at his efigy.

Anonymous said...

It's great to see the full list of Griffin's Yes Men in full swing. Shows how the dumbest of them all are.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else think that the 2 "innocent children" aren't so "innocent" in all this?

Going up to a hotel room where a BNP conference is being held? What did they expect?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what BNP members say to each other when they cover up one another's crimes?

First BNP member: 'You scratch my back'

Second BNP member: 'And, I'll scratch the underage girl’s [back]'

And, there's probably a third BNP member filming it all, for posterity - FOR WHEN THE WHITE ARYAN REVLOUTION ARRIVES AND ALL THE ASIANS HAVE BEEN DEPORTED.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Dave Hannam's role in all this. He's a married man. And the BNP is always going on about morality!!!!

Yes, let's not forget the new champion of 'morality' in the BNP, Kenny Smith, who had committed adultery and knocked up Nicholla Ritchie, a fellow party member, while still married to his wife!
All of them are fucking hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

"North West - Nick Griffin (Acting)"

I believe this goes against the very fine tissue known as 'The BNP Constitution. Nevertheless, a fine word for Griffin, he acts at everything he does, I'm waiting to see which mask he dons next.

Anonymous said...

New BNP anti-immigrant slogans:

‘Saving British paedophiles from Immigrant paedophiles. British paedophilia for the British!’

‘BNP: proud to be British, proud to be paedophile’

‘Rights for White paedophiles’.

Raymond said...

The BNP love to make generalisations about immigrants (i.e. the non South African White supremacist ones.) One of their lines was that Asian paedophile rings were operating in Northern English cities and supported by the Koran. Surely if they can make generalisation about muslims can we make the generalisation that most BNP supporters are paedophiles. Of course not- that would be a ridiculous claim. I would not stop to their levels and tactics. But it is true that the BNP turn a blind eye to paedophilla when it suits them

Anonymous said...

Collett is a twat said...

"And the BNP is always going on about morality!!!!"

I nearly died laughing then.


You’ll defiantly die laughing when you read the following statement by that humungous BNP turd twat, Mike Howson:

"I don't think he [North Wiltshire MP James Gray] is really in a position to attack the BNP. He may not like our policies but we don't approve of adultery”


LOL @ trollite Mike Howson and the BNP sex monkeys. With all those married BNP members and officials having affairs with one another, pictures of BNP members at their sex parties, and now the BNP cover-up of the underage sex/paedophile scandal at the recent BNP Blackpool conference, Mike Howson is either living in cloud cuckoo land or is a nasty little racist hypocrite or both.

We all know that the BNP is founded upon immorality and revels in that immorality, be it sexual or ideological. One thing we definitely know is that the BNP and its ever so weird members are intellectually incestuous.

Anonymous said...

The link between fascism and sexual predatoriness is evident (if not legendary). The disproportionate number of BNP, NF and BPP members who have been convicted for sexual offences, such as paedophilia and rape, or who have been or are currently under investigation for such sexual offences is a cause for concern for everybody.

But, let’s briefly explore the linkages between fascism/racism and its obsession with sex. The BNP and NF quest for a fabled racial purity can never be achieved, because it entails subscribing to an equally mythical sexual morality, which can also never be achieved because of, from what it seems, the inherent sexual immortality and behaviour of many BNP and NF members (be it adultery, consumption of pornography, sex outside of marriage, giving birth outside of marriage, rape, sex parties, paedophilia etc). Hence, their quest for ‘racial purity’ will always be a distant and unrealisable fantasy. Given this unspoken self- and group-realisation, you’ll see BNP and NF members on Scumfront, on their blogs and websites, project their sexual-cum-racial angst onto the fantasy figure(s) of the marauding ‘ethnic’/Black/Asian/Muslim rapist and paedophile who targets white women and girls. But, when a BNP or NF member commits a ‘White-on-White’ crime, be it sexual or general, the BNP/NF will always seek to cover it up until there is a personal or partisanship dispute between BNP/NF members, when the machinations of cover up breakdown or cannot be sustained. Their rhetorical talk about ‘For Race and Nation’ is secondary, as we are all aware, BNP/NF members will put the BNP or NF (i.e. party interest) before ‘Race and Nation’ as well as putting self-interest and ego before ‘Race and Nation’.

Anonymous said...

Come on UAF, why leave out Nutzi Kenny Smith, he had an extra marital affiair with Nichola Ritchie and got her banged up to boot. Real family values there! And what about the huge German eagle with swastika tatoo on his chest. It was shown off at the BNP summer school in 2006.

Anonymous said...

Collett is a dirty piece of scum who should be expelled from the BNP and shipped out of this country and take his mum and dad with him there as bad as he is.
clear off collett

Anonymous said...

Why is anyone surprised at Collett and his penchant for underage girls.
I mentioned an incident that happenned prior to his becoming high profile BNP and also mentioned a few other things to good BNP persons in Leeds many years ago but no one believed it.
Lets not forget his comments made to a female reporter (Collets love nest etc) too who planned to do a programme with the BNP but disgusted decided to go elsewhere.
Ask about Amy's friend and how old she was too!
Its this sort of shit that the state will use against the BNP to hold them at bay blackmail and intrigue.
I know of one father that i almost came to blows with protecting this little cunt at one time.
Balaclavas and eggs being thrown at little boys and girls are all collett, Lee and his mob are any good for as i saw on cctv for myself.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that Collette or shall I say Nicollette as he is known behind his back would be intrested in girls. I was under the understanding that he was under Griffin, as Griffin was under Webster. Oh well, he must be bi?
Yes Griffin, some of us are old enough to have seen what you got up to with Webster.