June 06, 2010

Anti-Islam website written and run by schoolboy, 16

An extreme right-wing website calling for the closure of all mosques and warning of the threat to “the white man” is the work of a 16-year-old Welsh schoolboy, Wales on Sunday has learned.

Website ‘The Carmarthenshire Front’ – named after the far-right National Front – features videos of BNP leader Nick Griffin talking about the “Islamification” of Europe, and describes the dangers facing the “white man” from the “tsunami of immigration” coming into Britain. It also features a section called “How and where to spread propaganda” which tells people to “hit” libraries, residential neighbourhoods, supermarkets and schools in order to pedal the sinister material.

But rather than a large-scale organisation, the website is written and run by a GCSE pupil at Queen Elizabeth High School in Carmarthen. Wales on Sunday is not naming the youngster. The school immediately sought to distance itself from the website, emphasising that they go out of their way to have an inclusive policy towards students. There is no evidence that the pupil worked on the website during school hours.

The “about us” section on the website reads: “Carmarthenshire Front is a collection of nationalist friends and comrades from various groups and organisations. We are here to promote racial awareness in the county of Carmarthenshire, amongst all classes. We do not promote anything illegal.”

The website fights against mosques, saying: “Say NO, Vote NO, Mosques must GO!”

It particularly attacks plans to build a mosque near the site of the 9/11 massacre in New York, saying: “This is the sickest thing I have ever heard, and it’s perhaps no surprise when we note that Obama is a Muslim himself, which I would say must go a long way to explaining why this evil plan has been passed.”

The website goes on to attack the media for “failing to report on racist attacks against whites” and also lays into the British Government for sending aid to foreign countries. It says: “Only the nationalist parties have called for an immediate halt to all foreign aid programmes, and the reallocation of that budget to pressing internal problems inside Britain.”

It claims to have links with other “fronts” across the UK, including Liverpool, Stoke-on-Trent, York and Newcastle. The website also features a page dedicated to printable posters and stickers showing masked protestors with their fists in the air under the banner “National Resistance”. There is also a picture of former UK PM Tony Blair and Barack Obama standing underneath a giant figure wearing a gas-mask and wielding a giant grim reaper-like scythe.

A member of the senior leadership team at Queen Elizabeth High School said: “We have got no control over what an individual writes in their spare time. The school has been recognised for, and has an ethos of, inclusiveness for everyone. We completely and totally disassociate ourselves from anything of this nature.”

A statement from the Carmarthenshire Local Education Authority read: “Queen Elizabeth High School completely disassociates itself from this website and its contents.”

“This is not a school matter,” it said.

Wales Online

Thanks to Old Sailor for the heads-up.


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Anonymous said...

I've a question for you, Carmarthenshire Front. Does your racism include English people living in Wales (as most of the far Right in the Principality seems to do??)

Anonymous said...

This guy must surely be the school bully - but all bullies are really cowards...

Captain Mainwaring said...

Stupid boy.

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Fair play now ! The linguistic Taliband do not discriminate on the colour or race of a person.

Language is another matter ! King Edward the Third knew what he was doing when he presented his baby son as a Prince who spoke no english.

Old Sailor

Ben said...

..and, it being hosted on blogspot.. there's a "report abuse" link


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"we note that Obama is a Muslim". Someone's going to fail his RE and Politics GCSEs.

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Have you seen the new 'st George petition form' the reason for the form is obvious its not a petition as such to hand in at downing street. its a form that can be read by a computer so as they retain ll the details so they can send more begging letters out and recruit. is there any way this can brought to peoples attention.
I know how this works as its part of my job 'fundraising'