June 05, 2010

A gun in every household?

Nick Griffin, the British National Party leader, very properly expressed his condolences to all those affected by the shootings in West Cumbria, part of the North West region for which he is an MEP.

It seems that Derrick Bird was an ordinary man who suddenly snapped under pressure, whether from an impending tax investigation, arguments at the taxi rank where he worked, a family dispute or some other reason that has not yet come to light. We may never know the precise cause.

Unfortunately Bird was able to inflict such carnage because he had guns. Someone else in a similar situation might have killed a person or committed suicide and innocent people might have suffered in the process, but it is very unlikely there would have been so many deaths and so many people injured.

Britain’s gun laws are among the toughest in the world and further restrictions may not be the answer. There are legitimate reasons why some people should be allowed to own certain types of firearms. And whatever the criteria for granting an individual a gun licence, the police will never be able to detect every single applicant who might many years later “go postal”.

What is certain, however, is that were Griffin to have his way and every household required to keep “a standard-issue military assault rifle and ammunition” – BNP policy – there would be far more incidents such as the Cumbria tragedy, because far more people who suffer a momentary loss of control would have the opportunity to take it out on those whom they perceive as the causes of their problems.

That makes Griffin’s sympathies for Bird’s victims somewhat hypocritical.

Hope not hate


Anonymous said...

If a muslim terrorist killed 12 people you can be sure that the BNP and some on the right would be jumping up and down calling for detention centres and calling for the government to do everything to protect its citizens.

Gun laws might not stop illegal gun crime in inner cities but it clearly does stop mentally ill people going on the rampage. People just have to look at mass shootings often school shootings in America. In the later they can have several a year compared to us where it is very rare

So gun laws clearly do save lives. Or are lives worth more if they are killed by Muslims (brown people)?

Anonymous said...

Though hopefully and given the proclivity of the Nutzies to engage in incestous brawls and infighting, the main victims will be other Nutzies.

I lookforward to Butler and Cyclops shooting it out. Sort of evolution in action.

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

"were Griffin to have his way and every household required to keep “a standard-issue military assault rifle and ammunition” – BNP policy"

A insane policy (along with their "Southern Ireland back in the UK" and "Concentration Camps on South Georgia") however one possible by-product would be loads of weapons available for the anti-fascist militia!

Anonymous said...

Of course, if the police kill an innocent person THEY have a full inquiry and discipline the officers involved, don't they?

Cressida "Common Purpose" Dick anyone?