June 04, 2010

‘LionHeart’ Ranter Ray Attempts To Take Over EDL

Remember Paul Ray, AKA Lionheart England? Several weeks ago, we reported on him being a likely suspect in the organisation of the riot atop the proposed mosque site in Dudley that resulted in the arrest and incarceration of the English Defence League’s Jon Shaw and Leon McCreery.

It seems like their overshadowing of him in the headlines has prompted him to take more direct action… this time against the EDL leadership.

Ray can be seen on YouTube, ranting about the leadership of the hate group and his involvement in it’s conception. He claims that the roots of the EDL were put together by him, and admits to bringing football thug, Jeff Marsh into the UPL, aswell as the EDL’s links to March For England. He also exposes prominent BNP member, Chris Renton’s involvement in the EDL. Bizarrely, he claims God gave him the mission of creating what we now know as the English Defence League.

Ray also makes reference to his previous arrests for incitement. Try and ignore the cheesy music; his revelations are worth it. This could well be an early attempt at a coup.

The news will come as a blow to an already struggling EDL, that in just over a year of existence has seen constant infighting and power struggles.

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NewsHound said...


AndyMinion (BatsMan) said...

Tried watching the second video, but the musical accompaniment's awfully distracting.

Can't these idiots get their sound levels right?

Still, nice to see the EDL joining the BNP in that fine old nationalist tradition of infighting...

Anonymous said...

Ray's wearing an "Israeli Defence Forces" T-Shirt in the lower Vid.

Probably bought from eBay.


Anonymous said...

You'd have thought that if God gave this fool "the calling" then he'd also have had the good sense to make him a bit more articulate too.

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