June 02, 2010

BNP try to sneak back into Barking

Richard Barnbrook - desperate and useless
After losing every seat that they held in the borough, the BNP are now trying to sneak back into Barking and Dagenham.

Defeated candidate Richard Barnbrook has forced his successor's resignation after discovering that she was working for the Council during the elections. The BNP will now attempt to usher Richard back into his old seat on a low turnout.

So what great conflict of interest and public corruption was Ms Couling involved in? And what evil deed has Richard Barnbrook bravely revealed? Oh yes that's right, she was a lollipop lady.

Great work there Richard. Your former constituents must really miss you.

Tory Troll

Thanks to GW for the heads-up


ex-fascist said...

I agree it's petty but surely Labour have dropped a bollock here by fielding somebody who was ineligible? What were they thinking of handing Bumbrook an opportunity like this on a plate?

Jay said...

Bloody stupid of Labour to put themselves in this position but honestly, which would you rather have as a councillor, a lollipop lady or a stupid, incoherent, incompetent drunk?

ex-fascist said...

@ Jay

It's no contest. At least when she walks into the road the cars stop. I'm told that when Bumbrook staggers into the path of the oncoming traffic it usually speeds up.

Anonymous said...

The Nazis were defeated on May 6 and they must never be a blight on this area of the nation's capital ever again. Here is where we must start organising again, and where the local Conservatives must capitalise on unhappiness with Labour rather than that wally in the beige suit who thinks he's Jesus...

NewsHound said...



Anonymous said...

Hope Not Hate needs to put out leaflets exposing what Dicky Bumbrook has done for Barking, to mobilise the anti-BNP voters to make sure the drunken bum cannot win.

Anonymous said...

Let's give bollock brain Barnbrook another hammering, after this he won't ever be contesting elections in Barking ever again. All hands to the deck.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Richard will be a shoe-in to win the ward back. Who can forget this gem from Dick at last year's RWB:

"I've got balls made of steel. In my own ward, if I go around naked, and put boot polish on my face, they'd still love me."

(worth quoting again and again)

Anonymous said...

Green Shitbag:

Just to let you know that to show my ongoing commitment to this room I have just paid for a further two months add free.

I have also enabled the option for non registered members to read part of the site without having to register.

First off. The Paltalk room as had no impact on this forum. The Paltalk room usually as around 20 people active at any given time. Although when the chairman and Simon Darby visited the room it did exceed 100 listeners.

It is not in competition with this forum. It is just more dyanmic and faster. Others who prefer the slower speed of forums are comfortable here. Also a forum is a better place for debates and storage of information.

Now we all know the rules. The site supports the Party and Nick Griffin and will not allow attacks on either. If you are not happy with that then you know where the door is.

Yes feel free to attack those who have betrayed the party but any justification for those peoples actions will be considered a breach of the forum rules.

Now let us see what happens. I will be cleaning the site up and doing more to promote it as I have decided to reorganise my day in a more efficient manner by spending more time here and less on other projects.

There is also an amnesty for those people who have been banned and wish to return providing they agree to abide by the only real rule that this site has.

Thank you


Well guys it is up to you whether you build it up or let it die. I personally am totally disillusioned with it and people I thought I could trust.

The site supports the Chairman Nick Griffin and the BNP. If you want to discuss alternative leaders than go elsewhere.

If some of you wish to justify the treason of Bennett then go elsewhere.

There are no moderators other than I and so you must moderate yourselves so at the end of the day it is up to you.

Nationalists are their own worst enemies.

Anonymous said...

That assumnes that Bumbrook can find 10 real people to sign his nomination papers.

On a change of subject I suspect that Labour in Barking was caught in the old trap of not differentiating between those employed by a "education Authority" where there is no disqualification. and working for the local authority, where there is a disqualification.

If the "Lolly Pop" lady had been employed by the directly by the school there would have been bo problem.

No excuse though, the panelling process should have spotted this.

Some 20 years ago, at a County Council election, Labour fell into the same trap but fortunately discovered it befor nominations closed enabling a substitute candidate to be found.

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

i hear junkie jefferson is sending out quite a few letters terminating peoples membership... i wish i could find out who and why. one thing for sure they wont be nazis or racists, but people speaking out against cyclops

Anonymous said...

Will you please get real, and not run away with the idea that the local labour party in Barking are whiter than white. They knew exactly what they were doing.

They had been warned, they had also been spoken to by the police prior to polling day.

They just thought they would get away with it.........but instead what have they done handed it to Dicky, can you imagine what he will put in the leaflets and say on the front door?

Anonymous said...

"They had been warned, they had also been spoken to by the police prior to polling day."

And since when has the question of eligability for office been a criminal matter ? A criminal conviction may result in ineligability, or disqualification if in office. Something very curious about that above post !

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

I'd love to know how many mgs of Prozac Dicky Bumshag is on.

Anonymous said...

Seems like Griffin's finest attack dogs have been well and truly unleashed on Simon Bennett, judging from Bev Kerry's VNN forum.

KY Jelly said...

What an arsehole Bumbrook is!

Anonymous said...

In response to old sailor, Electoral Malpractice is a criminal offence. This could have been avoided in the local labour party had taken heed of the many warnings they were given.

Now there is a possibility that their candidate will end up in the crown court, with the possibility of a sentence or a very large fine.

Thats the problem when arrogance just will not listen to sane reason.


Anonymous said...

This is very annoying.
Nevertheless, it should be possible to frame the debate in such a way as to put the BNP on the defensive.

Didn't Barnbrook live in Blackheath in 2006 and was thus ineligible?

Anonymous said...

This is not malpractrice.

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

'...exposing what Dicky Bumbrook has done for Barking,...'

Are you listening, Barking Conservatives???