June 14, 2010

PayPal spanks Pamela 'Atlas Shrugs' Geller for hate speech

In a bold and courageous move PayPal is refusing to do business with Pamela Geller's website "Atlas Shrugs" because it is an organization that promotes hate and intolerance. Pamela Geller's website "Atlas Shrugs" is a notorious right wing blog responsible for much misinformation. Indeed much of the blogs contents may legitimately be called "hate speech."

Geller's right wing fringe website "Atlas Shrugs" appeals to the worst in people. In particular, the blog breeds hatred and contempt for the President, and for Muslims. It is a voice for the ugliest, most ignorant segment of American society.

On her blog Geller reprints her notice from PayPal:
'Dear Pamela Geller,

We appreciate the fact that you chose PayPal to send and receive payments for your transactions.

However, after a recent review of your account, it has been determined that you are currently in violation of PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy. Under the Acceptable Use Policy, PayPal may not be used to send or receive payments for items that promote hate, violence, racial intolerance or the financial exploitation of a crime.'
About Geller, Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs writes:
'The fact is that there are plenty of good reasons to make the judgment that Pamela Geller promotes crazy hate speech, racist groups, and conspiracy theories; her main targets are Muslims, but many of these reasons have nothing to do with Islam, radical or otherwise.

For example, her bizarre racist accusation that Barack Obama is the illegitimate child of Malcolm X. Or her promotion of Birther theories. Or her association with far right fascist parties in Europe, such as the Belgian Vlaams Belang, the BNP-linked English Defense League, and the neo-Nazi-linked Pro-Koln group. Or her outrageous support and whitewashing of murdered South African neo-Nazi leader Eugene Terreblanche.'
Geller is entitled to spew her hater speech, and publish her foul and misleading website: this is a free country. But PayPal is in no way obligated to do business with her. PayPal should be saluted for their conscientious effort to stand up against hate and intolerance.

Thank you PayPal, thank you for doing the right thing.



UK Fightback said...

The concept of free speech is meaningless unless other freedoms are respected as well, so...

Everyone is free to talk rubbish IF they choose to, but everyone is free to not do business with people who talk rubbish, and everyone is free to not provide platforms for people who talk rubbish either.

No-one should ever be OBLIGED to either work with or provide platforms for dangerous lunatics - that in itself would be a grievous abuse of personal freedom

Well done PayPal

Anonymous said...

I think it is sad and disgusting that someone of Jewish origin Pam Geller, can support someone who is obviously Nazi (see the AWB flag). In Charles Johnson's words she is whitewashing his past. The fact is he is a convicted terrorist and assaulted a man so he lived by the sword and died by the sword. The numerous terrorist acts and violence by this AWB group is also ignored.

The Farm killings are terrible and need to reported but no way should we have sympathy for this Nazi group or its leader who were active long before the farm killings and the killing of innocents happened the other way. In her article she has the audacity to claim that we are demonising the south african whites. She writes pages and pages of trash demonising muslims, and arabs in particular. The difference is that we don't equate the AWB with all whites as she thinks all Muslims are terrorists. We should feel sorry for the innocent whites killed but not fall in the trap of supporting the AWB who just want to return to white rule or strip blacks of political rights in a white homeland.

Her article is written in a way to start "Apartheid was great actually" debate and nothing to do about tackling the farm killings. Really it is about her belief that some people have a divine right to occupy land or rule over others. Not every one in the American led anti Islam - pro Israel camp is a racist but some blatantly are. As much as I disagree with Charles Johnson's views on Islam/Israel I 100% support his condemnation of this racists Geller. We have got to be aware that when some people (not all) talk about Islam they are attacking them because they think they are racially inferior and not just their beliefs


La Di Da Gunner Graham said...

The name of the site is a derivation of the "free-market" fantasist Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged, which is quite possibly the most referenced unread book in history.