November 13, 2006

No shame

BNP thugs plotted to befriend family of tragic Kriss to fuel race hate on Scotland's streets

The BNP slimeball who tried to exploit the grief of tragic Kriss Donald's family can be exposed today.

Businessman Walter Hamilton, 45, set out to befriend relatives of the murdered schoolboy after his racist killing in March 2004. The far-Right extremist wanted to drum up support by inflaming racial tensions in the aftermath of the tragedy. Hamilton befriended 15-year-old Kriss' sister Samantha but the former carpet layer's bid to exploit the family's pain was quickly rejected by the Donalds.

Kriss' mother Angela has won widespread praise for her dignified refusal to raise race issues after her son was savagely murdered by an Asian gang hunting any white victim.

Yesterday, a friend of Samantha said: "Hammy befriended her as she went out with a guy whose mum is in the BNP. Hammy wanted to know all the gossip about what was going on with Kriss' family and what was happening in Pollokshields."

The BNP were condemned in the weeks after the killing after local organisers asked leader Nick Griffin to visit Glasgow. They were later forced to drop references to the murder in a TV political broadcast.

Hamilton had already been rejected by voters after standing against MP Mohammed Sarwar in last year's general election. Sarwar, who secured the return of three of Kriss' killers after they fled to Pakistan, refused to share a stage with Hamilton.

The pint-sized racist claims to be a wealthy property develolper and is a former director of Hamilton Accies football club. He usually attends home games with business associate Colin McGowan, 51, who is a director of HAFC Stadium Ltd. Until recently McGowan and Alex Short, 49, owned Raith Rovers. Months after their 1999 takeover of Rovers, the Sunday Mail revealed that gangster Frankie 'Donuts' Donaldson had also become a director. The club later claimed he had not invested cash. Last week three men were jailed for life for the racially aggravated murder of Kriss.

Imran 'Baldy' Shahid, 29' his brother Zeeshan Shahid, and Mohammed Mushtaq were convicted after a 27-day trial. Prison sources at Glasgow's Barlinnie jail last night claimed gang leader Baldy had rejected officers' attempts to place him in solitary for his own protection.

One source: "He's heard the stories about guys being out to get him but couldn't care less. "He's capable and fancies himself able to handle anything. The big fear is that somebody has a go and it turns into a race thing between white and Asian prisoners."

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