January 30, 2007

Cameron fails to understand threat of fascist BNP to British society

Anti-fascist campaigners have criticised David Cameron's attack on the Muslim community organisations, which he compared to the BNP

Cameron claimed 'radical Muslims' were the 'mirror image of the BNP'. Cameron also attacked multiculturalism, claiming it created a barrier to cohesion and that it had failed. A report published today attacks the Muslim Council of Britain, the largest Muslim organisation with over 400 affiliates.

The British National Party is a fascist organisation which is gaining electoral ground. It stands in the tradition of Hitler, with some of its leading figures having been exposed as openly admiring the Nazis, who carried out a systematic programme of annihilation of entire peoples. Millions died in the Holocaust. The BNP denies the reality of the Holocaust.

Today, with 49 elected councillors and the threat of gaining more seats at the next May local elections, the BNP causes real damage to local communities by whipping up racist lies in areas they target. They have been mustering record number of votes. Unless they are challenged and opposed, they could make a breakthrough into the mainstream politics like their fascist counterparts in other European countries like France and Belgium, with devastating consequences for our society.

Glyn Ford MEP said: "It is an offence to all those who died in the Holocaust that fascism is resurging across Europe . This month fascist MEPs have again formed their own political group in European Parliament. This is not the failure of multiculturalism we are witnessing but the growth of racism. The Tories would do better to attack fascism - the perpetrators of division, violence and racism, rather than their victims."

Weyman Bennett, Joint Secretary of UAF said: "The BNP represent the real threat to community cohesion, with their racist, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic and homophobic politics. The BNP whips up racist hatred and division for electoral gain, leading to attacks on all minority communities in areas they target.

It is deeply offensive to liken the BNP to minority community organisations, particularly to Muslim groups who are the prime target of the BNP's racism. Muslim communities experience racism and discrimination at all levels of society. They are being vilified and targeted daily.

Mainstream parties have a responsibility not to provide succour to fascists: today, the BNP welcomes David Cameron's comments on its website as a 'propaganda victory' for them and takes the opportunity to spread further Islamophobic bile against Muslim communities. Attacking multiculturalism is pandering to the BNP."


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