February 01, 2007

BNP lying to publicans to book Greenham meetings

Blue Ball landlord said group did not reveal they were political party when they booked a meeting

The pub which hosted the British National Party meeting that caused a political storm has been revealed. Around 30 BNP supporters attended the meeting which led to the shock announcement that the controversial party plans to field two candidates in this May’s district council elections.

The BNP had refused to reveal the name of the venue where the meeting took place on January 22. But we can reveal the event took place at Greenham’s Blue Ball pub.

Licensee Ronnie Allen said yesterday: “The meeting happened here. I was approached by a group wanting to hire the function room. They didn’t say they were a political party. Personally, I have no time for racism. As far as I’m concerned, my pub welcomes anyone, regardless of creed or colour as long as they behave themselves and don’t break the law.”

Mr Allen revealed the BNP had asked him to host a second meeting. He added: “If, as they claim, they are a legitimate political party with nothing to hide then fine. But I’ll want to attend the meeting myself to see exactly what is being said on my premises. If there’s nothing wrong then they won’t object, will they?”

Newbury Today


Anonymous said...

Liars, thugs, chemical weapons terrorists (Burnley), attempted murderers, mosque burners, grave vandals, racists, football hooligans, wife-beaters, Hitler-worshippers, and Holocaust deniers.

While proper political parties are accused of deserting their roots, the "British Nazi Party" show dedication to their roots - they have been, and always will remain a bunch of dangerous criminals.

What did the BNP say about executing persistant criminals, when they long to reintroduce the death sentence???

Would they exclude themselves from their own deadly fascist laws, if they ever took power?

Anonymous said...

Don't beat around the bush, crabapple. Say what you mean. LOL

Every word, so very true.

Anonymous said...

I think I like the old site better, sorry.