November 23, 2008

Evil paedos are secret BNP thugs

Perverts: the BNP's Andrew Wells and Ian Hindle
Two abused 14 year olds after getting them drunk

Two paedophiles jailed for sex attacks on schoolgirls last week are named on the leaked list of British National Party members, we can reveal. Perverts Ian Richard Hindle, 32, and Andrew Paul Wells, 49, plied two 14-year-olds with alcohol before subjecting them to sickening abuse.

Both men appear on a 12,000 strong BNP membership roll, alongside police officers, soldiers, doctors, prison officers—and even vicars. The sex beasts’ membership will bring further shame to the far-right party.

BNP leader Nick Griffin had claimed the number of people with respectable jobs on the list contradicted the view that the average member “was a skinhead oik”. But Gerry Gable, spokeman for anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, said: “The fact that these two sex offenders are on the list shows the sort of vile characters which gravitate towards the fascist group.”

A court heard last week that twisted Hindle took advantage of one of the girls by having sex with her. Wells took snaps on his mobile of himself sexually assaulting the other teenager. The vile pair were caught when the horrifying images later came to the attention of the girl’s mother, who called police.

The men, of Blackburn, Lancs, carried out their depraved acts after getting the girls drunk at Wells’s flat. Hindle admitted unlawful sex with a child and was jailed for three years. Wells, who admitted two charges of engaging in sexual activity with a child and one of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child, got two years and three months.

The horrendous abuse did not even stop when one of the drunk girls became ill, Preston Crown Court heard. When she staggered to the toilet, Wells followed her in and exposed himself to her.

Detective Constable Lee Eckersley said: “It is a prime example of men exploiting the vulnerability of a young girl for their own selfish needs.”

Their sentences came as the Metropolitan Police in London suspended four employees who were on the BNP list leaked on the internet. They are a PC, a special constable, a police community support officer and a civilian staff member. Cops and civilian police staff are banned from BNP membership.

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Anonymous said...

I guess Richard Hindle and Andrew Paul Wells joined the BNP out of their love for White children. I wonder if the BNP are now going to stop claiming that Asian men and Muslim men deliberately groom White girls for sexual abuse. And, this isn't the first time that BNP members have been involved in the sexual abuse of White girls. Remember two senior BNP officials, one of them being Mark Collett, who (alledgely) sexually abused two young White girls at the BNP conference hotel in Blackpool and the BNP was exposed as covering this abuse up. Or, how BNP election co-ordinator Robert Bennett was jailed for gang raping two White teenage girls. BNP = hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

As I have always said, BNP=Britain's Nastiest Paedophiles...

And I had some of the kiddie fiddling Nazi scum standing beside me on Remembrance Sunday at my local war memorial where there were young children present.


Anonymous said...

BNP member Andrew Wells was convicted of sexually abusing children before - he had previously pleaded guilty to two counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child - involving a different 14-year-old girl - and one count of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child.

This from the Lancshire Telegraph:

Blackburn child abuser headbutted inside court

13 October 2008

A CHILD sex abuser was headbutted at court today before he was due to be sentenced, a judge was told.

Ian Hindle, 33, of Church Walk, Blackburn, was waiting for his case to be heard at Preston Crown Court when he was attacked inside the building this afternoon.

A 41-year-old man from Blackburn was arrested on suspicion of common assault and battery He was released on bail until early November.

Hindle’s barrister Ciaran Rankin had to ask Judge Philip Sycamore to initially postpone sentencing while Hindle gave a statement to police.

Hindle told his legal representative that he had been confronted and headbutted.

Speaking in court Mr Rankin said that Hindle's nose had been 'bust' and that he could not be sentenced because he needed to go to hospital to seek medical treatment.

Hindle had previously pleaded guilty to four counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child in the Blackburn area between August and November last year.

The case was abandoned and a trial of issue over the facts of the case will take place before sentencing.

Mr Rankin told the court: "He (Hindle) sees this as something consensual while she (the victim) was awake and fully aware of what was going on, while she says contrary and that she was asleep."

A date was set for November 20 for evidence to be presented via video-link, with sentencing expected immediately afterwards.

Co-defendent 49-year-old Andrew Wells, of Infirmary Street, Blackburn, will be sentenced at the same time.

He has previously pleaded guilty to two counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child - involving a different 14-year-old girl - and one count of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child.

Anonymous said...

BNP paedo Andrew Wells was, back in 2004, was given a football banning order for two years for his part in
co-ordinating or instigating football-related violence:

'We were bullied into football bans'

From the Lancashire Evening Telegraph, first published Saturday 18th Sep 2004.

TEN Blackburn Rovers fans have been given football banning orders for two years.

But after accepting the ruling, they claimed they were "bullied" into submission and branded the proceedings a "kangaroo court."

But Chief Superintendent David Mallaby, commander of Eastern Division, said: "We are pleased these football banning orders have been granted. A further six cases are still proceeding and will be heard later next month.

"All those who have received bans have been involved in the co-ordination or instigation of football-related violence in this country or abroad."

"If this is justice, it stinks," said Sean Flaherty, 35. "These orders are a disgrace but we cant afford to fight them any further."

And Andrew Wells, 45, said the entire case was built on hearsay. "They have been building up so-called evidence for four years and it must have cost millions," he said.

"For all their surveillance and intelligence they have not got a single football-related conviction and pursuing these orders is the police's way of justifying what they have been doing."

Police had sought to bring the orders against the men to stop them going to Euro 2004 in Portugal in July. They believed some would have caused trouble during the championships.

But senior officers came under fire for bringing their civil cases too late to prevent them flying to the tournament.

But the new orders bar them from any matches in England and Wales for two years.

They must also attend at a police station and surrender their passports before designated matches abroad.

And for three hours before and two hours after matches at Ewood Park, they must not enter licensed premises in Blackburn or Darwen, nor some areas around Ewood Park and the town centre.

Named and shamed

THE 10 men made subject to the orders were Damien Bradley, 34, of Rockliffe Street; Sean Flaherty, 35, of Malvern Avenue; Terence Gibson, 19, of Wolseley Street; Thomas Hosker, 34, of Franklin Road; Steven Maxwell, 20, of Montrose Street; Anthony McCallion, 46, of Heys Court; Gary Parker, 40, of Adelaide terrace; Andrew Wells, 45, of Infirmary Street, and Oliver Hickmott, 18, of New Wellington Street, all Blackburn, and Steve Collins, 21, of Alpine Close, Hoddlesden.

Applications for banning orders made at the same time are still outstanding against father and son Simon, 44, and Ashley Fielding, 17, both of Whalley Banks, Whalley, as well as Adam Metcalf, 20, of Hibson Road, Nelson; Paul Scott, 34, of Cornelian Street, Blackburn; James Smith, 23, of Dukes Brow, Blackburn, and Paul Sutcliffe, 35, of Mossdale, Blackburn.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget teacher Mark Walker

Anonymous said...

I see the BNP is claiming these teo had been thrown out of the party before the conviction.

How many more times are they going to use this same tired old lie???

Anonymous said...

And here's another one about Walker

This story is from Spennynews, Issue 130 - 22nd November 2008
A former teacher at a Shildon School, who was officially sacked recently on the grounds of his sickness record, has since been accused of having a sexual relationship with a former pupil...

Anonymous said...

14 year old girls, exactly the same age as Paedo Boy Mark Collett and Dave "Like Em Young" Hannam.

I guess grooming and the sexual abuse of minors is all part of the BNP's drive to recruit more young people to the party.

Funny how this story failed to attract the headlines of the leak, where Nick Griffin got all those crafty interviews.

Goes to show the political establishment do want Griffin to remain in the job.

Anonymous said...

"Remember two senior BNP officials, one of them being Mark Collett, who (alledgely) sexually abused two young White girls at the BNP conference hotel in Blackpool and the BNP was exposed as covering this abuse up."

This, along with the original post, is so disturbing I cannot even put it into words. Are these the same people who bash the Catholic church? Yet, child molesters find a safe haven among them (BNP)?

Antifascist said...

'Remember two senior BNP officials, one of them being Mark Collett, who (alledgely) sexually abused two young White girls at the BNP conference hotel in Blackpool and the BNP was exposed as covering this abuse up.'

I think we'd better get this one right before the lawyers swoop down on us. Collett and Hannam allegedly got the girls back to one of their hotel rooms in an attempt to have sex with them. This is an assumption that has been made here and elsewhere on numerous occasions and which has never been denied or questioned. Rather, it has been confirmed by numerous bits of hearsay evidence from all kinds of people, including individual BNP members and members of the party's security team on many occasions.

Regarding the cover-up, yes, the BNP, in my opinion, colluded in covering up this appalling behaviour when what the should have done if they had an ounce of decency is thrown Collett and Hannam to the dogs.

Anonymous said...

Nice try, no cigars in reporting accuracy. These aren't "paedos" (paedophiles have sexual preference for prepubescent children), more likely hebephiles, and most definitely sexual predators or molesters. The BNP does not surprise me any more.