May 03, 2009

BNP race row with Dr John Sentamu over 'spear-thrower' comments

The deputy leader of the British National Party has made an astonishing attack on Dr John Sentamu, the former Bishop of Birmingham, describing his Ugandan countrymen as SPEAR-THROWERS.

Simon Darby blasted Dr Sentamu, now Archbishop of York, after the cleric criticised the BNP’s controversial call for black and Asian Britons to be described as “racial foreigners” in future.Darby, who is bidding to become a Midlands Euro MP, said: “Dr Sentamu should not interfere in the political process. He’s not in any position to tell me or anyone else who is, or isn’t, English. If I went to Uganda and told them that they were all genetic mongrels and that anyone could be Ugandan I’d still be picking spears out of myself now.”

He also described Dr Sentamu as an “anti-British zealot” and an “ambitious African” – warning that he should “have thought about the consequences” of speaking out against the BNP.

The war of words broke out after last week’s statement by BNP Leader Nick Griffin that black and Asian Britons should be described as “racial foreigners”, and “no more British than an Englishman living in Hong Kong is Chinese”. He was defending a BNP election leaflet which stated that black and Asian Britons “do not exist”, adding that the use of the terms denied “the English their own identity”. It was leading to a “bloodless genocide” in the UK, Griffin added.

Outraged by the suggestion, Uganda-born Dr Sentamu said it was not up to the BNP to define Englishness.

“You don’t have to be a member of the BNP to be clearly English,” he said. “It is quite a mistake to suggest that everybody who wants to affirm Englishness affirms that narrow thinking. This ‘bloodless genocide’? I think that is just language which is beyond belief.”

Writing on the internet, BNP spokesman Simon Darby then made the savage attack on the Archbishop.

Under the headline ‘And the Lord said, arise though art all English’ Darby stated: “Our old friend John Sentamu, or to give him his full name John Tucker Mugabi Sentamu, has been up to his old tricks once again. As if the responsibilities of being the Archbishop of York were not enough, the ambitious African has apparently used his power and influence to kindly bestow upon the world the right to be English.”

Adding criticism of Labour MP Shahid Malik, Darby wrote: “I somewhat doubt whether or not this collection of professional anti-British zealots, who try oh so very hard to disguise their true motivations, have thought about the consequences of BNP success in spite of their very public interference. However, what is certain is that should the BNP triumph in Yorkshire or elsewhere, the likes of Malik and Sentamu will be able to wallow in their newly acclaimed marginalisation, obscurity and irrelevance for years.”

Yesterday anti-fascist campaigners Searchlight condemned Mr Darby’s comments.

“Simon Darby’s threats and thinly veiled racism expose the true face of the BNP,” they said. “Dr Sentamu is internationally respected, but even he is not immune from the smears and hate being peddled by Darby and his colleagues. It’s a measure of Darby’s desperation that he is resorting to these vicious attacks on a man of Faith.”

But last night, Darby was unmoved.

“As soon as anyone speaks out defending the English they are branded racist,” he said. “It’s ridiculous. This is all part of a smear campaign by Labour in the run-up to the European elections. I have no criminal convictions so so they are trying to insinuate I’m racist.”

The attack on Dr Sentamu follows the revelation that the BNP has been producing posters claiming Jesus Christ would support the BNP and their policies.

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Anonymous said...

The BNP has the story on their website.

Anonymous said...

"Bloodless genocide" is a self-contradiction. I wonder if Griffin recognises the existence of White South Africans or White North Americans?

Odin Sucks said...

The archbishop should dig into the fact that many BNP members worship not Jesus Christ but Odin.

And yet the BNP dare to use the picture of Jesus on their blasphemous posters.

janet (a christian) said...

Yes, it's easy to expose top ranking BNPers such as Lee Barnes as sinister Odinists, forming part of a warped paganistic cult. Apparently Adolf Hitler was an Odin Worshipper also, and the mythical Norse gods and demons such as Odin give the far right the feel of a genuine religious cult up to no good.

How come no newspapers have ever examined the BNP's fixation with Norse gods? Strange when the tabloids were quick to drill into David Icke's beliefs some years back, and yet, nobody seems willing to expose the weird and wacky spiritual beliefs of BNP white supremacists.

Anonymous said...

Who exactly is Odin?

Would be helpful if someone could explain all. Sorry!

pitchfork blues said...

Whenever a famous neo-nazi NF or BNPer dies, Stormponce nazis post messages about their scumbag heroes entering Valhalla. The idiots seriously believe there is an afterlife for hateful extemists which gives Al Quaida more than a run for its money.

Most religious people just believe the Tyndals and Lady Birdwoods are rotting in bloody hell .

peter said...

This vile racist outburst should come as no shock! Far right websites used by BNP supporters regularly call black people "jungle bunnies".

The Iraq War over, the BNP have returned to their regular target of black people, having taken their sick Islamophobia as far as possible. In America, people of African heritage are the number one hate target, and Nick Griffin knows KKK Don Black is his sugar daddy, thus the anti-black racism has returned as the BNP's number one prejudice.

They hinted at the change when Bumbrook accused black people of being born knife criminals, and now, the BNP are going all out to racially attack African and black people.


Cllr Lawrence Rustem said...

They call me a lot worse.

They call me a "wog".

Then they stole my pussy cat and made me eat it.

They'll probably deport me too.

Anonymous said...

Simon Darby comes across as just another claustrophobic suburban middle class racist BNP ponce. Interesting description of Simon Darby from an article about BNP opportunism:

Austin says it's a battle he and local party organisers feel they have to win. 'I get angry at the thought of Simon Darby coming down from his nice house in Staffordshire to spread his poison in the Black Country,' he says, adding: 'If Darby really thought the BNP could win, he'd be standing again'".

Anonymous said...

Simon Darby, the BNP's law abiding deputy leader, admits to not just drinking and driving on his blog but that he also mixes alcohol with medication:

"The BNP doesn't need mainstream media to get its message across"Simon Darby - 3 May 2009

A pretty much precluded me from any involvement in the blogosphere yesterday ...Having arrived in Cornwall after a stop off in Exeter it wasn't long before I had managed to limp into a local pub to meet up with Nick and various other BNP staff. Within seconds my knee had been diagnosed by a kindly nurse who, as if by magic, pulled out of her handbag six anti-inflammatory tablets. Combined with a few pints of "Rattler" cider it wasn't long before I was mended and could start to think about today's live BNP Question Time event.I wonder how Simon Darby got back to his home? Did he do another '300 mile plus blast down the M5' with a few pints of cider mixed with tablets in his bloodstream???