October 20, 2009

BNP libels Hain

In a hysterical email sent out to thousands of BNP members this morning party leader Nick Griffin libelled Neath MP and life-long opponent of racism Peter Hain.

The email, signed by Griffin, is headed FORMER BANK ROBBER ACCUSES THE BNP OF BREAKING THE LAW!

It says:
Mr Hain, who was arrested in 1974 for a bank robbery in Putney after four eyewitnesses identified him as the suspect, is of course, lying. His claim that the BNP admitted that it is currently acting contrary to the law is based on a deliberate twisting of the original settlement letter handed in to the court during last week's case brought by the race Gestapo Commission for Equalities and Human Rights.
Mr Hain was indeed arrested at the time, and - as Griffin and the BNP are very well aware - completely exonerated.

Realising that the email contains a clear libel against Mr Hain, a few minutes later a panicked BNP fired off another email, this time entitled FORMER BANK ROBBER SUSPECT ACCUSES THE BNP OF BREAKING THE LAW!

However, the deed is done and there can be no doubt at all that Mr Hain has been libelled.

The body text of the second email is unchanged from the first, and is a transparent attempt to associate Mr Hain with a crime of which he was completely innocent.

We urge readers of Lancaster Unity in receipt of Griffin's email to forward it to Mr Hain at hainp@parliament.uk as soon as possible - a nice, costly court case might be just the thing to break the BNP's financial back.

Link to Peter Hain's website


Welsh Anti said...

I got off the phone to Peter Hain's office a few minutes ago. They're taking this VERY seriously.

Anonymous said...

Forwarded my copy.

Stand by for heavy BNP trolling along the lines of "It's not libel", "We corrected it".

They sent that email out to at least 20000 people. THAT'S LIBEL :-)

Anonymous said...

Done with pleasure! They've shot themselves in the foot.

Go for it Hain!

Amir said...

I only get their emails because a BNP dickhead put me on the list.

I wish I knew who it was so I could thank him.

The more forwards the more Mr Hain will know how widely the email circulated.

Sent mine.

Anonymous said...

Edmonds of the BNP's Advisory Council spoke at neo-Nazi Holocaust denial meeting in Spain at the week-end


AndyMinion said...

Just wrote to Mr Hain with the news that the libel is repeated on the blog of my local Nazi in Derby, and in even stronger terms. Find it here: http://derbypatriot.blogspot.com/

Again, his office are VERY interested.

Hain will be farting through silk!

Anonymous said...

Translation of El Pais article, this meeting took place on Sunday

Prosecutors ordered the Mossad to monitor political ultra

By JESÚS GARCÍA - Barcelona - 17/10/2009 El Pais

Richard Edmonds, a veteran politician linked to extreme right British National Party (BNP), will deliver a lecture today at the bookstore Europe. Talking about the "lynching" that were submitted by the Nazi leaders in Nuremberg tribunal after the Second World War. Their presence in Barcelona has raised the suspicions of the prosecution, which today will ask the judge to order the Autonomous Police shoot and identify conference attendees.

The prosecution believes that the talk of Edmonds may involve the commission of a crime of opinion, as the justification of the Holocaust and incitement to racial hatred. Although it has published books in that sense, the British politician crossed the Holocaust in "despicable lie." According to the Constitutional Court, the doctrines deniers are excluded from the Criminal Code, but not its justification.

In the letter, which refers to the court today, the prosecutor asked that agents can access the library, which reserves the right to refuse admission, to record what happens there and who deliver the material to the prosecution. This formula has already been used in previous acts of the bookshop in Europe, as the conferences of Dave Duck, a former Ku Klux Klan leader, and historian David Irving.

Anonymous said...

Jesus!! Any cub reporter on a weekly paper would have known that article was libellous.
If Hain sues he will win and the BNP will be looking at £50,000 damages at the very least, along with their own and Hain's legal costs.

irishtony said...

of all the people to screw with

Good Heavens those BNP idiots are priceless

Anonymous said...

Have the BNP gone bonkers?
Their latest posting on their website has compared Sir Richard Dannett and Sir Ken Jackson with convicted nazi war criminals Alfred Jodl and Wilhelm Keite.

A clear case of libel if there ever was

Anonymous said...

Oh joy! Don'tcha just love 'em, reminds me of the "advice" Lee Barnes gave to victims of the 1st BNP membership list leak...


La Di Da Gunner Graham said...

I love the smell of the BNP imploding in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Well done Griffo, you really are an idiot. You've been listening to Loony Lee again haven't you.

Pete Green said...

A mention in the Guardian. Sweet.

The anti far-right campaign Lancaster Unity has accused the BNP of libelling Peter Hain by falsely claiming he was a bank robber in an email today.

It points out that the mistake was hastily corrected in another email but adds:

The deed is done and there can be no doubt at all that Mr Hain has been libelled. The body text of the second email is unchanged from the first, and is a transparent attempt to associate Mr Hain with a crime of which he was completely innocent.

Anonymous said...

BNP video



iliacus said...

Just signed off my letter to Mr Hain with "best wishes" - not something I could ever have imagined myself doing!

Don't like the man, but compared to the likes of Griffin .....

Anonymous said...

How the fuck did the the Fuhrer manage to fuck up on this scale? I have little time for Hain despite his anti-apartheid past but he is going to be rubbing his hands at this. As for Griffin, it's a great irony that the same parasite who's always sending off his financial appeals while banking his big salary is the same one who's just dropped the a large legal bill onto the BNP. What a dick. Well, there goes the move to Croatia.

Bye bye Paul Golding... said...

Its Paul Golding that writes them emails. Looks like his career in the BNP is fucked now.

Anonymous said...

Infiltrate and fuck 'em up from the inside.

I always wonder how many BNP staffers are actually, secretly, working for us.

Anonymous said...

That email was on the BNP website but they've took it down.

A word to the wise, Kemp's on the prowl trying to get anti bloggers to post libellous stuff on Griffin.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to spoil the party but I smell a rat here. I know Griffin and he's not that f***ing stupid.

Sounds barmy I know, but what if the state has something on Hain? He sues Griffin and Griffin is given what the state has. The fact that he was exonerated by a criminal court will not protect Hain from having to give evidence about the alleged incident to a civil court, where the verdict is delivered on the "balance of probabilities" rather than "beyond reasonable doubt".

The state is giving Griffin and the BNP a soft ride at the moment and Hain isn't playing the game. Is the state trying to take him out?

Hope I'm wrong, btw!

Anonymous said...

Well the Nazzers have certainly raised the heat both on themselves and the BBC.

EX AC member 2004-08 said...

"Well done Griffo, you really are an idiot. You've been listening to Loony Lee again haven't you."

As an ex BNPer I can tell you that Griffin listens to Barmy Barnes more than he does those paid up members he surrounds himself with and who meet "occasionally" at official AC meetings. Barnes has such a grip on Griffin and no one can think why that should be so. Barnes is a total headcase, so much so some of us used to believe he was a "Red". Between him and that vile Hitler worshiping f***wit Collett the BNP has been ruined from the inside and while the UAF might want to stake some claim to putting the BNP into a corner, the real damage has come from some unsavoury and mentally disturbed individuals on the inside. But if Barnes and Collett really are on the UAF payroll it would be hard to distinguish this based on their work to date!!

Dave T said...

Here's an astonishing coincidence. The list appears in the morning and a T-shirt in the afternoon. Another money-making scam at the expense of the members?

Anonymous said...

Oops Is not Derby ex BOSS ?

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Sorry to spoil the party but I smell a rat here. I know Griffin and he's not that f***ing stupid.....I SAY I agree sorry to say.

Anonymous said...

BNP trying the "bullshit baffles brains" route.

A couple of hours ago, the BNP website announced that the list was a forgery. Now it has this to say

"“Furthermore, any media using that list for any purpose whatsoever, be it interpretation, analysis or interview purposes, is in clear breach of the Data Protection Act and we will not hesitate to institute legal action against them,” she said."

Make your minds up chaps.

Oh and "she" is presumably Lee Barnes in drag.

West Midlands Unity said...

Email sent!

Today is like the "Hitler's Downfall" scene for the BNP

Anonymous said...

Apparently there will be something about Griffin's invite onto Question Time tomorrow (Wednesday) on The World Tonight, BBC Radio 4 at 10.00 pm.

Anonymous said...

'Oh and "she" is presumably Lee Barnes in drag.'

Didn't you know "Lee" Barnes had re-assignment surgery years ago.

pasingBNPidiot said...

You anti-British, red, commie, immigrunt-loving idiots are heading for a fall.

Hain will only have a fully-trained barrister on his side.

Nick will have Lee Barnes !!!!!

Case dismissed !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Apparently the BBC is going to allow BNP members to be in the Question Time audience! But not anti-fascists of course.


There's got to be a Nazi high up in the Beeb's ranks. Time for some Searchlight and BECTU detective work.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the video on the Telegraph website? It's like an advertisment for Nick Griffin.

Anonymous said...

"Here's an astonishing coincidence. The list appears in the morning and a T-shirt in the afternoon. Another money-making scam at the expense of the members?"

Not necessarily. It's probably leftover stock from after last year's leaked list.

Anonymous said...

Mr Hain said last night: “What they said about me is libellous and I know a lot of campaigners want to drain the BNP’s finances with legal action.

“But I have got more important things on my mind at the moment.”


Anonymous said...

The comments by Hain has just proven a point to many on both sides (left/right).

Modern day democratic politics in Britain is a con.

You can see how the BNP has been welcomed into the mainstream with open arms.

They (BBC, Media and all other political parties) are all in it together.

You have done the dirty ground work for the establishment and now that they don't need you any more you aren't allowed to get in to Question Time when Griffin is on.

But pro BNP members are?

Wake up and smell the coffee (Fairtrade of course)!!

We are all pawns!!