December 10, 2009

EDL and SIOE opposed by Christians and Jews

Anti-Muslim groups SIOE and EDL say they have Jewish supporters, but leading members of the Jewish community have condemned the SIOE protest against Harrow Mosque, planned for Dec 13. Rabbis Kathleen Middleton, Frank Smith, Aaron Goldstein, Hillel Robles and Mike Hilton sent a letter supporting Harrow Mosque, saying SIOE use "outrageous lies" to try and divide Harrow's community. SIOE protests have also been condemned by Harrow's (Jewish) Tory councillor Jeremy Zeid, by the Jewish Chronicle newspaper and the Community Security Trust (who monitor racist activity on behalf of the Jewish community).

When SIOE re-scheduled a cancelled EDL protest against Harrow Mosque on Sept 11, SIOE used their protest to slander an entire community by false association with 9/11. On the day however, less than 15 EDL hooligans, half a dozen known BNP goons and lone SIOE activist Stephen Gash were opposed by over 1,000 Anti-Fascists.

Believing the police were protecting the same racists who'd fire-bombed Luton Mosque, a handful of anti-SIOE counter-protestors played into the hands of the SIOE by throwing stones and bottles at the police, before they were stopped by other Anti-Fascists and by Mosque stewards. Few TV reports showed that (despite alot of footage of people simply running around) the counter-protest had been overwhelmingly peaceful. BNP leafletting teams visited Harrow soon after, to try to capitalise on the problem SIOE attempted to create - proving the link between provocative right-wing protests and the BNP. To prove the link between SIOE and extremism once and for all however, SIOE also support the Serbian mass-murderer Radovan Karadzic.

In this video Harrow Mosque officials are seen meeting with local Hindu and Christian leaders, and inviting SIOE to visit the Mosque to discuss their grievances - let's see whether Stephen Gash has the courage to accept!

PLEASE COUNTER-PROTEST PEACEFULLY against the SIOE on Dec 13 (Hizb ut-Tahrir and Al-Mahajiroun etc please do what you asked your supporters to do and STAY AWAY).



Anonymous said...

How many?

Anonymous said...

How many? Many more than ever supported SIOE!

UK Fightback / BNPinfo said...

Thanks for embedding this

Much appreciated :)

Anonymous said...

Just Noticed EDL are linking to the BNP fake soldiers charity run by former BNP official on their web-site.

joss said...

When Gri££in's BNP winds up, almost certainly the EDL will contest elections, so it essential they do not get a head start when they undress from their emporers new clothes and start running for council elections.

peter said...

Stephen Gash lives up to the surname, and is a racist twat who actually turned up in Nottingham and joined in the mayhem.

The divides between the BNP/EDL and SIOE are regularly blurred.