February 22, 2010

Anti-women BNP must be exposed, say delegates

Unison women's conference 2010: Anti-fascist organisations must highlight the anti-women views of the BNP as part of their fight to defeat the far-right, delegates have urged. National women's committee speaker Davena Rakin demanded that the labour movement oppose the BNP on an "anti-racist and pro-feminist" platform.

"The BNP's racist views are well known. But we also need to highlight its views on women," she stressed.

In a series of motions, delegates argued that women had a crucial role to play in the fight against the rising threat of fascism. The BNP is militantly against abortion rights, wants to repeal all equalities legislation and some members had described rape as "simply sex" and said that women should be hit regularly "like a gong," conference heard.

Greater London region delegate Louise Cooling, who lives in the BNP stronghold of Barking and Dagenham, called for widespread support to stop party leader Nick Griffin's attempt to become her MP.

"This is not a battle for Barking, this is a battle for Britain," she told delegates gathered in Gateshead.

Morning Star


Ban The EDL said...

One of the comments on the EDL website says the Bradford Riot has been called off, but the neo-fascist EDL website doesn't say this. Is there any confirmation of this, or is this merely a rumour?

The EDL were plotting to use guns and explosives in Bradford according to Facebook, which featured pictures of masked EDL members holding firearms, talking about killing Asian people in Bradford.

The EDL obviously learnt these terrorist tactics from Loyalist terrorists in Northern Ireland, and Bradford was going to be their big chance to destroy multiculturalism in England using the gun and the bomb.

Anonymous said...


According to Ian Bone, he is led to believe that the EDL have called off their rally on May the 20th, but it was never booked for the "20th". It was down for the 30th (the bank holiday weekend).

Also the statement on the EDL website says that the Wilders Demo is still going ahead, sadly.


"The EDL and our sister Defence Leagues will be gathering in London, at the Houses of Parliament on Friday the 5th of March (2pm)".

Have the EDL called off their Bradford riot, or is this all subterfuge designed to thrown the anti-facsists off-sync?

Can someone please clarify what's going on?

Anonymous said...

Bradford is still down on the list of neo-Nazi EDL rallies on May the 30th on the EDL website.