March 05, 2010

EDL admit their leader's BNP + Nazi

This video was originally made by founding EDL member Paul Ray, and was posted on an EDL You Tube channel called LutonLionheart. I have NOT re-posted this video here to support the EDL, but have re-posted it because in this video Paul Ray admits that EDL activist "John Sheridan" is really BNP "Gold" activist Chris Renton 0:35. This video also shows Chris Renton standing under an EDL banner which makes what is therefore the blatantly false claim that the EDL "are not BNP" 0:40.

In this video EDL co-founder Paul Ray states that (quote) "I am not anti-BNP" 0:55 and admits Chris Renton is also involved with Nazis like Stormfront 1:30 and Combat 18 1:56. Paul Ray says he himself opposes Nazism but that the rest of the EDL leaders turned against him for opposing Chris Renton 2:20. Paul Ray's blog also confirms that Chris Renton "is now the de facto COMMANDER of the EDL"...

What this means is that the other EDL leaders chose to support a Nazi leader, which means all ordinary, decent EDL members MUST leave the EDL... NOW

We all know all decent people oppose extremism, but if you express your opposition to extremism by choosing to join a group with Nazi links then you disrespect British war dead, you discredit your own cause, and as a result you end up helping your enemies!


Thanks to UKfightback for the heads-up


Anonymous said...

blo said...

Good advice - but will any of the EDL members listen when the eno-Nazis lead them over the edge of the cliff.

Nick Griffin must be pissing hismelf laughing!

The British National Party said...

Funny times. The EDL supporters on Twitter are trying to make out that "Tommy Robinson" is real and their hero leader.

Anonymous said...

Creepy religious nut!!!

Anonymous said...

From the "Lionheart" blog:

As of 02.06 this morning Friday 5th March, the EDL: St George division ceases to exist, with the leadership of what once was the division having no responsibility for any EDL activities, endorsement of the movement, and we are no longer connected to them in anyway whatsoever.

We have absolutely nothing to do with Chris Renton's basterdised English Defence League.

A full statement will be posted in due course.

Anonymous said...

You can only wonder if Griffin didn't ask Renton to join the EDL and smear others and create internal problems, he does it within the BNP when he wants to get rid of certain people he doesn't like.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful quote from Paul Ray

"Chris Renton spreads his lies about people across this platform and the gullible EDL masses who do not have a brain......"

You said it man :)

The British National Party said...

Full text from the video here:

Could be useful for quoting in places like Twitter and Facebook where the fascists are currently using the "UAF hobbit ZombieBot claw hammer attack" to get at all anti-fascists.

Essentially if we are to believe the source of this video it looks like The EDL are part Christian Fundamentalist, part neo-Nazi and part BNP infiltrated.