November 02, 2010

EDLs "Tommy Robinson" at Luton BNP Meeting ?

Are we mistaken, or is that the English Defence League's Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (AKA Tommy Robinson pictured on the far left at a 2007 Luton BNP meeting in the King Harry Pub?

Speaking is Richard Edmonds, veteran Holocaust denier and BNP activist with a string of violent convictions. Also present on the top table is the then Beds/Bucks BNP organiser Steve Sherwood as well as John Pater, activist with the BNP as well as the national socialist November 9th Society.

Three Counties Unity


Anonymous said...

Aah, the good old BNP, never sure whether they're English or British, loutish or rubbish.

UKF said...

Well spotted Three Counties - congratulations!!

Richard Edmonds in the one with the tie, and I'm presuming Steve Sherwood in the one sitting with the skinhead haircut and John Pater is the one sitting with the 'tache? Is this correct?

Please reply soon

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing John Pater's the one with the moustache? Need to know urgently please

Anonymous said...

According to my information John Pater is not with the EDL, why the intrest in him? I have some information on him if you would like it.

John Pater said...

Hello there,

This is a long shot and I am not expecting anything to come of it, but it seems that it is time for me to set the record straight as I am now looking sheepishly at a picture of myself on the web.

Your work against the far right is commendable and I am not defending the far right but perhaps my story is worthy of print here.

My name is John Pater.

I was a member of the BNP and the British First party. As you know.

What led me to this path and making these mistakes may be of interest to you but what saved me from it and the fact I have woken up should be.

I have seen on the Searchlight website the motto ‘Hope not Hate’. I believe you do not harbour hatred of any one, I hope you don’t. Even those in the BNP and other organisations like it. If that is the case and you can forgive and believe in that hope as I do, there is hope for me and the opposition against the far right.

I left the British First Party, the BNP and all other organisations like it. Indeed I have been threatened by the EDL to keep away from them as they try to represent a front of non racism (hardly a claim to fame).
I left without any statements or reasoning to them because I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t carry around with me a constant hatred, a constant fear and suspicion of everything diverse, I couldn’t bear the burden of such negativity weighing heavy in my heart another second longer. And I just couldn’t cope with the constant barrage of racism, historic distortion and evil ranting at every meeting and on every bulletin.
With the love and support of a beautiful Lady and the companionship of the Lord I have re-discovered my humanity.
This humanity exists in the vast majority of those you oppose (granted not all). If you can reach out to that, if you can try and connect with this humanity then there is hope. Hope that people can accept a better way of living, and a better outlook on their future without the need to perpetuate a sense of fear and destruction spread by these parties.
It is easy to move on from all this hideousness and find a growing harmony.

I am not pitching my services as a reformed character to your efforts as I believe I would not be trusted (rightly so considering my history), and I’m sure you will read this with a high degree of scepticism, but to be perfectly honest I just want my life back, and atone for what I have done in charitable works completely unconnected with any politics what so ever.

But, if my post here is of interest to you and you think there is a chance it could boost your readers/activists resolve to continue with hope in their hearts and perhaps remind others to reconnect with their own humanity within these organisations (and leave them) – or if I can help you in another way...

Please get back to me and we can discuss this further.

Faithfully, In Hope

John Pater

Anonymous said...

I found this footage of Nick Griffin & Tommy Robinson enjoying asian food. It's hilarious.. check it out here