June 11, 2011

Hunt for racist thug in English Defence League T-shirt who attacked Asian man in Rochdale

CCTV images of the man police want to question over the attack
A racist thug who abused and attacked a passer-by in a shopping precinct is being hunted by police.

The man, who was wearing a T-shirt promoting the English Defence League, targeted a 31-year-old Asian man as he walked through the Wheatsheaf Centre in Rochdale town centre. Images from CCTV cameras have been released by police in a bid to identify him.

The thug began to racially abuse the man as he walked past then grabbed hold of his shirt collar and pressed a ballpoint pen to the side of his face. Police said the victim could also feel a sharp item being pressed to his back. He struggled free but the abuse continued until security guards intervened.

The thug then escaped. He is white, in his late 40s to early 50s, around 6ft tall and skinny. He was wearing a T shirt labelled 'EDL Stockport'.

Sgt Colin Macdiarmid said: "The abuse this victim suffered can only be described as vitriolic and appalling. Thankfully he was not hurt though the behaviour of the offender led him to fear for his safety. Racist thugs are not welcome anywhere in Greater Manchester."

Call police on 0161 856 9961 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Manchester Evening News

Thanks to Tony for the heads-up

Update 11/6/11.

Man charged following racist attack in town centre

A man has been charged after a racist attack on an Asian man in Rochdale town centre.

Wayne Peter Taylor, 44, of Stock Close, was charged with racially aggravated common assault.

He is due to appear at Rochdale Magistrates Court on Monday 20 June 2011.

At about 4.00pm on Monday 9 May 2011, the victim, a 31-year-old Asian man was threatened a number of times in the Wheatsheaf Centre on Yorkshire Street.

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Anonymous said...

Yaxley Lennon will have the data of who bought the shirt on his computer.

If Yaxley refuses to cooperate with the police, they need to confiscate his computer to find out the violent racist criminal's identity.

Hope the cops read this blog!

Anonymous said...

Another fucking Hitler-worshipping hardcore nazi in the EDL, no-doubt.

Anonymous said...

You bet your bibby the EDL refuse to help the police catch this thug.



Anonymous said...


Rumour is that Lennon hands over the names of people who buy merchandise to the cops anyway as a matter of course, so they probably have his name already.

Anonymous said...

Good point. If the police subpoena the EDL's clothing sales records, they can narrow the list of suspects down to the 20-odd people who ordered EDL Rochdale customised shirts. Someone please contact Rochdale police

Anonymous said...

It would appear a man has been arrested and charged for this.


Anonymous said...

Is brain dead wanye tailor . Do you know his father is a ex copper ,