December 01, 2011

Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Wastes £40-80,000 of British taxpayers money on spurious FOI costs

Two days ago we brought you the news about how Gary Tumulty was claiming to be outraged by the amount of money that Asylum Seekers were getting whilst pensioners were seemingly freezing in his borough of Salford. He claimed he was fed up of the amount of money being wasted locally by Salford.

However it appears that Mr Tumulty of Salford BNP is not concerned when it comes to him being the originator of money being wasted and is costing Salford City Council £1000s in spurious Freedom of Information Requests to Salford City Council where he claims to be living and employed by the Council as a Caretaker. Not content with demonising Asylum Seekers in order to stir up racial tension , he has now taken to attacking Local Councillors as well. He is also going to great lengths to cost Salford City Council lots of money :

Tumulty complains about how much money the local council is spending on various initiatives , claiming to be acting in the 'Public Interest' by making various Freedom Of Information requests in the borough.

A Freedom Of Information request can cost anywhere up to £650 in adminstration and clerical enquiries. His first request was made twelve months ago and his most recent being on the 10th November this year.

Gary Tumulty of Salford BNP has made to date a staggering 124 FOI requests! :

The nature of these requests are spurious at best and seem to concentrate on things like trying to find out the ethnicity of HIV+/AIDS sufferers in Salford, the ethnicity of Drug bustees and the ethnicity of those licensed to sell alcohol in the borough (at least three FOI requests on 'Beer' alone) in fact Tumulty seems to be mainly focused on ethnicity , which as a BNP Organiser and Candidate should not surprise anybody

We estimate that Gary Tumulty is costing Salford City Council anywhere between £40,000-£80,000 a year with these spurious Freedom of Information Requests perhaps local residents would like to ask Mr Tumulty why he is intent on wasting so much of the Council's Budgets on asking such FOI requests as 'How many Gamestations have the council bought'

We are sure that local residents of Salford would be very interested in knowing how between £40-80,000 of British Tax Payers Money is being wasted by the British National Party in Salford and where this money could be better spent on Pensioners and the vunerable and needy in the borough as we approach the harsh winter months.

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Thanks to NewsHound for the heads-up


Anonymous said...

The DUMB ARSE treasurer of the bnp Clive Jefferscum who cannot count to 10, has put the membership money up by 20%. You can expect more fraud from the bnp lol pmsl rolf.

Anonymous said...

I'd pay even if they trebled the price.

Wes said...

Loving the spelling on some of those requests.

Loved how GMP replied "did you mean..."

Anonymous said...

Tumulty is obsessed with everything council related.

Anonymous said...

The labour run council gave Tumulty a job because they felt sorry for him after he had certain issues with a couple of labour people and also to shut him up.

Wooden Man Griffinite said...

"I'd pay even if they trebled the price"

Because I haven't got a brain.

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised when members of the EDL publically express support for Jeremy Clarkson on their Facebook sites, being the confirmed hardcore nazis they are.

The EDL fascist cowards tried to cause trouble at Occupy Liverpool but were chased away by passers-by.

NewsHound said...


Anonymous said...

Gary Tumulty appears to be the mam currently updating the Redwatch website. He's the one with the password to get on there and make updates.

This means, by proxy, that Nick Griffin controls what goes on Redwatch now, as Gary is Griffin's last remaining bootlicker and a seriously inadaquet fuckup with it. Hence why the latest update is in response to the "get griffin out" UAF campaign.

Given Redwatch's previous legal status as a "pro-terrorist" website, using Tumulty as a proxy, Nick's treading on dangerous ground. If Gary were to grass on Nick, then old cyclops may get a call round his house from the ol' anti-terrorist police.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but you can't 'not like FOI' simply because you don't like someone's political views.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Griffo's got his claws into Redwatch.

Anonymous said...

He pretends to be Rebecca Johnson on Facebook to steal details to put on Redwatch!

Anonymous said...

interesting to see liverpool EDL opposing occupy,and what a coincidence Bill Murray from soldiers off the street in between posting on his face book page what are reported by his fb readers to be false success stories of his out reach work, as way of fooling the kind hearted readers into donationg ,has spent last few months building what can only be described as secretive support group on liverpool area who all use fake profiles and who all by chance are BNP, EDL activists and who tonite have been promised the next SOTS outreach van to transport them about. Isnt it time the Murrays were held to account and are apparently blatantly housing pals in private accomadotiom with new furnishing,cash and tv licences .Sound familliar ,yes exactly what BNP claim asylum seekers are recieving, and all within 24 hours of being discovered on streetsm as murray says he has properties at his disposal and only needs 5 mins to rehouse them. Expensive signage of 5 vans ,furnishings all supplied by murrays Rhyl connections who aslo only chated 700 pound to repair clutch after 3 weeks of use and 150 for a tyre change. Laundering and syphoning of cash is blatantly his game and trevor philips needs lobbying to ensure he challenges the charitioes commision about why they ignore all crimes SOTs commit and which are reported to them and police. Seems strange 3 trustees, 2 patrons and 1 director and a spychiatric worker have left in i year and whom all are repoorted to have been dismissed by the murrays for asking to see official books for the charity..Come on Lancaster and co,this neeeds mass reporting