January 09, 2012

Paedophile still active within EDL leadership

EDL paedophile and founding member, Richard Price
An English Defence League convicted paedophile is still active within the senior ranks of the EDL according to screenshots that have been released.

The organisation's original Facebook group with 15,000 members was hacked recently by ZHC Hacking company and a screenshot of the admin list was released,. One of the admins was Paul Lancashire and the other was Richard Price. Price was one of the founding members of the organisation.

Price was outed by the Sunday Times earlier last year after being convicted of processing indecent photographs of children and The EDL's leadership tried to cover it up. The organisation originally tried to claim he was not part of the EDL but soon backtracked when a previous statement by Tommy Robinson was found EDL Paedophile Michael Coates [pictured, right] contradicting this. He was also convicted of possession of cocaine and crack cocaine. Price was banned from owning a computer for a year, given a three-year community supervision order and placed on the sex offenders register for five years.

Price recently contacted EDL News to claim he was innocent and the only reason he pleaded guilty was so he would be quietly put on the sex offenders register without anyone finding out about his charges.

The EDL have spent a lot of their time demonstrating against Asian only paedophiles with several demonstrations in Blackpool against Asian takeaway workers who they claimed murdered Charlene Downes. After a failed court case the police have failed to provide any link with any Asian gangs.

ZHC have destroyed the EDL's presence on social networking groups. In June last year they took their main 100,000 members page and many of their regional divisional pages. Their new page is struggling to get more than 2,000 members with many of those being trolls, antifa, journalists and security services.

The far right organisation have had further paedophile scandals since with the recent jailing of Michael Coates aka Mickey Blueeyes and Brett Moses who was convicted of trying to groom a 13 year old Canadian schoolgirl after travelling to meet her.
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With thanks to ZHC Hacking Crew and Paul Stearnes

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anarchist said...

So it's not always the ones you least expect.

Anonymous said...

Paedos back in the EDL.

They must be gettin desperate as EDL kiddy fiddlers aching to sexually abuse little kids.

As that t-shirt picture said, Richard Price is as desperate to abuse children as his idol "Gary Glitter.

"No surrender to Childline".

Anonymous said...

Please add this photo to the article, Ketlan!


Anonymous said...

Says alot about its followers.