August 08, 2007

'Just walk away from BNP' says Ebanks

DG writes: A story that first appeared on the Lancaster UAF blog breaking news of a punch-up at the BNP’s “family friendly” Red White and Blue festival was quickly mirrored on the dissident Northwest Nationalists’ blog attracting dozens of interesting comments, not least from the growing number of BNP expellees who have broken the BNP’s golden rule - don’t ask Nick Griffin awkward questions about money.

Among their number is our old friend Sharon Ebanks, founder of the New Nationalist Party, which seems to exist more on the internet than it does in the real world, and despite Ebanks’s undoubted determination, is generally considered to be a spent force.

Ebanks, as we have said before, knows where quite a few of the BNP’s bodies are buried and has seen the skeletons in Nick Griffin’s closet. We reproduce one of her comments to the Northwest Nationalists’ blog here in its entirety, unedited and with our emphasis added where relevant. The spelling and grammar are as per Ebanks’s original post. As usual, we stress that we cannot vouchsafe Ebanks’s statements, but suggest our visitors cross-reference them both here at Lancaster UAF and at Voice of Reason - an exercise both informative and illuminating for anybody interested in the truth of Nick Griffin and the British National Party.

Ebanks writes:

I have serious questions for all the BNP ostriches looking in

Once you KNOW the truth and you do KNOW the truth about the BNP, why is it so hard for you to just walk away and find a decent home?

I was told all sorts of shit about Pete Barker, Peter Rushton, Adrian Davies etc etc The truth is, they were all telling the truth about Griffin and his gang of cockroaches and thieves but the crooks in the BNP want you to believe different. Many people in the BNP are terrified of being ostracised if they speak up but you soon find out they were never your friends to begin with. And to quote Griffins attack dog, Tommy Williams “We have done everything we possibly can to destroy her reputation” and it still continues but I count myself lucky that I have genuine friends who KNOW me and my family.

I know there are organisers reading this who never declare their full takings because John Walker steals it from the regions to give to the greedy bastards who do fuck all at BNP HQ. I know organisers who beg and plead for their branch money for months and never get it. Why hide your head in the sand when you know these greedy bastards are preventing your branches from growing expanding and winning?

Every time you pick up the Voice of Freedom they are asking for money on EVERY page yet the regions are self funding and Griffin claims to be on £15,000 a year. Where is the money?

Griffin wrote out a BNP cheque to Solidarity for £1000 and it bounced. Where is the money?

Griffin refuses to pay a British printer £580 for BNP leaflets and merchandise preferring instead to claim that I owe it to the printer. Where is the money?

Griffin night after night screams at audiences about White flight and the wealthy scum who get onto planes deserting Britain, yet he has land and property in Croatia

From the pages of Mays V of F he screams about the outsourcing of British jobs yet the BNP gets all its leaflets papers and magazines printed in Slovenia. Shouldn‘t British workers be doing them? Don‘t believe his crap about no printers wanting to do the work. I found 7 companies in 1 day who would do the work. He uses Slovenia because it‘s cheap and it‘s cheap labour…

Griffin yells on and on about foreign produce yet EVERYTHING the BNP sells is manufactured in China

Dave Shapcott the now retired Burnley organiser almost kills himself every year helping out at RWB but little does he know of the secret meeting to have him thrown out of the party last year. Oh yes, Dave, if you’re looking in. Griffin said “He’s retiring soon and the problem will be sorted” and I note you were there putting up tents for the greedy bastard again this year. Remember the posts you made in the NNP mods forum? They didn’t happen did they Dave and still you’re busting your balls for assholes that you KNOW are born LIARS.

The list goes on and on.


I note Mr Spencer just like Bowden is being touted as “NO LOSS” but you pathetic ignorant fools don’t realise that to Griffin’s BNP you’re “NO LOSS” either. And spare me the martyred crap about the party being bigger than any single person. The BNP is Griffins party lock stock and barrel and that includes all the money and all the rewards. You’re being used to finance Griffins personal whims and dreams.

WAKE UP YOU LEMMINGS, it’ll be the best time you’ve ever had.

Kind regards

Sharon Ebanks


Anonymous said...

dont like ebanks politics or what she stands for, but shes got balls.......

Anonymous said...

There's times when the BNP acts like a religious cult

Anonymous said...

If a troll-like moron can like Ebanks can see the BNP for what it is why can't others?

Anonymous said...

"dont like ebanks politics or what she stands for, but shes got balls....... "

She's got balls alright, she has threatened to punch the living daylights out of Griffin next time he's in Birmingham and will invite the press to watch :)

Anonymous said...

she threatened to punch......i would love ring side tickets to that one, i could even be persuaded to hold her coat.

Anonymous said...

but shes got balls....... "
sharon was a good asset to the party and is sadly missed in her local area,what the griffin top nob cronies did to her was diabolicable,if they can throw somebody like her into the fire they will stop at no one in their ranks

Anonymous said...

can anyone write a song about griffin ? what about the old "toni basil song. "R nicky your corrupt you dont understand,you rob your members money,then you buy croatian land"

fat bugger at the bar! said...

I won't walk away......I'll stay and go down fighting.
Everyone ought to know the truth about Nick Graspin and his small band of thugs and perverts!
Sharon did the right thing in walking away - before she was pushed.

Anonymous said...

Sharon Ebanks what can i say a truly disgusting uneducated woman who has never done a days work in her life and has used the bnp like they used her to propell herself in to the lime light and mixed race individual who has betrayed her heritage and lied about her colour how are we supposed to believe anything shes says regarding any political issue get your own house in order and then start to preach you are a shameful individual and should be muted